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Halloween Surprise
by Darrin and Beth

"You've got mail." That's the message the subbies see. Knowing it could be orders they open it right away. Four subs, four different computers but the same invitation. Message reads, "Please Come! Its Halloween Costume Party! You MUST be here at 8:00pm sharp! DON'T BE LATE!"

The only differences were in the sender. lil'tude and Dara received their invites (commands?) from Max1954. Beth and Wildone received theirs from Master Darrin. The subbies decide to get ready and ride together, the instructions being so incomplete, just a time handwritten directions left for Beth by Master Darrin. What are They up to?

It's getting late, dark and cloudy out, thunder raging but the sky has yet to pour the promised rain. Dara, the lovely harem girl driving the lot of subbies, bared belly quivering, elbows tude, "HEY woman, which way from here?"

Tude sits up tall in the seat, looking proud in her leather bustier and mini skirt, fully the Domme, "Hell, I don't know - Beth has the directions. What are ya asking me for?" She smacks the dash with her crop for emphasis. the girls all jump and shudder as an eerie voice comes from the car's speaker "Do NOT hit me again!"

"What the heck was that?" snaps wild, flicking the red tail of the sexy she-devil costume so appropriate for her. Beth, in her black silky, French maid's outfit says, "Oh that's probably why Master insisted we take HIS car, He must have all sorts of stuff set up, He worked ALL day on this thing!"

Dara reaches down to flip on the radio but there is nothing but static. This is a long spooky drive. The road is dark, no lights, no houses, trees arching over block the little moonlight there is, only an occasion "CRACK" of the lightening shines through, just enough to make the subbies jump. Hitting the source button again, the CD starts up. The only song that will play is spooky, rumbling, "Black candles slowly burning, white fangs, flashing eyes....."

The girls tremble, shivering "What is this?" they all ask Beth.

"Master's song, Demon's Whip... I would say we aren't through with the surprises if we are hearing THIS song, you just don't know what it does to HIM...." Beth shivers, knowing about that devil's horn popping up in His eyebrows.

Wildone, impatient as always, grumbles, "does this awful, dark road ever end?" Just as she finishes, there is this loud "BANG" and the car swerves, Dara cussing the damn boat of Master Darrins, so big and heavy, but it does help keep it under control with the blown tire. This was no ordinary flat, pieces of tire are flying everywhere. Beth groans, informing them all there is NO SPARE, and the damn car is too heavy even if there was, 6,000 pounds of real car, as He calls it, it takes TWO jacks to lift it up and we only have one.

Tude demands, "One of you must get out and go to that old house over there and call for help!" They all look around and the before unnoticed grand old house, no porch light, a solitary little glow way up high in a tiny attic window. Dara the tough one snaps back, "You thought of it YOU GO!"

"YEAH YEAH" chimes in wild one. Beth suggests they all stick together, so grudgingly they climb out and huddle up against the cold. Shivering terribly but still afraid to head up to that spooky old house, they all grumble at Master Darrin's Halloween surprise...

In the distance thunder crashes softly turning the already spooky night into a nightmare , as the four brave subbies walk down the dark pathway to the house a small bolt of lightning rips through the sky , they look and see what appears to be a graveyard off to one side of the walkway , the 4 girls huddle closer together , and continue the long walk, their eyes growing more focused to the dark, tude throws her arms out bringing the rest to halt.

Geez did you all see anything? I thought I saw something over in the graveyard !! Wildone, being the brave little bird she is, says "Come on we gotta get to a phone!" trying not to sound scared.

As the four get ever closer to the house the rail comes softly at first then a down pour wind gusting and then stopping almost as fast as it had come. The poor subbies soaking wet and even colder now pick up the pace to the house. As they walk faster than before getting ever closer, they all stop abruptly hearing a noise a "crack, snap " looking around wildly. "Ohhh man did you hear that", with quivering voices, "We heard iiitttt, lelelets get the hell out of here !!!! Running for the front door of the house, they finally arrive , hearts pounding and out of breath. "We are gonna get you for this Master Darrin!!!!", all are thinking to themselves.

Using the heavy gargoyle knocker on the door, BOOM BOOM BOOM, Dara is the first to knock, while the other 3 gather round close, looking over their shoulders, still trembling. *creaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkk* the door slides open, revealing a dark hallway, a solitary candle burning. Seeing the four costumed ladies there, the gnarled old doorman beckons them inside.

"Come in my lovelies, come in" He limps to a wall panel. Pushing the intercom button, speaking in a harsh whisper, "Master, You're party has arrived." Looking around at each other the subbies are wondering what the heck does the old geezer mean???

Tude speaks up, "Excuse me, I think your mistaken, we only wish to use the phone, our car has a flat out there" Wildone taps her foot impatiently. Beth is shivering from the cold. The aged servant looks coldly at them, "You miss are mistaken." He pushes a second button in the panel. *BANG* all the bolts slide shut on the doors and windows. The man says, "You will be safe here tonight, come I will show you to your rooms." The girls are trembling, but they know they have no choice but to follow, hoping they can all stay together.

"Miss Domme, this is Your room," he points tude to a gorgeous room done up very Dom style - hard wood, huge poster bed centered, presiding over all (leather laces still attached) a chest at the foot of the bed with an old brass padlock attached. Tude acts tough, not showing any fear as she boldly strides into the room, tapping her crop on her leg. See ya soon sis, she throws out over her shoulder.

"Miss Harem girl", the servant points quietly to the next room. Dara trembles but is determined to be as brave as tude. She strides into a gorgeous room, a round canopy bed, covered in furs, silks streaming down from the ceiling. A beautiful black trunk covered with arabic designs sits in the right corner, a brass lock matching the first in tude's room. Calling back, "be well my sis'" she shivers and he shuts the door.

"Devil child," this will be your quarters, "the old man points across the hall. The room is done in red satin, black lace curtains on a brass canopy bed. Candles burning on the night stand. The ever present brass lock adorning a red and black laquered chest. Wild gives her last sis a quick hug and strides in the room with her pitch fork for company.

"Maid woman, this is your room," as he opens the last door in the hallway. Its a huge room with a cedar chest, the ever present brass lock clasping it shut. The bed is a four poster, also in cedar, with sheer soft purple panels of lace, the comforter done in shades of purple and black, as if someone new her preferences, someone prepared this just for her. With no one left she walks in the room bravely, the servant saying, "Your purpose here will soon be revealed, miss."

With a crackle, the loudspeaker comes on in all rooms, the message stranger still. Inside the chests you will all find necessary items to make your stay comfortable. The keys are under your pillows. The keys will also fit other doors, you are free to explore at will. BUT, do not let your curiosity overcome you. The messages fades into a very faint chuckle barely audible. The girls are quick to grab the keys and rush into the hallway to check on each other. They are eager to show each other their rooms and explore the chests within.

Sitting on the bed in tude's room, they all grumble. The only thing found in the chests were bath items, towels, washcloths, shampoos, the like. "What the heck is up with that? grumbles wild.

"Who knows?" answers Beth.

"What are we doing sitting around?" snaps Dara.

"Ok then let's go," tude leads the group into the hallway. "we should split into teams, Beth and Beth you go that way, me and Dara will go this way."

"Ok if ya find anything just yell," they tell each other and head out, keys in hand. Slipping quietly down the hallway, with shadows flickering from the candle lanterns. Wild is complaining, "I hate this damn tail, it keeps getting in my way!"

"Well you picked the damn costume so quit whining ya brat," answers the other Beth.

At the other end, tude and Dara walk single file, silently exploring, expecting anything from that psycho Master Darrin. Anything EXCEPT the soft, velvety glove that clamps over Dara's mouth, the strong muscular arm yanking her quickly thr the hidden panel in the wall. Tude moves on unaware that Dara is no longer with her.

Meantime, Beth trips over her tail yet again, falling, her head bangs into a heavy old chair, knocking her out cold. After hurriedly checking to make sure wild is ok, Beth sits down to think, "shall I leave her and find help or sit here with her. Suddenly, the chair rotates, flipping her foward down a slide.

"AAIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKK!" she screams all the way down, landing in a pile of soft downy feathers. Gentle hands gather up the Wildone, taking her away.

Tude comes to the end of the hallway, locked doors on both sides. She turns to ask Dara which way, jumping back in surprise. "Where the hell is Dara, she thinks. Her last conscious thought before a hand clamps a chloroform soaked cloth over her mouth.

Jumping up quickly, Beth dusts the feathers off her costume. Blinking and taking in the scene before her. There's ahnalee, gagged, tied to a cross with leather straps. Their eyes meet, and Beth starts to say something, but can only stare open mouthed. Sparkle is there too, also gagged. She is cuffed by the wrists to a single pole in the corner. Stretched to stand on her tiptoes by the height of the ring attached to her collar's chain.

Seeing a shadow approaching from a corridor, ahna and sparkle "MMMmmmMM" trying to say something through their gags, nodding towards the shadow. The gnarled old man steps from a secret passage way dragging Dara out and quickly clamping her hands to shackles in the wall. She has already been gagged. Her arms and legs are spread wide, she is facing the cold stone wall. Burrowing down in the feathers as to hide from the man, Beth is putting her fingers to her lips to shush the girls, showing them her brass key.

After the old man leaves, Beth gets up and dusts off the feathers again. She explores quickly, finding another door, she spies Wildone on a table and rushes over to her, leaving the other girls chained and gagged in her rush to check on wild. The impatient one is breathing fine, still appearing to be out cold, but gagged nonetheless and bound to the table with some strange knots. Impossible to untie without much time, Beth wheels the table back into the room with the other girls. Just as she goes to work on the knots, ignoring the muffled moaning of the other girls, there is a scuffling noise. Looking around she spies a pile of hay by sparkle in the corner and runs to hide over there, hoping He wont notice wild sitting in the middle of the room.

Hearing tude's voice protesting, "Pervert let me go, who the hell do you think you are????" Do you know what MY MASTER will do to YOU when He finds out about this??" Hearing a male voice, she peaks out expecting to see the old man, trying to muffle her surprised gasp.

"Do you mean ME, YOUR MASTER MAX?" He laughs as he whips off his mask, dragging tude into the room. Her wrists bound together, attached to a lead chain. She stops dead cold as she realizes just how much trouble she is in for. Max just points silently to the stocks. Tude scampers over quickly, tamed at the realization it IS Master Max. She lowers herself quickly into place, not needing to be told to be quiet. Fuming at this new trick. How dare Master Darrin do this??? She whips her head around to protest to Max, and knowing His tude He quickly "Craaaaaaackkkkkkks" her ass with a crop. "OOOWWWWWWWW" she yelps loudly. "quiet my little one," Max croons into her ear, "the party has just begun."

A raspy voice comes over the speaker, "OK my pet now it is your turn, set the table up as instructed and let the punishment begin" Beth jumps up and dusts the hay off, quickly going to work. She rushes over to the huge storage cabinet. Avoiding the accusing eyes, as she knew would come when He made her be His accomplice in this Halloween surprise. She slips her key into the brass padlock, knowing her key is the only one they had that actually opened anything. Working quickly she brings out several crops of various sizes, laying them in a row on the side board, careful to arrange them just as Master had instructed, by size. Next she removes the "cats" hangin one by each girl on the special hook just for this use.

Lastly she pulls out several leather straps and various paddles. A camera follows her every move, He is watching careful as she knew He would. As Beth finishes up with the last of the tools, the speaker crackles again. The voice commands her to go to Max, allowing Him to lead her to a waiting sawhorse. He bends her over and straps her wrists to one set of legs, her legs to the other.

"Craaaaaaackkk" He smacks her ass just for drill, strolling off chuckling at being in on this scheme. The door opens in with a creak. The old man strolls in, His limp suddenly gone, leading 2 other masked Doms with Him. The old man laughs maniacally as He whips off His mask revealing none other than Master Darrin Himself. "Welcome to My party, me lovely wenches" He booms at the subbies. "Glad to see you could hang around, MWAHAHAHAHAHA" Each Dom selects the punishment tool of choice and proceeds to His favorite lovely lady. The subbies are trembling and whimpering by now. Thinking "how the hell did we ever trust Master Darrin anyway after that car bombing thing"

Noticing poor wild all alone, Darrin strolls over and strokes her hair, "Don't worry little wild one I have not forgotten about you. I have a special treat for you. " Going over to the stonework by the door, He opens the compartment and withdraws a new toy, yet unused in public before tonight. "Does the look of it frighten you, my impatient one? Tis nothing more than a 5 HP side shaft engine, Briggs and Stratton industrial of course, always knew that shredder was good for something. Just a few modifications, like a variable speed clutch, dual ass warming crops attached for double my pleasure."

*WHIRRRRRRRRRRRR* The engine roars to life as He pulls the starter, quickly setting it in place. *smack, putt putt SMACK put put Smack putt putt*

Ahna and sparkle are groaning, straining against their restraints as they are both flogged simultaneously, as if these masked Doms were a mirror image of each other.

Max spanks tude in a rhythm, 3 smacks a gentle caress, 3 smacks, a gentle caress. "This is some party ya got going here Darrin, thanks for the invite." (thinking, this will teach em for that office stunt)

"Poor sweet Dara, did you think I had forgotten the foot prints? the green and purple paint?, my office?????" Smacking tude a good hearty one on both cheeks. "Don't go away, lil't," snickering at His joke. Max strolls over to that handy pile of feathers, selecting several of various sizes, all so downy soft. Dara squirms in terror knowing what is coming her way. Darrin walks over to his hidey hole and pulls out a second machine, quickly hooking it up for Beth. "This should keep you occupied, my pet" (hey, with two Beths ya gotta be prepared.)

He strolls over and takes the offered feather from Max. "Hi Dara," He grins wickedly. Removing her gag, they both tickle her unmercifully. "perhaps this will teach you to taunt me for a story" chuckles Darrin.

"And my study," chimes in Max.

"Will you do it again?" they both question and they tickle her all over, her feet, her palms, her belly, the back of her knees. Ever the tough one, she refuses to give, until they threaten to bring the other two Doms over with even more feathers. "No, No I promise I will be good, I will never do it again *her fingers crossed in her mind where They cant see*, I swear Masters Max and Darrin I will be good!!!"

They both leave Dara, heading over to the Wildone. Master Darrin removes the spanking device, leaning in close, "so YOU painted Max's office did you?" Wild nods her head barely, knowing how evil Master Darrin is, eyeing the wicked feathers. Max begins the torture, tickling wilds feet over and over, making her squirm and whimper. Dara cant help but laugh, she knows the feeling all too well. Master Darrin knows its pointless to tickle Beth, dang it anyway.

Thinking "the machine will keep her busy just fine", he walks over to tude. "So miss traitor, we come face to face, "kinda fancy that boat anchor do ya? MWAHAHAHAHAH let the tickling begin" The Doms remove all the gags and tickle each sub until they are crying and begging, promising to always be good. With warmed asses, and tickled bodies, the subs are let down gently. After giving them a moment to get their feet, the Doms lead the subbies back to their rooms. Fixing warmed baths for all, instructing them to relax and then join them in an hours time for dinner. Dinner, drinks all prepared by Them. and... HORROR MOVIES MWAAHAHHAHAHAH


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