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Hot Southern Passion II

(Continued from part I)

Katherine had been plagued by erotic dreams of Andrew Jackson McNeil "AJ" for over a week. Ever since she met him and no matter how hard she tried to get him off her mind she kept dreaming about him and the dreams were more erotic than the last. The dreams were effecting her sleep and her lack of sleep was effecting her work and as CEO of one of the largest companies in the South she couldn't afford to be making mistakes at work. She had to get AJ McNeil out of her head once and for all. At least she wouldn't have to worry about running into AJ McNeil at the country club party. She checked her appearance in the mirror. She was wearing a purple linen dress that hugged her shapely frame with it's tight bodice. She wore her long auburn hair in an elegant French twist and the only jewelry she wore was a pair of discreet diamond earrings and a diamond necklace that drew attention to the plunging neckline of her gown and her healthy cleavage. There was a knock on her bedroom door.

"Come in," She called out. The door opened and in walked her uncle Lucas dressed in a white dinner suit and looking very handsome and distinguished.

Lucas smiled at his niece, "My, my darling. You certainly look lovely. You remind me so much of your mother."

"Thank you," she said demurely. "Are you ready to go?"

"Of course." Lucas said offering her his arm. Together they walked downstairs where Emma, the black housekeeper, stood waiting and smiling admiringly.

"Don't you two look lovely." Emma said

"Thank you Emma." Katherine said. "Where is Vicky?"

"Miss Victoria is watching TV."

"Make sure she does her homework before she goes to bed." Katherine said.

"I will. You two go and have fun at the party." Emma said. Katherine kissed the older lady's cheek before going off with her uncle.

The Martells arrived at the Magnolia Hills Country Club in the sleek black stretch Lincoln Towncar limousine. A uniformed valet quickly ran over and opened the rear door. Lucas was the first out and then helped out his niece. He looked at his niece and smiled. "Damn lovely. Your father and mother would be proud."

Lucas and Katherine entered the club's grand ballroom where the pillars of Richland's social elite mixed and mingled. They were immediately greeted by a slightly overweight man in a black tuxedo. He had a ruddy complexion and was in his late fifties. He was accompanied by a very handsome looking woman with gray streaked blond hair wearing an elegant cocktail dress and a handsome looking young man with a stunning head full of blond hair and the chiseled features. The man greeted Lucas with a hearty hand shake and a pat on his back.

"Hello Lucas." Hollingsworth Lockridge greeted.

"Hollingsworth, how are you,"

" Lucas," Hollingsworth said. "You remember my wife Georgia and my son Thorne."

Lucas kissed Mrs. Lockridge's hand and shook Thorne's "Please to see you again. You all remember my niece Katherine."

They all began talking and before long they were sharing a dinner table and chatting. During the course of the conversation Katherine realized that Thorne Lockridge had taken an interest in her. His body language as well as the way he looked at her told her that he was interested. The Lockridge family were not without influence in the community even though their financial wealth had dwindled over the years. Hollingsworth Lockridge was not the smartest businessman in the world. Actually he had no head for business, that was why his mother, the formidable Mathilda Lockridge tried to keep the family fortune out of his hands. Unfortunately she passed away and it all went to him. Now a family fortune that was around one hundred million had been depleted to a mere faction of what they had.

After dinner there was dancing and as Hollingsworth and Georgia danced with the other couples, Thorne asked her to dance. Katherine turned to her uncle who smiled and winked. With a sigh she accepted. As handsome as Thorne Lockridge was he was a very bad dancer and after three waltzes where he stepped on her feet each and every time, she excused herself for a breathe of fresh air. She walked out of the country club and into the brisk, starry night. She decided she would walk the grounds of the club. It was a beautiful night, a wonderful night. As she walked she was reminded of her wedding which was held right here at the club. She could see Randy standing there waiting for her to walk down the aisle, looking handsome in his tailor made tuxedo. Oh how much in love they were. As she remembered her wedding day tears rolled down her cheeks. She was unaware that she wasn't alone until she was handed a handkerchief from over her shoulder. When she turned she couldn't believe her eyes. Standing there was AJ McNeil.

"What are you doing here?" She asked as she accepted his handkerchief.

"I left some tools out here earlier and came to get them. Why are you crying?"

Katherine didn't know why but before she knew it she was telling AJ about her wedding day and how happy she was and as she talked and remembered she started to cry. On impulse AJ wrapped her in his arms and held her. He held her tight but not uncomfortably tight. His body was solid and warm and inviting. He smelled of spicy cologne and the manly musk of man that combined to make a heady mix that she inhaled. Her body came to life next to him. She was aware of the hardness of his chest and the strength of his powerful arms. He felt so good. She looked up to see those vivid blue eyes and his handsome face. He was a very handsome man indeed. Her eyes fell upon his lips...those hot lips that had burned her lips with fiery kisses not just in her erotic dreams but in person when he had kissed her in the garage. His lips drew closer and before she knew it they were kissing again. A long hot passionate kiss that burned her loins and scorched her soul. A powerful, intoxicating kiss that made her light headed and dizzy. His hands moved down her arms and wrapped securely around her body. He pressed himself close to her allowing his aroused manhood to be felt against her. She dropped her hands down to his powerful buttocks and as she squeezed then he moaned his approval. He pulled back from the kiss and looked into her eyes.

"Kat...I want you...badly." He said between ragged breathes.

"AJ...I want you too." Katherine panted as she kissed him. She pulled at his shirt, popping the buttons and exposing his powerful, hairy chest. She began kissing his face, his neck and his chest. AJ gasped when her lips ran across his sensitive nipples. She pulled off his shirt and tossed it aside. She then stood back, her heart racing, blood pounding in her head. She couldn't believe she was here with AJ. She wanted him badly...her body screamed for his touch. Maybe after all this he would finally leave her dreams. Maybe this was the way to get him out of her system. Slowly Katherine turned her back to AJ and lowered her head. "Could you help me with my gown?"

AJ moved towards her and slowly began to unzip her gown. Then he slowly removed it, caressing her beautiful alabaster skin as he did. Katherine shivered at his hot touch. She stepped out of the gown and turned to face him. AJ sighed as he looked at her body.

"God Katherine," he gasped, "you are gorgeous." AJ removed her bra and fondled her breast. He bent his head and softly kissed her breasts. Katherine closed her eyes and moaned at the touch of his lips on her breasts. Slowly AJ began to kiss her breast harder and began to rub her nipples with his fingers until they became hard.

"Oh yes..Ohhh!" Katherine moaned. She tore his lips from her breasts and kissed him passionately. She began to kiss his neck, sucking on it causing AJ to groan. She moved down to his chest, kissing and licking his hard, erect nipples. Her tongue probed his chest, tickling and teasing. AJ whimpered under the sheer pleasure. She sank down to her knees and untied his shoes and removed them and his socks. She then began to unfasten and unzip his pants and pulled them down his long, powerful legs. She then pulled down his underwear, her mouth went dry as his throbbing cock sprang up. She gripped it with her hand, feeling AJ tremble at her touch. She opened her mouth and inserted his hard cock into her mouth. AJ let out a guttural groan as he fought to keep from losing his balance.

"Ahhhh! Ohhhh!" AJ moaned as he gyrated his hips pumping his cock in and out of her mouth. He had never thought this would happen especially not with her. She was driving him crazy out of his mind. Her mouth and tongue were working on him bringing him to the point of no return. AJ pulled back and looked down at Katherine naked lust and desire all over his face.

"Now!" He growled.

"Yes," She replied as he gently laid her down on the carpet, kissing her all over her body. He kissed her breasts and moved down to her downy loins and as he spread her legs to reveal her wet, hot vagina...the center of her being. He hungrily entered her with his tongue and began working it in and out. Digging in to find her love button.

Katherine arched her back and called out AJ's name. This was better than any dream and more erotic. He was doing things to her that not even her late husband had done. She sobbed in ecstasy as he continued to control her body.

"Oh God AJ...Do it now...Take me...Fuck me!" Katherine cried.

AJ's rock hard cock was ready to deliver. Slowly he entered her and as each inch went in she sobbed, whimpered and moaned. She wrapped her legs around AJ's waist and enjoyed the ride as AJ's cock pounded her womanhood. She bit her lips against the overwhelming pleasure.

"Oh Yesss! Yesss! Ohhh AJ!" She moaned at each powerful thrust.

AJ kept sliding into her warm, tight vagina. Sweat pouring off his forehead his face a mask of total pleasure. He called out her name as he felt himself approaching what would be a tremendous orgasm.

"OH GOD!" AJ exclaimed as he came inside her. His body jerking and convulsing until he was completely spent. Katherine squeezed AJ's body tight as her own orgasm consumed her and left her shivering, shaking, and panting.

AJ withdrew himself and covered her with his body. Holding her, kissing her. She laid there lost in the afterglow of their powerful lust and desire.

"Katherine," AJ whispered in her ear. "If only you knew how much I wanted this."

Katherine started to say the same thing but she remained silent. It was done. With this the dreams would stop and she could move on with her life without Andrew Jackson McNeil. As she lay in his arms she was aware that he had gone to sleep. She laid there for a moment more before eradicating herself from his masculine embrace. She put her gown back on, managing somehow to get it zipped up. She picked up her clutch purse and pulled out her mirrored compact. She looked a mess. He applied powder and blush to her feverish face and lip stick to her kiss bruised lips. She pulled her hair the rest of the way down and ran her fingers through it and shook it loose. She started to leave but not before looking back at AJ's peacefully sleeping form. As much as she wanted to stay in his arms she knew she couldn't. With that she silently left the poolhouse to return to the party in the club.

"Katherine," Her Uncle Lucas said upon her return. "Where have you been?"

"I'm sorry Uncle. I was just outside remembering my wedding day."

Lucas looked at her. She looked flushed and she was sweating. "Are you sick?"

"No. I'm fine."

"No, you are not. Stay here darling. I'll say our good-byes and then we can leave."

AJ awoke and found that Katherine was gone. Quickly putting on his clothes he ran out to find her. He knew he couldn't go inside the party so he asked the valet out front if he could find Mrs. Harrington. He was surprised to here that she had left fifteen minutes ago. AJ couldn't believe this. How could she leave after what had happened?

'Damn you Katherine,' he thought, 'what are you doing?' AJ thanked the valet and headed for his truck. He was not finished with Katherine. Not yet.

The end.
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