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Hubby's Reward
by Rebecca

I had been discussing what a little whore I am and how my obedient little husband cleans and licks my body after I've been fucked by my lovers. The last time he cleaned me up was after I was gang-banged by 5 huge cocks. I decided to shave my husband of all his body hair to both humiliate him and because I liked the way it looked. It made his puny little dick look bigger and fatter.

Why did I have this sudden change of heart? Because Tony, my married lover was caught by his wife who threatened to sue him and take all his money if he didn't dump me. As sweet as my hot little body was, I guess his money was more important. He did leave me with an envelope filled with cash after our final night together, $2000 dollars to be exact.

That same week Terrence called and said he was through with me because I was too much of a whore and he no longer wanted his dick near my sloppy holes. Too much of a whore? well fuck him. I wasn't as upset by him then I was by Tony but now I was loverless. The life I had grown accustomed to was turned upside down. I wondered if it was some sort of sign from the sex gods.

Manny couldn't believe it when I started staying home every night. I would let him eat my pussy after the kids went to bed, I even let him fuck me once but found that his small cock still didn't satisfy me. He became even more attentive to me and the kids and I was actually starting to enjoy it. Then one night after I was trying out a new vibrator that I bought, one of those life-like 10" models, I had a kinky idea. I watched as Manny licked the vibrator clean after I'd cum on it and decided that maybe my husband wanted to suck a real dick. I would make that happen, but first I had another idea.

Rebecca lived on the floor below us. She was in her early 40's, had 4 kids and was widowed over 5 years ago. She often criticized my lifestyle but I knew it also turned her on. She was very religious and had confessed to me that she'd been celibate since her husband's death. I tried to imagine life without sex for 5 years but just couldn't. I decided to try and seduce her. I thought it would be fun and besides, my self esteem was at a low point because I was no longer getting fucked regularly.

It was a holiday weekend in January that I decided to put my plan in motion. I told Manny that he would be getting laid very soon if he obeyed my every wish, no problem since he was already doing that. So he eagerly took the kids out to a movie that Sunday afternoon when I asked him to. I phoned down to Rebecca and invited her up for a cup of coffee.

Now Rebecca may have been 42 years old, but she was still a sexy woman. She was a little chunky but her 44DD breasts commanded attention and I noticed the looks she always got from the other men in out building. The rest of her was well proportioned, her hips were nicely rounded as was her ass. Her thighs meaty, but not fat. Her face was soft and gentle, motherly in a comforting sort of way. I had fantasized about her eating my pussy sometimes when Manny was down there. I think it was her goody-goody attitude that made me want to corrupt her. She also thought Manny was a total saint by the way he put up with me and by how well he took care of the kids. I knew she was very fond of him.

When she came up for coffee I made sure I was dressed properly. I had on a silk kimono and a sexy little pair of panties. I was braless and because of the cold apartment my nipples stood out proud, pushing points through my robe. Rebecca was wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt, her huge tits straining against the material.

I turned the subject to sex and asked her if she noticed I no longer went out at night, which she said she did and told me that she prayed for me to change. I told her how I was masturbating all the time now because I wasn't used to this lack of sex and she laughed and told me how she had been masturbating for years and that it was normal. I asked her why she didn't date if she was so horny and she explained that there was too much bad things in the world and that maybe someday when all the kids were gone she would date.

I took this opportunity to tell her about some of my escapades and I could see she was getting turned on. Her nipples must've been huge to show through the thick sweatshirt she wore. I was getting really turned on too. I lied and told her I had a confession. I told her that Manny called her name out several times during sex and that I thought he must have a real hard on for her. I told her that sometimes when I masturbated I thought about her myself, I lied again and told her I'd never been with another woman in my life.

I touched her hand and asked her if she ever wondered what it would feel like to kiss another woman, to touch her, to taste her. To feel the softness of another woman's breasts. I could tell she was getting really turned on and that made her uncomfortable. She got up and very nervously left.

The next morning was Monday and was a holiday. I had Manny take the kids to his mothers for the day. When he arrived back home I had women's clothes laid out for him on the bed. I had taken some of the money Tony had given me and ordered a French maid's costume, in Manny's size. I even found a pair of women's black pumps in a size 9 for him. I took him with me to the shower and shaved him down again and then helped him dress afterward. I could tell by his erection that he was into the French maids outfit. I wrapped a studded cock-ring around the base of his cock and his clean shaven balls, pulling his package through the crotchless panties.

His cock looked obscene until I had him cover it with the apron. He was wearing fishnets, a garter, a padded black bra, the crotchless panties and the little maids hat along with the high heels. I put make-up on him and I must say that my hubby looked like a little French slut. Then I told him of my plan to seduce Rebecca. He was surprised at me and said we would never be able to pull that off because she was such a straight lady. I told him my sexual prowess wouldn't fail but he would have to follow my lead.

I called Rebecca down and told her we needed to talk and that I wanted to apologize for yesterday. I was surprised that she agreed to come down. I expected her to hesitate but she didn't. This may be easier than I first thought. Manny was so excited. I instructed him to open the door and stand behind it to let Rebecca in so she wouldn't see him until she was inside. I wore a pair of snug sweat pants and a t-shirt, no panties, no bra.

Rebecca was at the door a few minutes later. When Manny closed the door behind her she looked shock, seeing him dressed like that. I told her that he wanted to be one of the girls and sit around and talk with us while we had coffee. Again I met no resistance and this surprised me. As Manny went to get us coffee she told me that she couldn't stop thinking about what I had said to her yesterday. She whispered to me that she had fantasized about Manny while she masturbated. I feigned a surprised look. Manny came back in and sat on the chair across from us. When he sat his cock made a tent in the apron. Rebecca looked right at it. This was going nothing like I had imagined it would be because Rebecca was giving no resistance whatsoever.

I started by telling Manny that I told Rebecca how he called out her name sometimes when we were fucking or I was sucking his dick. He looked a bit surprised but was smart enough to go along with it. "Look at that erection. The moment I told him you were coming down he got hard" I stood up and sat on the floor by his legs. "I bet its been ages since you saw a cock? Especially one that was so hard for you" Rebecca nodded, looking at us with pure lust in her eyes. I reached under his apron and touched his hard cock, again it just seemed so much bigger than usual. "I think he'd be willing to show you it to you...if you maybe let us see those boobs" I wanted to see them as much as Manny.

It took some time, but eventually Rebecca was sitting there in a sexy bra and a pair of black panties, looking delicious. I told Manny to tell Rebecca how much he wanted to lick her all over and how much he had been jerking off thinking about doing that to her. He was no dummy, it may not have been true but he saw the chance for some hot sex here. So he did, and for effect he rubbed the lump in his apron.

I crawled to Rebecca's feet, Manny followed me. I moved up and began touching her legs, then her arms before I moved in to kiss her. She pulled away at first but soon our tongues danced in each other's mouths. Then she moaned, Manny had started licking her legs, making his way up to her wet panties. Her full thighs opened to allow him access to her neglected pussy. Manny is such a horn dog, he just pulled her wet panties aside and started licking what had to be the hairiest pussy I'd ever seen. She forgot me for the moment, throwing her head back and enjoying my husbands talented tongue work. I unfastened her bra and let out her 44DD's. I immediately went after her large, dark nipples and began sucking on them.

She didn't take long to have an orgasm, it was so loud I was expecting the next door neighbors to slam on the wall. Manny kept at it though and so did I and before long she was maoning and headed for her second quick orgasm. She was like me in that she really got wet when she came. I kissed Manny and licked Rebecca's juices off his mouth and cheeks. Mmm, I liked it.

Manny kneeled, took off his apron and pulled Rebecca to the end of the couch and shoved his cock in. I sat close to them on the couch and watched his cock slide in and out of her hairy pussy. I ripped off my sweatpants and shirt and leaned in close, I could smell the sweet smell of Rebeccas overheated pussy as Manny began to just pound her. She reached out and pulled me toward her and as we kissed she rubbed my pussy. I was so hot I started to cum, then she had her third orgasm and a minute later Manny pulled out and came all over her big tits. She sat back and Manny and I licked her tits clean.

Rebecca was so exhausted she fell asleep on the couch. I was still horny so I let Manny fuck me in the ass. Rebecca left later that day but begged us to have her back. I've been getting so horny thinking about it that I've been letting Manny fuck me and eat me constantly. I'm working on bringing home a well hung stud so Manny can suck his cum right out of his dick after he fucks me.


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