The Best Erotic Stories.

by Ms. Neb

Generally, I'd have to say that my sex life with my husband is pretty "equitable". Not boring, but "equitable". We usually contribute roughly equally to our mutual pleasure. There is no set formula so sometimes he takes the lead and sometimes I do. It is rare though that things are largely unbalanced when it comes to providing and receiving sexual pleasure. We are very happy with this arrangement.

This situation is what makes those special occasions so special! A tradition seems to have developed where once in a while each of us takes the opportunity to unconditionally provide the other with a great on-sided sexual experience. The idea is to completely forgo our own desires for that evening and to provide the other their ultimate sexual fantasy. I am happy to report that although the idea is to suspend our wants and desires for the benefit of the other, neither of us ends the experience dissatisfied.

This is the tale of my turn. I know John pretty well and one of his fantasies is to meet a woman so overwhelmed with sexual desire that nothing will stand in the way of her pleasure. He wants a woman so consumed with lust and so driven for satisfaction that all her inhibitions are completely gone. This woman is so horny and crazed for sexual gratification that it doesn't matter where she is, who is around, or what it takes. She wants it and she wants it BAD! This is what I was to become and what a treat it would be. Here was an opportunity for me to be a completely different person. I could change my identity, my appearance and my personality. This was going to be great fun.

Just as John left for work, I let him know that today was to be one of those "special occasions". The only other information I gave him was to "expect a message from Sheila". He was a bit puzzled but got the idea.

I had a lot to do. I made a few phone calls, went shopping for a new dress and went for a very long hair appointment. I am not a blonde but Sheila is! On that day, I became Sheila. My long hair was now a tantalizing golden blonde. Once back home, my next step was send off an email message to my intended "victim". All it read was, "Meet me at Southern's for drinks at 6:00. Sheila"

I took an extra long scented bath. I mentally ran through all my plans for that evening. Just the thought of what was to happen started the deep stirrings within me. A tingling between my legs had already begun. Dressing in Sheila's new clothes just continued the arousal process. I stood more just a moment in front of the mirror. My tanned and trim body looked pretty damned good. I felt so sexy in my black lace bra perfectly designed to provide plenty of cleavage. The matching thong panties rode way up over my hips. As thin as the front of those panties were, they did a fine job of covering what remained of my newly blonde pubic hair.

I loved how I looked and felt after putting on that silk burgundy dress. It felt so smooth and soft against my skin. It flowed down and clung so wonderfully to my waist and hips. It was very short and really accentuated my long legs. The crossing front did nothing to hide my anxious breasts. The thinness of the lace bra and the silk dress were not enough to hide the buds of my already erect nipples. This was a dress solely intended to attract attention and was designed to get in and out of quickly! The same-color, high-heeled, open-toed, strapped shoes finished the look off perfectly.

Southern's was the perfect place to begin this odyssey. It is a modestly lit lounge with deeply engraved wood paneled walls. During happy hour, the bar contained the usually assortment of yuppies in their work attire but the surrounding booths and tables, covered in dark red tablecloths, afforded just the right level of privacy. One can see and be seen if one attracts enough attention.

One of those earlier calls I made was to the bartender, Kevin. Since John and I frequented the place, we knew him reasonably well. (I went there many times as my alter ego, not as Super Sheila!) When John arrived, Kevin escorted him to a reserved corner table and had him sit facing the room. It would be 30 intentional minutes later before I arrived as on-the-prowl Sheila.

I entered the room but stood for a moment in the doorway. Starting with the people at the bar and ending with John, like a wave at a football game, heads began to turn my way. I can't say the room went completely silent but it got measurably quieter. My eyes ignored everyone and connected hard and strong with John's from the other side of the room. I walked toward him with a slow sexy saunter. My breathing was deep and deliberate, causing my breasts to rise and fall so that all could see. I walked up to the chair across the table from John, placed my hands on the back and leaned over to bring my well-supported and revealed chest closer to him. I am sure he could easily smell my perfume.

As seductively as I could I said, "Hello. I'm Sheila. I'll have a Martini. Get one for me, won't you?"

John's face was an unforgettable sight. He could not believe his eyes. He just stared at my blonde form, his eyes covering all of me over and over again.

Like a well choreographed play, Kevin was at our table, even without the request from John.

"Well?" I started. "Are you just going to stare at my tits or are you going to tell him to get me that Martini?" I sensed a smile from Kevin.

"Uh, yeah, sure. One Martini and one Manhattan please," John managed to stutter.

The drinks soon arrived and the game began. After a sip or two from my drink, I began to play with the olive at the end of the toothpick. Not too aggressively at first, I just twirled it around between my lips. The clear liquor made my red lipstick glisten. I dropped it back into my glass and then reached over, taking the cherry from John's drink.

"I haven't had my cherry for quite some time but let me see what I can do with this one."

Holding the stem, with teeth fully revealed, I bit the cherry in half. A drop of the amber drink fell right onto my felt breast. The coldness made me want to gasp but I maintained my composure. I ignored it and let it slowly slide down and disappear between my breasts. John watched the entire journey. I left the remaining wet streak. I slipped the other half of the cherry, stem and all, into my mouth. John took a huge gulp of his drink. A moment later, the cherry was gone and I extended my tongue. Held at the tip was that cherry stem, tied in a perfect knot. Taking it in my long nailed fingers, I dropped it into what was left of John's drink. This whole act was getting both of us very excited. John did not know what I would do or say next. That was the whole idea and I loved it.

"So," I continued. "Are you enjoying my company?"

I did not wait for an answer before I slipped off a shoe and slowly ran my foot up the inside of his leg. I kept going until I could answer my own question with, "Well I guess so!"

We were both silent for a moment while I slid my bare foot up and down his very large and obvious erection, still contained by his trousers. My toes could easily feel his hardness and the bumps and ridges of his wonderful member. As for me, I could feel my abdomen begin to ache with the familiar stirrings of arousal. I felt my moisture building and I knew that in just seconds, my wetness would overwhelm the minute material that covered my entrance.

Starring straight into John's eyes, my foot still stroking his hardon, I resumed playing with that olive. I twirled it on my lips again and sucked it in and out of my mouth, each time with a faint popping sound. With mock surprise, I intentionally caused the now pimento-less olive to fall from my lips. It landed in my hand at my lap. Quickly, so John would not know, I brought the saliva-coated orb between my legs. After parting the wisp of soaked fabric, I slipped the olive between my labia and easily covered it with the warm slippery juices seeping from my opening. I placed the olive between my lips. Instantly, I was treated to the scent, taste and texture of my own sweetly delicious juices. My nose and tongue tingled. My pussy raced to produce more.

My foot left John's crotch. I leaned across the table with the pussy juice covered olive between my teeth. My lips touched John's. He bit down and only then did he discover where that olive had been. He groaned deeply and muttered, "Oh my gawd!!!"

While he chewed the morsel, our lips remained at a touching distance. I whispered, "Listen to me. This is what I want you to do. Reach under the table and unzip your pants. I want you to take out that hard cock of yours. Don't say anything, just do it!"

I sat back. Kevin quickly came and left, leaving another round of drinks. John's eyes kept scanning the room to see if anyone was watching while he fumbled with himself beneath the table, the details of his actions well concealed by the tablecloth.

We drank our drinks in silence. I continued to play with olive, all the while my foot massaged his now uncovered dick. I was literally dripping with enjoyment. My toes were delicately rubbing his long length. It was such a shame that I could not feel his balls during this process. My foot rested against the shaft while my toes dabbled in the precum that liberally oozed from the as yet unseen tip. While a toe smeared the precum about the head of his cock, my tongue gave the same attention to another lucky olive. A mixture of Gin, Vermouth and saliva easily provided the wetness in the latter case.

It wasn't easy for either of us but eventually our drinks were just about gone. There were a lot of low moans coming from our section of the room.

Kevin's very lovely barmaid, Samantha, another phone contact made earlier in the day, came over to our table right on cue. I made no effort to stop the caressing of John's cock.

Samantha lowered her sweet face to John, treating him to a view of her own respectable cleavage. Speaking right into his ear she warned, "Listen gorgeous, I'm as liberal as the next girl. Under other circumstances I wouldn't mind sliding under this table and sucking that nice cock of yours until you come but I don't own the place. It is probably better if you put that hard cock back in your pants and you and your friend take care of business elsewhere. The last thing I want is to clean your cum off of that chair."

Throughout her entire speech I kept up my massaging of John's cock. I wanted to make him as nervous and as uncomfortable as I possibly could. When Samantha finished, she turned and left, tossing me a wink as she passed. She was just perfect!

John was blushing a most impressive red while he fumbled to get himself back into his pants. I couldn't help but smile at his predicament. We crossed the full room together, with me grinning and John's hardon still raging visibly. Heads turned and followed us as we entered into the night.

As I had instructed, John was driving us home but there would still be lots of fun to be had in the Mercedes.

"Oh God John. I got so hot back there at the bar. I can't tell you how excited I got from feeling your hard dick with my toes. My pussy has been dripping ever since I entered the bar! I have just got to get off!"

(Clearly, Sheila was far more comfortable with that kind of talk than I was!)

John was not sure what he should do next. Should he drive home faster or pull over? He started to slow down but I barked, "Drive! Just Drive!"

I slid my seat as far back as it would go and leaned the seat down. My hands started to rub my entire body and I was moaning loudly. My hands slid all over my dress, rubbing my parted legs and my aching breasts. John was having a miserable time trying to concentrate on his driving. The flashes of city lights heightened the surreal nature of things and provided him with only a sporadic view of my caresses.

This was not just a show for John. I was really enjoying myself! I loved the unbridled feeling of my own hands pressing hard against my breasts through my dress and pinching my nipples to complete erection. My other hand greedily rubbed the outside of my pussy in a futile attempt to quell my passionate unrest. I raised my legs up on top of the dash. My knees fell to the sides, one resting against John's right arm. My dress was open and hiked up, fully revealing the tiny panties that were now more wet than dry. The air in the car quickly filled with the scent of a woman now driven only by her instincts and passion.

I was quickly drawing into myself and would not have cared if a howling crowd in a packed Madison Square Garden was watching me! All my words and actions were now coming without plan or script. Only lust and the most primal sexual urges now drove me.

I opened the front of my dress and with vigor, rubbed and squeezed my breasts through my bra. The fingers of my other hand were fast rubbing the warm and wet material barely covering my pussy. Simultaneously, both hands slipped beneath their respective barriers. Fingers were pinching my bare aching nipples. Others were slipping deep into my pussy. The smell and sounds of my wetness was abundantly obvious.

I began my verbal assault. "Oh John! I want you so bad. I want your tongue thrusting ever so deep into my pussy. I want to feel it hard and flicking on my clit! I want to look at your face while you eat me! I want to come so bad! I want your face pressed hard against my pussy while I come all over it! I want to see it! I want to see my cum all over your mouth!"

John's driving got faster. The lights flashed by at an accelerated rate. The cool summer air was doing nothing to quench our heat. I temporarily took my hand from my braless breast and retrieved the only thing that was in my tiny evening bag.

"Then John, do you know what then?" I rhetorically asked. "I would want you to fuck me! I want you on top of me with your big, hard, fat dripping cock pushing at the opening of my pussy. I want you to fall down hard on me, your cock pressing home, so deep into my pussy, filling me completely. Oh, John! I just have to have something in my pussy right now!"

I took the shinny silver vibrator and slid it into my mouth. I hungrily and noisily coated it to the point where saliva dripped from my lips and chin onto my chest. I slid my panties aside and poised the plastic phallus at my opening. I was dripping all over the car seat. My smell was everywhere.

"Watch John, watch! I am going to fuck myself for you!"

"I can't Robyn...uh...Sheila", John groaned in frustration. "I am gonna wreck the car!"

I let out a loud moan as I drove the shimmering substitute deep into my pussy. I stroked the battery-less vibrator in and out at an ever increasing pace. My other hand tickled and rubbed my desperate clitoris in anything but a gentle manner.

"I have GOT to have it John! I have got to have this in me! I want to be fucked by you so bad but you can't do it now so I have to do it myself. Oh God, it looks and feels so good! My pussy is dripping! It is all over the seat and my dress! My panties are soaked! I am going to come John. I am going to fuck my pussy with this thing until I come!"

I wasn't kidding! I was working that poor replacement for John in and out of me as fast as I could. My wet pink pussy lips slid easily along that slippery shaft. My internal muscles clenched down hard with each penetration. It wasn't long before I came it a shuddering orgasm.

"I'm coming John! I'm coming!

My breathing was fast, shallow and irregular. My chest ached from the rapid heaving. My head thrashed about, tossing my hair everywhere. My fingers rubbed my clit until I knew that my orgasm was a certainty. I felt my insides convulse with a vise-like grip on that plastic rod with a crushing force. Quick hard spasms overtook me and twitched around the vibrator. Each spasm spurted out just a bit more of my sweet, thin, slippery cum. My thighs and fingers were soaked.

I collapsed into my seat. My hands fell to my sides. My legs remained splayed apart. The silver rod was intentionally left only half removed from my pussy. I was hoping that John could steal a glimpse of it wet and glistening, untouched and twitching with each internal throb. It took the brief remainder of our ride home for me to just partially regain my senses. I am sure John was practically delirious with frustration and anticipation.

Just as we rounded to corner and entered past the gate to the underground garage of our building, I removed my artificial friend and slipped my useless tiny panties off. I reached over and placed the warm cum-soaked garment into John's shirt pocket. The thin waste band dangled outside.

I was in a pretty disheveled state when we left the car and headed to the elevator. My hair was strewn recklessly about my face. I made no attempt to cover myself. My dress still hung open, exposing my pantyless pussy. I did however manage to adjust myself back into my bra. John walked awkwardly thanks to his bulging erection.

The elevator doors closed, John pressed "9" and I attacked him. I threw myself against him and he crashed into the corner of the elevator against the control panel. Every button on the panel lit up! The elevator began to move. It was going to stop at every floor!

I kissed him wildly. My warm moist tongue played with his. I sucked and nibbled at his lips. He enthusiastically returned the favor. My whole body pressed against his. My hand pressed hard up and down the cock in his pants.

Floor 2. The door opened but we were oblivious, just as we would be at every subsequent floor. I got the sensation that there were people out there. I have a vague recollection of enthusiastic murmurings. Doors closed.

"Touch me John!" I insisted. "Touch my bare, naked pussy. Feel it John! Feel me wet! Feel my cum John! Slide your fingers into my cunt John! Fuck me with your fingers. Make me come here in the elevator! I don't care who sees us or who comes in. Let them see your fingers in my pussy! Let them smell my cum and see it drip from my pussy!"

Floor 3. Doors open. Nobody. Doors closed.

John did not need all that encouragement. As I spoke just those first few words, he did what I needed. His talented hands found their mark and I was soon filled with two and then three fingers. We locked in ferocious kisses. Our tongues took turns at full extension into the moistness of the other's mouth. While John's magic fingers performed their miracles, I fumbled to release his organ by undoing his belt, his pants and finally the zipper. My hand slipped beneath the waste band of his shorts and finally wrapped around him. He was as hard as I had ever experienced. His shorts were soaked in precum. His cock was warm, wet and very slippery. For the first time there was more than just the scent of a woman in the air.

I stroked him hard but there would be no climax for John yet. The same could not be said for me.

In a desperate pleading hoarse tone I whispered, "Do it John. Make me come. Fuck me with your fingers. That's it John, that's it. Ooooo, yes. Like that. Make me come again John! Make me come!"

Floor 4. Doors opened. Nobody again. Doors closed.

Just as I felt John was about to have his own release, I took my fingers, slick with his precum, and brought them to my mouth. My other hand resumed the stroking of his cock but with no intention to relieve him.

"Like this John. Fuck my pussy like this!"

I used my own fingers to encourage his. I did to my mouth what I wanted him to do to my pussy. My fingers went frantically in and out of my mouth. My spit was all over my fingers and began slipping from the corners of my mouth. The taste of John's precum was soon just a faint diluted memory.

Floor 5. Doors open. We all froze! John's hand was at my naked pussy. My sticky fingers were in my mouth. The man in the suit dropped his briefcase as well as his jaw. We stared at him, he at us. Doors closed.

As best I could, I gurgled over the fingers in my mouth," Oh yes, John! Like that! I'm coming! I'm coming! Feel me John! Feel my pussy squeeze your fingers. Feel my juices cover your fingers and drip from me! I'M COMING!!!!"

I kept talking and describing every detail of what I was feeling. My body grabbed John's fingers as if they were never to be let go. My body shook and quivered with wave after wave of my orgasm. My pussy flowed my slippery nectar all over John's fingers. I could easily feel it trickle down my legs. Saliva dribbled from my mouth and I screamed in ecstasy! Just like before, I left the source of my pleasure buried deep within me until my orgasm had completely subsided.

Floor 6. Doors open. Nobody. Doors closed.

"Now your cock, John. Do it again but with your cock!"

In one swift motion, I knelt down, taking his briefs to his ankle. Standing again, I lifted one leg past him and placed it against the elevator rail. My pussy was exposed and dripping for him. I grabbed his throbbing penis and drew it to my opening.

"Now John! Put it in John! Give me your cock!"

Indeed he did. With his great masculine strength he pressed closer to me. His cock slid effortlessly up into me. I gasped with the feeling of complete fulfillment.

"YES JOHN!" I screamed. "Now fuck me and make me come again!"

John thrusts were fast and hard. His breathing was deep and aggressive. He was taking me. He was ravishing me.

Floor 7. Doors open. "MOMMY!" a small boy yelped. Doors closed.

Another orgasm ran over me with surprising quickness. I quaked and shook as the uncontrollable convulsions shot through my entire body. My inner thighs were slick and trickling with warm juices.

John's breathing became sharper. I knew these early signs. With my pussy still twitching in the twilight of my orgasm, I slipped him from me and dropped to my knees. For the first time that evening, I could see John's cock. It was so beautiful yet almost angry. It's entire length was wet and slick with my cum. The crown, oozing precum, was an engorged deep red, the shaft still a fleshy tan. His scrotum was wrinkled and firm, keeping his balls drawn up tight. My face plunged into his abdomen. His rigid cock smearing my face in a streak of my own cum. I devoured him completely. My mouth saturated more with the taste of me than on him. I loved the smell and taste and feeling of my own cum. I felt so alive and free!

From below him, I looked up at John. He looked down at my wet face, his hard stiff cock resting at my cheek.

"I'm going to do it John. Right now, right here. We are almost at our floor and I am going to suck your cock until you come! That's right John. I am going to make you come with my mouth. Do it baby, fuck my mouth with your stiff cock!"

His warm pulsing penis again slid effortlessly deep into my mouth. My tongue burst alive with the soft velvety taste of his delicious precum. Clench after clench released even more. It was not difficult to feel his rapid heartbeat through the blood-swollen throbbing member.

Floor 8. Doors open. The twenty-something woman gasped loudly. I smiled with cock in my mouth. Doors closed.

I kissed and sucked him all over. I held his balls in my hands. I lightly scratched his scrotum with my fingernails. I ran my pursed lips all along his seeping shaft. All around my mouth was wet and slippery with the mixture of saliva and precum. It dripped to my chest from my chin. I knelt directly below him, his cock running from my chin to over my nose. I licked his sensitive underside and verbally encouraged his orgasm.

"Can you do it John? We are almost there! Can you come for me in this elevator? Give it to me baby! Give it to me John! Think about it all John. Think of what we've done so far this evening. COME IN MY MOUTH JOHN! Come for me!"

I said nothing more and took him deep to the back of my throat. I sucked at his length as hard and as wetly as I could. I wanted him now!

FLOOR 9!! DING!!!!!

The doors automatically opened at the very moment John erupted. At that moment, we did not know if we were alone. Neither of us knew or cared. His shaft swelled between my lips. The crown enlarged and pressed even harder at the back of my throat, expelling a great burst of cum. My mouth was already filled with cock and so it overflowed with the hot, thick cream! His cum spurted back out of my mouth, spattering John's abdomen. I opened my mouth slightly when another pulse was released. I felt it spurt warm and thick against the roof of my mouth. The seminal juice coated the inside of my mouth and flowed out over my lips. Large drips clung to my face and chin. Dollops fell and blotched my breasts. Stringy threads connected my upper and lower lips. I made no attempt to swallow and used my milky tongue to expel my mouth's contents over my lips.


More spurts left John's erupting cock. I intentionally guided the wild leaping strands to my cheek and even into my hair. I tasted and smelled of John's semen and a bit of my own cum. I was in erotic state of bliss! His final expulsions fell to by breasts. Cum seeped into the lace of my bra. On my breasts, it warmed, liquefied and slid into my cleavage.


I sat down against the back wall of the elevator. My dress was barely on me. My legs were flat on the floor and opened, exposing my damp dripping pussy to the cool tile floor. My chest heaved in deep breaths. John still rested against the elevator control panel, causing the doors to open and close. His still erect but slightly drooping cock was dribbling cum in small drops onto my thigh and the elevator floor. It was only then were we able to know that we had been, and still were alone. John slid his pants back up but his belt remained unfastened. His shirt was all undone and a few buttons were missing. We left that little elevator box but the strong smell unrestrained lust remained.

We made our way down the hall to our apartment. One of my shoes was missing, probably still jammed in the elevator railing. My dress hung open. My uncovered pussy leaked my wetness freely and I walked with slick slippery thighs. John's cum was spattered all over my upper body. I am sure white strands streaked my hair. My breasts were wet and slippery and slid against each other. His ejaculate felt warm and sticky against my face. It covered my chin and ran in long clear wet lines down my neck. My mouth and tongue were still coated in a thin milky film of semen. That lusty smell followed us all the way down the hall, into our apartment, and into our exhausted dreams.

I can't wait for "HisTurn".


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