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Hot Night
by Leah Bryan

Half conscious at four, A.M, on a hot summer night. The first thing I'm aware of is his erection pressing firmly against my arse. His hand holding my thigh, keeping his body pressed so tightly against mine. His other hand slips under my torso, finding a breast, squeezing and pulling at the nipple firmly. I'm breathing heavily and moan at his touches to let him know that I'm awake. He starts kissing and biting my neck, I gasp in pleasure. The fingers of his left hand still kneading my breast, his right hand leaves my thigh and he pushes it between my legs from behind, I willingly fall slightly forward, parting my legs and allowing him access to my most special parts. He traces his finger along my lips and over my clitoris, covering it all in my juices which were readily flowing out of me. Then he pushes a finger inside of me and starts to slowly and gently move it in and out, massaging my clit with the rest of his fingers. Our bodies grew sweatier and I push the blankets far away from us. His finger slowly grows faster inside of me, his other hand squeezing my nipple to the point of pain, pleasure and pain run through my body and I know that I need much more of him inside of me.

"You love this," he says in a voice thick with lust. "Yes yes, I love this." I agree with him, my body growing hotter every second. Feeling higher with every touch.
"Do you want me?" He asks, pushing me onto my front. His cock pressed into the back of my thigh, one hand still pulling at my breasts and the other still working away inside of me, every so often coming out and playing with my clit then diving right back in. He's half lying on me, trapping me beneath him. I love being trapped. "Yes!" I say in a primal animalistic voice.

"Tell me you want me." He orders.

"I want you, I need you!" I moan, wanting more of him.

"Beg me for it." He commands, kissing my back as I beg, I mean every word I say.

"Please fuck me. Please. I need you to fuck me. I want you to fuck me. Fuck me fuck me fuck me." I repeat over and over, getting off on the sound of my own voice, my own desires and needs. He removes the hand from my breast and I know that it is time for me to get what my whole body is waiting for. He takes his finger out of me and sticks it into my mouth, I hungrily suck at my own juices as he positions himself behind me. Then he holds me by the hips and pulls my arse up forcing me into the doggy position. He teases me incredibly, making me wait this long, leaving me in suspended animation waiting for his move.

"Give it to me. Please fuck me." I say over and over. He loves to tease me, and I do love being teased. He gently traces the tip of his cock over my lips and my clit, then I feel it resting against my opening. The longer I'm forced to wait the more desperate I become. Suddenly and without waning he grabs hold of my hips and rams his cock into me. I moan and scream in pure pleasure. I lower my chest to the bed but keep my body in the kneeling position, arse up in the air. He holds me firmly as he fucks me, ramming my body against his as he entered me. Instinctively he takes a handful of my hair and pulls it, I love it when he does this. His balls bang against my clit with each and every thrust. He's changing from hard and fast to slow and gentle and then back again. Each time building up my breathing faster and faster, almost allowing me to cum, then slowing me down again. He pushes me down flat on the bed and lies on top of me, only my hips are raised slightly. We grind against each other, I squirm underneath him.

"Put me on top." I say, and in an almost choreographed movement he rolls us onto our sides, raises my outer leg, slips under it, and, still inside of me, rolls onto his back throwing me on top. I sit high on him and push my clitoris against his boy. I like to feel impaled by him, having his spear deeply driven inside of me. He helps to guide my movements by holding firmly onto my arse. Moving me around. I lean down and kiss his neck, then finding each other's mouths in the darkness we urgently kiss. I writhe away on top of him as I cum. As extra mickey juice runs over our things I lay motionless for a few moments. This is his cue as he rolls me over onto my back. I hug his body close to mine with all of my limbs. Still amazed at the feelings running through my being as he fucks me so fast that I suddenly cum again just as he pulls out of me. Hot spunk falls over my breasts and stomach. Instinctively I cover my hands with it and rub it into my skin. He finds the light switch, we cover our eyes at first at the invasion of bright light. Then adjusted, I look at that wonderful body, that wonderful person who has just made me feel so amazingly good. On his face I see the same delicious smile I wear. "I love you." We say in unison.
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