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Hitting the Showers
by Steplianna

i get out of the school's pool frustrated that i am not swimming as fast as i should be and head for the showers, forgetting that because of a plumbing problem in the boys locker room, i should be paying attention to the clock which would let me know when it is the girls turn to use the showers.

sighing as i step under the warm spray, i feel the tension drain out of my muscles and moan lightly in pleasure as the hot pulsing spray sends water down in pulsing waves over my tits causing them to harden into rosy peaks.

i slide one strap of my suit down over my shoulder and down my arm until it is off. i whimper as the water shoots over my bare nipple and gasp as it swells even more, growing more and more sensitive with each pulse of the shower. determined to ignore the sensations, i slide my suit the rest of the way off and reach for my body puff and body wash and begin lathering up my body.

after soaping up my arms, i slide the puff down over my right breast. my knees buckle slightly and i whimper, moving the puff to lather up my other breast. as i circle it around my tit, the circles getting smaller and smaller, i can feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter and feel my pussy lips swell in their eagerness.

i arch my back, moaning and gasping as i continually run the puff over my nipples, the rough material of the puff chafing them in the most delicious way and i can feel my pussy juice starting to run down my thigh and the continual begging of my pussy for attention. lost in the sensations, i do not notice that the door to the locker room has opened and that the guys who have entered are all now wrapped in towels for their showers and watching my actions avidly. nor do i hear you put aside your towel and walk silently up behind me.

the second the puff touches the lips of my pussy, i feel your hands close around my waist. shrieking in fright i try to turn around but you prevent me from turning with one hand while the other slides down over mine at my pussy, kneading my pussy strongly and firmly with your hand.

my gasps of fear immediately turn into gasps of pleasure and my free arm wraps around your neck and my hips eagerly grind my pussy into your hand. i can feel your hard dick, hot and hard and huge against my ass as you lean closer kissing my neck.

suddenly you take both of our hands away from my pussy and i cry out in frantic desperation and confusion of why you stopped. placing a hand at my hip and another at the small of my back, you urge me to bend forward and place my hands around the vertical hand bar telling me that if i let go you will stop. immediately my hands wrap around the bar in a death grip.

slowly--too slowly--i feel your dick slide down the crack of my ass past my little hole to the heat of my pussy. fitting the head of your dick to my cunt, you ram your huge dick up my tight little cunt all the way to the hilt, your balls slap against my clit, enjoying the sounds of frantic ecstacy coming from my throat. quickly, you pull your dick out of my cunt and fuck me hard and fast for a few strokes making me moan like a nymphomaniac before pulling out all together.

screaming in frustration, i start begging you to let me cum. suddenly, i feel your dick against my little ass hole. stiffening in fear, i tell you no but you dont listen. you tell me to sshhhh that it would be ok and if i didnt let you i wouldnt be able to cum. reluctantly i bend farther, the water from the shower running down my back and into the crack of my ass.

slowly you begin to push your dick into my ass, stretching it until it is slightly painful as the head goes through. the other guys step closer in fascination as they watch your huge dick slowly inch its way up my virgin ass. at about halfway in, you angle your dick to a slightly different angle and suddenly the pain goes away only to be replaced by the greatest pleasure i have ever felt. instantly i am writhing and pleading, trying to get your dick the rest of the way up my ass and fuck me with it like you did my pussy.

sighing ecstatically when your dick is completely buried in my ass, i yelp in disappointment when you slide out only to squeal in delight when you ram it back in. setting up a rhythm that lets you fuck me hard and deep, you set to ramming your huge dick in and out of my ass.

by the fourth stroke, i am in the middle of the best orgasm of my life, screaming and moaning so loudly that you have to stick a finger in my mouth that i eagerly suck on as i cum. you grunt as you feel my ass contract around your dick and you just hold it buried in my ass enjoying the contractions. as i come down from my orgasm, you pull out and pick me up and carry me to the locker room bench that still has your towel laid across it.

setting me down on my back on the towel, my legs dangling on either side of the bench, my drenched pussy visible to all of the guys who have now crowded around the bench, their dicks tenting out all of their towels and most have already taken theirs off. you sit on the bench, wrapping my legs around your waist and slide me closer.

slowly you push your still hard dick into my pussy. my eyes flutter closed and i let out a long sigh of contented pleasure as i feel your huge dick invade my pussy again. the other guys all have their towels off now and have their hands wrapped around their dicks and are jacking them to the rhythm of your thrusting.

you start fucking me slowly but each thrust gets a little faster, my moans of encouragement driving you wild. i can feel the heat building inside me with each thrust of your dick until finally i let out a long cry and arch my body high off the bench and feel a spray of warm liquid land on my belly. as i come down again i look and see that the first of the spectators has cum.

moaning, i rub the cum into my skin bringing my hand up to taste the creamy liquid my eyes looking to yours the entire time and seeing the heat flare in your eyes as you fuck me harder and faster, yanking me on and off your dick.

with each thrust, more jizz from the audience lands on my body, some in my hair, on my face, my tits, and my stomach. eagerly, i rub it in to my skin and bring it to my lips to lick it off my hands and suck it from my fingers.

unable to control yourself anymore, you haul me up and my arms wrap around your neck as you kiss me hard, our tongues eagerly mimicking our lower bodies and neither of us noticing the jizz now adding to the friction of our bodies and rubbing into each others skin.

whimpering with each thrust, i claw at your shoulders and try to fuck you harder. your hand runs down my back and down the crack of my ass and you circle my ass hole with your finger before you send it up my ass.

suddenly i am screaming into your mouth and writhing wildly on top of you, cumming harder than ever before, and i dimly hear you shout and i feel your jizz shoot deep into my pussy causing me to keep cumming and cumming.

slowly we fall backward onto the bench, me still on top and as we try to regain our breath we hear the other guys applauding and cheering and we smile and laugh and all head for the showers...


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