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Her Master's Pleasures Pt III
by BroqNWing

she had been very good all week long. After what had happened last week she was on her best behavior. He told her she had been so good that today He would take the lock off her collar. she was very pleased with herself. He told her to dress and they would go out for dinner. He also instructed her to wear her dress collar. The black one with the symbol of her beloved Master on it. Since this was the first time He had taken her out since last week she took extra time preparing herself for Him. she put on her black silk bra and no panties, just the way He likes it. Stockings with seams up the back and a garter belt to match. He peeked inside the crack of the door while she was getting ready. she took such care dressing herself for Him. This is why He loved her the way He does. He was proud of the obedience she had shown this whole week. He didn't like punishing her but He had to do it. The way she combed her hair. The way she looked at herself. Does she see herself the way He does, He wondered? He wanted to show her off tonight. Show everyone how beautiful she was and what a wonderful slave she is. she slipped into her dress. Letting it fall onto her body. Grabbing every curve. He walked up behind her and took the collar from her and placed it on her neck. Kissing the back of her neck as He buckled it. He ran a finger down the middle of her back. Telling her how beautiful she looked tonight. she turned to Him looking up at Him with adoration. He could see her devotion in her eyes when she looked to Him. He picked up her shoe and slipped it onto her foot and then the other. He ran His hand up her leg. she smiled. He took her hand as she stood up. Always just one step behind Him she followed Him out of the house.

He sat her into the car. The dress was long all the way to her feet but slit to above her knees. As she crossed her legs the dress fell off her knee. He put His hand on her sending shivers through her body. They soon came to the restaurant. He helped her from the car and led her to the doors. He opened the door and put His hand on her back as she walked in. They were shown to their table and seated. she sat silent as He ordered the food they would eat. He told her of His day as He ran one finger up her arm. He told her how He watched her dress and what a turn on it was to see her slip into her dress. He especially liked the little wiggle she did as it went over her backside. she smiled ever so slyly. she was rubbing His leg with her small foot. He told her how the front of her dress was showing a lot and that He wanted what was inside. This made her very excited. The food was brought to the table and they began to eat. The way she used her tongue to wrap around her fork was making Him squirm. she knew this and keep doing it. she was watching Him from the corner of her eye. He watched her with such excitement. He told her He needed her. she said yes i need you too My Master. He told her He needed her now. she looked at Him with a confused look. He told her that if she was going to tease Him like this she would have to do something about it. That it's not polite to tease. This would be a lesson for her He thought. she had done this a few times while T/they were out in public. Purposely tease Him like this. This time she would learn.

He told her to get under the table. she looked at Him confused. But she did as she was told. He opened His pants and pulled out His member. she couldn't believe that He was doing this in public but she did not want to displease Him again. she slowly slid under the table hoping no one would see. she was on her knees and He fed Himself into her watering mouth. she start sucking slowly at first. she could feel Him grow in her mouth. This excited her very much. she let out a little moan as she was sucking. she thought about how good He tasted. Licking from the base to the tip ever so slowly. Making Him shake some. she gently bit at His balls and licked up the shaft. Circling the head with her tongue. And taking Him all in. With that He let out a gasp. The waiter walked by the table looking at Him confused. He has sweat on His brow and a look on His face. The waiter shook his head and kept going. she had now forgotten where she was and went to work on Him. she wanted to please Him so badly. she start stroking Him as she sucked. Just the head over the rim. her soft full lips over the head of His hardness. His hands were on His legs trying to be quiet. But the way she gave head drove Him insane. she took Him all in until she gagged. But this did not slow her down at all. she stroked and sucked and with one swift movement she bit on His balls. He didn't know how she did this without hurting Him but the sharpness of her teeth made Him want to cum so deeply in her throat. He could hear slurping sounds coming from under the table as she worked so hard on Him. His breathing was deep and fast. she knew she was pleasing Him.

she whispered to Him asking if she could finger herself while she was pleasing Him. He agreed to let her. she stuck a couple fingers inside herself she was so very wet by now. she started moaning but quietly trying to be discrete. But this was so very hard to do. her wetness was dripping of her hand as she fingered herself harder and His moans grew louder. The waiter walked by again about to ask if He needed anything but saw Him clenching the table cloth. Then decided the Man didn't need anything from him and was on his way. her teeth were sliding up and down His shaft. The sharpness of them drove Him mad and he was about to cum when she let out a loud moan He knew she was cumming and the sounds drove Him over the edge. He came so deep in her throat thrusting His hips towards her. she gulped it all as He was filling her mouth with hot sticky cum. Licking her lips she peeked up from the table and took her seat again next to Him. He took her hand and licked the cum from her hand. Licking so slowly to taste all of her. Taking one finger and running down her chest He told her it was time to get home. she smiled and agreed. He stood up and offered His hand to her, she stood and as always one step behind Him. He lead her out the door and to the car. Standing next to the car He kissed her so deeply it made her knees weak. He sat her in the car and closed the door.


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