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Happy Oral Gang Bang
Birthday Ch. I

by Igiv Goodhead

I left a little extra spit on Jeff's cock, to try and lessen the pressure when he stuck it in my ass. He lightly pressed the tip of his penis to my anus, and then in one, animalistic thrust, forced the length of his magnificent dick full into my tract. Tears welled up in my eyes, but it felt great! "Happy... Birthday... honey..." he said between thrusts.

After Jeff fucked me for a few minutes, the door swung open, and six naked, gorgeous semi-erect men walked into the room. I then came to the realization that Jeff was giving me a gang bang for my birthday. They all had cute, circumcised dicks and fantastic abs. Jeff knows I think nice abs are sexy. And I LOVE to suck a circumcised dick. Then I came to an even more exciting realization: I was going to swallow a lot of sperm tonight.

The six studs stood in a line in front of me. I was on my hands and knees on the bed, with Jeff "behind" me so to speak, giving me a good fucking. The first piece stood in front of me. I looked into his eyes and lightly stroked his meat. It was about nine inches in length, and not too thick. It immediately began to inflate, and I kissed the head of his dick. I moistened my lips, and began to perform fellatio on this stranger whom would soon shoot his heritage syrup into my hungry throat. I eagerly jagged him off, and concentrated on the velvety head of his cock. The poor guy didn't last too long. He shot about three quick blasts, that I downed with no problem. He went off to relax in the next room as the next beefcake stepped forward. I grabbed his nice eight incher, that was around three inches thick. I placed my left hand on his abs, and lightly scratched at his belly as I licked the underside length of his manhood. I played him like a harmonica for a while then went for the kill. I grabbed his ass cheeks and forced him to fuck my face.

I let the motion of Jeff's thrusts from behind dictate the speed at which I sucked this guy. After about three minutes, he started to buck, so I knew he was cumming. I vigorously stroked him, while I held his cock head in my mouth. His ejaculate was immense, as he shot about six heavy loads into my mouth. I'm sure some dripped out of the corner of my mouth. Still, I deep throated him one last time, and when I came back up, my cheeks dimpled. I felt another glob come from his head, so I showed it to him on my tongue, when I went for one more deep throat. He stroked the side of my face, as he allowed the third of my "presents" to step forward.

This cock was heaven! About ten inches, and at least four inches around. He also had staying power. It took me almost ten minutes of my best work to bring this monster to erupt. This man must have been part horse, because he shot a load in my mouth like I've never had. I noisily gagged but swallowed most of his spunk. He sort of gave me a smirk, until I kept up on his flaccid cock relentlessly. He was even astonished when his cock became hard again. I also surprised the room when I brought him to cum again... I managed to suck his balls dry. I found out afterward, that when I was finished with him, he just got dressed and left. It was too intense for him to handle. Jeff was starting to lightly slap my ass, so I knew what was next. I bucked backwards, and when he started to yell, I pushed back on him. I felt hot, sticky sperm coat my bowels as he shot one of his biggest loads ever. He pulled out from me, patted me on the ass and said he was going off for a shower. The first guy I blew, joined Jeff for the shower. I learned later they had quite a good time.

My next prize was just that. Dark eyes, and very muscular, like a weight lifter. His body was also completely hairless. I licked my lips and went to work. I licked up and down the sides of his tool like ice cream on a hot day. I swirled around his head for a while as I gazed into his dreamy eyes. I held on to his soft ass cheeks and massaged them for a while. When he started breathing heavier, I began to jag him off quickly, and with my other hand, cupped and massaged his hairless balls. He also shot sperm like a bull. I swallowed as much as I could, and jacked the last two shots on my face. This resulted in getting cheered from the others.

I don't know what the next guy's problem was. He was very rough. He just jammed his dick down my throat, grabbed the back of my head, and pumped my mouth brutally. When the final guy protested that he was being rough. I told him that I was to be used any way he wanted. I also told him that I appreciated his concern so much that he may have me from the back if he'd like. His eyes lit up, and he prepared to mount me. I told him to wait, pulled off rough boy, and got my anal intruder's dick very slippery from my saliva and the other men's sperm. I told the man behind me to "make it count". I thought I was going to pass out! I was getting brutally fucked at both ends by two dreamy hunks, when I knew they were going to cum I was rocking like a wooden horse. Then I felt a stirring in my own groin.

It was Jeff, sucking me off. The guy in my mouth started shooting his big wad, and as I swallowed, I felt my back-door neighbor release his sauce in my butt. I announced to Jeff that I was cumming, and he clamped down on me. I had a mind blowing orgasm that almost made me pass out. I just held Jeff as the others stood around with their drinks. I wondered how many "guests" will be at my next birthday party as I went to the shower. As I was showering, the hairless weightlifter knocked on the shower door and asked if I needed any help....

...To Be Continued?

Let me know if I should write Part II?


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