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How to Prepare a Bride
for Sex with the Groom

by Softly

Mildred Adams and Liddy Van Freden were both domineering, rich bitches that ran roughshod over the wants and desires of their husbands and their children. So that they would not be bothered with the day to day troubles of raising their children, they had sent them away to private schools. Mildred's son Bertram was to graduate from MIT in June. Mary Sue, Liddy's daughter, was to graduate from High School in June also. Both woman thought they would make a nice couple, so they arranged for them to date when home on vacations. Mildred instructed Bertram on exactly what to say when he proposed marriage to Mary Sue. The wedding was set for June 15, which was two days after Mary Sue's 18 birthday.

When Mildred and her husband John were married, they went to Las Vegas for their honeymoon. They had received the "new married" treatment at the "Sensations Hotel". It included separating the new bride and groom. The bride was given an exotic drink, hot tub treatment and then a complete massage which included rubbing her down with fine oil. Then, wearing a sheer white "teddy" she went to the "brides bed room" to wait for her husband to enter and consummate their marriage.

Mildred told Liddy about it and informed her that she would have Bertram arrange it. Liddy thought it was a wonderful idea. Bertram looked up "Sensations" in Vegas and got a site for "Sensation Resort" He E-mailed them and informed them that he and his new bride would be there the afternoon of June15. He requested that his new bride be given the complete treatment as his mother had received years ago.

Terry Johnson read the e-mail from Bertram. "Another asshole has mistaken us for the 'Hotel', well, we can sure prepare his sweet unused pussy for him, if I can get them here" he thought. Terry had run the "Sensations Resort" for two years. They were a group of Las Vegas men that provided Gangbangs to ladies visiting the Vegas area. Most of these woman were experienced swingers.

Bertram read the response: "We are excited at the prospect of providing complete service to you and your new bride. Our Limo will meet you at Air Harbor, bring you to Sensations where you will be separated. Each of you will experience exotic fantastic treatment to prepare you to join as a true married couple at midnight. Please each sign the enclosed release which gives Sensations authority to prepare you both. Also, please provide pictures of you both. Respectfully, Mr. T. Johnson.

"Well, whatever" Bertram thought. Eight days later Terry received the contract and Mary Sue's picture. What he saw was a milky white female, medium size, long brown hair and huge tits. She seemed to be just a bit overweight. He would guess at 140 pounds. Those tits must be DD?

On June 3, Liddy had a talk to her daughter. Question and answers were: Ever had sex? No. Ever see a man's penis? No. Masturbate? Yes, with a hairbrush handle. Libby then told her daughter about the treatment that she was to receive at sensations. "Men will wash you, men will give you a massage and cover your body with oil You will be given nice drinks, then you will be taken to the bridal room where you will be prepared to receive sex from Bertram at midnight. "No matter what, Mary Sue, you are to do as instructed. It has been my dream for you to marry into Adam's money". "Yes, Mother!"

The wedding was beautiful. The couple, two untouched virgins, landed at 2:56 PM. The Limo brought them to the main entrance of "Sensations" at 3:34PM. Bertram was led to the left wing of the building by Ellen Duncan. Ellen, an experienced swinger, was to get Bertram strong drinks, get him drunk and let him fuck her until he fell asleep.

Terry and Jake led Mary sue to the hot tub. Dressed in white, sleeveless shirts and formal pants, they looked like normal hotel professional staff to Mary Sue. She undressed and climbed into the tub. Through the one way mirror, Jake and Terry's eyes went over their fuck to come. Huge tits that pointed straight out. Milky white skin. Total cunt bush that had never been trimmed. Perfect round ass, and long slender legs. From the look on her face, it was evident that she was virginal in all respects. Just eighteen, she would be so tight, tight indeed.

To be a member of "Sensation", you had to be no more then thirty-five years old, in shape, be attractive, and have at least eight firm hard inches of cock. Most had more, ten inches being the average size.

Terry told Mary Sue that it was time for her meal. She put on a robe and sat at a table overlooking the desert. Her drink, a vodka concoction had two valium pills in it. It and the fruit salad were tasty.

At exactly 5:00PM. Mary Sue was led to the massage table. She was embarrassed and turned red when the robe was removed and she was placed on the table. Both Men begin to rub her body. She wanted to run and hide, but she did as her mother ordered. When hands rubbed her breasts and the opening to her vagina with the oil, she felt a new feeling in her loins, a good feeling. Terry told her,"its time for you to go into the bridal room and be prepared to receive your husband." Robe on, excited, she followed them into the bridal room. Terry took her robe off and lowered her to the bed. Both he and Jake removed their clothes. Terry's nine thick inches were fully erect as was Jake's ten inches. Mary Sue, having no idea how big a man should be, just looked at them, not fully realizing that they booth would soon be in her virgin love tunnel. Both men climbed onto the bed and begin to suck on her tits. Hands ran up and down the insides of her leg. It felt so good. Terry told her to close her eyes, which she did. In her mind, she pictured these men playing with her body, and then her Bertram coming onto the scene to give her her first sex. A finger opened her cunt lips and did a dance around her clitoris. She moaned and opened her legs as her hips rolled up so the finger had better access. Her cunt became wet as it does when she put the hair brush handle in herself.

Terry was ready, as was Jake. Terry got between her legs and with his right hand guided his huge member to the mouth of Mary Sue's twat. His first push got the head in. The second ran five more inches in. Mary sue tried to close her legs. Jake got her by the ankles and pulled her legs up by her head. Her twat was now exposed for total penetration. Terry had Mary Sue's tight little ass in his hands as he let his ass rip down plunging all his meat into her. Mary Sue's cunt walls gripped his cock like hungry hands as she convulsed in her first penis induced orgasm. It blew Terry's mind that she could take all his meat and come so quick. Jake released her legs. Mary Sue did not know exactly how to fuck, but you had to give her an A for trying. She dug in her heel and tried to meet each of Terry's thrusts with a cunt-hip thrust. Terry's engorged cock tightened and he drove it deeply into her pussy as his wand spurted shot after shot of warm sperm into Mary Sue.

As he rolled off, Jake opened her white legs and thrust his pole into her. His ten thick inches filed every inch of her and batted her cervix to and fro. Her orgasm brought screams of pure joy to her lips that went on and on for several minutes. Ted and Bill's cocks were pulsating as they peered through the mirror. Naked, they went in as Jake was getting off this young virgin. Mary Sue was loving every minute of her preparation. When Bill came into view, she said," Oh yes, more" as she opened her legs to receive him and her arms reached around his back as his rammer plunged deep into her dark warm tight pussy. Surprised, Bill found that she was a good, tight fuck. Her little ass was busy going this way and that. They came together. In ten minutes, Ted was finished too. They left. Mary Sue went down the hall and spent ten minutes in the Hot tub, happy as a clam. She put on her robe and went exploring.

Mary Sue peeked into a room in the other wing. There on the bed was Bertram, fucking Ellen for all he was worth. "Oh, Good, they are preparing him for me" thought Mary Sue. She went downstairs where a swinger party was in progress. Twenty couples and eight single men were in the Blue room. Mary Sue went in wearing only her robe. Several of the single men gathered around her. One asked,"will you go into a private room with us?" Mary Sue did not know what "a private room" was but she said,"sure."

By the time she was led into the room all eight horny single men were with the group. When she turned around and her robe was removed her mouth fell open as all the men were removing their clothes. Some of the cock were as thick as your wrist, and all over eight inches. What followed was a pure breeding gang bang. This eighteen year old virgin had dicks in her mouth, cunt and ass for the next three hours. It was almost 4;00AM when she again climbed into the hot tub. Mary Sue was sore all over. At 4:15AM, she got in bed, naked. As she fell asleep, she thought, "I must be prepared for Bertram now."

Right at noon, she felt someone lifting the covers. Bertram begin to play with her tits and play with her pussy, she opened her legs and Bertram, for the first time put his penis in he bride. At least she thought he did. He pumped his little six inches in and out of her until he pumped his sperm in her. "Golly, Bertram must need more preparation", Mary Sue surmised. When Bertram fell asleep, she went to the office where she found Terry.

"Terry, Do you think that you could arrange some more preparation for me and Bertram tonight?"

"Sure can" said Terry as he lowered her to his couch and guided his manhood to the entrance of her love hole. Soon screams of ecstasy were flowing from his office, drawing other men to watch and then plow that wanton pussy with their hard cocks.

Each year for four years Mary Sue and Bertram have gone to "Sensations" to celebrate their anniversary. Nine months later Mary Sue has a boy child. People remark, that her boys have the longest penis' they have ever seen on a baby. Mary Sue just smiles.


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