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by D'Artagnan

The fresh spring air filled her lungs as she maintained her pace. The sun had just set in the soft western sky and as predicted, it looked to be a very clear night again. The more brilliant stars were beginning to let themselves be seen and the crescent moon twinkled in the evening twilight. She slowed her pace to a soft walk, beginning her cool down before reaching home. As she turned the corner at Elmwood, she felt the chill of the night against the sweat that covered her neck. Pulling her hood up over her long auburn hair, she quickened her pace to the house. She arrived to the door just as she heard her the neighbor's dog barking insistently. A soft 'Be quiet' and the dog seemed to listen but he was not happy about something and seemed very restless.

She opened the door to the house and was suddenly aware that she had not used her key. One of her harebrained roommates had left the door unlocked, again! Sometimes she wished she didn't have to have them, but between the rent and student loan payments, her salary didn't always make do. She removed the ballcap that she always ran in, a gift from a very dear friend, pulled her hood up over her head as she headed for her room, and ultimately her shower. She climbed the stairs, something that was very difficult during her recovery. She entered her bedroom, just off the computer room, and tossed her sweatshirt into the dirty clothesbasket. Well, NEAR the clothesbasket anyway. The Nike sports bra was also soaked from her run. She sat in the edge of the bed untying her running shoes and slowly removed them and rubbed her socked feet. They were only a little tender compared to the first week after she started running again. She removed her socks and let them fall on top of the sweatshirt. Her running sweatpants came off next as she headed for the bathroom and the warmth and refreshment of the hot shower awaiting her. As she passed by the mirror she caught herself glancing into it. Not bad. But then again she always did have a pretty nice body. Running track in high school and she took care of herself, refusing to let herself go to pot.

Entering the bathroom she flipped on the light and fan, reached in and began the hot water of the shower. Steam was coming out of the shower area when she removed her bra and workout shorts. The matching dark green set was her favorite. Letting them fall to the floor she climbed in under the showerhead sitting in its holder above her head. The handheld shower massager was one of the best things she had ever invested in. It worked on everything, sore muscles, great for rinsing her thick hair, and even when she needed some special attention for other parts of her body. She was remembering the need to feel that massager one night not too long ago after talking with a very special friend on the computer. She had let him know that she was in a very aroused mood and he had responded by sending her the most erotic messages she had ever received. That night she was very glad to have a lot of hot water!

The hot shower felt wonderful and as she washed her, she was delighted to feel the strength growing back in her calves. She began to soap her legs, starting on her thighs and then running her hands down each calf, then back up over her she bent over the warm water ran right down between her tight little ass cheeks, right over her sensitive ass. The sensations got the best of her and as she straightened up...her hand came up to her soft mound of hair and she began to gently wash herself with the natural sponge. As much as she loved the feel of the sponge on her sensitive areas, she could hardly wait for the feel of the warm jets from her handheld massager.

Placing one foot up on the edge of the tub, she began to rinse the soapy film off her body. First, her chest, the pulsing jets against her hardening nipples sent ripples of pleasure down her spine, then down her stomach to the soft mound of hair below. After rinsing her legs completely, she brought the spray back up to her very wet nether lips. Gently spreading them with your fingers, she directed the warm pulses right onto her hardened clit. The intensity was almost more than she could handle. She leaned against the wall of the shower as she redirected the pulses right at the sensitive inner lips exposed by her fingers. Waves of pleasure begin to spread across her body. The orgasm started to hit her and she cried out softly, almost biting her lip as she moved the water back up to her clit. The moment the first pulse made contact with her spasming clit; she could not hold back the deep moan.

She barely stopped herself from collapsing on to the floor of the shower. The sensations caused colors to stream across her eyes as she squeezed them shut with the waves of pleasure rushing through her body. She shut the shower off and reached out to the large yellow bath towel awaiting her on the railing just outside the shower door. The steam had fogged all the mirrors in the bathroom and she felt totally refreshed, although a little tired. She realized she was smiling, and a warm glow covered her chest as she thought about how far she had come in these last few months. She used the soft terry material to dry herself and paying very special attention to the sensitive areas on her body. The soft blotting of the towel felt wonderful. She opened to door into her bedroom and walked over to the bureau. After the first step, a movement caught the corner of her eye and she froze. Across the dark room, it moved again.

"Damn!" She exclaimed, as she exhaled loudly and walked over to shut the window that looked over the small yard to the rear of the house. The movement of the curtain had stopped her in her tracks and with her heart racing, she scolded herself for being so jumpy. It had been a hot day and her roommates had obviously opened the window to the back of the house to get air circulating. Funny, she hadn't noticed it being open before her shower. She waved it off with thoughts of fatigue from her run and her eagerness to get under that hot water. With her long, auburn hair in a fresh towel around her head, she walked over the bureau. As she opened the thin drawer that held the soft boxer shorts, adorned with the smiling face of Pooh, she loved to wear to bed, a strong hand grabbed her from behind. Fear struck at her heart as her eyes widened at the sight in the mirror of the dark clad man holding her tight against him. One hand over her mouth, stopping the cry that emitted from her lips and the other around her waist, easily holding her as if she were a ragdoll.

She struggled but his grip got tighter. "Don't scream or fight me, and you will live through this!" The suddenness of his words and the strength of his voice in her ear sent shivers down her spine. The sudden realization of her nakedness and the warm hardness she felt against her lower back fueled the terror behind her eyes as hers were locked with his. He was dressed entirely in black. A ski mask covered his face, leaving holes for his piercing emerald eyes.

His breath against her ear sent chills right to her core as he told her, "Don't be so surprised. I have been watching you for a long time now. You have sensed me there so many times that you grew used to feel of my eyes on your body. You know inside that you enjoyed feeling my presence around you, like the gargoyle that stands over the great cathedral, like a guardian. Knowing you were protected, but afraid of the protector. I see inside you, past all the walls you use to keep everyone else away from the hidden chambers in your mind and the deep secrets that burn in your heart."

His voice captivates her mind. She feels he is correct with all that he said but her mind refuses to surrender. Her eyes break contact as she glances down at the top of the bureau in front of her. His glance follows hers and they happen upon the letter opener at the same time. His grip tightens, "Don't even think about it." The thought leaves her mind as quickly as it came.

He picked her up and carried her roughly to the bed. Pushing her down onto the bed face down, covering her with his body. She cannot hardly move, let alone fight back. He is much bigger and stronger than she is. He removes the towel from around her head, letting her wet hair fall across her face. Even in this particular light and circumstance, he cannot help his breath catching at her beauty.

Once he has removed every bit of cover she has, he places a black silk scarf around her head, covering her eyes. She strains to see, but to no avail. She feels him lift his body off of her but maintaining his grip. Placing her hands over her head, she feels his wrap a strong but smooth rope of some kind around her wrists. She immediately begins to struggle but his strong grip and sharp, "Stop", halts her every move. She realizes he has total control and that she is at his mercy.

The realization that her body is responding with excitement sets off a war in her mind. How can she enjoy this? This man was taking her will away, yet somehow, she did not feel her life was in danger. In fact, his words from before began to haunt her mind. "Is he familiar?" "Have I felt him as a presence in my world?" "Does he see past my walls?" Over the years, she had placed so many there, not allowing anyone to deter her from her goals. Graduating college, becoming a professional, and yes, even ensuring she was not dependent on another. She promised herself that she would always be able to take care of herself.

The sudden shift of the bed brought her mind racing back to her current situation. With her hands securely fastened over her head to the bed and the blindfold in place, he lifted himself off the bed and her. He stood there, looking down on her beautiful body. Admiring God's work. How he had longed for this time, this very day. She shivered as he used his fingertip to trace from her heel up the backside of her leg. His touch trailed off to nothing as he moved up her thigh. Closing her mouth tight quickly stifled a cry of disappointment inside her head.

Refusing to let him know that her body was beginning to awaken. She could hear his smile and she realized that he could see the goosebumps she now felt across her thighs. She felt him reach down and lift her calf up, bending her leg at the knee.

"Ohhhhhhhhh", she cried out as he kissed her soft instep. A soft warm mouth in an area that was so sensitive. She tried to pull her foot away but the leverage and grip of his hand could not be overcome. She heard his laugh as he begin to kiss it again, this time letting his warm, wet tongue begin to tease and travel to her toes. She began to shake as a low moan left her mouth. The very second that he took a toe into his mouth and began to suck on it gently, electric shock shook her body from her foot to her head, especially right through her wetting pussy.

"OH GOD!" she exclaimed. He knew that she could hardly stand this intimate attack on a particular sensitive area, so he began to kiss up the backside of her leg. Each kiss followed by a soft stroke of a warm tongue against her soft skin. As he approached the very sensitive backside of her knee, her legs involuntarily parted slightly. This simple action amused him as much as it surprised her. That her body would betray her so easily shocked her so much.

She could feel the wetness between her legs and knew with the parting of her legs, he could see the dewy moisture forming on her sweet pussy lips. In fact, he was so close he could now smell the intoxicating aroma of her arousal. Her breath came in gasps as his tongue softly stroked the area behind her knee. She could not keep her hips still as his fingers began to trace up her inner thighs. His warm mouth followed his fingers and began to nibble and lick the sensitive area. As his mouth came closer to her now very wet lips, his hands moved to her ass. Each hand grasped tightly a very firm cheek and squeezed gently as he blow a warm breath across your sensitive nether lips. She moaned loudly as the sensations filled her mind with bright lights. Even though she was blindfolded, she squeezed her eyes shut with the sensations running through her body. She was trembling uncontrollably and when his tongue, wide and flat, came in contact with her eager pussy for the first time, she could hear a loud moan, almost animalistic. It seemed like seconds, but was really just immediate when she realized that noise was coming from her mouth.

Her first orgasm shattered any thoughts of maintaining some sort of dignity and decorum. She screamed into her pillow as wave upon wave hit her like electric shock! Oh how he loves feeding off the power she was giving him. He controlled her pleasure, he decided how much, how little. He quickly swallowed as much of her overflowing juices as he could; the taste was so sweet. Her nectar ran down his chin and she slowly came back to earth.


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