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Hubby's Story
by Albie

"Please, just calm down ,sir Take your time..don't worry about your wife. She'll be alright, she's with a doctor now. Now, can you tell me exactly what happened?"

"Well.....Oh, God !...We...We were walking to a restaurant...we'd just been to the cinema...and I said to Nancy, my wife, 'Let's take this shortcut'...It was getting darker and as we turned into the narrow lane I half-regretted the decision. But we could see the lights of the highway in the distance , so we continued. We'd only gone a matter of yards down the dark lane when I sensed we were not lone.A voice spoke right next to me...I jumped and reached for Nancy's hand. Then there were more voices...saying things...suggestive things ..about Nancy...her tight skirt and top. It was obvious that that these guys had been following us and had been ogling my wife. Some of the things they were saying were very rude...dirty..about Nancy's body and what they wanted to do with her. I could sense them crowding around her. I shouted out and tried to pull her away. Then a fist slammed into my face and I fell to the ground. I heard alot of scuffling and Nancy's muffled protests. " Give them your purse...let them have the money!", I called out. A boot landed in my stomach and I sprawled on the cobblestones.

There was a patch of light from a small window down the lane and I could see Nancy being dragged towards it. The shadowy figures surrounded her. I caught glimpses of their faces. There were several blacks amongst them.They pushed Nancy up against the wall. Their hands pulled at her clothes. I saw the flash of her white bra falling to the ground.Then I saw one guy squeezing and sucking her breasts as another held her head and roughly kissed her. More figures knelt at her feet and I realised that her skirt had been pulled down...Oh, No, thought...I have to stop this ! I tried to rise. I saw this guy's head between her thighs...I could hear loud slurps as he know...he was.... I made a big effort to help her but another kick sent me back down. As I looked back again I could see that several of the men had pulled their flies open...they were wanking as they watched my wife being fondled and....Then the guy who had been licking her stood up and pulled his trousers down...His massive penis jutted out, the head glistening with his, you know, ....Nancy was lifted up by the guys either side of her and presented to this other guy's penis..As he shoved forwards, Nancy gave a frightened scream.

But then her mouth was crammed with her torn panties. I could see another man go down and tongue her sex. The first guy tried again...Nancy writhed and squirmed...then stopped as she felt the big thick cock penetrate her...she'd always fantasised about a really big cock...but not like this ! Then she started to buck....each movement driving that monster deeper into her vagina...There were appreciative murmurs from the others as they watched. Then the guy started to sit down...the others helping, till he was laying on he ground with Nancy seated on his tool. He reached up to play with her heavy breasts. The panties were pulled from her mouth and quickly replaced by a succession of eager cocks...A couple of them quickly squirting white laces of spunk over her face and breasts. I caught the expression in her eyes as she was used for their pleasure. She winced as the fat cock in her cunt really stretched her. The guys hips arched up and she was tossed up and down like a ragdoll...the sound of her breasts slapping...and the guys groaning as they spunked over her was horrible ! Then the guy fucking her gave one last thrust and held still...I knew his seed was spurting high inside her...I felt sick and helpless! Then she was hauled off him and a great white rope of glistening spunk hung down from between her thighs! She was shoved against the wall and those who were capable took turns at fucking her.

The big guy came over to where I lay...his big black hose shiny with my wife's wet. " Take a sniff! Go on.see how much she wanted it !" He grabbed my head and smeared my wife's tarty juices over my lips...

"Hey guys ! I think he wants to suck me off ! " The others came over,...except for the last one who was energetically fucking my poor wife. My zip was pulled down and they all giggled and pointed at the stiffy their actions had aroused...Yes, I am ashamed to say, Officer, the sight of what they did to my wife...Suddenly they were gone, throwing a few expletives as they went ,about 'white slags' et cetera. Still aching from the beating, I got up and went over to Nancy as she sagged against the wall. She stank of sweat and sex and there were traces of spunk everywhere ! I tried to find her clothes. As I pulled her skirt up I saw the strange expression in her eyes. Then we were french-kissing...really passionate...My cock was out in seconds....I spread her legs and slid into her spermy cunt...pardon the have to was a bizarre situation !

My cock slurped around in that other guy's freshly deposited sperm and I didn't care...I could feel Nancy's orgasm squeeze and milk my own balls dry.....That's when your officer found us.

"Alright sir! I have seen the state of your wife and I am inclined to accept the explanation you have just given for the fact of you and your wife indulging in what really does amount to an act of gross indecency in a public place.I am sure the doctor's examination will corroborate your story and the matter should be taken no further. I will type up this statement now and you should be free to go fairly soon. I'll go and see how your wife is getting on. A counsellor will be available to either or both of you should you wish."

As he ushered me down the hallway of the station we passed an open door. I caught sight of a group of blood suddenly ran cold as one of them turned. His big black face broke into a grin and he mouthed...'White Slag!' and rubbed his crotch. I staggered away to the sound of their mocking laughter.

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