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How to Keep Your Wife Happy
by Softly

John and Ellen were our favorite swinger friends. One evening I ask John how they got into the lifestyle. John laughed and said, "That is quite a story." I said, "Please tell me."

John and Ellen married when he was a pilot. He was not making much money, so they had one car that he used to go to and from the airport. When their child was two, he was hired by a regional airline, based in Winston-Salem, NC. The first year, airline pilots still make a low wage, and now he flew a set schedule that had him away from home four nights a week. Ellen seemed to think that he was having sex with a different woman each night. It was not the case, but she had little money to do anything, and a lot of time on her hands. John reasoned that he had to distract her with something exciting. He came up with a plan.

John knew that in two years he would be making three times what he now was. Further, that with some seniority, he could bid a much nicer town to live in. Therefore, he knew that soon everyone he knew in Winston-Salem would no longer live anywhere near he and Ellen. He wanted Ellen to have an affair, but he was not comfortable with it being just one man. He arranged a meeting with three close friends, who all knew Ellen. There was Tom Berry, the owner of the house he rented, who also owned a furniture store. Jim Peters, a local banker, and Jerry Gorden, a real estate broker. All were out and about various times of the day. He told them that he wanted all of them to have sex with Ellen. He would send a card with his away dates marked. They would have to seduce her, each in his own way. To keep track of their success, he provided each of them with small stars, each man getting a different color, that they were to put on a street sign near the home, each time that they were successful.

Ellen was not a beautiful woman, but she had a sexy mouth and eyes. Men who met her always mummer to themselves, "Boy, I would like to do her one time." Tom, Jim and Jerry were no exception, so they gladly agreed to try to get it on with Ellen.

Jim knocked on Ellen's door two days later. He said that he was looking for John. Ellen got him some coffee. They kidded and them Jim said, "Ellen," I have time to give you a beef injection!" Ellen laughed it off as just talk, but she thought about it later. John and Ellen went to a party attended by all concerned that Saturday. Tom, Jim and Jerry rubbed her vagina with their legs, her tits with their arms, their hands rubbed her fanny. By eleven, Ellen's under pants were soaking. He face did not show it but she was very horny.

Tom Berry stopped on Wednesday. He knew that their bed was a junk double bought at a garage sale. He told Ellen that he needed to check the fire alarm in the bedroom. While in the bedroom, he mentioned to Ellen that he had a king sized bed on sale for $800.00 Would she like to see it? "I can't afford it Tom", she said. Tom talked her into riding the two miles to his store to look. The bed and headboard were wonderful. Tom brought Ellen into his office and told her that if she would let him use the bed with her that it would cost just $100.00. it was three minutes before Ellen said, "No." But she sure thought about it for the next week. Tom agreed with John that if she "bought" the bed that John could pay him $400.00.

The next Wednesday Tom dropped by and kidded Ellen that John must have some real hot times in far away cities. That did it. Ellen said, on the spur of the moment, "Lets go get the bed, Tom." The bed was delivered at 4;30. Tom knew the baby was put in bed at 8:00. Ellen, as nervous as a cat, was drying off from her shower when the door bell rang at 8:30.. In her robe, she let Tom in and make a drink for him. John was only the second man she had sleep with. Tom was to be the third. She and Tom made small talk and kissed gently for ten minutes. Ellen did not know what to do next. Tom kissed her hand, and led her to the bed room. Ever so gently, he removed her robe and looked at the woman, he had hungered for. Undressed, he lay next to her and kissed her, while gently caressing her zones of pleasure. No hurry, John would not return for three days. Ellen was torn between being a faithful wife and wanting Tom to enter her. She spread her legs to allow him to position his penis. Inch by inch it was pushed into her. Warm, and giving her vaginal stimulation, it caused her to moan softly and turn her head sideways. He was a good lover, who knew exactly how to play a woman's vagina like a fine violin. She sweat, moaned, screamed, and clawed him as she flowed from the peak of one orgasm to another. She gave him a deep French kiss while he cum in her. After he left, Ellen lay on her back, naked and went over the day in her mind. Sleep came and she woke herself humping the bed.

At 9:30 AM Friday Ellen had just put on her robe, after taking a shower. She had dropped her baby at day care, and walked a mile. Jerry Gordon, who had seen the star on the sign thought to himself, if Tom can fuck her, I sure can. Ring, Ring. Ellen opened the door. "Hi Jerry, how are you, John is not home."

Jerry just powered right through her like real estate men often do. "Here to see you Ellen," he said as he reached for the sash of her robe. With sash untied, her robe opened, displaying Ellen's body from her B cup breasts to her neatly shaved pubic area. As she reached behind her to regain the sash ends, Jerry slid the robe off her shoulders, which effectively locked her arms at her side. He put his arms around her and gave her a kiss. Thinking the lack of arm movement indicated that she wanted him to take her, he carried her to the bed, and rolled her on to it. She rolled face down, with her arms still constrained. Clothes off, and eight inch cock at full erection, Jerry rolled her over and after running his cock up and down her slit, thrust his member into her. Her child had opened her vagina enough so that he did not hurt.

"That was easy",J erry thought. "What on earth is going on", passed through Ellen's mind. Jerry was in no hurry and he settled into a slow rocking motion. Ellen had never had anything bigger then six inches. Jerry's eight plunging gently out and then in caused her loins to feel good, then her clitoris to swelled along with her vagina lips. Then she felt her womb tighten and vagina wall constrict. She lifted her legs high and whispered, "push Jerry, push it all in me!" Her orgasm lasted well over six minutes. She came again just before Jerry drained his dick into her. Jerry was a happy boy as he put his star on the sign.

"Holy shit" Jim said to himself when he saw two different colored stars on the sign. Ellen and John had been to Jim's cottage on the lake just three miles from their home. He phoned Ellen and told her that he was going to the camp in a few minutes, would be there for a couple hours, would she and the baby like to go for a swim. It was 90 degrees, so Ellen gladly accepted. Ellen and the baby played in the water, while Jim mowed and cleaned the yard. In her bikini, she put the baby down for a nap, and fixed lunch. After eating and showering, Jim said that he had to show her something. She was ahead of him as they entered the bedroom. Jim untied her top, which fell to the floor. Ellen turned to face Jim. "Jim, I didn't come here to cheat on John."

Jim responded, "It's cheating when you have one lover, but only enjoying your sexuality when you enjoy yourself with good friends." Ellen was no fool, it was not a coincidence that these three men were coming on to her so strong. She could only conclude that they each knew she had enjoyed the others.

"Would they inform John if she resisted them?" She realized that it was in her best interest to satisfy the sexual desires of the three men. Jim saw the change of her expression as she lowered her suit bottom. She had never had a penis in her mouth, but she knew men liked it, so she kissed and licked Jim's penis. Jim wanted vaginal penetration, so he lifted her and placed her on the bed. Ellen used every trick she had ever learned, and succeeded in bringing Jim to cum in her three times during the next hour. She too enjoyed herself. With three strange men bedded in a three week time period, she had gained knowledge of how her body responded, and she relished the surge of orgasm. Another star was added to the sign.

John noticed the growing number and colors of stars. In each case he had found a time to tell Ellen that Jim, Jerry and Tom were really great guys, and he thought that it was great that they stopped over so often. Jim Jerry and Tom, on the other hand, were trading information as to what produced the most action out of Ellen. They also had discovered that she never said no. The following Friday, at 8:00 PM, all three appeared at her door. "Whoa, this is a whole different thing", Ellen thought. She got them wine and wondered what if anything, they had in mind. After the second glass of wine, Tom took her hand and led her to the bed. He undressed her and the other two men sat in chairs watching. Tom begin to eat her pussy. She looked at Jim and Jerry and tried to push Tom's head away from her love spot. But, his mouth is on her clit. Its sucking on her clit, and his tongue is thrusting up her tunnel. Her head goes back as a moan escapes her lips. Her loins are swelling as her hips begin to undulate.

Clearly, she speaks, "Take me, all of you please take me as your slut and fuck me as fast as you can. Please. Tom's cock slides into her as her moan begins nonstop. No mouth, no fanny, just vaginal sex, but oh so wonderful. They each used her three times over the next ninety minutes. Three new stars appear. John notices that Ellen is very happy and never complains, like before, about his trips.

It did not escape George Washington Cater that the white lady was having different men visit her at odd hours. George, eighteen, was just six foot tall. His nickname among his buddies was "meat." For good reason. "it" was 12 inches long and three inches thick. The window into the bedroom was open two inches when George checked it with his video camera in hand. It was the night that Jerry, Tom and Jim had all pleasured Ellen, so George got ninety minutes of close up action complete with voice recording that captured every word. Aware of when John was out of town, he waited until 9:30 PM the following Wednesday. That was after the visitors would come, if they were coming.

Ring, Ring. Ellen answered the door. "What can I do for you George", she said.

"Missy, there is a tape you should see." Into it a few minutes, Ellen fully understood what the entire contents of this vivid movie would be. Glancing at George and seeing the large tent forming in his lap, she knew that she was about to have a new experience. Anything to persuade this boy not to make her the porn star of the area. She whispered, "come into my bedroom, George." She slipped out of her robe, and lay on the bed, as George undressed. It was when he dropped his underpants that Ellen gasped. His penis hung almost to his knees. There was no use saying anything as he climbed onto the bed. He had dreamed of eating this sweet white pussy, so he busied himself with that pleasure. He was so engrossed with her pussy that he would have stayed on it for thirty minutes if not for Ellen reaching a strong orgasm that sent a cup of her juices into his mouth. On his knee, he twisted and pulled her breasts.

Ellen placed her hand on his cock. It was even bigger to hold then it appeared from across the room.. George lowered the head of his cock to the entrance of her pussy. Using both hands to spread her lips, he eased the tip to the entrance. He begin the very slow push and wait game he knew it would take to enter her. He had only had one fuck before because he could not get anything into most woman. The only reason he had a chance to penetrate Ellen was because she had given birth. A short thrust gained a half inch. This was done over and over again during the next ten minutes until ten of George 12 inches were in Ellen's pussy. Ellen had gone from being very tense to pulling on George's ass as her vagina reacted to the stimulation of this warm intruder. At eighteen, George could hold off no longer. He shifted his ass into high gear and begin to run the whole length of his manhood into and out of Ellen. his 12 "pushed her uterus and felt like it was going into her chest. Only Ellen can properly describe the resulting orgasm, but to the two black kids taking pictures outside the window, it seemed her wails would wake the people in the graveyard next to the house. There was now two videos.

For the next year and one half, when John was out of town, Ellen would take her child to day care. Have sex with Jerry, Tom or Jim during the day and then one or all of the three black boys during the evening. John's transfer came through. Ellen left town, and all those that she was fucking. For a while, she enjoyed having a lot of time with no call on her to see anyone or be anywhere. After six months, she bought a "butterfly" for masturbation. Using it, she would fantasize being back with one of the six men that had pleasured her..

John mentioned that he found an interesting group of swingers with his computer. She made sure that they joined and became very active, so here we are.

At that, John said, "Oh say, where is Ellen?" I said, "She is in the downstairs bedroom with two men, John." We went down and took some pictures that I e-mail to friends that want to meet her too. Softly, UB 2


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