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Homeless Man in my Locker Room
by Phallux

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

I licked my lips, finding only more of his cream to swallow and then stepped forward again, toward this trash-picking man. My bare feet stepped in his little puddles of goo as I reached out for his chin, nervously, with my right hand. I touched his dirty pants where his thigh was with my other hand and gave him a sultry look of young, feminine desire. He slowly pulled the bottle from his lips and set it on the bench next to him as I gained his full attention. I momentarily eyed the lengthy neck of the bottle; a phallus to me, an escape to him. Again, he had the look of young puppy-dog on his face as I lifted his chin with my hand, leaned forward and kissed his lips. I pushed my lips into his, not daring to tongue, but enjoying the male stubble against my soft face. As I kissed him, no sooner had I mentally imagined his hands on my breasts when exactly that happened. I leaned forward more and whispered, "...pleeese...", into his ear.

", M...Miss", was his only verbal response. His physical response was much greater and much more to my satisfaction. As I kissed his ear and then his cheek, continuing to whisper my desires, he gently palmed my hanging breasts with his grubby, roughly-textured hands and began to squeeze in a slow, pulsing rhythm. I licked his earlobe, and brushed my nose into his oily, dirty hair as he continued to fondle my untouched, 36-C, tan-lined titties. My virginal juices slowly meandered down my thighs, onto my calves and finally ticked my bare feet as his gentle palming turned into harder and harder groping. This bum's hands were surprisingly strong as he held my breasts firmly in his clutches. I straightened up so I could get a look at his face to see if he was indeed as excited as I thought him to be. His eyes were wide with excitement and his tongue moved back and forth across his mouth as he adjusted his grip on my boobs, now that I was standing again. His dirty-brown fingers dug into my pale, plump titties, squeezing them fully; I was sure to leave marks later.

"You're so pretty", the bum kept repeating as he palmed my young, rather large breasts.

"My nipples...", I whispered out loud in order to draw his hands' attention to my aching, pointing, pink nipples. His respiration picked up as he wasted no time squeezing my one-inchers with his thumb and forefinger. My head fell back, my eyes closed, as this foul-smelling bum was pinching my virgin titties. His fingers were very grubby, his nails long as he squeezed harder and harder. His hands were no longer enough. I supported my breasts with my hands and held them up for him. I wanted his mouth, teeth or no teeth, to absolutely suck on my tits. I took one more step forward, feeling more goo squish underfoot and pushed my left breast to his face, the nipple perfectly poked at his lips. He paused, then gave me a momentary look of understanding; or else queried whether or not it was okay to proceed.

"Suck it!", I hissed as I grabbed his head with two hands and pulled his mouth to my aching, hard nipple.

"Yes!", I gasped as he took my stiff nub into his warm, wet mouth and began to suck as I demanded. His tongue moved feverishly all over it as he tasted the whole length of my nipple and light-pink areola surrounding it. His breath reeked of wine which was all the more intoxicating for me. Any doubts about teeth were vanquished; I yanked my nipple from his yellowed-teeth because his biting was starting to hurt. He wouldn't let go and kept chewing; pain and pleasure intermixed in my mind but I didn't want him to hurt me. Finally, I leaned forward to his ear and whispered for him to let it go and sample my other breast. It worked and his head moved quickly to my other, large, cone-shaped breast. His wet mouth soaked my right titty right away as his tongue worked the length of that nipple too. His hands were on my hips, his grip tight on my petite waist, leaving little fingerprints on my delicate skin. I loved his hands. I loved his mouth. I wanted more.

Another idea struck me. It was past due for me to lose my virginity. It was now or never. My body was out of control; my juices streaming down my legs as my nipples begged for more and more chewing and sucking. My little opening convulsed. I imagined my pink lips pursed, waiting for something, anything to fill it's juicy void. The bum was using his hands on my breasts again, kneading them in his grubby fingers. My nipples were sore from his teeth and they reeked like the wine he was drinking just before I bade him to suck my tits. The wine bottle. That's what my virgin body begged for. It was perfect; I wouldn't get pregnant, but I would still have sex. I salivated at this thought. "Please ...", I started..."please". I couldn't get the courage to ask for that which I wanted most.

"W...what, M..Miss?", the bum stammered. My face flushed, I decided to whisper my request, my virginal nervousness, now teeming.

"Use the bottle on me", I whispered close to his ear. He paused, looked to his left and then reached for it. His facial expression was that of confusion as he held the bottle in front of him, unsure as to what to do next. Then, he smiled and made to pour its contents onto my chest. Quickly, I grabbed the neck with my hand, and stopped the pouring action. The coolness of the glass touched my breast...I could wait little more. "Use the me", I whispered, again, close to his ear. I stood upright and looked for comprehension on this slow-minded hobo's face. He looked at the bottle, and then at my barely furry muff; he understood.

Another feeling of intense warmth filled my girl-area and more wetness trickled down my leg. My scent was strong, now his wino breath. He raised his brows; my cue to make my move. I turned around and stepped over to the other bench. Taking the white towel from the floor, I laid it onto the yellow wood in order to cushion it a bit. Then I sat down at the end of the bench, facing the showers, my knees wide apart. I leaned back, supported by my arms, ready to be deflowered. My boobs still ached from his handling of them; my nipples were as stiff as ever.

My long blond hair fell back onto my shoulder blades. I turned my head to him and motioned for him to come over. He licked his lips, a nervous reaction, and rose from his bench. His penis had grown again, but not to the extent that it had just before spraying me with his seed. This comforted me, because I didn't want him to use his manhood on me, just the glass sex. I lowered myself on the bench, now supported by my elbows, my lower back resting on the narrow piece of wood, my knees pulled back to spread my slender thighs and ultimately my vagina in an inviting manner. I've never felt more naked or exposed. My hair cascaded onto the bench behind me...I looked down at my slightly opened, pink slit and intended to watch this wino violate me with his bottle...still full of wine.

The dirty bum hesitated a moment, standing a couple steps away from my parted thighs and simply stared at the beautiful sight of my undeflowered pussy mouth and the soft curve of my ass, underneath it. He knew what to do, I was sure of it. "C'mon...before somebody comes in.", I pleaded. He looked me in the eye and proceeded to kneel between my parted legs as I had done earlier with him. His eyes shut as he inhaled deeply, no doubt enjoying the sweet scent of so fresh a pussy. My juices were overflowing, streaming out of my lips and over my smaller, anal opening. Holding my thighs back, I spread even wider for him, desiring the first plunge into my pink folds. He lowered the bottle toward my abdomen; wine poured out of it leaving a burgundy trail on it's path to my slit. The first thing I felt was the liquid itself, pouring all over my vagina and ass. The bottle's rim was next. It was cool, which felt good against the raging heat of my nether mouth.

My young hole, although feeling quite open and inviting, resisted the rim of the bottle, not wanting to take anything inside. A flash of nervousness washed over me. I suddenly felt uneasy as realization struck me as to what I was doing; and with a dirty bum no less! These thoughts were quickly dispersed as the rim, plus four inches of the bottle's neck, slid slowly into me, pushing into my maidenhood. I gasped a high-pitched groan as I was penetrated for the first time in my life. My nipples re-awakened, tingling with delightful pleasure. My vagina gripped the bottle's neck tightly, emitting waves of ecstasy all through my body. I looked down at the bum again, hoping he would give me more. His eyes were wide, like a child's on Christmas morning as he held the bottle in me, violating my pussy.

The bottle's contents continued to pour out, and into, my pussy. It filled my insides and it seemed as if I could take no more of it. Unable to hold it any longer, I squeezed my vaginal muscles and pushed the bottle from me. The liquid filling me burst like floodwaters and sprayed the sweating hobo all over his face causing me to giggle at this unexpected development. He began chuckling too and licked as much as he could off of his lips. "Do it again...and this time drink from me.", I said. He wasted no time re-inserting the bottle into my pink hole again spilling the contents into me. This time, I controlled myself a little better. I let him fill me up until I thought I could accept no more and then bid him to remove the bottle and put his stubbly face onto my young twat.

The stubble on his chin pricked my ass as he positioned his face up against my muff. "Here it comes!", I shouted with hoarse voice. I released the wine from within my womb and controlled it into a steady stream directly into the scruffy man's mouth. It hit his chin first, the liquid pouring down onto my ass and even getting into my other hole, filling me with more desire. He gulped down the wine, streaming out of my tight hole, as I did his seed. I can only imagine that he must have tasted my virginal juices along with the fermented grapes. It seemed like a half hour went by, when actually, it was probably only minutes until he finally finished drinking the whole bottle's worth of wine from between my spread legs. He leaned back, licking his lips as a dog would after dinner; that usual simpleton's smile on his stubbly face.

Now it was time. The bottle was now empty and I was ready to lose it to this street-bum and his sixteen-inch long, glass bottle. First, I wanted to change positions and take it from behind, like I've read in so many of my mommy's romance novels. I let go of my thighs and reached my hands up to him. He helped me up to my feet, which now rested in a puddle of spilt wine. I looked at him and raised my chin to kiss him one last time as a virgin. Turning around, I kept an eye on him as he watched me step over the bench, each leg on opposite sides, astride the bench, and lean forward so my big boobs rested on my forearms on the wooden bench. My ass, fully exposed, was now high in the air, my legs fully extended with my feet on the floor while my upper body rested on the bench. My head was tilted back, my long blonde hair, still sticky from all his sperm spread out onto my back.

With my eyes shut, I was now ready to be broken. He groaned...loudly. The sound of glass breaking sent alarm bells going off in my head as I realized he just dropped the bottle, but before I could do anything, he grabbed my narrow waist tightly with both hands and held me firmly in place. I couldn't move. His fingers dug deeply into my waist, bruising my delicate skin. "W...what are you doing?", I pleaded. I quickly found out. The head of his penis felt even bigger than I remembered it looked. He sloppily prodded me with it, missing my vagina and almost entered my ass.

"No...not there!", I pleaded, again. His fingers held more tightly onto my waist so I couldn't move no matter how hard I tried. All I could do was to hold on tight to the bench and hope he would be gentle with my virgin-tight hole. His second attempt hit its target, that being my slippery-wet pink vagina. His obscenely-large penis head stretched me so wide I thought I would black out from the pain. I moaned, very loudly, all the time biting my lower lip. He only got a few inches in me and so backed his mammoth bum-cock out and rammed it back in a second time. "Oww....ouch...", I stammered, my voice hoarse from the stinging his penis made in my pussy. "Please...please be gentle...don't hurt me!" The huge mushroom head, of his veiny stump of a cock, stabbed deep into my womb. I thought he come out my mouth, he was in so deep. He simply moaned delight to himself and continued to pull out his cock only to ram even more of it in on the return thrust.

The stinging gradually subsided with each violation of his cock into my pussy until pain relented to waves of pleasure. "Yes...oh yessssss!", I cried out, in ecstasy, as he impaled me with his huge ramming rod. My pussy was so tight around his shaft, I thought I could snap it in half if I wanted...especially when I came. Yes, I came several times while tightly gripping his cock with my pussy. This only served to further lubricate his red-hot cock from all the fucking-friction. The heat of his shaft against the walls of my vagina was orgasmic and I came again and again. I could feel my juices spray out of my hole, with little space for any other type of exit owing to the bum's massive cock still fucking me as I came.

His breathing was fast and hard as he worked my young passage. My boobs bounced back and forth violently as he rammed me, slapping into my tummy and chin. I thrashed my head side to side with each orgasm, looking behind me from time to time to watch him pump into me. It felt so good, I didn't want it to end, but then I heard a noise. It was someone's voice, calling my name from outside. "Uh oh...quick, my friend's coming! Stop and let me go!", I whispered loudly to him. The bum gave me a few more thrusts with his over-sized cock and then pulled out of me, catching the lip of his head on my outer lips before exiting completely. My sore lips convulsed; my vagina suddenly felt hopelessly empty. He still held me very tightly around my waist so I couldn't move, which made me wonder if I would be discovered by Laurie in this unbelievably awkward, utterly embarrassing position.

I felt just awful knowing that there was little I could do to prevent her from finding me not only naked, but covered in sperm, and wine, and, with some dirty, drunken street-person who has got me bent over and has, until just now, fucked me really hard, taking my virginity. It was at this moment that I realized the bum had no intentions of letting me go just yet. My friend called my name again, this time she was much closer to the locker room door, maybe 50 or so feet away. At this moment I felt a fingernail, then the warmer tip of a finger touch my ass. "No! What are you doing?", I whispered desperately. "Let me go!" He didn't.

His gritty digit forced its way into my tight ass hole until his whole finger was inside. He curled his finger inside me and felt around inside my ass. I clenched my eyes shut at the strange sensations his probing caused. My nipples came back to life again and my vagina ached with waves of warmness as he fingered my young butt. I knew what he wanted and there was nothing I could do to stop him. He was just too strong. I never imagined I would ever accept anything into my ass except maybe my doctor. The hobo pulled his dirty finger out of me, leaving a funny emptiness behind. This fleeting feeling was gone when I next felt his mammoth, mushroom-head poke at my littlest of openings. There was no use protesting, has was going to do what he wanted regardless of who discovered us. I squeezed my eyes shut, preparing for his manhood into my ass.

As before, when he violated my pussy, all I could do was to keep my grip on the wooden bench and await the inevitable thrusting. Again my name was called, this time from just outside the door to the locker room. I wished he would just hurry up and get off so that I would have time to sneak into the shower room before Laurie found me. I also didn't want him to hurt me. As if reading my mind, his huge cock pushed forcefully into my anal opening. I gritted my teeth at the pain of my little ass stretching so wide to accommodate his gross member. His hands gripped my waist so tightly as he entered me, I knew I would have bruises there for days. I shook my head from side to side with the onslaught of his repetitive pumping action into my virgin ass. My ass was so tight around his cock. I bit my lower lip as he fucked me relentlessly with his veiny pole.

My vagina convulsed some more as if expecting to be penetrated as well. My breasts started to heave back and forth, like before, with each powerful thrust the bum made into me. There must have been at least eight inches of his cock sliding in and out of my tight little ass hole, including the giant head which stretched me the most, each entrance and exit. The next sound I heard was the locker room door opening; the door creaked on its hinges.

"Naomi! Naomi? Are you still pooping in there?", queried my friend, Laurie. I held my breath, not wanting to give myself away, while this bum rammed his cock in my ass. I noticed that he quieted down too and steadied his forceful rhythm into my now-stretching, rear entrance. My body shook with each insertion. I heard Laurie's footsteps walk toward the bathroom, away from where we were. The hobo's hands, grasping my waist, pulled me back and forth onto his huge, inflated penis. I didn't think my ass could take much more pounding. My lower lip was hurting from biting it so hard and my breasts were starting to ache from slapping back and forth with his every, penetrating thrust.

"Naomi, where are you?", called out Laurie. I heard the stall doors in the bathroom open and close as she searched for me. The bum was panting now as he fucked my ass; sore from his relentless thrusting. His penis incredulously seemed to grow even bigger inside me. Impossible. I couldn't take it anymore...I needed relief. His thick shaft inflated further while it slid in and out of my puckering butt hole; he wasn't completely exiting anymore, sensing my discomfort at his size. His mushroom-head tickled me, deep inside; my anal lips stung from such inordinate stretching.

"Naomi? Where the hell are ya?", shouted Laurie, obviously becoming concerned. Laurie's footsteps sounded from the bathroom toward our direction, but the next locker row over. Tears welled up into my eyes both from my ass-fucking and also from the shame I knew I was going to feel, when Laurie would finally discover me and what I had been doing for the last half hour. I mentally prayed that the vagrant would finish quickly... quickly... please! Footsteps were coming closer and closer, now almost reaching this row of lockers. Don't let her find me like this!, I pleaded to myself. The bum's penis now grew one final time inside of me as it slid in and out of the tight, pink opening of my ass. I couldn't help myself and moaned, loudly.

"Naomi? Are you okay?", Laurie called. She was very near now and her footsteps quickened. Days later, when we had time to discuss the scene that day, when Laurie discovered me being ass fucked by some smelly, dirty street-bum, I was finally able to find out what had happened, exactly, after I passed out. Laurie told me that she grew worried because I was taking so much time in the bathroom after she left me there. She decided to come find me and thought to check the bathroom first. Calling my name provided no response and so she decided to search for me in the bathroom and locker room. She finally knew I was in the room when I moaned, from the back by the showers. She got scared and hurried toward my repetitive moaning until she rounded the end of the last section of lockers and stopped in her tracks.

She could not believe the scene which lay before her. I was being fucked, in my ass, my arms dangling loosely to the floor, my head cheek-down on the bench and my abdomen was being held up by this filthy-looking, trash-picker with his hands tightly grasping my small waist. His face was almost purple and his looked bigger than she could ever have imagined one could be, was inside me, going in and out of my ass hole. Laurie cupped a hand over her mouth and shrieked. At this, the bum's head shook side to side and his hips slammed into my ass one last time before pulling out all 8 inches. Globs of sperm were spitting forth from his grotesquely large penis head, all over my ass, on my back, in my hair, on the lockers... Laurie screamed again and shouted at him to get away from me.

He backed away, holding his penis, masturbating it until he was finished...the remainder of his seed weakly squirted the backs of my legs, then dripped to the tiled floor. My body came to rest on the bench and I didn't open my eyes for some time. The bum quickly gathered his clothes and ran off, leaving Laurie to care for me. I came to, after Laurie wiped my face with a wet towel. She cleaned much of the bum's sticky jizz off my face and helped me to the showers. I leaned on her as she soaped up my naked, trembling body, taking care of my sore, stiff nipples and well-used girl openings.

After I was cleaned up, Laurie helped me to the pay phone to call home for a ride. Lucky for me, my secret, the loss of my virginity in both my holes, is safe with my best friend, Laurie. She also admitted to me days later that, though she was shocked by the sight at the time, now she can't stop thinking about seeing that man fuck me. I look forward to being there with her, for her first time.

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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