The Best Erotic Stories.

Helen, Roger, & Me
Pt. IV: At The Beach
by Dudley

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

The next morning at about seven o'clock I was awoken by Roger and told to get showered but not dressed. I did as I was told and peeped into the kitchen to see where they had gone. Roger and Helen were sitting at the table fully clothed eating their breakfasts.

I was told to get myself some coffee and toast, which I did and sat opposite Helen to eat.

After we had finished Roger was told to wash up and I was told to get dressed in shorts and tee shirt but no underwear.

I returned from the bedroom dressed as I had been instructed.

We all went outside and got into Roger's car, with Roger driving, Helen in the passenger seat and me in the back. We set off towards the beach.

After we had gone a couple off miles, Helen said 'I need a good sucking slave, climb over to the front and get between my legs.'

She pushed her seat as far back as it would go and I climbed over and crouched between her feet. She lifted her skirt and I could see that she had nothing on underneath. My dick began to grow erect as I started to lick her juicy cunt.

Roger was trying to watch what we were doing as he drove along, I could see from the bulge in his shorts that he was getting excited.

'Can I have a feel please Mistress?' said Roger.

When Helen said yes he reached over and began to rub her cunt lips as I continued to lick and suck. He opened her cunt with his fingers and I stuck my tongue in as deep as I could manage. Helen moaned and forced herself down the seat into my face. She came with a shuddering explosion and my face was covered with her cum.

By this time we had reached the beach and I was told to get out of the car. Roger and Helen followed. I could see we were at the local nudist beach and was told to get the things out of the boot and follow them down to the sand.

I was glad of things to carry because I was sporting a raging erection and the towels etc hid it from view, not that there were many people about.

We set up our towels and umbrella away from the pathway so that it was nice and private.

I as told to strip and so was Roger. Helen also removed her tee shirt and skirt and we all lay down on the towels. I was still erect and I turned over onto my front to hide myself from any passers by, but was hit across the rear and told by Helen to lie on my back so that everyone could see my dick.

Roger had been to this beach many times before and he managed to control his dick so that he didn't get a hard on.

After a short time a girl about 25 years old came along walking her dog and spotted us and began to come towards us. I groaned and tried to roll over but was slapped again by Helen. The girl waved and shouted to us when she got close.

She obviously knew Roger and Helen as she stopped in front of us and began to speak. I was so embarrassed that my erection began to wilt.

She was introduced as Jane, she apparently knew Roger and Helen from their previous visits to the beach.

I was also introduced to her and she said 'You're obviously new to the nude lark, you shouldn't be ashamed of an erection, it happens all the time.'

Helen said 'Would you like to take him to the dunes for half an hour, Jane, he is well trained.'

I realised then that Jane was also into slaves because her face lit up.

'Does he obey without question,' she enquired.

'Well if he doesn't you have my permission to punish him,' said Helen.

I looked at Helen but I could see that I was not going to get let off and Roger lay there with a huge smirk on his face.

Jane tied her dog to a stake and pulled me to my feet.

'OK, slave,' she laughed, 'let's see what you can do.'

Jane led me up the beach into the dunes. She was very beautiful and very slim with a boyish figure.

When we had gone about 200 metres and no one was about. I was told to sit down and watch her. She took off her top and slowly removed her bra. Her breasts were very small but beautifully shaped. She pulled down her shorts and lacy panties.

I nearly fainted when I saw that she had no public hairs, I looked up at her face and she was laughing quietly to herself.

'Do you like my fanny,' said Jane, 'I'm going to let you play with it if you are a good slave like Helen said.'

She told my to lie back and she straddled my chest her hairless snatch was inches from my face. I began to push her off but she hit me hard across the face and reached behind herself and gave my balls a sharp squeeze.

'Don't be silly, slave, you heard Helen say that I could punish you if you didn't obey me.'

I lay back again mesmerised by her small body

She leaned forward across my chest and her breasts brushed my face. 'Suck my titties, slave!' she demanded.

I willing did as I was instructed. Her small breasts were beautiful. After a while she sat upright and moved nearer to my face and pushed the cunt at my mouth. I began to lick and suck and it began to get moist. Her hips began to heave as she mouth fucked me.

I hesitated but she began to hit my face so I complied.

She said to fondle her breasts and squeeze them hard, they were really beautiful but quite small. Jane arched her back and began to moan and grind her cunt into my face, I tried to breath but my mouth and nose were covered. Just as I felt that I was about to pass out she let out a scream and came to a mighty orgasm. Then collapsed onto the sand at my side.

'Don't just lie there you stupid bastard,' she screamed, 'get dick in my hole!'

I didn't need a second chance, I dived onto her and rammed my swollen dick deep into her body. She screamed as it stretched her tiny vagina and she began to claw at my back.

'Harder! harder!' she shouted, 'fuck me harder!'

We both came at the same moment and I shot my load deep into her cunt.

After a few minutes when we had got our breath back she stood up and straddled my legs, put her one foot on my balls and pressed down hard.

'Now slave,' she smiled, ' you can return to your mistress Helen, but I may ask to use you again. But don't expect to be allowed to screw me next time!'

I was allowed to get up as she replaced her clothes and I followed her back down the beach to Helen and Roger.

When we got back she said that I had obeyed her and could she maybe borrow me again later. Helen said that I was available any time for her service.

I smiled to myself because Jane was a real beauty and I didn't mind obey her every whim.

I was told to go for a swim to clean up and then we returned home for lunch. The journey home was uneventful.

After lunch we all sat down to watch a movie. Helen was dressed in a long skirt and a denim shirt, Roger was in a pair of jeans and tee shirt but I was made to wear the leather thong around my balls and no clothes.

When the video was put on I saw it was the secret video that Roger had taken of me and the two ladies at the party the previous evening. There I was on my hands and knees licking the daughter's fanny while her mother rammed the dildo into my arsehole.

My dick began to swell at the thought of what I had done with Sue and Natalie.

'Did you like your arse reamed slave?' asked Helen.

I stammered that it hurt me but I began to enjoy it after the initial pain of the dildo being rammed into my hole.

My dick was now fully erect as I watched the movie. I could see Roger had undone his zip and was getting out his dick.

Helen told him to strip off the rest of his clothes and he stood and dropped his jeans and shirt on the floor.

Helen told me to stand in front of her and she grabbed the strap that was around my balls and adjusted it tighter so that my dick swelled even bigger. She said that I could wank myself in front of her because she wanted my dick to be flaccid for my next lesson.

I eagerly began to stroke my swollen shaft as I watched myself on the TV and as Roger played with his own penis and stroked Helen breasts through her shirt.

It didn't take long before I squirted my spunk with a mighty sigh. Roger was instructed to clean up the mess and he obediently went to the kitchen for a cloth.

When he had finished and my penis was limp again Helen removed the restraining strap and Roger was told to go the shed and felt the equipment for my next lesson.

Roger returned after a few minutes with a cardboard box and Helen pulled out a pair of what looked like underpants but they were made of leather and had various straps and ties on them.

'Put them on slave,' said Helen.

I pulled on the article it was quite a tight fit.

'Now put your genitals through the hole in the front.' She said

I forced them out of the hole as I was instructed and a leather strap was then pulled tight by Roger so that they couldn't be withdrawn.

My dick was still soft as he began to fasten more restraints to my genitals. A tie was pulled from below my balls and passed between my nuts so that they were separated, it was then fastened to a loop on the front of the pants.

A small loop was put over then end of my knob and pulled tight this was then attached with a short strap to a ring between my legs. My balls were now separated by a strap and my dick was pulled backwards between my balls and under my crotch.

As my dick began to swell again the straps pulled tighter and tighter so that I was quite painful.

Helen then told me to bend over the chair and she opened a panel in the back of the pants so that my arsehole was exposed.

Roger pulled a short fat dildo out of the box, it was about 4 inches long and about 1 inch in diameter the shaft was hollow so that you could see down the length, he passed it to Helen. She put some Vaseline on the end and slowly forced it into my hole. It had a sort of rim on the end so that it couldn't go all the way in.

I could feel my arsehole beginning stretched as it was pushed home.



This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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