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Hot Talk
by Shintani

"So, what is it that turns you on, I mean really turns you on?" asked Francesca.

"You know I like to watch, that's why we get porn videos all the time," was Peter's reply.

"Well, I know that, but what is it that really does it for you when you're watching? Is it seeing the hot bodies getting together, or is it knowing that no matter how contrived the set up may have been, that the people you're watching actually did it with each other?"

"Well, it's a little of both," Peter started. "But there is something more when we're together."

"Oh, really?" she countered. "And what might that be?"

"Well, to be brutally honest with you, sometimes when we're watching porn and fucking, I like to mentally fantasize that it's you."

"Well, of course it's me, silly," she laughed.

"No, I mean more that that," he explained. "I meant that I like to picture you doing all those things that we see on the tapes, you know, doing another girl, or taking on more than one guy at a time."

"I have done that, you know."

"I know, and it really turns me on. I mean, it's never happened to me, at least not the way you have."

"So, you like to picture me doing a couple of other men, huh?" was her next question. "Or maybe you picture yourself doing that slut you used to go with..."

"Uh, well, kind of both, I hope this doesn't offend you or anything..."

Francesca cut him off. "Actually, it's the opposite. If you get off on picturing me fucking two other guys, I can tell you how it was, how it really really was. Then, I want you to tell me just exactly how much of that the little whore you used to see let you experience."

Peter rolled over and propped himself up on his arm. His gaze took in Francesca's beautiful body, her tanned skin, her gorgeous curves, every sexy inch of her. He thought that she might be bluffing, but the only way to be sure would be to call her on it. "OK, go ahead, tell me about the threesome you did, and I'll let you know about how I almost had one, and settled for sloppy seconds instead."

"Are you sure you really want to hear this?" asked Francesca.

"Sure," grinned Peter. "You tell me, then I'll tell you."

"Well, OK," was her response. Francesca lay her head back on the pillow, brushing her long black hair out of the way as she did. Peter was right on top of her, his naked body pressed up against hers. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him, gently on the lips. Her dark brown eyes gazed deeply into his. "Let's see," she started. "The most erotic time for me was..."

"Go on," he said. By way of encouragement, Peter ran his hands up her body, cupping her breasts and lightly stroking her nipples with his thumbs.

"Was a threesome I did with my ex," continued the girl.

"Oh really?" asked Peter. "Do tell me about it." He craned his neck downward, letting his tongue flick out over his girlfriend's breasts as she began her tale.

"Well, it was during the summer, Nick had spent the day with me and Tony, you know, just hanging out. It was getting pretty late at night, and we figured, why don't we go for a swim. So we all went down to the pool, no one else was there, and we all jumped in. We were splashing around and such, and Tony suggested that we skinny dip. I was OK with that, and Tony had his swim trunks off, but Nick didn't want to play. Still, once I got my bikini off, I swam over to him, and we were kind of fooling around, I stuck my tits in his face, and that finally convinced him to join us."

Peter started pulling on her nipples slightly, as he listened intently to her story. "Is that when you decided to try the threesome?"

"No," replied Francesca. "That did get us started though. We were still just playing around in the pool, Tony and I were making out quite a bit with Nick just watching. I let him feel me up a bit, and I did the same to him, but it was nothing serious, Tony was still with us, he saw what I was letting Nick do, and it didn't seem to bug him any. We stayed in the pool until it was really late, then we all got dressed and went back to the apartment. Nick was in the bathroom getting changed, and Tony and I were in the bedroom. He was kissing me and stuff as I was drying off, and then he asked me if I wanted to try a threesome with Nick."

"He flat out asked you, just like that?" wondered Peter. He was so shocked at Tony's boldness, that he momentarily disengaged from Francesca's tits.

"Well, we had fantasized about doing one before, Tony got off on it," she explained. "To tell you the truth, the idea intrigued me too, but I wasn't sure I wanted to really do it. Then he kissed me, and told me to lay on the bed while he went to go talk to Nick. They both came back in, and I guess that was going to be that. I was so shocked, and a little self-conscious, and I put a pillow over my head when they climbed up onto the bed. I could feel Tony crawling between my legs, and I spread them for him, he didn't waste any time and got started by licking my pussy."

With that revelation, Peter started kissing her again, letting his mouth travel lower and lower as Francesca continued her story. As she did, Peter reached her pussy and started to lick as well.

As she moaned in appreciation, she went on with her descriptions. "It felt so good to have Tony licking my hot pussy, I was so horny at that point, and it was kind of a turn on to know that Nick was watching him. He ran his tongue along my lips first, and then he used just the tip to tease my clit. While he was doing that, Nick came over and started to play with my tits, first he was just feeling them, and then he got his mouth on me. Two tongues all over my body, if I wanted them to stop, I couldn't felt that good. Tony was probing inside my cunt with his tongue, he used his fingers to spread my shaved pussy open, and he was darting in and out of me. At the same time, Nick took the pillow off my face, and he had his cock right by my lips. I couldn't believe it! He was huge! I couldn't even get my fingers all the way around his hard, black shaft as I stroked him. He eased his cock into my mouth, being very gentle and moving slowly. Still, I almost gagged on him, but I got used to it really quick. It must have been a turn on for Tony to see me sucking that huge cock; he slid himself inside me while I was laying there sucking on Nick. That was an incredible feeling, having two cocks inside me at the same time!"

"So, you liked that?" asked Peter.

"No, I loved it!" giggled Francesca. Peter climbed up on top of her, and she quite willingly spread her legs for him. His hard cock had no trouble sliding inside her pussy, between his licking and her retelling of her sexual escapades, she was very wet. "Go slowly, there's more, a lot more."

"Is there?" He thrust his cock in and out of Francesca's pussy slowly, savoring the sensation of every last inch as it slid between her wet pussy lips.

"Yes," she continued. "It was a little bit of an awkward position, with me on my back to suck on Nick, so once Tony really got into fucking me, we switched positions. I ended up on all fours, so that Nick could lay on his back while I sucked him, and that let Tony do me doggy style. He loves it that way, it let him drive into me so deep, and he could still see everything that I was doing to Nick. It's been years since I've had a black cock in my mouth, I was sucking away like you wouldn't believe. Even though my fingers couldn't wrap all the way around him I was stroking his manhood into my mouth even as my head was bobbing up and down on him. Meanwhile, Tony grabbed my ass and was pounding me so hard from behind. He loved doing me that way, and we didn't usually use that position, but that night, he had the angle right and everything. His cock felt so good, he got it into me deeper than he'd ever fucked me before. He was slamming his cock into me, faster and faster, I knew that he was about ready to cum, I stopped sucking on Nick long enough to scream, it felt so good, then Tony was done, he shot his wad deep inside my pussy, he really filled me up. As soon as he was done, I rolled onto my back, and Nick got down between my legs. I had been sucking on him up to this point, and I knew how good that monster cock was going to feel in my cunt. Even though Tony's cum was dripping out of my hot, wet pussy, I still got to feel his tongue on me. He licked my pussy so good! I was still very sensitive from the fucking Tony gave me, but Nick's tongue running all over my pussy lips and clit felt incredible. He sucked on that hard little clit for a minute or so, just to get me going. I'm sure that he got some of Tony's cum into his mouth, but he didn't care. In fact, just feeling him licking me while Tony's cum was dripping out almost made me come again. Nick knew he just about had me, from his position, I'm sure he could see how swollen and wet my cunt was. That's when he pushed my legs up into the air, and rammed his cock into me. I thought Tony was good at fucking me, Nick was simply amazing! He drove his cock so deep inside me, I couldn't help but scream as I came, over and over. Each time he thrust that massive black cock inside me, I was gasping for air. I could feel his balls slapping against me, feel his prick reaming me out, he had the biggest uncut cock I've ever had. Tony was enjoying this too, I could see him over to the side, stroking his cock while he watched his friend doing me."

"I bet that got you off," stated Peter.

"Did it ever!" agreed Francesca. "Getting fucked in that position was so incredibly good, Nick was slamming into me so hard, so deep. Plus, add onto that the fact that I could watch Tony stroking himself, I could see he was getting off on watching me taking Nick and that was a turn on for me too."

Peter took his cue from her. Effortlessly, he slipped her legs up onto his shoulders, mimicking the position she had just described to him. Without losing a stroke, he started slamming his cock into Francesca's cunt, deep and hard.

"Oh, baby, just like that, just like that," she cooed. "Fuck me, baby, fuck me hard. Fuck me as hard as Nick did me!"

"Oh, yeah, sweetie, you know you want it!" panted Peter. "Just like you wanted it from both of those guys."

"That's it, do it to me!" she ordered. "Oh, my God, yes! Drive it into me, baby, slam that cock into my cunt. Ooh, yes, that's the spot. Just like Nick did when he was fucking me. God, he was fucking me like I was his own little legs all up in the air, his huge cock splitting my cunt open. He shoved his cock into me so hard, I almost couldn't take it. Tony had his cock so near my face, I was trying to lick at his head. His shaft was still slick with my pussy juices, I knew that he just loved watching me taking another cock. He was trying to hold back, keeping his cock just far away from my mouth so I couldn't get him, make him cum. He wanted Nick to come first, and he did, oh my God did he cum! His black cock squirted so much cum into my soaked pussy, it was amazing. I could see the look in his eyes as he came, his last few thrusts into me were so damn hard. His balls must have squeezed out so much of his cum, I thought I'd be soaked for days! He was grunting as he filled me up, shooting his load on top of Tony's in my well-fucked pussy. Just as he was finishing off, Tony stroked his cock harder and harder, he came for me too, right on my face. That was such a messy facial he gave me, I tried to catch as much of his cum in my mouth and swallow down as I could, but he still got so much on me. As he finished stroking himself, he let his cock rest against my lips, I couldn't help but to open my mouth and suck that cock again and again. Nick had kind of collapsed next to me, but Tony and I were able to cool things off as I sucked on him slowly and gently. Man, had I gotten fucked hard by those two, I was drenched in their cum. I mean, I've been fucked hard before, but never did I have two guys shooting all their creamy cum inside me, that was the best."

Peter moaned as his climax rapidly approached. His thrusts into Francesca's well-fucked cunt grew harder and harder as he rammed himself inside of her. He had her legs fully pushed up into the air now, allowing his cock to drive into her extremely deep. Beneath him, she was clearly enjoying the strength of his fucking, and knew how much he was enjoying it himself. She felt Peter's strokes growing harder and faster, and through the moans of her own impending orgasm, coaxed him on with more news of her sexual exploits.

"Oh, God, Peter! Oh yes! Fuck me, baby! Fuck me! That's it do it to me just like that! Oh, Peter, you're fucking me as hard as they're driving your cock into me as deep as Nick was doing, when I rode him. That's right, sweetheart, after I fucked his beautiful black dick, I sucked on him again, just to get him hard. This little slut that you're fucking climbed up on top of him...oh, how good it felt when he sucked on my tits while I was bouncing up and down on him. It felt so good to ride that cock, make him fuck me so hard, so fast Tony was stroking himself again, getting ready to fuck me again, while he was watching. It made him want to come so bad, watching me. It makes you want to come too, doesn't it? Just thinking about that big cock gliding in and out of your little slut, I wanted him so bad. Nick filled my fuck hole up with his come again, then I lay and spread myself for Tony-he fucked me hard again, just like you, until he...OH MY GOD!"

Francesca's voice trailed off as she came, the sweet memory of her previous lovers, coupled with the sensation of Peter's cock erupting in her cunt driving her past the threshold. Her hips bucked and shuddered under his relentless fucking, her cunt gripped his cock tightly, milking every drop of Peter's cum into her. Peter's thrusts slowed down from the fever pitch with which he had been fucking her.

Slowly, carefully, he withdrew his spent cock from her pussy, noting that it was coated with her pussy juices and his cum. Gently, he rolled off of her, to lay next to her on the bed as the two lovers caught their breath after the first extreme fucking of the night. This night was still young, however, and the vigor and passions that beheld them to each other would soon lead to yet another hot encounter between Peter and Francesca.


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