The Best Erotic Stories.

Helen, Roger, & Me
Pt. V: Sweet Revenge
by Dudley

Friday, Helen and Roger had to go to work, I was on a weeks holiday so I was tied to the bed with a piece of chain around my ankle that allowed me to reach the toilet next door to my room. Helen came into my room at about 7 o'clock in the morning with Roger and she had him secure me with the chain. She said that I would have to stay put until Roger came home at 5 o'clock (Helen was to return about an hour later).

After they had gone I began to think of all the humiliation that I had been subjected to and became really angry. I decided that I must get free and when Roger came home we should ambush Helen and force her to release us from her control.

I found a hair grip in the dressing table and began to attempt to undo the small padlock that fastened the chain to my ankle. After about an hour I managed to release myself.

I began a search of the house and found my clothes, got dressed then continued searching for the photographs that she had taken of me. It didn't take much to find them, they were tapped under a drawer in Helen's dresser. I put them in an envelope and hid them in my car, which was still parked in the driveway.

I removed a pillow case from one of the beds and found some cable ties in the shed. My idea was to get Roger to grab Helen as she came through the door and I would tie her hands behind her back and cover her head with the pillow case.

The day went slowly I watched some TV and had something to eat. My dick was permanently hard with the thought of what I was going to do and what would happen I Roger and I failed.

When Roger retuned home at just after 5 o'clock he was staggered to see that I was free and not still tied to the bed. He was scared that if Helen found out that I had got free she would punish us both.

I explained what my plan was, he was unsure of what would happen, but after about half an hour of persuasion he finally agreed to help. I said that she needed to be taught a lesson and we could have some revenge for what she had done to us.

I told him that I had found the photos and hidden them so she couldn't find them. That seemed to convince him that we could succeed in turning the tables on her.

I explained the plan to him and we got ready for her arrival.

We hadn't been hidden for very long when we heard her car pull up in the drive, I sneaked a look through the curtains and could see that she was carrying a couple of bags of groceries. She put them down by the door and used her key to open it. We waited until she had picked up the bags again and started to come into the house.

Roger grabbed her and I slammed the door so she could run out if she got free. She dropped the bags and we both jumped on her and pulled her to the floor. She began shouting and screaming when she realised what was happening but I managed to pull the pillow case over her head and secured her hands behind her back as Roger held her down. She was kicking and screaming that she would kill us when she got loose.

I managed to get one of the cable ties around her ankles and we let go of her and stood up. She was writhing on the floor, shouting. I pulled off her hood and taped a piece of packaging tape across her mouth to quieten her down. After a few minutes she began to tire and lay still.

Roger and I breathed sighs of relief, we had done it, now to get our revenge... or so Roger thought, I had got other ideas. He had tricked me into Helen's plot and now I was going to get my own back on both of them. I didn't make my move yet, time was on my side while he thought that I was helping him.

We carried Helen into her room and tied her to the bed.

Roger and I went into the kitchen to get us a drink. Unknown to him I had laced his drink with some of the sleeping tablets that I found in the bathroom cabinet. We sat drinking and talking about what we were going to do to Helen. We could hear her trying to shout and get free from the bed but took no notice.

Shortly Roger began get sleepy, he realised that he had been drugged and tried to get up from his chair to grab hold of me. But before long he had collapsed across the table.

I went to check on Helen, she was struggling against the ties but could get loose. When she was me come into the room she stopped and stared at me.

'Now Mistress,' I said, 'let's see how you like serving me!'

I walked over to her and ripped that front out of her blouse and pulled her bra up over her large tits. The nipples were sticking out like organ stops so I tweaked one of them really hard and she screamed through the gag and writhed on the bed to try and get away.

'I have got Roger under my control too,' I said, 'he is unconscious in the kitchen, you are both going to serve me now.'

I left Helen and dragged Roger to my room, stripped him and chained him spreadeagled to the bed. He would be asleep for most of the night and I was sure that he wouldn't be able to get loose if he woke up.

I made a cup of tea, laced Helen's with some more of the sleeping tablets and took it into her. I helped her to drink it. She was a bit reluctant at first but after all her struggling she must have been thirsty. She couldn't have realised that it was drugged because she drank it all down quite quickly.

I sat on the side of her bed and waited until she began to get drowsy. When she began to go quiet I removed the gag from her mouth, she didn't even try to shout out, she was very subdued.

I began to tell her what she was going to have to do to please me but before long she was fast asleep. Carefully I untied her, she moaned and struggled a bit but the tablets were working and she didn't resist too much.

I untied her bonds carefully and began the interesting task of stripping her of the rest of her clothes. The blouse was a total right off, I undid her bra her one nipple was swollen and red where I had tweaked it, but that was the least of her worries now. I pulled off her skirt and panties. Now she was quite naked and totally under my power.

I retied her spreadeagled across her bed and left the room waiting for them to wake up. I spent a restless night as I kept going to check on them to see if they were awake or were trying to get loose, but they both slept like babies until next morning.

At about 6 o'clock, I heard Roger struggling to get off the bed so I went in to him. I could see in his eyes that he was mad with me.

'You bastard,' he shouted, ' you tricked me!'

'You only have yourself to blame,' I replied, 'you tricked me and now I am going to get my revenge.'

I taped his mouth to keep him quiet then grabbed his genitals and began to masturbate him like he had done to me. When he was getting aroused I stood up and left the room to give him time to contemplate his predicament.

Helen was just waking up and when she saw me she began to struggle. I hit her across the thighs with the leather strap she had used on me. She screamed through the gag which I immediately took off. She began to scream at me all the things she was going to do when she got free. I just hit her twice again, hard and she quietened down.

I told her that she was mine now and she had to obey me like I obey her.

I stripped off my clothes and sat on the side of her bed, I could see in her eyes that she was scared what I was going to do.

'You never let me screw you,' I said, 'but now you are going to get the fucking of your life!'

Her eyes widened as I pulled her dildo out her dresser and without waiting I plunged it into her cunt. She tried to pull away but her bonds held her firm. There were tears in her eyes from the pain, but I continued to force with tool inside her. I pushed the latex dick in and out of her until I could see that she was getting sexually aroused. I then removed the dildo and pushed two fingers inside. As she began to squirm on the bed I inserted more fingers until I had all four plunging in and out. Slowly I forced my thumb and the rest of my hand inside her until it disappeared up to my wrist. I could see from the look on her face that she was hurting but she was also very aroused.

I clenched my fingers into a fist inside her cavity and began to fist fuck her. Helen's body movements told me she was almost on the point of coming, so I pulled my fist back hard against her public bone. She screamed as her whole body shook with a tremendous orgasm.

I removed my hand and made her lick her juices off my fingers. When she had finished I pushed the dildo back into her cunt and with some surgical tape I held it in place.

I then left the room to return to Roger. His eyes were wide with fright as I walked over to the bed and sat beside him.

'What are you going to do to me?' he moaned.

'You and Helen are going to be my slaves now,' I said.


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