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How To Pick Up a Woman for Sex
by SEAL 6

W.G.M.A.T.A.T.S.: Unofficial SEAL Team Six motto: We Get More Ass Then A Toilet Seat. When you think of the SEALs, you picture a military unit, guns blazing, advancing against an enemy. We do that. But, we also travel throughout the world, with documents identifying us as business men, travelers, tourists, or reporters, not necessarily American. We wear unconventional clothes and are unconventional groomed. Several of us may converge in an area using different airlines or modes of travel so that we may operate undercover. We have no trouble passing through the airport metal detectors carrying guns, knives, or bombs. We are, after all, supplied by the Christians-In-Action. CIA.

Spending this amount of time away has provided us with the time and opportunity to refine the process of moving a woman from meeting to bed with the least wasted effort. The system is simple, easy, and should result in your having sex one out of every three nights that you try.

The rules of engagement are: Target is a woman, clean, between eighteen and sixty, weighting less then one hundred eighty pounds. Your pride is no factor. One night stand, while providing false identification, yet securing all her information for possible use by you or others another day. If you are successful in getting the woman in bed, you must bring her to orgasm and delay as long as possible your enjoyment. Once sexed properly, the target may be available for years.

You. It is extremely important that you are freshly scrubbed, nails clean, fresh shave, cologne, and you have a breath mints with you. Your clothes should reflect what a traveling business man would wear if he left his motel for a drink.

Motel. If in fact you are traveling, your choice of motel should be as near as possible to my suggested meeting place. I will add instructions for the "local guys" later.

Meeting Place. In every city there are several bars, taverns, and lounges. Surprisingly, each has a well defined clientele. The local bar has the local regulars that leave their home, just to get out and go sit sipping on their beer. The twenty one to twenty five year old kids have a loud crowded place where you can't find a place to sit. What you are looking for is the lounge, with a dance floor, soft music, that caters to the professional men and woman from age twenty seven and up. Where will the thirty five year old female real estate woman go for a drink with her present lover? If you find this as part of a motel, or next door, smile big guy.

Why is the woman at this place? What ever the reason, she did not go out tonight with the thought that she would pick up a man and have sex with him. Possible reasons: Business, place to gossip with girl friends, pick up a professional man for relationship, flirt and play woman games with men. Some woman just want to dance or be seen. Bad relationship with husband or boyfriend, so wants love. The important thing is that she is there.

Normal operation: You arrive and go sit where you can observe all the seating areas. There will be thirty five single guys, each who has left his motel room in hopes for having sex, but has no plan except to ask the prettiest woman.. There are twenty woman, in groups of two to four. The men will be looking over the woman to determine which one they really, really would like to bed. The woman will look over the field of men to determine who is the most attractive. Remember this point. There is also an understood pecking order by both men and woman as to who might be available to them. If Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt are in a place and I see Elizabeth Shue, I am not going to waste any time working on her, since those guys would have first dibs. You are going to have sex tonight because you will short circuit that system by coming on to a woman that does not expect you to be attracted to her..

What you do is look over the largest group of woman. You go over and ask the least attractive woman to dance. Yes, the least attractive. While dancing, you have eyes only for her. Get her to talk about herself, and keep the conversation about her. Be attentive and try to get invited to sit at her table. This may take a few dances. If she tells you anything that would make her unavailable that evening, excuse yourself and try the next group. If you get to sit with them, keep your eyes on her. If she is number four in their pecking order, one, two, and three will be pushed out of shape that you choose her. The better looking you are, the more this effect occurs. Find out as soon as possible who is the driver. Hard to pick up that woman. If your Target is the driver if she has any interest in being with you after she drops off the others.

The other three will look at the men there and decide if you are more attractive then the field, especially after talking to you some. Their body language will tell you what they think. If they are turned sideways, looking away from the table, then they are letting "four" have you. If they turn square facing to you, they have signaled that they will try to take you from four. In either case, the woman you are talking to, is flattered by your attention and really really likes it that she has upended the pecking order and has attracted this man - you. Do not abandon your girl unless she is the driver, or you are certain that the new choice is a sure thing to go with you to bed. Be aware that the process for a woman in the selection of a man that she will allow to bed her goes like this: He is reasonably attractive. He is well spoken. He is happy and makes her comfortable. He smells good. His circumstances are such that he won't interfere with her current life. She can meet him in a way where her friend don't think badly of her. There is a safe, secluded place for intimacy. As you spend time with her and she warms up, you must tell her that you would like to spend some time with her to plant the idea, and provide time for her to consider her options. It also gives her time to get horny.

Horny. Yes, woman like sex. If the Target is thirty five, she has gone to bed with twenty five men. Once she leaves the lounge with you, it is a done deal. Her motive by then can be any number of thing from pure sex, show her friends that she can, get to know you better, etc.There is an interesting woman sexual factor that the doctors are beginning to pay more attention to, that once was called the "seven year itch." Doctors now believe that when a woman's children are about seven, that something inside her tells her to have sex with a man other then her husband to spread her gene pool. An amazing fact has surfaced since the compiling of DNA family relationships information has become common. Ten percent of the children of married couples in the United States have DNA that could not come from the husband. Ten percent!

If your progress with this group goes sour for any reason, immediately go sit at the bar for one dance, and then approach another group. Don't waste time. It makes no difference how many "no thanks" you get. What counts is one "yes." No one knows you or cares.

Who you are? In your travels, go out of your way to collect the business cards of important men. Manager of this, or President of that. Use a card index to age them, so no one will connect them to you. Have a card with you and become that person. Go over your cover story, in detail, before you meet with a Target. Depending on your age, and the Targets home facts, it may be better to be married. In most cases, she would not go to bed with a guy that she will see every day unless she is husband hunting. A married woman likes the idea that you will gone by morning and have reasons not to talk about an affair with her, if you get my gist. The more important the new you is, the more reasons for the Target to respect you and want to be with you. There are a lot of woman out there that will gladly give sex if they think the man is a potential provider of the good thing that money can buy, even if only once every two months. The last thing you want is a Target phoning your residence. Your wife or girl friend will not think it is funny. Tell the Target that you come to the area every other month. That does not crowd her, yet offers the chance of an ongoing relationship that she can control.

Local Guys: You must drive to a town or city at least thirty miles from your home area to be able to play the role of a man from out of town. Arrive in the area early to locate the nearest motel to the pick up point. Be prepared to pay cash. Rarely can a Target take you to her residence, safely. The test is; what are the chances of you bumping into someone that says, "Aren't you Sally Jones husband?

A woman that lets you bed her once, will probably allow it many more times if you provide the following: You are VERY considerate of her wants and desires in bed. Foreplay, foreplay, foreplay. Tell her how much you enjoy being with her. Never thank her. Pick out some feature that turns you on, and talk about that. When you are finished, consider her every need until she is gone or you have delivered her to her place.. Find out about her home life, and determine the best way to contact her again. Could be a e-mail to her at work from a weight loss group, signed by "Sue". Could be a message to her on her home computer from someone with a number in the message section. It must appear innocent, and under no circumstances, should you do anything that will tarnish her reputation or disturb her marriage. You should have a e-mail address at Yahoo or Hotmail that can be used by Target to contact you. Use a lot of thought setting this up, since the Targets may be trying to contact you by any number of names. "Smith Investments", Ted Smith. Take notes, in code, so that you remember that her husband is on the road on Wednesday or works the second shift every other month. You can't have too much detail. You may have two or three Targets engaged at one time and it is a no no to call Betty by the name Joann.

An added story. One of our people looked exactly like Kenny Rodgers. He had his hair and beard groomed like Kenny, even colored gray, and bought tapes of Kenny so that he could sound like him. He had business cards made up with Kenny's name and address in Branson. He was challenged one day as to how many woman he could bed in one night. We were in Phoenix. He had sex with four different woman that night. It is a tough job, being a SEAL, but somebody has to do it.

You can contact me at: We would like to hear from you about how this worked for you. If you have suggestions, pass them on also. SEALs never stop learning.


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