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Hot Talk Pt. II
by Shintani

Francesca rolled over onto her side, propping herself up on one elbow. Peter lay on the bed next to her. Both lovers were still breathless after their recent encounter. She looked over his body longingly, allowing her gaze to settle on his face. He was smiling quite contentedly, and with good reason. After all, Francesca had just shared an incredible fucking with him, and also the sordid details of a hot threesome in which she had been the center of attention. Her pussy was still tingling with excitement, for she knew that he had a hot encounter of his own that she wanted to hear about. And what better way for him to tell her than to have him fucking her hot cunt as he did so? She knew that there was little time to waste.

Besides, despite the wonderful fucking that she just got from Peter, or perhaps, because of it, Francesca was extremely horny, and needed some more cock, right now. Glancing over at her resting lover, she saw that his cock was finally beginning to soften. Without a sound, she glided over to him, wrapping her full lips around his semi-firm member. The taste in her mouth was incredible! Peter's cock tasted of her own pussy juices, mixed in with the exquisite taste of his cum. Greedily, she sucked down on him, as hard as she dared. His soft cock gave to the suction she was creating in her mouth, and was clearly reacting quite well to it. Francesca could feel his cock growing and hardening as she sucked down on him. "Mmm, Peter," she moaned. "Your cock tastes so good after giving me that incredible fucking." Her hand wrapped around his stiffening shaft, and she started to stroke him. "I can taste your cum and my pussy, what a great mix...didn't you tell me once you almost got to do that?"

"Mmm..." Peter was obviously enjoying Francesca's oral ministrations. "Yeah baby, it was with my ex, Grace. I didn't go down on her that time, so I didn't get a taste, but she started things out one day the way you're doing right now-" The gentle caress, if it could be called gentle, of Francesca's teeth against the shaft of his cock got his attention. "Well, not nearly as good as you're doing." Francesca stopped teasing him with her teeth, and resumed a slow, steady sucking. "Anyway, she was giving me a blowjob, and I was feeling her up, and once I got down to her panties, boy did I get a surprise."

"A surprise? In that bitch's panties? What did you find, a cock?" Francesca had never liked Grace, and was quite glad to see that Peter had chosen her as a replacement.

"No, nothing that drastic," laughed Peter. "What I found out is that that little bitch could be quite a handful in bed sometimes. You don't mind that, do you sweetie?"

"No, not at all, lover," was her reply. "Just you remember that while she was a warm wet hole to rub your cock in, I'm the one you really want."

"Of course, my dear, you know, if you don't want to hear about this..."

"No, I do want to hear it," was Francesca's retort. "You got to get off hearing about my sexual escapades, why shouldn't I get to do the same. Why don't you start with how it all began."

"OK," agreed Peter. He lay back on the bed, quite relaxed, even with Francesca busily sucking his cock. "This is how it all started. I was over at her place; she had gone out to go get something signed by her ex. I knew that he could be a pain in the ass, and sometimes, it would take her awhile to get him to do something stupid, so when she was gone, I didn't really think anything of it. So she gets back, and came in, she didn't say a word to me, instead, she just slumped down on the couch. I went over to her and sat down next to her, and I could tell that she was upset about something. Not a crying upset and all, but just that something was bugging her. I sat down on the other end of the couch from her, and the way she was positioned was perfect. She had a light sundress on, with a short skirt, and I could see all the way up it when I looked over at her. Her legs were killer, so smooth and tanned. You know how much I love legs. When she saw me looking over at her, and she closed her legs up a bit, so I couldn't get a view all the way up her skirt. I asked her what was wrong, and she kinda clammed up, the way she does when there's something really bothering her, and she doesn't really want to get into it."

"So, what did she say to you?" asked Francesca, momentarily pausing from the slow blowjob she was giving Peter.

"She started to say that she really cared for me and all that, and damn, that feels good!" announced a surprised Peter. Francesca was deep throating him as he told his tale, slowly sucking his rigid cock down her throat. Her hand softly caressed his shaft, stroking his cock slowly as she bobbed her head up and down in his lap. Peter could feel his cock sliding into her mouth as she sucked him, felt her velvety tongue caressing him, then felt the soft back of her throat against the tip of his cock as she swallowed down as much of him as she could. He quickly caught a breath, and continued. After all, if her blowjob was this good when he was just getting started, imagine how good the fucking would be when he told her all the sordid details of his encounter. "Whew, well, she started all of this, and I asked her if we were having a problem together, and then I put my arms around her. In the process of doing so, I knocked the arm of her sundress down, exposing one of her breasts. Normally, she would have tried to cover up, but she just sat there kind of stunned when this happened. I looked down at her tits, thinking that she was inviting me to suck on them, when I noticed the mark on one of them."

"There was a mark?" asked Francesca, who had paused once again. "What kind of mark?"

"A hickey, of all things," laughed Peter. "And I didn't put it there. I asked her about it too, and she was very distressed when she told me that her ex had done that to her. I was shocked, I thought that things were finished between them. As it turns out, they were, and he had done that in return for signing the documents that she needed. So, I figured the bastard was just being a jerk, but since they had been together for so long before they split up, I was going to let this ride. That's when she pretty much burst into tears, and told me that she slept with him that afternoon, while she was gone. I was stunned, I was amazed. She was stammering as she told me that she didn't want it to be that way, but as he was kissing her tits, it felt so good, and that she didn't realize how far things had gotten between them until it was too late. On her drive back, she was extremely upset by what happened, and she was afraid of what my reaction was going to be."

"So, what happened next?" inquired Francesca, as she completed her sucking, for now. She slowly kissed the tip of Peter's cock, sucking off a drop of his pre-cum as she did so. Pushing him back gently, she straddled his cock and slowly slid it inside her soaked cunt.

"So what happened next is I kissed her tenderly, and told her how much she meant to me," Peter got an amused snort from Francesca when he told her that part. "And then I kissed her. For some reason, with her looking so forlorn, sitting there confessing to me, with her thin dress slipping off and her tits hanging out, she just looked so damn sexy to me, I can't explain why, or how, but I wanted her, right then and there. I leaned her back against the couch as I slipped her arms out of her dress, and she wiggled the rest of it off of her. My kisses on her mouth didn't last long, she had some really nice tits, and I had to have them. They seemed so sensitive to my every touch and kiss as I sucked on them while she finished pulling her dress off. I squeezed them softly, rolling her nipples between my fingers as I let my hands wander. They were so hard and erect, just like I was, and I knew that it must have been a pretty good fucking he gave her for her to still be so aroused. I was getting pretty turned on myself, and I let my hands find their way off her tits, and down to her panties. As I reached them, I noticed how completely wet they were, and I knew I had hit the jackpot. When Grace got a really good fucking, her cunt would get so wet, it was amazing. Not as good as your pussy, of course, my dear," he explained to Francesca, who was rather contentedly riding his cock. "But good enough, of course, and with a sharp tug, I had her panties off of her. Mentally, I knew I should have been expecting this, but what I saw, and my reaction to it, simply amazed me."

"And what was that?"

Peter placed his hands on his lover's waist. Gently, he rolled her over onto her back, spreading her legs in the process. Their movements were fluid and graceful, as if they were one, in fact, his cock never fully slipped out of her wet cunt as he rolled on top of her, and began to thrust away at her cunt. "What surprised me," he began, "was how completely wet and cum-soaked she was." "As those panties slid down her thighs, I could see his cum still dripping out of her. Her cunt lips were swollen and pink from the fucking he gave her, dried streaks of his cum decorated her cunt hairs and her gorgeous thighs. With every breath I took, I could smell a mixture of her sweet cunt, and his scent on her as well. No matter what I thought of that son of a bitch, I knew that she had given him quite a fucking, and gotten one back from him as well. Her pussy glistened, that's how wet she was, and my cock seemed to get even harder and harder the longer I looked at her. In an instant, she had her legs spread apart between the top of the couch and the one resting on the coffee table, and that was it for the waiting for me.

I climbed up on top of that bitch so fast, slid my raging hard on into her, and it was incredible! Her hot wet cunt was positively soaked, whether from her juices, or his cum, I didn't care. She felt so slippery, so loose, I couldn't stand it. I slammed my cock into her, feeling her well-fucked lips parting way for me. She wanted it too, I could tell. Her cunt was so loose from her previous fucking, and that just made her want more. Her soft moans quickly grew louder and louder as I slammed my cock into her. Her tits were jiggling back and forth each time I rammed into her, and she was screaming louder and louder." Francesca's moans were growing now too, as Peter expertly slid his cock into her. His free hand played wondrously on her clit as he fingered her while his cock reamed out her cunt. She wiggled her hips beneath him as he fucked her, his thrusts slamming his cock into her hard and fast. Short, muffled gasps escaped her lips as his cock plowed into her. Her nails traced across his back as he thrust himself deep inside her cunt.

"Oh, Peter! That's it, that's what I want!" she cried. "Tell me more, tell me how good it felt to fuck that little slut, I want to hear it! Oh, God! Peter! Do it to me, baby! Do it to me like you did it to her!"

Peter grunted softly as he continued. Just remembering back to how good a lay Grace was that day was a turn on by itself, now he was vocalizing his thoughts while fucking Francesca's hot pussy. This was amazing! And she wanted to hear more, while he was giving it to her. His gaze took in the lovely sight of Francesca's tits jiggling with each of his thrusts, and he let his mind wander back to that memorable time with Grace. "Oh, Francesca, it was wonderful," he began. "Feeling her hot wet cunt wrapped around my cock, it was delightful. As I looked down at her, I could see her other man's cum still dripping out of her, that had to be the best lube a pussy could get. Her little fuck hole was so loose from being used, I imagined that she felt just like a whore would feel. That's what she was to me that day, anyway, just a cheap little whore who would give it up to anyone. While I was fucking her cunt, I could just visualize her ex doing the same thing to her, I could see her, in my mind's eye, spreading her legs and taking his cock the same way she was taking mine. Just knowing that right before I got to do her that she had let another man fuck her was an incredible turn on. She was screaming as she came for me, and I knew that she screamed like that for him too. I was thrusting into her faster and faster; I could feel the warm wetness of her pussy juices and his cum all along the shaft of my cock with each thrust. There was so much of his sticky cum, I asked her if she had let him cum outside her, but she told me that no, he shot his load inside her cunt, and that's what she wanted me to do as well. She wanted to have his cum and mine mixed together inside her pussy, she wanted to have both of our cum filling up her hot little hole. Hearing her telling me all of this was driving me over the edge, just as she told me that he got to fuck her twice, fill her cunt to overflowing with his cum, I came inside her, pumping every drop of my cum into that well used pussy.

With every thrust into her, every spasm of my cock inside her I could feel my hot wad spurting out. I gasped as I finally pulled my cock out of her, watching my fresh cum dripping out of her cunt, dripping onto her thighs, mixing with his cumshot. Grace looked so slutty laying there on her back, she was caressing her tits and playing with her nipples, and she had all that cum dripping out of her sweet cunt. I couldn't help but watch, and she treated me by just laying there, letting me look at her, see that well worn cunt with all that sticky cum dripping out-Oh God! Francesca! Oh yeah! Oh God yes!"

With that, Peter's frantic thrusts into Francesca's hot little box paid off. He came deep inside his lover's pussy filling her up the same way he had done Grace, his cries of pleasure as he came sounding out with hers. Francesca bucked her hips against his, thrusting her pussy upwards at Peter's cock while he came, her arms wrapped tightly around his back, forcing his mouth down onto her tits. Her cries of passion rang through Peter's ears, until the two breathless lovers collapsed in each other's arms. Slowly, Peter rolled off of her, righting himself so that he could see down between her legs. Her sweet cunt was dripping with his cum, her pussy lips swollen from her exertions, and Peter had to admit that there couldn't be a sexier view in all the world than a well-fucked cunt.

"Enjoying the view?" Francesca interrupted his reverie. Teasingly, she angled her body over so that he was looking directly into her cum soaked pussy.

"Mmm, yeah, baby," was his reply as he smiled longingly at her.

"Good, because sweetie," she intoned. "I'm so horny from all that hot talk, and as soon as you feel up to it," Francesca reached for his cock once again. "I think I need you to fuck the hell out of my pussy again and again." Her hand gently stroked the slick shaft of his cock. "Maybe all night long. Think you're up to it?"

Peter stiffened slightly at her touch. As he bent over to kiss her again, he smiled at the promise of the night that lay before him. "Yeah baby, I think so. I think I could fuck your cunt all night long."

She tugged slightly on his cock, and smiled at his reaction as she drew him near to her again. "Oh yeah? Well, talk is cheap, babe." What happened next was a night that both of them would relive time and time again.


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