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House Sitting Part II
by Chrysalis

As fast as my big black lover appeared, he seemed to vanish. If I hadn't been able to see his gorgeous body jogging away from me in the distance, I would have almost thought that the past hours of loving and fucking were just some fantastic dream. But it had to have been real because my body was spent like it had never been and I was covered with the sweet sticky cum from my lover's cock. Just thinking about his big black cock dangling down, hitting against his thighs and dripping with my white pussy cum as he ran from me, made me start to ache with want all over again. Instinctively, I reached down and fingered my cunt. I played around in the wetness and then slowly licked off my fingers, savoring every drop of the intoxicating taste. I felt so sexually controlled by this man, even in his absence. Just thinking about his strong black fingers running through my long blonde hair shot climatic spasms down to my sex. As I stood up, I immediately felt his cum trickle from my cunt and it continued to flow down my legs as I made my way up to the house. Everything I felt made me dizzy with lust for this man.

Still naked, I headed directly upstairs to the large bathtub where I could soak my aching muscles. On the way I grabbed a bottle of wine off the rack from the cooler. The owners had said to help myself and felt that this was definitely a time to do that. In the bathroom I found candles everywhere and I suspected that the owners of this house were very passionate people. After filling the tub with hot bubbly water, I lit the candles and turned off the light. As I slowly stepped in, I felt the hot water immediately burn my sun-parched skin and at the same time soothe the muscles of my body. I sipped on the wine and slowly opened my thighs, letting the water soak into my sexual orifices. My body felt so relaxed, as I slowly caressed my breasts and abdomen, but I also felt a longing deep inside. I knew what it was that I longed for. I wanted, no had to have that long thick throbbing cock up inside me, fucking me and grinding against my clit. Although my vagina had practically split wide open with its massive size, I knew I had to have it. After soaping my crotch, I tried finger fucking myself and massaging my clit, just to take off the edge. I even reached further and inserted one and then two fingertips into my virgin asshole, and wondered if I'd ever be able to get that magnificent cock into that tight little hole. I hoped that I'd someday get the chance to try.

By this time I was feeling so desperate for penetration that I even inserted the long neck of the wine bottle up inside my vagina. Slowly at first and then further and faster. But the hard slick glass was not even close to what I needed. I had always enjoyed having sex and experimenting with different partners, but I found this uncontrolled need for this particular man very unsettling. There was nothing I could do to take care of this need I had for him. If I had known where to find him I would have at that instant, but I had no idea who he was or where he had come from. I remember he had said he'd see me in the morning, and that was all that was going to get me through this night. After a time I just let the wine take hold and laid back in the warm water with my eyes shut, dreaming of what I would have tomorrow.

Awaking in the tepid tub, I realized that I needed to get control of myself. I was suddenly very starving, as I had not eaten all day and the wine was not settling well on an empty stomach. But I needed distraction, something to get me through the night without going insane. Then I thought of my ex-roommate, Maggie. I had told her I would call her over summer break and we'd get together. I had lots of girlfriends, but Maggie was the one girlfriend that shared my passion for sexual adventure. During our freshman year at the university we were both alone and homesick. Our friendship grew into adoration and then into much more. We would comfort each other and ease the stresses of college life. We both agreed that we loved men the best, but at night, alone in our dormroom we would hold and love on each other, just to make it through the night. She was the one and only woman that I trusted with the intimate parts of my body, and she knew my body well. Maggie would know what I needed and I knew she would be anxious to visit me for the night. It would be just the distraction I needed from what I wanted and couldn't have.

As I had suspected, Maggie was more than willing to spend the evening with me. Her boyfriend was out of town and not due back until the next day, so that would work out perfect for both of us. I told her that I was also expecting a male friend in the morning, but did not confide to her the depth of my expectations. Maggie was a very sexual girl and would be out of control if she knew about my lover's assets and abilities. I wasn't ready to share at this point, I could only think about what I wanted for myself.

I gently oiled the sensitive skin of my body until it was soft and smooth, and then slipped into a short white cover-up that showed off my beautifully tanned legs. The neckline was loose and plunged low exposing the tops of my breasts and even more when I leaned forward. I didn't bother with undergarments, as my skin was still a little sore to the touch. Besides I had nothing to hide from Maggie. As I awaited her arrival with the gourmet dinner she had promised, I went down to the kitchen to put another bottle of wine on ice. I decided to open up the French doors that led out to the patio. The house had been shut up all day and seemed a little stuffy. I stood in the doorway facing the ocean and enjoyed the cool night breeze caressing my hot body. It felt so good that I turned around and bent down at the waist, exposing my cunt and ass to the cool breeze. I loved being so open as if I was being gently fucked by the wind. I reached up and fingered my cunt and as I had expected I was already wet with want. I stayed in that position, fantasizing about my big black lover finding me like this and mounting me from behind, ramming his black cock deep inside me, fucking me slow at first and then hard and fast. Just then the doorbell rang and I jumped up to greet my friend. As I ran to the door I shook my head in wonderment at how so obsessed I had become with my own sexual gratification and to what lengths I was going to in order to be satisfied. The problem was that the more I got, the more I seemed to want.

As I opened the door my heart raced at seeing the bright smile of my beautiful friend. It had been a long time since I had felt that way about Maggie. I always loved her, but in the last few years I had lost interest in her sexually. But now I knew immediately that I wanted her. My breasts were pulsating with anticipation for her touch. Impulses ran down the length of my body until my crotch ways throbbing uncontrollably. Maggie knew immediately that I wanted her. She stepped into the entry and set down the food and her other packages. Then she took hold of my face and softly pressed her lips to mine.

"I've missed you, I'm so glad you called," she murmured.

I reached up and ran my fingers through her long black hair and answered, "I've missed you like this, us together like this."

With that I began to kiss her soft luscious mouth. Almost immediately our lips parted and our tongues shot into each other, stroking and sucking and drinking in every part of our juices. Caressing my neck and shoulders, Maggie expertly removed the top off of my shoulders and pulled it down to my waist exposing my breasts.

"This is what I have been dreaming of, baby." She said lustfully, as she reached up and cradled each breast. "They want me, don't they? Your nipples are calling out to me." She teased.

"Oh yes Maggie, they want you. All of me wants you!" I exclaimed.

As she fondled my breasts and pinched my nipples, I reached out and unbuttoned the first few buttons on her long trench coat. When I realized that she was not wearing anything underneath it, I pulled it down over her beautiful naked body and had her step out of it. Then I stepped completely out of my cover and pulled her warm smooth body over to me, delighting in the touch of her body on my skin and devouring the sweetness of her scent. As we held each other and enjoyed the feeling of our bodies together, our hands began to roam and feel each other in every sensitive place. Instinctively I opened up her thighs with my knee and began to stimulate her already wet crotch.

"Oh, you are so wet for me already, my love." I whispered.

"I've been wet since you called. I could tell in your voice that you wanted me" She responded breathlessly.

"Come Maggie, come and lay with me on this soft white rug. I want to see your beautiful Oriental body on this rug with me. We can eat the food you brought later, right now there is something else that I am hungry for." I begged.

The rug was a very soft furlike white throw. I loved the feel of it on my nakedness. As Maggie and I kneeled down across from each other we both spread out thighs and opened up ourselves for each other. I reached down and fondled the warmth of her wet sex. Then I licked my fingers as Maggie was doing the same to me. Next we traded and licked ourselves off each other fingers. It was so sensual to taste the mixture of our sex juices. Maggie's firm breasts were intoxicating as they heaved when I rubbed them with our juice and then slowly licked and sucked on them. Eventually we lay down together on the rug and held our naked bodies together, kissing deeply and touching and fondling every innermost part of our bodies. It was agonizing as well as exhilarating to take our lovemaking so slow. Maggie had always loved my large breasts and nipples. She delighted in suckling and rubbing me until I could stand it no longer. I had been humping her crotch with my leg and now I reached down caressing her throbbing mound and finally reaching her sexual pleasures.

At first I just teased her lips by grazing gently over the surface. Her body shuddered and she bucked her hips up begging for stimulation. Then I ran my fingers all though her cunt, exploring every cease until I finally began to finger her hole. Her sex juice was flowing as I finger fucked her with one and then two of my well-lubricated fingers. Every once in a while I would bring out my fingers and work my way into her folds to touch her beautiful pulsating clit. As Maggie's hips began to buck against my hand I began to rub harder and harder. In and out I finger fucked her hole, while I rubbed around and around on her now growing member. And then I went for it. I licked all the way to her cunt and drove my face into her wanton pussy. In a wild frenzy of passion she bucked her cunt up to my face and held my head down in her sex. My tongue shot out and licked up all the wonderful hot juice. I sucked on every part of her sex and jammed my tongue in and out of her hot hole while I gently fingered her tight little asshole. (As far as I knew she had yet to be fucked in the ass.) Back and forth from clit to cunt I licked and sucked and chewed until my Maggie's body began to jerk in uncontrollable spasms of climax. She screamed and bucked until she fell limp into the fur of the white rug.

After a few minutes Maggie began to fondle my hair and the back of my neck as I licked all of the wetness from her pussy. She reached for me and pulled me over on to my back. Then she began to kiss and lick my entire body as she fingered my cunt and ass. At first she just inserted one finger up my cunt hole, then two and then three!

"Oh Baby, you are so wet and your hole is so stretched. You must have been fucked by one giant cock recently." She exclaimed.

"Oh Maggie, yes, it was the biggest blackest most beautiful cock I had ever seen. It was all the way up inside me. I rode it so hard and fucked it so good and now I'm left empty and need you to fill me up!" I begged.

"Honey, I will suck you so good and fuck you with my tongue, but then you have to tell me all about this wonderful cock" Maggie insisted.

"Yes, Maggie let me cum in your mouth first and then I will tell you everything." I promised.

Maggie's tongue and fingers worked magic on my cunt. She licked and sucked my hot wet sex and I could feel my juices flowing into he mouth. She continued finger fucking my hole, in and out and further up inside me than she had ever dared to go. My hips began to go wild, bucking up against her face, gyrating around and around until she finally sucked off my throbbing clit and I came over and over again until her mouth was full of cum.

After Maggie licked up my creamy cum, we decided that we better get something to eat and of course she wasn't about to forget the little talk that I had promised. Although somewhat cold, dinner was great and just what I needed after my intense day of lovemaking. We had taken our food and another bottle of wine up to the bedroom and picnicked on the bed. This way when we got too tired we could just fall to sleep. We remained naked and I so I was able to enjoy watching Maggie's graceful movements as she talked and reached for things. Her breasts, although somewhat smaller than mine, were beautifully formed and her nipples seemed to stay erect through our entire meal. I fantasized that tonight I would fall asleep sucking on them like I had done a few years before in our dorm at night.

After a few glasses of wine I really began to loosen up and I proceeded to tell her every detail of the encounter with my handsome black lover and even about my first experience with his dog. (While I was talking I noticed that she was playing around in her cunt and rubbing her breasts with her juice. It looked so nice I began to do the same.) Maggie related that she had heard wonderful things about black cocks and was determined to have one herself someday. Then she surprised me by telling me that she had been secretly messing around with her boyfriend's Labrador for about a year now. Her boyfriend, who is out of town a lot on business asked her come over to feed his dog and give him a little company. At first it seemed like a real pain but then one day while she was squatting down giving the dog a fresh bowl of water, he start sniffing up her crotch under her short skirt. Maggie very rarely wore panties and she had noticed her crotch had seemed a little sticky. At first she tried to push him away, but he lunged forward and began nuzzling her cunt. Maggie said she knew she should have resisted more but she had been very horny, and the touch of this animal set her on fire. Then without giving it much more thought she rolled back on her bottom, laid back and with her knees up exposed her juicy cunt to whatever might happen. Apparently the dog was starving for her sex juice and he licked and nipped and sucked her entire crotch area until she was thrown into a wild erotic orgasm. He never tired of his licking and she came over and over again. Since that time, she has had many opportunities to be with this dog alone and she has played with and sucked on his little pink doggy cock until he has cum in her mouth. She said that she had been working on getting him to mount her from behind, but it hadn't worked yet. I laughed as she told me that sometimes she wonders if the only reason she stays with her boyfriend is because of his sexy dog!

As the night wore on and the wine started having its effect on us, we both crawled into bed and dozed off into each other's comforting arms. Several times during the night, one or the other would wake up and suck tit or rub cunt. When I dozed off for the last time, I remember Maggie reaching from behind with her hand and placing it in my pussy. She told me to pretend it was that big black cock between my legs. I did and that was my last thought before I woke the next morning...

To Be Continued...
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