The Best Erotic Stories.

Helen, Roger, & Me Pt. I
by Dudley

My best friend Roger came into my office and sat down heavily, 'I've got a problem.' he said.

'Well if I can help...', I replied.

'Its not about work,' he stammered, 'its personal.'

'OK, tell me', I said.

After some coaxing he finally began his story. A story that would change my life!

'I have been having a few marriage problems with Helen,' he began

Roger and Helen have been friends of mine for about 10 years, ever since I started working with Roger and Helen became my temporary Secretary. Roger and Helen hit it off straight away. Roger is a quiet type of bloke who wouldn't hurt a fly and Helen is a outgoing bubbly woman who is the life and soul of a party. He is in his late 30s, about 5' 10' tall and quite good looking. Helen is about the same aged, about 5' 6' and averagely attractive. Her best assets are her boobs, she has a 38-24-36 figure.

'Why, what's the problem.' I said.

'Well, I don't know how to say this,' he stammered, ' a few months ago Helen said she was getting bored with our sex life and wanted a bit of variety. I thought that she wanted someone else, but no! She wanted to try a bit of domination on me. At first I was a bit dubious but thought that I would try anything to save my marriage.'

'Well as the weeks went by I got to quite like being dominated by her, she only used to do it during our lovemaking. Making me wear her clothes, tying me up and the like. But as the time went by she got more and more domineering, she even started to tell me to do things at other times.'

Well by this time my mind was in overdrive. 'Go on, what other times?' I said.

'Well,' he said 'She would make my go out in the back garden in the nude and masturbate while she watched through the window. Luckily the garden as you know is quite private. She would make me drive into town without any trousers on and wank me while I was driving. The thing is, I was really enjoying it. Especially when we pulled up next to a bus one day and a couple of school girls in the bus saw what she was doing to me, I almost shot my load there and then.'

'Now things are beginning to get worse (or better, I'm not really sure). She makes me walk around the house without any clothes on and a dog lead around my balls that she grabs hold of and leads me around. If I come, she makes me lick it up! '

'She ties me spreadeagled on the bed and leaves me there for hours while she goes out to town or one of her friend's homes. The other day she tied me down and went out but she came back after about an hour with one of her friends. I could hear them talking in the next room. She came in after about half an hour, I thought that she was going to bring her friend in as well to humiliate me even more, but she didn't.'

'She just lifted up her dress, straddled my face and forced my to lick her cunt until she came. Then she just got up and walked out. I heard them go after about an hour. When she came back she said that she was going to make me suffer for not licking her off well enough. She undid my bonds and made me kneel by the side of the bed, then tied my arms to the other side of the bed, so that I was stretched out with my arse exposed.'

'She said that she would leave me to contemplate what punishment I was going to get. I stayed there about 15 minutes with a raging hard on just wondering what she was going to do to me when she came back. When she came into the room I nearly shot my load there and then! I could see her, and myself, in the wardrobe mirrors. She was wearing a Mistress type outfit with stockings, suspender belt, high heels, the lot!'

'Right slave', she said, 'lets see how obedient you can be...'

'She took a dick shaped dildo that I knew she had out of her dressing table and without any lubrication other that a bit of saliva she forced it up my arse. God it hurt at first but once it was in it was ecstasy.'

'She got a cord off her dressing gown and tied it around my dick and balls, then she pulled the knot tight so that it almost stopped the circulation. My dick was almost busting, it was bigger that I ever remember it. She started to push the dildo in and out of my arse, I could feel the ribs on it as she forced it in. I couldn't hold out any longer and my balls nearly exploded, the cum shot all down the side of the bed and she just laughed.'

'Now, slave,' she laughed, 'you are going to give my some pleasure.'

'She pulled out the dildo, untied my bonds and made me stand up. My legs were weak, I had never felt so sexually exhausted, but she hadn't finished with me yet. The cord was still tied tight around by balls and my dick was still rock hard.'

'Lick up the cum you turd,' she said.

'Obediently I knelt down and began to lick up all the sperm, there seemed gallons of it. All the time I was doing this Helen was standing over me and hitting my backside with a short length of leather strap. Not too hard, just enough to sting.'

'You don't have to tell me all this,' I said.

'Yes. I do,' said Roger, 'that's part of my humiliation.' I could see by the front of his trousers that he had a hard on, and I tried not to stare.

'Well to cut a long story short, after I had cleaned up all the cum, she made me suck her cunt for hours. She must have come a least five times that evening. 'She then said that this was only the beginning that if I didn't do as she told me that she would send the photographs that she had taken of me dressed up in her clothes to my parents and then divorce me.' I loved her so much,' he sobbed, 'I couldn't live without her. I swore that I would do anything she told me to do.'

'Then she told me that she had always fancied you and that she wanted me to tell you all what we had done to humiliate me. She said that I had to come to your office at ten thirty and tell you then get you to phone her a eleven if you wanted her.'

'What do you want?' I said.

'Anything she wants.' He cried. 'Will you ring her please, if she doesn't hear from you in ten minutes, she is going to leave me.'

I was shocked but sexually excited, I had always fancied Helen, but when Roger had started dating her I had pulled back.

So I picked up the phone and dialed their home number. It was answered straight away.

'Hello,' said Helen in her sexiest voice, 'I hoped you would call, has Roger told you our little story?'

'Yes,' I mumbled.

'Does it interest you?'

'Of course it does,' I said.

'Has Roger got a hard on?' she said.

I looked at Roger's crotch and his trousers stood up like a tent!

'Put him on the phone,' she said 'I want to test him some more.'

I passed the phone to Roger and I heard him say yes a few times then he passed the phone back to me and Helen said 'Now tell Roger to undo his zip and take out his dick to show you.'

Luckily my office is quite remote from the rest of the staff and you can see anyone approaching in plenty of time.

I told him what Helen had said and immediately he complied. It was quite a large erection that he had. I had seen his dick before when we had changed for the beach etc but I had never seen another bloke's erect dick in the raw before. He held it in his hand while he stood there looking sheepish.

'Has he done as he was told?' said Helen.

'Yes,' I said.

'Well now tell him to wank himself.'

I passed on the message and sure enough he started wanking himself slowly.

'Faster!!!' I heard myself saying, I was getting excited by watching my friend go what I told him.

I could hear Helen on the phone panting she sound as if she was masturbating as well. She must have heard him come because she then said 'Would you like him to wank you or suck you off?'

By this time I was sporting a massive hard on, but couldn't bring myself to let him touch me.

'Maybe next time,' I said to Helen.

'You mean there will be a next time?' said Helen

I looked at Roger, but he had disappeared. Too embarrassed I suppose.

'With a few provisos,' I said.

'What are they,' she replied.

'Well I don't mind occasionally being your slave too, but no public humiliation like you give to Roger.' I said. 'I don't mind being tied up or forced to do things in private, but I won't do what Roger just did.'

I could hear her breathing heavily over the phone and could tell she was very turned on. But then so was I.

'OK,' said Helen, 'Let's see if you are good enough to be my slave.'

'What, now!' I cried.

'Yes, that's the thing about being a sex slave, you have to do as I say when I say. Now undo your fly and take out your dick, slave.'

I pulled down my zipper.

'Tell me what you are doing, slave!' I heard her say.'

I took out my swollen dick and began to slowly wank myself, telling her what I was doing made it seem even better.

I think she must have been masturbating as well because I could hear her heavy breathing. My hands moved faster and faster until my balls exploded and the cum flew across the office. I heard Helen moan at the same time.

After a few seconds I heard Helen say 'be at my house at 7 o'clock Wednesday evening and be prepared for anything.'

Then the phone went dead.

I was shocked at what I had just done but excited at the prospect of screwing Helen, especially with Roger watching. Friday couldn't come quick enough!

To Be Continued...


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