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Hotel Room Nurse
by fungirl

I wish I could take you into a hotel room full of candles lit all over the room and perfume sprayed on the bed. I'd tell you to sit on the bed while I "changed" in the bathroom. I would come out shortly in white stockings and garter belts and white lingerie. I'd have shiny lipstick on my gorgeous lips and white high heels on. I'd tell you that I was going to be your "nurse" and "take care" of you but you couldn't touch...not yet anyway. I'd unzip your pants while you laid there and pull out your huge, hard cock. I'd wrap my lips around it and get lipstick all over your cock. I'd ram your rock hard dick down my throat while I listened to you moan and pull your dick all the way in my mouth until I reached your balls with my lips. You'd be fucking my mouth hard and your stomach would be pounding against my face and your balls hitting my chin. Then, after i have you all wet, you'd turn me over against the bed and slide my panties over to the side and ram yourself into me holding my hips and rocking me hard. Just when you are about to cum in me hard, we hear a knock at the door and I make you go answer the door even though you don't want to.

You open the door to find a beautiful girl with big tits and standing there in red lingerie, right in the middle of the hallway. You look at me and I tell you that it's okay, I invited her. She walks in and shuts the door and gets really close to you and I can see that your dick begins to get even harder than it already was. "Precum" is dripping off of you as she rubs her tits against you and holds your dick with her hand. She starts stroking you and you can hardly stand it without cumming right there. You are touching her tits and seem to lose control as you rip her lingerie off to expose her huge tits. You start licking her hard nipples as she jerks you and I see how turned on you are. You are touching and rubbing her body everywhere and are moving very fast as you lose control. She is loving it too. You move her panties over and start to bang her hard. I can hear the noise it is making since she is so wet from you. She says that she wants to move closer to me after you to masturbate each other for awhile and you agree. You both move over...still masturbating each other as you move.

You come over to the bed and she touches my tits in a way that arouses you a lot. She pulls down my straps to expose my tits and starts sucking on them as she jerks you hard. You are moaning so loud by now....You are still banging her as she moves down to eat me out...she pulls my lingerie down until I am naked and she buries her face in my cunt. I'm laying on the bed and she is eating me out so you decide to ram your dick in her pussy while she is bending over. You nail her so hard and are watching me at the same time and it is too much for you so you lose control and explode cum into her tight pussy. She moans hard as she feels your hot cum fire into her pussy. You yell so loud, I know that you are cumming harder than ever. Just as I hear you both moan, I get off by her tongue. I cum so hard making her face wetter than it already is. We all get off together. Your cum is dripping out of her pussy since you are still cumming several seconds later. She gets a huge load in her. After you pull out of her and you are both lying on the bed next to each other (she is naked since you ripped her lingerie off) I slide down and go down on her just to lick out your cum since I"m so jealous that she gave you the biggest, longest orgasm ever and she got so much of your cum. I eat her out and she cums again even though she can barely move from getting off from your fuck. I get to taste all of your cum you shot into her and I give her a huge orgasm while you make out with her.

We all fall asleep and then her boyfriend comes in looking for her. You are both asleep so I answer the door 1/2 dressed in lingerie and 1/2 naked. He knew about what she was doing and was listening to how hard we both got her off next door and was sooo horny so I told him I'd come over and help him out....I go next door and he takes his dick out of his pants and pushes my face in his crotch. I ram his huge dick in my mouth and slide up and down his shaft while I feel his balls with my hands. He is moaning loud and saying I give better blow jobs than his girl. He then pulls me up and bends me over to nail my ass since his girlfriend doesn't let him do that. His cock is wet from my blow and he holds his dick to make it slide in easy. He nails me with his cock as he holds my tits to pull himself in.

He and I are both moaning loud and you and his girlfriend hear us next door. She knows what is going on even though you don't yet. She grabs your dick and tells you she needs to fuck now. You instantly get hard and she wraps her legs around your neck and pulls you into her hard. She says she wants the dirtiest, loudest fuck you've ever had so you get even more out of control. She tells you her boyfriend is fucking me next door so you fuck her even harder. You suck her tits as you fuck her hard and go all the way into her cunt burying your cock into her so hard. You cum in her for the second time and make her scream from the orgasm you give her.

Meanwhile, I make her boyfriend cum in my ass so hard. He gets me off from ass fucking me too. Cum is dripping everywhere and he falls asleep in me. I am covered in cum since he came 1/2 in me and 1/2 on me. I then realize you are next door fucking too and want to watch so I clean off and go next door to watch without you knowing. I just stand in the door and neither of you know since you are getting horny again and she tells you she needs another fuck. You bend her over and ass fuck her this time even though she won't do that for her boyfriend, she'll do it for you. You fuck her ass hard and pull her hair and on her tits. Just before you cum, you turn her around and stick your dick into her mouth and make her blow you. She just slides up and down your shaft once and you cum hard shooting it against the back of her head. I hear you moan so loud. After you get off, she notices me and tells me to come over so we can both get off. She and I 69 until you hear us both moaning and cumming right next to you. She and I then make out for awhile until we fall asleep holding each other naked right by you. I hope you get off to this like i did....


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