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A REAL Hot Table Dance!
by ANiceGuy

What started out as one of my usual nights at Pussy Palace sure didn't end usual. I arrived just after shift change. I had not stopped by in a couple of months because I had been traveling. I was hoping my friend Victoria would be there. I sat down in the back row of tables near the DJ where the lights were low and the girls gave their best table dances. After a half hour I had not seen Victoria and asked the waitress, if she knew if Victoria was there.

"OH didn't you hear. Victoria is in New York this month. She is going to be in the fall issue of "HOT BABY" magazine. She is dancing in our Club there for a month and doing the shoot at the same time."

"WoW That's great!" I said. I was happy for Victoria on one hand but on the other figured that now that she would be famous our motel nights would be a thing of the past.

The waitress leaned forward so I could slip the tip down in her cleavage. She let the back of my hand kind of massage her nipples as I made sure the money wouldn't fall out of her low cut top. I was glad I was in a corner where we had a little privacy.

"Oh yeah, that feels good honey, If you keep doing that I may have to let you slide your hand all the way to my pussy before the night is over." She told me as she wiggled slightly to make sure I got a good feel of how her nipples were getting hard. Knowing I was pushing the limits of what I could do I in public, even in a dark corner, I sighed and removed my hand.

Suddenly out of the corner of my eye I noticed the girl on stage moving so fast she was almost a blur. I looked toward her as the waitress fished for the tip and kept accidentally letting me see her nipples as she did it. She noticed I was looking rather lustfully at the girl on stage between peeks at her tits.

"I see you have discovered our new girl, Naughty Annette. She's real hot but all the guys are shy of her 'cause she is so cute they figure they won't stand a chance with her. Would you like me to take her a drink from you? She hasn't made much money yet. I think she is getting frustrated at the guys not tipping. A drink might relax her.

"Yeah go ahead and take her a couple of drinks from me and tell her I want a double table dance when she gets off stage." I said giving her the drink money and another tip.

When she took the drink to her, Annette looked surprised and squinted to see me in the dark as the waitress pointed me out. Holding the glass towards me in toast fashion Naughty Annette put the glass to her lips and gulped the drink down in one toss of her head. Annette gulped the second drink quickly too with another toss of her head. She danced a little slower after the drinks and hugged the center pole for support. I went up to put some money in her G-string. She danced over to me and sat on the edge of the stage in front of me with her legs wrapped around me. I slipped her tip in each side of her string.

"Honey if you are trying to get me drunk it just might work. I think you deserve a special view!" she whispered. Looking around to be sure no one could see between her legs but me she pulled her bikini bottoms aside so I could get a good look at her bare shaved pussy. Most girls I knew who did that loved to have their pussy eaten. I hoped I was going to find out!

"WoW, does that look like a fun place to bury my tongue!" I thought. It looked to me like she was soaking wet with pussy juice! Moving my hand back to her leg and sliding her bottoms back over her pussy she leaned back and licked her lips. "If you keep this up all be too drunk to drive home!" she said slowly getting up but keeping her head near mine so we could talk. After she finished dancing she came over to my table and began teasing me with quick peeks of her big tits. I put the twenties on the table for table dances. She quickly began sliding up and down me making sure I could feel her hard nipples and when she kissed me she teased me with her pierced tongue. Putting her hand on my by now very excited erection as she moved against me she made sure I got further excited. Before the second dance was over she had me going off. Even though she knew I'd shot my load she kept playing with me and kissing. I got hard again real fast. Putting her mouth to my ear she moaned.

"Here slide you fingers in me," as she pulled her bikini bottoms away from her pussy. It was a little hard to move my hand with her pressing on me but she had to do that to keep anyone from seeing my hand. I slipped two fingers in her and found her G spot (or at least she moaned like I found it! ) Was it wild seeing all the guys and gals nearby watching the hot table dance she was giving me and having my fingers pleasuring her at the same time!

"Oh baby that feels good!" she moaned nibbling on my ear as I vibrated my fingers in her at the same time my thumb was vibrating against her clit. "OH OH OH!" she moaned loudly over and over as her pussy juices flooded my hand. As she relaxed I slid my hand out and tasted my fingers winking at her.

"Wow that was Wild," I said as Annette relaxed a second before moving away. I had had sex with a dancer before as we were hidden from view in a VIP box but never had a girl let me slip my fingers in her and get her off with people watching us. Annette spent much of the night at my table and a very naughty Annette ended up in my motel room afterward. As we stood in the motel room I looked at her sexy smile.

"I guess we better take this off," she said helping me take my shirt off.

"I've never done this before, you know going to a motel," she told me as we undressed.

"Well I'm sure glad you decided to." I told her as I watched her bra fall on the bed. I was in lust with her curves for sure! A few moments later she was laying on the bed letting me lick her beautiful bare pussy. She was so tasty I could have stayed there for hours as she moaned and gyrated in passionate pleasure. Pulling my head towards her she let me know she was close to getting off as I vibrated my tongue against her love button. I sucked and licked faster and faster enjoying the sounds of her moans and the way she pumped her hips to help me get the right rhythm to please her.

"OH FUCK! Oh YEAH!" she screamed over and over thrusting her hips against me as she got off! My face, the sheets and her pussy were soaked with her sweet juices. After a few moments I moved up kissing and sucking on her awesome titties with their nice large nipples. As I moved so my love shaft neared her eager pussy she put her hand down there and guided me into her tight but willing hole. As she pumped her hips she gripped me with a suction that said "you aren't getting out until I want to let you out!" Matching my speed and increasing it she pumped me until my penis gave her the cum she wanted from it. I tried to be still and relax for a moment but she kept moving and mooning so much I never went soft. A few minutes later she had me squirting move cum in her as we both got off again. After a few moments rest she let me know she was ready to go for a ride and since my erection seemed to like the idea I lay on my back and let her get astride me. Reaching down she held me in place and lowered herself on to my love rod.

Watching her titties move in front of my eyes as she moved faster and faster soon had me at the point of no return. As I began to lose control I moaned "OH GOD! OH GOD! OH GOD!"

"ARE YOU OKAY!" she asked slowing down.

"Oh Yeah!" I told her. "I'm getting offFFFFF! OH YEAH!!!" I moaned over and over. as I got off like never before!

* * * * *

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