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House Sitting
by Chrysalis

As I stretched out on my towel, I could feel the warmth of the hot beach sand from below. Already I was beginning to relax, and I really needed to relax! This last year at school was more than just a little stressful. If I hadn't landed this house sitting job for the summer I never would have been ready to face my Senior year in the fall. I couldn't believe how lucky I had been. A friend of a friend's parents were spending the entire summer in Italy and needed someone just to keep an eye on things. It sounded like a great deal, but I didn't know just how great it was until I got there! The house was beautiful and had everything you could imagine from swimming pool and hot tub to a tennis court. But the best part was that the house was right on the beach and was totally private! I was told that nobody had access to this part of the beach, so I should feel free to wear or not wear whatever I wanted.

Well, I do love to sunbath in the nude, but at first I still wasn't completely comfortable with my surroundings, so I opted to wear my bikini down on the beach that first morning.

After rubbing myself with coconut oil, I laid back and just let my body go limp. I could feel the tension slowly flow out of my limbs and replaced with the warm penetrating rays of the sun. Eventually, I began to feel more comfortable and I realized that it was silly not to take advantage of this wonderful privacy and besides it would be nice not to have a tan line from my suit.

I sat up and looked up and down the beach. Seeing no one, I removed my top and let my breasts free of restraint. Being as large as they are I didn't have the opportunity to go bra less as much as I would like to. Immediatey it felt so wonderful and so sexy. The sun began to warm the white skin of my breasts and I could feel a delicious tingle down in my belly. I laid back, closed my eyes and began to massage each breast with coconut oil. I rubbed around and around, rubbing up to each large nipple, squeezing, pinching and fluttering the tips until they were hard and erect. I imagined that they were being licked and sucked on by someone's mouth.

It was such a glorious feeling that without even thinking about it I reached down and pulled off my bikini bottoms and exposed my whole self to the sky. I bent my knees and spread open my pussy, warming the already swollen lips of my cunt. Instinctively I began to massage my crotch with a generous amount of oil, rubbing it first into my full mound of golden pubic hair and down into the folds of my labia, inserting just a fingertip into my vagina. For a while I just rubbed back and forth between my breasts and inner thighs, just barely touching my cunt and already throbbing clit. My clit was already hard and erect and I knew if I applied any pressure at all I would come in a second. I wanted to prolong these feelings of pure abandoned pleasure as long as possible.

I decided to take a break and fantisize a little about someone touching and licking me all over. Besides, I needed to turn over for a while so that the tender white skin of my breasts and crotch wouldn't burn. But before I did, I oiled my bottom and found myself entering my tight little asshole with the tip of my lubricated finger. I idea of being fucked in the ass had never appealed to me before, but now I was feeling dilerious with wanting any kind of sexual stimulation and suddenly I became desperate to be fucked in my virgin ass.

Again I needed a break, I was getting so hot and horny. I was enjoying myself, but another person's touch was what I really wanted. I knew I would eventually bring myself to and awesome orgasim, but it felt so good to wait. So I turned over on my belly and laid out flat. The sun penetrated through my body and again I began to get limp. But my breasts began to hurt, so I got up on all fours.

It felt good to let my breasts hang from from my body. I shook my head a little and let my long blonde hair fall to the sand. I enjoyed watching the freedom of my large breasts swinging back and forth. Then I lowered my front and rested my head on my arms. As I did this I arched my back and thrusted my bottom up, spreading my legs as far as was comfortable. I felt such an excitment in being so exposed. I stayed very still in that position, feeling the sun beat down on my gapeing cunt and asshole. A faint breeze passed over and gently caressed my sexual organs. I thought at that point I just might die with pleasure.

As I reached back with my fingers and begin to fondle myself, I suddenly realized that I was feeling a new sensation. Something was touching my hand! I slowly glanced back and saw that there was a big black dog sniffing at my bottom! Not knowing what to do, I just froze. At first, he just kept sniffing and soon I found that I was enjoying the sensation. I had never thought of this happening to me, but I realized that I wanted him to touch me. I gently patted my cunt and in a very soft voice, I told him to go ahead, that it was all right. At that point he sniffed al ittle harder and then I felt his tougue come out and touch my bottom. I kept tapping my cunt and he started to lick. A wave of pleasure shot through my body that I had never experienced. The whole thing was so unthinkable and nasty, and I was so aroused! The licking continued and seemed to go on and on giving such a pleasure to my asshole and cunt. I could tell his tongue was large and wide. I arched up higher and higher so that his sweet tongue could reach my throbbing clit. When he found my clit he licked harder and faster, licking up all of my flowing sex juice. My orgasism shot through my entire body and seemed to never stop. Finally I collapsed in a heap of pleasure, not quite sure of what just happened.

After a while I rolled over on my back, keeping my eyes shut beacuse of the bright glare of the sun. When I adjusted, I looked around and saw the black dog a short distance away, just looking at me. I realized that he looked to be still a puppy, and very friendly. I call him over to me, patting my belly. He came and laid down, resting his large head on my stomach. At that point I realized that I would probably let this pup do whatever he wanted to me. It scared and excited me at the same time. My next thought was that I so despertely wanted him to lick my breasts, so grabed one of my tits and began to rub it gently on his nose. Then out of no where came a human voice! A deep man's voice was saying, "No Pup, you've had enough of this fine white girl. I think it's my turn now!"

Startled and mortified I instinctively reached up to cover my breasts with my hands.

"Honey, its no use, I've already seen those big beautiful tits of yours," the voice teased.

The voice was coming from behind me. I nervously turned my head and saw a tall handsome black man sitting on the sand about ten feet away from me. The look on his face was friendly, yet lustful. It was obvious what he was thinking.

"What do you want?" I asked quietly.

"I just want to give you what you need. I can see that you have been enjoying the attention of my dog, but there is only so much he can do for you." And then he added, "Tell me what you want, baby and I'll give it to you".

I knew what I should do. I should grab my towel, cover myself and run to the house. But I was breathless at the possibilities. I had never been with a black man before, but I had fantisized many times about my white skin rubbing against the darkness of a black man. The contrast of the light and dark was so beautiful and erotic to me that I knew I had to have this man. As I began to glance at him a little closer, I noticed that he was wearing a white, somewhat tight tee shirt that delightfully showed off his fine build and a pair of cut off jeans. My gaze then drifted down to his legs. He was sitting with one leg crossed in front of him in the sand and the other knee bent up. And that is when I saw it! Hanging out of his cut-offs, up next to his leg was the head of his long and very thick penis. I gasped, and the man glanced down to where I was staring.

"Is that what you want, Baby?" He smiled.

"Oh, yes" I said breathlessly.

"Then tell me, Baby. Tell me what you want." He persauded. As he spoke, he got up and began to remove his shirt and shorts. His extremely large, not yet hard cock dangled between his legs and he seemed to be gently swinging it.

"I want your cock, I want your big black cock." I gasped.

"Where do you want it, Honey?" He asked as he began to approach me.

"I want it in my cunt. I want your big black cock fucking me in my cunt, deep inside me." I begged.

"Oh Baby, I will fuck you hard with my big black cock, but first I will make you feel pleasures that you never thought of!" With that he knelt down beside me and began to gently carress my face and neck with his long black fingers. His touch shot impulses down through my body, effecting every part of me with spasms of pleasure. He came closer with his beautiful full lips and kissed me all over my face.

I was hungry for his mouth and finally I met his lips with mine. Immediately our mouths opened and I despertly and wildly shot my tongue down his throat and then sucked his tongue as hard as he was sucking mine. Shots of pleasure ran down my body until I thought I was on fire. As our kissing and sucking continued, I could feel his hands roaming up and down my stomach, just missing my breasts which were desperate for his touch. I reached down and pulled his teasing hands up to my breasts, that were now throbbing with want.

He began to fondle each one, gently at first and then harder, rubbing, massageing and teaseing my nipples into hard knobs. I hated to loose his lips, but my tits needed them now. I gently pushed his face down to my breasts, and he began to slowly lick each breast while fondling the other. When he reached my nipple he licked it ever so softly. I could stand it no longer and I thrusted my nipple into his mouth. He let out a soft laugh, and began to suck, gently at first and then harder as if he were a suckling baby at his mama's tit. As he suckled each breast, his hands roamed over my entire body. I watched his beautiful blackness feeling and rubbing my soft white skin. My hands gently caressed his head and shoulders and back. He skin was smooth and strong and responded with spasms to my touch.

Finally, he reached over me with his knee and straddled high over my body. I was so desperate for the feel of his cock that I thought I might go out of my mind. But he wasn't ready to give it to me yet. He continued sucking and exploring my body with his mouth. I could just feel the head of his beautiful cock just brushing my mound of pubic hair and inner thighs. I arch my buttom high off the ground, desperate for its touch. I wiggled and squirmed and finally I yelled, "Please I need to feel it, I'm begging you."

"You will my darling soon, I promise," He assured me.

At that moment, my beautiful black lover shot down to my crotch with his mouth and began the most fabulous licking and sucking of my cunt and clit. My vaginal juices were hot and flowing. As he sucked my clit, he finger fucked my asshole and fucked my cunt with his thumb. Then he used his tongue to fuck deep inside each of my sexual orifices. As he finished me off by biting and sucking my clit, I screamed as I experienced the most fantastic orgasism I'd ever known. He lick up and swallowed all of my juices as I kept coming over and over again in his mouth. When I was completely spent, he rested his head in my crotch and nuzzled in my mound.

"It's my turn now," I demanded. "I want to feel your magnificent cock now! I want it in my hands and feel it grow, I want to take it in my mouth and suck all of your juices, and I want it deep inside my cunt, where I can squeeze it and fucked it like its never been fucked before!"

With that, my beautiful black lover rolled off of me on to his back. He looked at me with desire and said, "Baby, my cock belongs to you." Then he laid his head back and shut his eyes.

For a moment, I just kneeled beside him and watched this gorgeous black man that had just given himself to me. His long, thick penis was already engorged, but I had a feeling that it had not really begun to reach its magnifience. My crotch began to twitch just at the thought of what was to become. I leaned over and gave him soft little kisses all over his face. I outlined each of his strong features with my tongue, licking deeply into his mouth. As I moved down his body, I felt all of his bulging muscles beneath my hands. I stopped at his nipples and gently sucked each one, while my hands caressed his stomach and sides of his torso. Delightfully his body responded to my every touch, with spasams and twitchs of joy. I dared to glance down his body to his large cock. A cock that I had not yet touched. It was beginning to move and contract, getting bigger with each touch to his body. I began to wonder if I would be able to handle this male sex organ if it got any larger. I was not a big woman. But I knew I would take as much of it as I could. All I knew was that I had to have it in me.

I could not stand it any longer. I quickly ran my finger through his male pubis and with one hand gently grabbed hold of the bottom of the shaft. With the other hand I lift the head of his penis. I had sucked cock before, but never such a cock as this! As first I just fondled the entire penis, playing with it, rubbing it against my breasts and gently pumping and stroking the shaft. With one hand I reached down and found his enormous hairy balls that were hard as a rock by this time. I tickled and teased and bounced his balls. This about sent him through and ceiling and I realized that I better get on with it before he came too soon.

He was so huge by this time that I knew that I would never get him completely in my mouth, but I would do my best! I began by just barely licking the head of his penis. This first sensation caused his cock to throb and contract. As I licked harder and then began to suck and pumped him in my mouth I could feel the cock in my hands almost explode. I sucked and pumped harder and harder until I got an unbelievable amount of cock down my throat. My lover was bucking his hips, unable to control himself. I swung myself around so that I was straddling his body and my cunt was dripping over his chest. He began to rub my crotch while I continued to suck him off. At last I felt his whole body go into convulsions and a hot stream of cum shot to the back of my throat. I shallowed and sucked so that I could get every drop while trying not to gag on his cock that continued to fuck my mouth. Then I realized that my cunt was being rubbed harder and harder. His long fingers where fucking my vigina and asshole and I was coming all over his hands.

As I lick up every drop of cum from his still erect penis, my cunt was being lick up as well. But I had waited long enough for what I really wanted, what I had to have. I got up and turned around. I stood over my big beautiful black man and lowered my swollen cunt down on his giant, well lubricated cock. My opening was small and the head was very large, but I realized that my lover had been stretching my opening so that I could take him in. I was detirmined to have him and at that point I didn't care how much it hurt. I gently grabbed the shaft and rubbed it in the opening, pushing further and further inside. My man placed his hands on my hips the gently pulled me down further and further on to his cock. Slowly this big black cock made its way further and further into my sex hole. I knew that no man had ever come close to filling me up like this. It is what I had always dreamed of. Slowly I began to move my hips up and down, each time bringing his cock further inside me.

Finally I realized I had taken almost the entire cock. I leaned forward and kissed my man on the lips. I could taste my juices in his mouth and it aroused every fiber in my body. I had mounted my man and now I began to fuck him. Slowly at first, and then faster, contracting and squeezing my cunt around his cock. His groans of pleasure made me strong and I fucked him harder and harder, screaming with the ectasy of having this beautiful man inside me. Then we exploded into multiple orgasism. Over and over again, my cunt was being pumped full of my man's cum. My body wouldn't stop, I wanted more. I thrashed and girated around and around until I fell on top of my lover in a drenched heap of spent love!

I don't know how much time had gone by, but it looked as if the sun was starting to go down. The big black puppy getting restless and starting to whine for his master to give him some attention. I was still on top of my lover and his cock still up inside my cunt. It felt so good to have it there. I could have stayed there forever. But the pup was getting restless and I wondered whether anyone would be looking for them. I knew nothing about this guy, except that I wanted him in me. I started to wiggle by bottom around and lifted it a little. I could feel the cum starting to drip out of my cunt and his cock slide out. My man opened his eyes and then pulled me toward him. Our lips met and we softly enjoyed a very loving kiss.

He sleepily looked around and said, "I wish I could stay here with you forever, but I've got to go."

"I know, its okay, today has been a lifetime." I said softly.

He looked at me and touched my face with one hand and caressed my breast my the other. "Its not over for us Baby. I know that you are house sitting for the rest of the summer. I got to go, but I'll see you in the morning, Okay?"

" Of course, my love, I'll see you in the morning...."

To Be Continued...
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