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Helen, Roger, & Me
Pt. III: The Party
by Dudley

Around 7 o'clock I heard cars begin to arrive, I counted three but I couldn't guess how many were in each car.

There was much laughing and giggling as the evening progressed, I could hear them goading each other on to try on the various pieces of lingerie. After about an hour the tempo of the noises began to increase as I heard Helen call out that the sex aids were coming out. There was much giggling and shouting as they must have been playing with the items.

About 8 o'clock Helen opened the door and came in. My mind was in a whirl, what was she going to do, what was I going to be required to do. My dick was almost at bursting point already.

Helen put the restraining strap around my balls again and pulled it tight, I thought that I was going to shoot my load right there and then but managed to control myself. She then fastened a dog lead to the strap so that she could lead me around by my testicles.

'Come with me slave,' she commanded, 'if you let me down tonight you will wish you had never heard of me, do you understand?'

'Yes Mistress,' I stammered.

I was lead by my strap into the lounge room. There were six women sitting around the room on the various chairs. They were all partially undress and wearing bits of lingerie from the party. They were aged from about 18 to approximately 45 years old, some thin, some fat, in fact a complete cross section of womanhood.

The looks on the girls faces as I was pulled into the room was amazing.

'I told you I had a surprise for you didn't I.' Said Helen.

They all looked dumbfounded.

'OK, ' said Helen, 'Let me introduce my slave, his name is, well it doesn't really matter we can just call him slave. I have him trained so that he will obey any of my demands, let me demonstrate.'

I was standing in the middle of the room with the women sitting all around me. My dick stuck out like a flag pole and they were all staring at it and licking their lips. The strap around my testicles was really making my balls sore.

Helen jerked on the lead and I cried out in pain she then took her leather strap and said that I was to wank myself while she gave my backside a beating. The first blow was really hard and came as quite a shock. I immediately began to wank my engorged dick as fast as I could while Helen continued to rain blows to my arse. The women were all sitting on the edge of their chair leaning forward to get a closer look.

My balls suddenly exploded and sprayed cum all over the floor and some one of the girls legs. Helen stopped hitting me and stood there smiling.

'That was a good boy,' she said, 'but you have shot you spunk on this nice lady's leg. Don't you think you ought to apologise to her?'

I said that I was sorry but that wasn't enough for Helen she pushed me to my knees and forced me to towards the lady's legs. The lady was about 25 years old and she was wearing a small lacy bra and open crouch knickers. My head was then pushed down by Helen so that my mouth was over the spunk on her leg.

'Now lick it up you dirty slave!' Helen said.

I began to lick and suck up my own cum from the top of the lady's thigh. My backside was extremely sore and red from the beating that I had received, but it was hit again by Helen and my hair was grabbed by the lady and forced higher towards her cunt.

'I want him to kiss it.' said the lady.

'Do as Anne asks.' demanded Helen.

I kissed her steamy cunt lips and she shuddered, I began to insert my tongue into her vagina and lick and nibble her clitoris. It didn't take very long before Anne grabbed my head and forced my mouth hard onto her cunt. She began to shake and scream out and climaxed really strong. She collapsed back into the armchair.

'That was one of the best head jobs I have ever had,' said Anne.

I was hauled to my feet by Helen. As I looked around I could see that some of the girls had been wanking themselves because there was cunt juices running down their thighs. My dick was beginning to swell again already.

'Now,' said Helen, ' whoever buys the most lingerie tonight can have the use of my slave for one hour tonight.'

The girls began to try and out bid each other by buying as much lingerie as they could.

'Go and make some coffee, slave,' said Helen.

I went into the kitchen to make the coffee, I could hear the girls getting more and more excited in the lounge room.

When I returned with the tray of coffee Helen said that there was a tie for my services between a lady about 40 called Sue and a young girl called Natalie who was about 18. They were both quite attractive and I didn't really mind which one won.

Helen said that as there was a draw they could both have me for 30 minutes or both of them together for the full hour. They both decided that they would share me for the full hour. I learned later that they were mother and daughter.

'Before you go,' said Helen, 'each of the girls would like to give you something slave.'

I was taken to the dining room and made to lie across the dining table, my arms and legs were tied as they had been before when I had been buggered by Roger.

One by one the girls came into the room on their own and prodded and poked my arse and genitals and lifted their clothes to have me lick their juicy cunts. The cunt juice was running down my chin and my arse and dick were sore by the time all of them had their turn.

I was then taken to the bathroom by Helen to clean up and then to my room to await the arrival of the two winners. After a few minutes I heard the other girls leave in their cars with requests to have another party at the earliest convenience.

I was sitting naked on the bed when the two ladies and Helen came into the room. My dick was limp from all the wanking that it had received and the cheeks of my arse were red from the spankings.

'OK,' said Helen, 'you have one hour to use my slave as you wish, I don't want him damaged but you have my permission to treat him anyway you want to.'

With that she left me alone with the two ladies. I didn't know until much later that Helen and Roger were watching and videoing everything with a hidden camera.

The older of the ladies (the mother) named Sue was wearing a peep hole bra and see through lace knickers and the younger one Natalie was just wearing a suspender belt and nylons.

I was instructed to stand and Sue grabbed hold of my dick and pulled me towards her, I was pushed to the floor and she forced her cunt against my face.

'Lick it!' she demanded,' lick it good.

I began to do as I was requested. It wasn't really all that obnoxious, they were both attractive women. While I was busy sucking I could hear the younger breathing heavily, she was obviously masturbating herself because I could also hear slurping noises as she pushed something in and out of her vagina.

Sue began to shake as she neared her climax, she pulled my face harder against her pubis and shuddered to a massive climax. Her juices literally spurted over my face.

She fell to the floor in a heap. The younger girl who I could see lying across the bed with her feet on the floor had been wanking with a large black dildo demanded that I give her the same treatment as her mother. I went across the floor on my hands and knees and eagerly commenced to suck her nubile young cunt. She lay back on the bed moaning while I forced my tongue as deep into her hole as I could manage.

Suddenly my balls and dick were grabbed from behind by Anne and she began to wank me why I sucked on her daughter's pussy.

Within seconds I spurted my load at the same moment that the younger girl reached her climax. We both collapsed in a heap across the bed.

After a few minutes Anne pulled me off the bed and knelt down between her daughter's thighs and with the black dildo started to masturbate her.

'Fuck me from behind slave'' she begged, 'fuck me hard.'

My dick was still a bit limp but I managed to push it into her wet pussy. I fucked her as hard as I could as she began the lick her daughter's snatch. They were both moaning and squirming as they shot towards massive climaxes.

When they had finished and calmed down a bit, they told me to wank myself while they lay on the bed and watched and played with their pussies.

Because of the number of times I had come I was finding it very difficult to produce an orgasm, so I was still rubbing my dick when they decided to let me stop.

Natalie grabbed hold of my balls and squeezed gently.

'Now slave get across the bed with your legs on the floor, I want to see your arse!'

I bent over the bed, my dick and balls were still being held by the younger girl. She grabbed a piece of cord that Helen had left on the dressing table and tied my genitals up. My dick and balls were hanging down the side of the bed. I felt the cord jerk as Natalie pulled it even tighter. My hands were then tied to the other side of the bed by her mother and she sat on the bed in front of me so that her cunt was inches from my face.

The younger girl then began to insert her dildo up my arse, the pressure as it went in forced me up the bed so that my mouth was against the older woman's pubes.

'Don't just lie there slave!' Natalie said 'suck her!'

She tugged on the cord hard, I moaned in pain and quickly began to lick Anne's cunt.

My moan seemed to stimulate the younger girl and she forced the dildo deep into my arsehole. I was crying with pain and trying to give Anne a climax. Luckily she was very excited and came quite quickly.

'Now my turn!' cried Natalie, as she replaced her mother in front of my face.

Her cunt was dripping juices and my face was soon plastered. The dildo was removed from my arse and Anne began to rhythmically spank my already sore backside with her hand. As each blow landed I tried to move away but it only forced my harder against Natalie's cunt.

Soon Natalie climaxed with a massive scream and Anne finally stopped her spanking.

After the ladies had regained their composure and I still hadn't come, there was a knock on the door and Helen said that the hour was up. The ladies got up and left the room leaving me collapsed on the floor.

I heard a car leave about 10 minutes later and then Helen returned. I was expecting her to make me suck her off or something but she said that I had done a good job and that I could go and get showered and go to bed.

My dick was still raging hard and my balls were sore. My backside and arsehole were red raw.

The hot shower relieved some of the soreness and I gratefully fell into bed exhausted.

I was just drifting off to sleep when I heard someone open the door and slip into bed beside me in the dark. It was Helen, I could feel her beautiful tits against my back.

'You have worked hard slave,' she whispered,' now you can have your reward.'

She slowly and gently began to stroke my dick, I turned over to face her and began to suckle on her beautiful breasts. Before long I tried to force my dick into her but she stopped me saying that I needed to be a much better slave before I would be allowed to fuck her properly.

Before long her expert hands had bought me to an explosive climax all over her belly, she didn't seem to mind as I continued to suck on her erect nipple until I fell into an exhaustive sleep.

To Be Continued...


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