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Hostile Takeover
Ch. III: Taming Fiona
by Whispersecret

Copyright 2000 by the author. All rights reserved.

When Frank Sheridan delivered the brandy to his daughter’s bedroom, Rockwell ordered him to return to his "post" and then closed the door on him. He examined the bottle by the light of one of the many candles in the room. Sheridan hadn’t skimped. Smart man.

Rockwell set the bottle and glasses on the side table. Bright light spilled from the bathroom where Fiona was still in the shower. She would be vigorously scrubbing away all traces of his cum from her body. He decided to check on her.

The shower was luxuriously oversized with twin nozzles and a built-in marble bench. Through the steamy glass doors, Rockwell had a hazy view of Fiona. She was facing away from him, just standing under twin jets, letting the opposing streams of water pour over her. She’d pinned her hair up, allowing him a tantalizing view of her back and deliciously rounded ass. His mouth almost watered as he thought about licking between her cheeks, feeling the puckered hole of her anus with his tongue.

Time for Round Three.

Rockwell took a moment to stab the appropriate button on the bathroom intercom. Then, his eyes on her lush naked body, he started stroking his hardening cock.

She hadn’t noticed him yet. Reaching for the soap, she began to rub the white bar over her skin, working up a lather. She soaped her arms and shoulders, caressed her own breasts, making the nipples stiffen. Fuck, she had a great set of tits. He couldn’t wait to squeeze them again, feel them overflow his hands, feel the hard nipples rub his palms. His mouth went dry when she reached down to wash her pussy. Her fingers delving between her legs and then around and between the twin globes of her firm young ass finally drove him to movement.

With a swift jerk, he opened the shower door and entered the steamy enclosure. Fiona spun around with a gasp. When she noticed his raging hard-on, thrusting outward like a steel pole, she backed up against the tile.

"What are you doing? I thought you said I could take a shower!" In a charmingly modest gesture, she crossed her arms across her soapy breasts.

Rockwell gave her a predatory smile. "Turn around."

Clutching the soap, she did as she was told, which was encouraging. The hot water cascaded down on them both now and the heat felt marvelous. How convenient that she had a shower large enough for a group. He placed his hands on her hips and stroked her smooth soapy skin. The head of his stiff prick poked her ass cheeks. Stepping closer, he nestled it snugly between.

"Let’s fuck, Fiona." He knew Sheridan would be listening by now and he wanted her father to know what was in store. "This time you tell me how you want to do it."

Rockwell slid his hands up her torso until he had her full breasts in his grip. He squeezed them to his heart’s content, groaning when her nipples stiffened. As he rolled them between his fingers, he bent over and bit her neck gently. Fiona began to pant and he felt her hips move against him.

"Tell me how you want it, Fiona. Tell me exactly how you want me to fuck you."

Keeping one hand on her plump breast, he slid the other down and found her clit. Tweaking her nipples and stimulating her stiff little button, he soon had her squirming with pleasure in his arms. Her cleft was slippery with her arousal, inviting him to slip a finger inside her.

"I was going to fuck your ass tonight," he said huskily, "but I think I’ll save that for later." Rockwell was startled to feel her cunt clamp around his finger as he said that.

"What was that?" He chuckled. "You like that idea, don’t you?"

She only turned her face away.

He took his finger from her pussy and circled the pinched hole of her virgin ass. She shuddered in his arms and a low moan rippled from her throat. Smiling to himself, he slicked up his finger and pushed it into her asshole. She moaned louder. Keeping his finger in her ass, he reached around with his other hand and plunged a couple of fingers into her pussy.

"You’re wet, Fiona," he murmured into her ear. "Very, very wet for me."

"No," she mumbled weakly. "No, don’t...don’t make me..."

Rockwell pumped his finger in and out of her asshole and laughed. "I don’t have to make you do anything at all, my dear. You’re soaking wet for me, and not just because of the shower. Your clit is throbbing against my finger and your heart is racing. It’s quite obvious you want me to fuck the hell out of your ass."

Fiona took him completely by surprise when she elbowed him sharply in the ribs. She jerked herself out of his embrace, causing his fingers to pop out of her cunt and anus. Her eyes blazing with fury, she spun around and faced him.

"Shut up, damn you! Just shut up and stop it! I don’t like any of the things you’re making me do!" she shrieked. "This—this isn’t my fault!"

Her voice shook with emotion. Her chest heaved from the fervor of her outburst. "You’re holding me against my will. Just taking me whenever and however you want. There’s something wrong with you. You’re the one who’s sick! You — you’re the psychotic asshole getting his kicks from raping a defenseless woman!"

A muscle twitched in Rockwell’s cheek. He stared at her, unblinking. As she stood under the pelting stream of water, she took a tiny step backward, apparently realizing she’d made a mistake.

"I don’t think you understand the situation here, Fiona." He pinned her with a rigid stare and took her by the arms, holding her in a steely grip. "I am in charge here. You are here for my enjoyment. I bought you." He paused to let that sink in. "What’s more, you liked what I did to you before. You fucking loved it, but you’re too afraid to admit it."

She gaped at him in shock and shook her head vigorously.

"Yes, Fiona. Don’t lie to yourself. You begged me to fuck you."

She shook her head again and covered her ears with her hands. "No! Stop saying that!"

He grabbed her wrists and yanked her hands away from her ears. "You came, Fiona." His face was inches away from hers. His voice came out with all the force of a locomotive. "You came twice. I fucked you and you liked it!"

She was crying in earnest now, her naked body shaking. She stammered almost hysterically, "NO! I’m n-not like that! I’m not! No woman in her right mind could like that, you sadistic son of a bitch!"

"You haven’t the slightest idea what sadistic is, Fiona!" he shouted. "But you’re about to learn."

Rockwell was unable to control his anger. He had done his best to help her enjoy this as much as he was, and she was throwing it in his face. All he could think about was teaching her a lesson.

He forced her down to her knees and jabbed her face with his pole. She flinched from it, so he fisted a hand in her ebony hair and pulled back so that her chin tilted up and he could clearly see her luminous green eyes.

"Suck it." His voice left no room for indecision on her part.

He braced himself, with the other hand against the tile wall in front of him and his feet against the marble bench. This angled his body for more extreme penetration. His lips twitched in a triumphant smile as she opened her mouth and he shoved his cock inside.

This time, his sole intent was to use her for his own pleasure. Plunging deeply, he concentrated on the sight of his prick disappearing completely into the carnal heat of her mouth. His heavy balls slapped against her chin each time he rammed himself down her throat. After only a couple of minutes, with a tortured groan he pulled out, leaving her coughing and gasping for breath. His crimson cock stood up at an angle, throbbing and wet.

"Stand up and turn around."

After she obeyed, he grasped her hip and pushed on her shoulder to bend her forward. A couple of nudges with his foot got her to spread her legs. Perfect. Clearly visible, her shaven pussy was a pouty, sleek target. Bending his knees slightly, he angled the head of his cock at her entrance and shoved.

This was not the provocative, indulgent coupling he’d given her earlier. He paid no attention to her pleasure; this time he didn’t care if she came or not. All he wanted was to exert his mastery over her. This was pure animal fucking-- male using female with aggressive fury. He pounded against her so hard that her feet fleetingly left the floor with each thrust. He punctuated his invasion with loud rhythmic grunts, partly because it felt so damn good, and partly because he knew Daddy was listening in.

"You’re so...uuh!...fucking...uuh!...tight," he ground out the words between grunts.

In a matter of moments, he felt his cum surge up through his shaft and shoot out like a geyser. As he spurted deep into her pussy, he held her immobile, her face pressed up against the tile. The water continued to cascade down their bodies in scalding rivulets, the steam sequestering them in obscurity.

After catching his breath, he pulled out. Fiona slumped to the floor of the shower where she curled up in the corner, her legs bent and her arms wrapped around her knees. He tried to ignore her. Picking up the soap from the floor where she had dropped it, he washed himself vigorously.

He was still angry. He’d been more than ready to indulge her and fuck her ass until she sobbed her pleasure. She’d so obviously wanted that, and he had felt strangely eager to please her. He had felt almost impatient with the need to make her cum again and again. But then she’d pissed him off, refusing to admit that she wanted him.

He glanced at her. Fiona was huddled in a sodden little ball on the floor and he wondered if he’d made a mistake. Rockwell cursed inwardly. Admitting he was wrong wasn’t something that came easily to him, but he couldn’t deny the fact that he now doubted his rough treatment of her had been deserved.

He rinsed, left the shower, and grabbed a towel for himself. This is ridiculous, he thought as he dried off. He would not feel badly about what had just happened. Fiona had needed that lesson so that she could move on and fully enjoy what was to come. He delighted in giving women as many climaxes as they could endure, but Fiona was clinging to some antiquated persona of purity and goodness. She had no business adhering to such nonsense when clearly she possessed a highly sexual spirit with the potential to enjoy so many varied pleasures.

He watched her through the steamy glass as she got to her feet sluggishly and opened her mouth under the shower nozzle, letting it spill over with hot water. Then she buried her face in her hands and cried, her shoulders rounding inward and shaking with her sobs. He felt a lurch in his heart as he watched her.

"Fuck," he said under his breath.

After a long moment, she finally turned off the taps. He fetched one of the gigantic bath sheets for her and held it open for her when she opened the shower door. Silently she allowed him to enfold her within its fluffy confines. He took another smaller towel and dried her hair with it. He was completely mystified as to where this protective behavior was coming from, but he couldn’t muster any resistance. With an arm about her shoulders, he guided her to the bed.

"No restraints for now." He gestured for her to get under the covers and then poured her a glass of brandy. "Drink this. Then we should both get some sleep."

Fiona drank deeply of the brandy. She wasn’t normally a fan of the stuff, but she wasn’t going to be choosy. Anything that would dull her senses at this point was welcome. The liquor lit a fire as it traveled down her throat and she savored the warmth of it in the pit of her belly.

She should have been furious. The man had just raped her in her own shower. He’d unloaded his sperm in her and left her there on the floor. But she just couldn’t work up the energy required for a rage. She could barely move at all. Her arms and legs felt leaden and her mind seemed numb. The clock read four forty-five. No wonder she felt so exhausted.

Rockwell walked about the room, extinguishing the candles. He left only one burning next to the bed.

"Where are you going to sleep?"

"Here, of course." He joined her under the covers, lounging comfortably with his own goblet of brandy.

"Of course," she said tiredly. "What was I thinking? There are only ten other bedrooms you could use."

She scooted down until her head rested on the pillow, then primly pulled the covers up to her chin. There was a residual stickiness on her inner thighs and her pussy ached a little. She tried to ignore it. As she closed her eyes, she thought about turning away from him, but who knew what ideas he’d get from that. She closed her eyes firmly and tried to sleep.

Rockwell took his time finishing his brandy. It wasn’t long before her rhythmic breathing signaled her descent into dreams. Looking at her lovely face, relaxed in repose, he felt strangely sated--almost content or even peaceful, if that were possible for him.

Usually there wasn’t a waking moment when he wasn’t thinking in some way about extending his already tremendous reach in the corporate arena to make more money. He ate, drank, and breathed business. Even during sex he would sometimes find himself reasoning out the answer to a problem. In fact, his appetite for sexual satisfaction was the only thing that equaled his lust for wealth and power.

But since he’d arrived, the outside world seemed nonexistent, as if he and Fiona were suspended in a dimension of desire and sensuality. He knew his vast corporate organization continued without him, as well it should. He hired only the most competent executives, who, if put to the test, could probably run everything for several weeks without him. But for once, his mind was free from the burdens of business. He wasn’t sure that he was comfortable with that.

After pinching out the flame of the last candle, he took a deep breath and lay down himself. Perhaps he had over-exerted himself tonight. A good night’s sleep and a hearty breakfast should do the trick. By mid-morning his vigor would be restored, he would be his old self, ready for further carnal exploration with Fiona.

To Be Continued...

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