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Hollywood Nights: A Novella Ch. II
by Che

He walked to the elevator, Marla following, knowing what she was letting herself in for, excited, aroused, yet at the same time afraid of her emotions. Unlocking the door, Michael followed her into their suite. They'd chosen the motel for its amenities. When wanting privacy, movie personalities used the place for business affairs. Elegantly appointed, the designer had done the room to the max. Walls were wood-paneled, furniture plush overstuffed dark leather. Thick oriental carpets covered the floor. Large mirrored walls reflected the bed strategically placed for entertainment, stained glass lamps on end-tables and rich drapery at windows gave the place an immediate sense it was a man's room. Holding her breath, she waited for Michael to say something.

"Nice playroom," he said, moving around the bar. "Wanta learn how to make a Martini? Come here. I brought some booze at the liquor store."

Selecting a glass and a small glass pitcher he filled it with ice from a canister. Carefully measuring out gin from an expensive-looking bottle, following that with a few drops of vermouth and a twist of lemon, he shook the mixture until crystal pitcher was slightly frosted before pouring the drink into glass.

"This is the way I like a Martini. Neat, straight up; just like you like cocks."

Marla blushed, madly. She'd made that comment days earlier while fellating him, an act she was beginning to crave as much as her other favorite sexual act, and here he was tossing words right back in her face. Hating to admit it, she loved his nasty talk.

"Hope you remember how to make this," he continued. "It's my favorite. Not hard. Think you can make one?" He glanced up as he sipped the drink. "Oh, by the way, open that closet; check inside."

She went to the closet and opened the door. Inside, a single small black suitcase sat on the floor.

"Bring it over here," he smiled. "Open it."

Picking it up, she returned to the large leather couch where Michael had seated himself.

"Go ahead. Open it," he grinned, mischievously.

The suitcase held an eccentric collection of erotic objects, including five-inch high-heel black pumps, two new pairs of smoky-tan European style self-gartered stockings, white satin Lycra-Spandex lingerie: a demi-bra, and two pairs of matching white satin Lycra-Spandex bikini thongs. The long black leather riding-quirt, a slim chrome eight inch long battery operated dildo, one very realistic crystal-clear ten inch cock with balls, an assortment of sex lubricants, police style chrome handcuffs and box of surgical latex rubber gloves made Marla giggle nervously. Her breathing quickened as she explored the contents of the suitcase. Michael was still grinning.

"What's all this?" she giggled. "Your traveling circus?"

"An interesting collection," he smiled. "Wondering why I asked you to get them?"

"Not really," she whispered, then giggled again. "I have a good idea! You're not going to make me pose for that film-maker, are you? You're not really going to make me suck him off?"

"Well; I'd almost forgotten about him."

"You're so bad, Michael! What am I going to do with you?"

"I have a few suggestions, but for beginners, peal-off those clothes, but not your panties. They're perfect for what I have in mind. Put on the stockings and heels. I'm sure they're your size. The bra, too. I have a video I want you to watch. I'll do the VCR while you change."

Marla removed the silk blouse, tight skirt and shoes. She wasn't wearing a bra and conical nipples hardened almost painfully as Michael watched her undress. Opening a package, she sat on the couch and pulled up the dark stockings, discovering to her delight that the unique garter design kept them snugly high on long shapely legs no matter what she might be doing. She hated saggy stockings, the reason she seldom wore them. Pantyhose were even worse and she was glad Michael detested them as much. The black spike heels were her size and the cute white Lycra-Spandex satin bra fit perfectly, lifting naturally-firm C-cup breasts even higher, dusty pink swollen nipples half exposed. Patting the arm of the couch, Michael picked up the remote.

"Come over here and sit on the floor next to me. I want you to watch this tape."

When he pressed the remote, the giant TV screen filled with a picture of a girl's face, one Marla didn't recognize. As more body came into view it became obvious the girl was wearing an almost identical costume. Focusing again on a sensuous face, the camera captured her unique Eurasian exotic good looks. Having to admit she was one of the prettiest girls she'd ever seen, Marla's heart beat faster when she realized the girl was kneeling between a man's thighs, the one holding the camera. Smiling lewdly, the girl moved closer to the lens as the lavender head of an erection came into focus. Cocks all look different and there was no doubt in Marla's mind that this thick uncircumcised one belonged to Michael. He'd filmed a girl about to give him head. With breathless curiosity as the girl wet voluptuous lips, Marla watched her take his swollen erection in a wanton mouth, sucking as though it was intoxicating.

Marla glanced at Michael. He was sipping his drink and watching the screen, smiling as the tape played out the moment of this highly-charged sexual encounter. No doubt the girl, whoever she was, was in love with what she was doing. Coming into the picture, Michael's hand offered the chrome dildo. There was no sound but Marla could see the girl was in heaven, using the dildo between her thighs as she fervently sucked his cock, arm movements a give-away as to what her unseen hand was doing.

"I wish we had some sound with the picture," smiled Michael, playing with the half-full Martini glass.

"Who is she?" asked Marla. "When did you film her?"

She wasn't the jealous type and Michael knew it.

"That's Leticia. She's going to call in a few seconds. It's almost eight-thirty, isn't it?" As if on cue, the phone rang. "Answer it," he smiled, "it's for you."

Heart pounding, Marla picked up the phone.


The connection was so perfect, the silky-smooth feminine voice sounded like she was in the same room.

"Hi! I'm glad you answered, Marla. This is Leticia. Michael told me if I called at eight-thirty you'd probably be down on your knees. I'd love to see that! Am I interrupting anything?"

"Well . . . "

"I hope you're as hot as I am. I've been playing with myself tonight and my pussy is just burning! I wish you were here! I'd ask you to lick it! Are you watching the video?"

So aroused by the unexpected suggestion, Marla was almost speechless.

"How did you know we'd be here?"

"Michael wanted to surprise you. I hope you aren't jealous. That tape's a year old. We were, good friends back then. I met him on his first trip to Thailand. I'm a stewardess." There was a pause before she continued. "What's he doing now?"

"He's enjoying a drink and your tape," blushed Marla, somewhat at odds to be talking on the phone about sex with some stranger who was fellating her new boyfriend on film. "Am I supposed to be watching this?"

"I wanted to meet you," the voice purred over the phone, "but knowing I couldn't get to L.A. in time, I mailed the tape to Michael. That's why I'm calling, Marla. The tape and a phone call seemed like the next best thing to being there in person. I don't know if Michael described me. He knows I adore kinky games. If he didn't tell you anything about me, I will. I'm bi and madly sexual. Putting it mildly, I can't get enough!" (a sexy giggle) "I like all kinds of sex, and Michael was fun when we met. You aught to see my other tapes! I have some great footage of him licking pussy and girls sucking him off. My girlfriend shot a box of videos. If you enjoy visual images you'll love them. What do you think of my style?"

Marla looked at Michael. He was rubbing his crotch.

"You nasty man, you!" she whispered, giggling before she could stop herself.

"So, you're watching the tape. I guess it's obvious I love sucking his cock! Do you like watching me?"

"Sure!" giggled Marla, unable to keep from laughing.

"How old are you, Marla?"

"Twenty," answered Marla, fighting to keep from giggling nervously. "How old are you?"

"Twenty-five," cooed Leticia. "So, you like watching people having sex? Have you ever watched others having sex in person?"

Growing ever more excited from the bizarre experience of watching some strange girl going down on her boyfriend and discussing it over a phone, Marla couldn't stop the giggle.

"Sure; I mean, it's real hot!"

"Leticia," interrupted Michael, pressing the speaker-phone button, "hi. Why don't you tell us what you're doing while I tell you what's happening on this end."

"Ooooooo, that sounds fun!" oozed Leticia. "Well; I'm just laying here on my hotel bed. I'm not wearing anything tonight but makeup. I have my favorite dildo you know where! Michael, baby; I wish it was your cock!"

"Tell Marla what you'd like her to do," said Michael.

"Ooooooo, that’s a good idea! Marla; listen. Unzip his pants and take his cock out. Make him really hard, and Michael, honey, tell me how she's dressed."

Taking another sip, Michael put the drink on the table.

"Well; she's wearing dark seamless stockings and white satin underwear and black high-heels. She's a beautiful woman, Leticia; quite attractive. She has very long blonde hair and very blue eyes. You'd like her figure. She has an elegant fucking ass and like you, a mouth made for cock-sucking. I've had a hard-on ever since we met! The truth is, I'm so horny, I'm ready to masturbate," he chuckled. "I wish she was playing with my cock. Watching this video is making me real hard."

Knowing how much he enjoyed kinky sex Marla quickly unzipped Michael's fly and took his cock out, once again amazed at the size of his uncircumcised sex as it quickly hardened in her hands. She was in a position to watch the screen as the girl went down, taking half of him down her throat. Licking eager lips, Marla looked up at him.

"Want me ta suck you off while you watch her suckin’ you off, you nasty pervert?"

She knew his penchant for that special sexual pleasure. Smiling, Michael twisted his fingers in her long hair. She was stroking his cock, making crystal tears of pre-cum well-up on the ruddy cock-head tip.

"Oooooo, yes;" moaned the sexy voice over the speaker phone, "let her suck your cock while I fuck my hot little pussy with my big, latex dildo; oooooooooooooo, yes! This is making me hot, too! Describe her mouth for me, Michael. Does she suck cock as good as I do? How far down can she take it?"

"She's a fast study! She sucks like a pro!" hissed Michael, watching Marla go down, taking his cock in an exceptionally warm mouth. "Her lips are hot pink tonight. You aughta see 'em around my cock. Un, ahhhhhhhhhhh, damn, she can take over half of me down her throat. God, Leticia, she's such a beautiful cocksucker!"

"Ooooooooooooooo, my pussy's so hot!" panted Leticia, voice dripping with sensuality. "I wish I could be there to watch her. Are you getting close to cuming? I'm so hot I'm going to cum again soon! I wish you were shooting cum in my mouth, Michael! Does she let you do that?"

Laughter confirmed Leticia's suspicion, guessing he'd find a girl who adored fellatio as much as he, his answer like a vibrator against over-sensitive clit, his voice actually making her climax.

"She loves swallowing cum, don't you, Marla?" he chuckled.

Marla could only hum as she sucked, but Leticia could clearly hear sucking sounds over the phone.

"Oh, Michael, I wish I could watch her! She sounds like she's really good at it. If I was there, I'd share it with her. Would you enjoy that, Marla? I'd love to lick you while you suck cock. You'd love it, I know! I lick pussy really good. I bet yours is wet and juicy right now! I'm cuming all over my fingers!"

Marla's pussy was on the verge of cuming. She watched the expression on his face as she mouthed his smooth cock, pulling foreskin back and milking pre-cum from the tip, watching him watching the large screen. The image moved to slow motion as the surprised look on the girl's face registered the sudden force of the enormous climax that was filling her mouth. Like Marla, when Michael reached orgasm, he really came. The girl on screen pulled back, a long thick rope of semen trailing from ruddy cock-head to pink spoon-shaped tongue. While licking the tip, a second huge surge of jism erupted into her mouth. Jacking him off as though she'd done it forever, she was letting him enjoy the show, directing each pearlescent spurt into an open waiting mouth. Shimmering ropes of ejaculate dribbled from the corners of her plump-lipped mouth. Fluttering tongue as she swallowed, she took another massive spurt of cloudy semen between full swollen red lips, the wad slopping straight into her open cum-filled mouth. Michael was perspiring.

"You should see yourself eating my cum! You're a piggy when it comes to swallowing semen, Leticia. God damn, this is making me really raunchy! I'm almost ready to shoot-off in Marla's mouth!"

Holding her hair, he pumped his hips upward while pulling her head down on each stroke of her talented mouth. Spasms drove through his loins, his balls tightened and he felt the dizzy rush of fluids racing up through the shaft and into the warm pink receptacle of Marla's eager cocksucking mouth.

"Fuck! What a load! Here it cums!"

"Oooooo, suck him off, Marla!" encouraged Leticia. "I'm cuming again, too! Swallow his cum, honey! Swallow while you watch me swallowing it, too! We're both drinking his cum at the same time! I wish I could watch you, you pretty girl! I want to watch you to swallow all his cum!"

Blowing his load, Michael shook with excitement.

"I'm cuming right in her mouth! Right now! God damn! Suck it all down, Marla! Ummmmmmmm, uggnnnnnnnnnnn! Finger-fuck yourself while you swallow it, baby! Make yourself cum! God, Leticia . . . I'm cuming in her mouth while watching you sucking up my cum! Damn, this is hot! You aughta see this girl swallow cum! She's born to suck!"

Twice, Marla came while swallowing the warm sticky semen flooding her throat, pulsing orgasms filling her body with earth-shaking energy as thick ejaculate literally filled what she now considered a cum-chute mouth. Michael's cum was sweetly salty with a dark hint of spices. Holding the last spurts on her tongue, she savored the taste before swallowing the warm gooey mouthful, falling ever more in love with the act as well as the taste and texture of men's semen. This is what my mouth and throat are made for, she mused, warm thick jism coating both, a chute for men to fill me up with their cum!

"Did she swallow it?" asked Leticia.

"Um-hummmmmmmmmm," gurgled Marla, licking lipstick smeared lips, "I swallowed all of it! God, he shoots such a load! I love the smell of cum and the way it tastes!"

"Stand up here next to me so I can feel you up," Michael grinned. "Her panties are soaked with pussy juice. I can smell her pussy it's so hot. I'm feeling her up right through the satin crotch; it's so smooth; it fits like skin. I'm pulling her panties away from her pussy lips. Jesus, Leticia, she shaves her entire crotch like you do. Not a hair. And now; I'm finger-fucking her cunt!"

"Tell me what she tastes like. Lick her pussy, Michael. God, I wish I was there to eat her pussy, too!"

Standing, he pressed Marla down on her stomach over the edge of the dark leather couch, leaving that gorgeous tanned ass arched in the air. Pulling those snug glossy panties down in back over the perfect twin curves, he examined firm cheeks and the un-tanned flesh of her hairless crotch. Kneeling behind her he spread the cheeks even wider, enjoying the contrast between tanned cheeks and the three inch wide pale strip of flesh protected from the sun by her thong.

"It looks like she's wearing a thong. She's got a super-sexy tan line! Her crotch is so pale and her cheeks are so bronze. I'm going to use our little toy, the chrome dildo. Listen."

Turning the polished shaft, batteries purred to life. Lubricating the tip with excess girl-gush dribbling down Marla's firm thighs, he slid the shiny toy up into the pale pucker of her mouth-like anus. The naughty sensation made her quiver pleasurably, squirming as she let him invade her tight little pucker with the slippery shaft. She spread her long legs ever wider, knowing he was watching her inner pussy-lips open and the clear cunt-juices run from her pulsing pink tube. She loved to expose herself for his pleasure, to open her pussy with her fingers so he could see how juicy she was; to spread the cheeks of her ass so he could watch her finger-fuck her cute little anus. Gasping, Marla surrendered to a pussy-drenching orgasm.

"She's cuming, Leticia. I have to taste it. I'm going to lick her pussy while I fuck her ass with this dildo. Mmmmmmmmm uuuuuunnnnnnnnnnn" he murmured, "she's so wet! Fuck, she tastes great! I love the taste of hot cunt; sweet pussy juice; mmmmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, her pussy is so fuckin' beautiful!"

Cupping the beauty’s firm ass with one hand and pressing his mouth over that sweet cleft, he worked his tongue up into her tight pink cunt-sheath. Muffled cries weren't from pain but from intense pleasure as multiple climaxes overcame her senses, sensations from each stroke making her cunt drench his mouth with tasty cunt-juice. She loved the feel of him working the dildo up her excited asshole, his hand kneading muscle-hard buns, the sexy combinations making her nearly faint with pleasure.

"Fuck her, Michael; fuck he now!"

"Good idea, Leticia. She’s juicy," he grinned, standing behind Marla, pulling the foreskin back and rubbing the crest of his thick vein-wrapped erection between the lips of her open cunt.

Pressing forward, he sank into the heat of her slick tight cunt-sheath, a sensation so delicious, he almost came again. When he pulled back, inner lips held his erection so tightly it looked like he was about to turn her cunt inside out.

"Are you fucking her?" purred the voice on the phone. "I want to eat her pussy while you’re fucking it!"

"You’d like it even more if I shot a load in her first."

"Oh, God! Cum tastes so good! Let her suck you again!" urged Leticia, voice betraying sexual excess. "She should beg you to let her suck you off! Beg for it, Marla!"

Pulling out of her cunt and sitting back on the couch, cock as hard as it had been ten minutes earlier, Michael eyed the open suitcase. Licking cum-glossed lips, Marla turned and blushed, overpowered by the exciting drama yet always willing to please. There was something so liberating about not having to make decisions, knowing she was going to get used, knowing it would make her so hot she'd cum like a screaming maniac.

"Come on baby, she wants you to suck," he whispered, squeezing the shaft until its crest flared like an overripe plumb about to burst. "Pull your panties up tight and get down here. You love it when my cock tastes like cunt! Look at that froth you coated it with. Pull my foreskin back and suck your cream off of it first. I got another big load for you. Let me feed you your favorite dessert!"

Making sure her panties were wedged up into her crotch, and teasing the slippery satin into the deep cleft of her cunt, she bent over his crotch. Taking the cunt-juice coated shaft as far down her throat as she could, she swallowed, the musky aroma of excited pussy and sweaty balls filling her senses .


Flaring in her mouth, the large cock-head grew so suddenly she had difficulty getting it into the back of her throat as she swallowed. It felt so heavenly as it stroked the roof of her mouth and tongue, and anticipating another creamy climax, she mewed like a hungry kitten.

"Oh, Michael; give me another big load of your tasty cum. I’m such a slut for it, baby! Give it to me!"

"God, I wish I could see you sucking him! You're making me so hungry for a big warm mouthful of cum," panted Leticia, her excitement adding to Marla’s.

Holding Marla's head with both hands, Michael flexed his hips upward, watching over half of his uncircumcised cock disappear as she went down, bright pink lips stretched wide to accommodate the size of the erection filling her mouth. Dizzy from the pleasure of watching her suck, he shifted his attention to her gorgeous body twisting between his thighs. Long tapered legs encased in sexy stockings, firm tits, conical nipples free of the white satin half-bra, cute little crotch hidden from sight by skintight white panties; and those bitchy black spike-heels, stabbing carpeted floor with staccato like strokes as she sucked cock like her life depended on it. All elements inflamed his passions to a near breaking point.

"Are you fucking her mouth?" The sexy voice purred from the speaker. "I can hear her sucking you. Tell me what it feels like. Describe what she's doing."

Words were difficult, but he panted with passion.

"She’s fucking my cock with her mouth! It's fucking unbelievable! I can feel her sucking the head; she can almost go all the way down; she's gotta be swallowing to keep from gagging. She's trying to swallow the head of my cock. God damn, this is hot, Leticia. You should really see this. She's a natural talent. She's gunna be able to swallow the whole thing if she keeps this up." He paused, adjusting his slacks so he could free both balls. "It's very sexy to watch her dressed like this while I'm fully clothed. It's so; fucking forbidden; so erotic. You'd love it, Leticia. You'd love her looks! You'd fuckin' pay to lick her ass, you nasty little analingist!"

"Are you going to cum in her mouth or in her cunt?" purred Leticia. "I remember you can shoot more than one big load!"

"Maybe, but first I want to play with her some more."

Slowly pulling back, he watched Marla's reluctance as his cock slipped from her eager mouth. Reaching into the suitcase, he selected a surgical rubber glove, and after pulling it on, oiled it with a sex lubricant as she stood, knowing she wanted to surrender to his urges, so excited she was shaking.

"I'm gunna bend her over the couch and inspect her crotch very closely. She's got the sweetest looking ass I think I've ever seen; nice as yours, Leticia, and that's saying something! Some adult film-maker tried to get her to let him film her from behind this week. He fuckin' flipped when he saw her bend over. He offered her a couple of grand just to take pictures of her ass! The guy got a hard-on every time he saw her down at the pool. He even offered me a grand if I'd let her suck him off!" Michael hooked a finger under the waistband of her panties. "She probably would-a done it if I'd told her to."

Marla shuddered at the remark, knowing she would have if Michael had told her to do it; if he would have watched. The thought of being used made her pussy spasm.

"Her panties are so wet they're sticking to her. I'm pulling them away from her crotch; yeah; the whole fucking crotch is shiny with pussy juice. (long pause). Her little asshole is really a picture! It's the same color pink as her nipples. Remember what we did with Moon? I'm gunna do the same thing to her. I'm gunna give her a rectal examination and I'm gunna follow that with her favorite treat."

Rubbing his fingertips over the tiny winking pucker, he worked one oily digit up into her, felt her anal sphincter nearly sucking it in, felt it flex hard after the first knuckle slipped in; then he wiggled it in to the hilt.

"Oh, Michael," sighed Marla, cunt-cum drenching the arm of the couch, "more . . . gimme more!"

He followed the first finger with another, stretching her willing anus further open until he had three fingers deep up her throbbing asshole.

"She's got very tight ass, Leticia, but I'm getting her ready. Are you ready, baby? Tell us what you want, you anal slut."

"Oh, Michael," moaned Marla, knowing she was on the verge of getting what she wanted most. "Fuck me! Please; fuck my little butt! You know I want you to shoot a big hot load up my asshole! Please! Please, Michael! Stick your cock up my ass and make me scream! I'd pay you to fuck me and cum up my ass! Backdoor my little asshole!"

Laughing, he pulled the slippery rubber-gloved fingers from a well lubed tail, watching the one inch diameter pink tube spasming as it reluctantly closed. But before it could, he inserted the clear gelatin cock, a monster much larger in diameter than three fingers, pushing hard to get it into her tight anal opening.

"Ooooooooooooooooooo!" squealed Marla, almost pissing, "oh, Michael! That hurts so good! Fuck me up my ass!"

Having begged him on knees for the act, Marla had given herself four deep enemas before showering this evening. She'd grown to love the powerful sensation of taking a cock up her ass, having lost her anal virginity to her second boyfriend and his best pal. They'd gotten a little high on pot at a Friday night concert and she'd gone home with them afterward. Before realizing how far she was willing to go, her boyfriend had her half naked. She discovered she liked having an audience, becoming more aroused as she let his buddy watch her give head. She watched him open his pants to jack off, and when she saw the size of his cock she just had to sit on it while sucking her boyfriend off. He went along with it, too, and before long she was having sex with both at the same time, her boyfriend fucking her up her asshole as she straddled and rode his pal's big cock. She'd climaxed so hard from double penetration, she begged for anal sex even when they were alone. That lead to enemas and she'd begun having climaxes while filling her colon with warm water, the only thing better, warm cum. Now, as he fucked her with the long clear phallic toy, Marla cried out with pleasure as she felt him shove the monster all the way up her warm, slippery asshole.

"Did you hear that? I'm fucking her ass," he laughed, "with that clear gelatin cock! The big one; remember it? She loves it! What a woman! I've got all of it up her ass!"

Holding Marla by long her blonde hair, he pulled back, making her arch her back as he pumped her asshole with the long transparent dildo.

"UUUNNnnnnnnnnngggggggggggg; do it faster; faster; you're makin' me cum! I'm gunna cum . . . I'm cumin’! Oh, shit, Michael! This is so good! Oh, fuck my tail! I'm cumin’ so fuckin' good! Oh, baby! I'll do anything you ask if you shoot a load up my ass!"

Shoulders on carpet, hands hand-cuffed behind her back, hard-cheeked ass in the air; she was a vision Michael would never forget. The sexy young woman was so willing he couldn't wait another minute. Nearly dragging her by the hair, he turned her around, presenting her with the fully engorged, heavily veined rigidity of his awesome erection. She opened her mouth and he pushed the plumb-colored head almost into her throat. Though handcuffed, she could hold the dildo while sucking, driving it to the hilt up her ass, plunging it in and out of her spasming asshole, cuming all over herself as she yielded to Michael's pulsing cock in her mouth. Almost embarrassed to admit it to herself, she couldn't wait for his semen, sucking so eagerly he couldn't hold back.

"Here I cum!" laughed Michael, hysterically. "I'm fuckin' cuming again! Oh, baby, this is gunna be a fuckin’ huge load! Swallow my cum, you gorgeous cocksuckin’ cum-loving cunt! I'm shootin’ off so fuckin' good! Swallow it!"

Still cuming as Michael's jism over-filled her mouth, Marla guzzled the thick warm cum, slurping, swallowing, unable to get the steamy sex sauce down fast enough, thick streams of cum so intense and in such volume, that just like the girl on screen eating semen, cum dribbled from the corners of her mouth. Sticky white strings of unbroken semen draped conical pink-nippled breasts. Lifting long nipples to lips, she licked up dribbled semen.

"Fuck! Swallow it all, you hot cunt. Get it all. That's so hot! She's licking up cum from her nipples!" he smirked. "What an anal-oral bitch!"

"Oh, God, I wish I was there," Leticia's voice filled the room. "I'm so horny I'm about ready to die! I want to eat her pussy, Michael. I want her to eat mine! How about it, Michael? Can I meet you guys the day after tomorrow? Want to make Leticia happy? I'll make it worth your time, sweetie. I need it real badly! Please! I haven't had sex with a girl for weeks! I'll let you fuck me up my ass and I'll suck you off, too!"

Chuckling, he turned off the tape and tossed it in the suitcase, reached for the Martini, finished off the last swallow, then pulled Marla to her feet.

"What do you think, babe? Wanta eat . . . er, meet Leticia?"

Taking a deep breath before answering, Marla giggled nervously.

"Why not. We'll be here three more days. Do you know how to find us, Leticia?"

The answer had been well planned.

"You bet! I have to fly in the day after tomorrow!" purred Leticia. "I'll call and leave a message if I miss you."

"You get your wish, Leticia," he smiled. "See ya when ya get here. Good night!"

"Good night," Marla added.

There was a soft sigh before the phone went dead. More aroused now than thirty minutes earlier, the thought of meeting the exotic girl made Marla quiver with curiosity, wondering if Michael still liked her. Pressing her fingers into a juicy crotch, she tried soothing the need for more genital stimulation. She knew she could orgasm at least five more times without any problem but wasn't sure how she felt about watching some girl playing with her new boyfriend. Had Leticia been there at that moment she wouldn't have had any reservations.

To Be Continued...


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