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Hawaiian Lover
by Alex Valentine

I was told to meet my mistress here behind our hotel in a remote location in Hawaii. I find her car and search where she told me to go. I finally find her at a pool and waterfall off the path I have been searching on. She is standing under a waterfall, the water is rushing over her body, making her swimsuit very clingy. I dive under the water and swim over to her.

Under the water I begin kissing her legs, thighs, and sides. I come out of the water licking my way upward, up over her breasts, over her neck, and lips. I kiss her deeply as the water pounds down over our bodies. That is when she notices that I am not wearing my trunks. She slaps my ass and tells me to undress her. As I do she makes sure that I am given a good view of her body. She hands me her suit and tells me to swim back to the shore and put her suit next to mine then to swim back. As I swim to the shore with her suit in my teeth as instructed I am nibbled on by tiny fish, this excites me and makes it difficult to breathe through the suit.

Finally I make it and place her suit next to mine. I start the swim back. On the way back I notice that she has placed a foot up on a rock and has begun to play with her self as she watched me swim. I eagerly swim up under her and begin licking. I shove my tongue deeply into her pussy and nudge her clit with my nose. She gasps and grabs my hair shoving my face into her pussy. This is my cue I know and I begin fucking her with my tongue as hard as I can. I can stand it no longer and begin to play with my cock under the water. "That's for me to play with or leave alone!"

She pulls me up out of the water by my hair and bends me over at the waist placing my ass under the waterfall. "So you will learn to do only as I say the water will punish you while I play with MY cock, as it is not yours to play with slave." She leans me over two stones making a tent under the waterfall where my cock juts out in frustration. The water begins to pound on my ass as she slips under me and places my cock in her mouth. She begins to slide her mouth up and down my shaft as she gently pulls on my balls.

I cry out in pleasure and frustration. She sucks faster as I moan, the water still pounding on my ass. I jerk my hips foreword as I feel her sneak a finger around between my ass cheeks. She takes her mouth off my cock long enough to tell me to spread my ass for her fingers, then she sucks my cock back into her mouth and begins to slide her fingers in and out of my ass. I feel so completely fucked I am screaming. I begin to tense ready to cum when she releases my cock and shoves it under the cold water, I cry out in pain but it keeps me from cumming. "Not until you fuck me slave!"

She sits up on the rocks and spreads her legs. I kneel in front of her and place my cock at the entrance to her pussy, playing the tip of my cock over her clit. I massage her clit with my cock as I am supposed to, bringing moans and gasps of pleasure from her. I await her next command, hoping I can meet her demands of me.

"Now." she whispers and I slide into her. I begin to fuck her faster as the water pours over me. I fuck her faster as her hand reaches down to play with her clit while her other hand slaps my ass. I am so close to cumming I beg her to let me release when she does. I pray she is close.

Finally she wraps her legs around me, throws her head back and screams, "Cum nowwwww!!!" My cock explodes in her jerking back and forth. I cum deeply and completely every musele shaking. As I begin to relax she pushes my head down and tells me to eat the cum out of her, and when I have a mouthful to come up and share it with her. I drop to my knees and do so. I repeat the process until she decides she is clean.

When I have cleaned her out she has cum three more times. She takes me back to the shore by my cock which has grown hard again, hopeful to please. She picks up her suit and mine telling me to walk back to the car nude. When I reach the car she climbs in to the drivers seat and tells me that I can not get dressed until we are near the hotel, and I am to play with my self all the way there in order to entertain her. I am as always eager to please.


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