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High School Reunion
by SM402

"Oh hey, you must be...," I said as a girl greeted me during my 10 year high school reunion.

"Jane, remember, Shawn, the girl who used to sit by you in algebra class."

"Oh yeah, I remember now, well you haven't changed much since I last saw you, how's it going?"

"Alright, how bout yourself?"

"Okay, oh well I better keep on going, I got several other people to meet, so it was nice seeing you."

"Bye," she said as I walked away from her.

Jane wasn't really a bad girl, she just was never my type in high school, and apparently still wasn't, she was the same exact person. In appearance she wasn't great but she wasn't bad either, but the way she presented herself was just unattractive. She usually wore baggy shirts and loose pants or long shorts.

In high school she had a big crush on me, but I usually tried to work around it, and avoid her. She was obsessed with me, she followed me around and constantly tried to be around me. I, on the other hand, tried to avoid her constantly. She was also a sex freak, I always heard her talking about fucking some guy hard, right behind my back as though I couldn't hear.

The reunion went well as I saw several of my old friends and most were impressed with what I had done, become a prosperous business man and also become a much better looking man, as most of my old girlfriends said. When I was about to leave I heard someone say something about fucking me hard, and when I turn back, there she is, Jane, talking about me, what's worst is that she doesn't stop talking about me when I turn around, so I just ignored her and went to my car.

That night I got to my hotel and saw Jane there too, she was staying in the hotel room next door. Why couldn't she just leave me alone, I thought, I don't want anything with her, can't she understand. I just went up to her and try to be nice and make small talk.

"Hey, so your staying her too, wow, I'm so lucky to have you next door, who would of thought," Jane said when she saw me.

"Yeah, what are the chances, I mean, who would of thought, (Yeah right), so how's it going," I asked.

"It's going pretty good, hey, maybe you and I can get together for dinner or something?"

"No thanks, I have other plans, thanks anyway, see you later."

"It's your loss, oh well," Jane said, then started to tell herself something I couldn't understand.

I really didn't have plans, I just wanted to rest, and didn't want to go out with her. I watched T.V. for a while, then I fell asleep. At about 2:00 a.m. I heard the door open, I thought it was just my imagination so I just went back to sleep. I suddenly look back see Jane, and before I can react, she puts this towel over my mouth, which automatically knocks me out.

The next thing I know is that I'm in a room, tied to the bedposts, with my arms and legs tied, and a gag in my mouth. The room seems to be filled with some pictures of me. This is unbelievable, there are tons of pictures of me on the walls, all with pictures of Jane pasted next to mine.

"I see you've seen my pictures next to yours, like it's supposed to be, see what happens for not going out with me, you good looking son of a bitch," Jane said as she came into the room and leaned over on the bed.

"I going to do what I wanted to do in high school, and anything else I want with you, and you know what, if you don't agree, I'll kill you!"

She then took out a knife and gun and showed them to me. Damn was I in trouble, what the fuck did she want, and I would have to do anything she wanted or else she would kill me, what a psycho.

"Well Shawn, I always hoped to have you voluntarily, but since you never wanted too, I had to have you forcefully, and you know what, your going to do anything I want, starting now. I have a secret to tell you Shawn, your going to be my first, I always fantasized about you, with this vibrator, wishing it was your dick."

She then got the knife and tore my shirt, and left me in only my boxers, (I usually slept with only my boxers, but it was cold so I had a shirt on). She then ran her cold hands down my chest and over my six pack, and then leaned over and started to lick and kiss my chest. I just trembled as she did this. I managed to say stop it bitch, but she just kept on going.

"Do you like that Shawn, come on bitch, you know you love it," she said as she took off my gag.

"Fuck no bitch, get off me, fuck you, I fuckin hate your guts, get off me, fuck you...," I screamed as soon as she let my gag off.

"If you say that one more time, I'll kill you, you heard, your going to like this, or else, you heard you bitch!"

She then got on top of me and started to kiss me, I tried to hold my lips shut, but when I did she ran the cold blade of the knife across my arm, so I just let her do her thing. She stuck her tongue in my mouth and ran it all across my mouth, sucking, slurping, doing anything she could while her tongue was in my mouth.

"You liked that bitch, didn't you," she said as she got off me.

I didn't answer, and just looked the other way as she ran the blade across my chest.

"I told you to like it bitch, you better, next time I'll cut off your fuckin heart!"

"Now, I want to see that dick of yours, see what your made of," she said as she tore off my boxers.

"Wow, I never imagined you were that gifted, now why aren't you hard?"

I just tilted my head up and saw Jane, she was undressing now, taking off her loose shirt, and slipping off her shorts. I looked at her in her bra and panties. As I looked at her I realized she wasn't that bad, she was a little chubby, but she had huge tits. She then leaned over from the front of the bed and then took my dick in her hands and then lead my dick into her mouth. She slowly started to suck on it, I could tell she never had done this as she had a little difficulty, but eventually started to suck on my dick hard. I dick grew rock hard as I couldn't help it as my dick was being satisfied.

I tried to conceal the pleasure I was getting from the blowjob, but I eventually let out a moan, which Jane happened to hear. I just got a glimpse of her as she smiled as my dick got hard in her mouth, as she slurped and sucked on my dick.

As Jane let my dick out of her mouth she smiled at me and then took of her bra and her panties. Her tits were huge, and her pussy was nicely trimmed. She then got on top of me, in a sitting position, on top of my face, placed her pussy right on top of my face and told me to suck on it.

I opened my mouth and then started to lick her outer pussy lips, and then I stuck my tongue into her pussy, I just felt her shiver as I did this. I circled my tongue in her pussy, I slowly sucked on it and then I suddenly felt her cumming. She just screamed and then a stream of cum came out her pussy, some of it actually slipped down my lip and unto my cheeks.

"Oh, Shawn, your a great pussy eater, oh dear, if I would of known this I would of fucked you 10 years ago," she said as she stepped of my face, and then ran her tongue across my cheek to lick of the cum.

"I see your dick needs some attention, I think I would like that thing in my pussy, and it better fit," Jane said as she went to the other side of the bed and then got on top on me.

She sat on my lap and then grabbed my dick, examined it for minute, and then grabbed it, leaned over and started to push it in her pussy. She was still in a sitting position as she leaned over more and took more and more of my dick into her pussy. As she took more of her dick into her pussy, she grabbed onto my waist and started to ram more and more of my dick into her pussy.

"Oh yeah, ohhhh, that dick of yours is so big, ooohhhhhh, uhhhh," Jane screamed as she took all of my dick into her tight pussy.

As soon as she had all of my dick into her pussy, she once again grabbed on to my waist and started to move up and down, and also forward and backward. My dick was getting the fucking of it's life as Jane's pussy was tight, this being the first dick in her pussy, and her movements were hard and rythmic.

She had about two orgasms while she fucked me. She would clinch my waist and scratched me every time she would orgasm. The third orgasm did it for me as she her pussy muscles tightened up and squeezed my dick as I let out a huge spray of cum inside her pussy. Her pussy naturally squeezed all of my cum into her pussy.

"Shawn spray, uuuuhhhhh, you sweet cum, uuuuuhhhh, ohhhhhh, into my pussy, oh yeah," she said as she and I cummed.

Jane got off my dick and then went over to me and then kissed my passionately. She then grabbed on of her tits and put it near my mouth.

"Suck on it Shawn, I know you like my tits, now suck on them, ohhhh, yeah, just like that, take both of tits and suck them good," she said as she leaned over, placed her tits on my mouth.

I slowly licked her nipple, then I started to suck on them as though they were some type of baby bottle. She then got on my stomach, leaned over, so that I could access both of her tits. I would take one of her tits, suck on it, then lean over to the other side and take her other tit.

"Oh yeah Shawn, suck on my babies good, they like you, and you like them, so why pleasure them, oohhhh, yeah, just like that, oohhh, uhhhh," Jane screamed as I sucked and slowly squeezed her tits with my lips.

After she felt her tits had been sucked enough, she got off me once again and then went over to a cabinet and then grabbed a jar. She then took a little of what was in the jar and placed it around and in her asshole. She then came over to my dick, and placed some of, what seemed to be Vaseline, on my dick.

She then sat on my lap, ran her hands down my dick, which was hard once again. She then leaned over to whisper something in my ear, and then kiss me once again.

"Shawn, I bet you would like to stick your dick in my real tight asshole, that nice dick of yours would be nice and snuggly in my asshole," Jane said as she leaned back to my lap.

Jane then stood on the bed, positioned herself right on top of my dick, and then slowly started to sit her ass down on my dick. She had some difficulty, as she leaned on one side to grab my dick, put it in her asshole, she slowly directed it into her asshole, with some difficulty. As soon as she knew she had my head in her asshole, she slowly started to sit down on my dick. My dick went in with difficulty into her tight asshole, each time seeming to squeeze my dick harder and harder. It took her about 5 minutes before she had most of my dick in her asshole. When she had my whole dick in her asshole, she started to jump up and down, stimulating my dick more and more each time. She grabbed on to the sheets and started to jump faster, fucking my dick harder each time with her tight asshole. She screamed harder each time as she was having the pleasure of her life, yet with the pain of having something so big in her virgin asshole. The only thing I could do was try to match her by going up and down with my hips.

The only thing that I could see was Jane screaming and her big tits bouncing up and down, sometimes even slapping together or hitting her face. She jumped harder and faster, until eventually the tightness of her asshole pressed my dick so hard that I came.

"Oh yeah Shawn, cum in my asshole, oh yeah harder, uuuhhhh, ohhhh," she said as she felt my cum filling her tight asshole.

"Well that went better than expected, but I think this is it, I shall now put you back to..." Jane said as she placed a towel over my mouth which made me go to sleep.

The next thing I know is that I am in the woods, with my car next to me. With a very sore dick and scratch marks on my hips. I never did see Jane again, I think she got what she wanted and more.


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