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by Mooph

Jake was the financial reporter. He loved the finance world and as much as he could care he could spend his entire day at his office preparing for his next edition of "World Stock". He was bright too, and as handsome as they get. The network people had a joke that part of Jake's rating is from women fantasizing on him. Jake was well aware of that too, not once did he appear in the gossip columns dating this presenter or that model. His arrogance was limitless, and among his few friends he was known as Jake the Scorer.

Jake the Scorer would dress up in the finest fashion, drive his sports car to the finest clubs. Full of smiles he would enter, he never ignored a single attractive woman, and each would receive a smile. Jake had a way with the ladies, and as if his looks weren't enough he had a smooth tongue that could charm the coldest of women. And they all melted.

He was only happy to see that the new editor was a woman. Tall and brunette, with luscious long hair, her skirt slit at the side to expose gorgeous legs, her jacket barely enough to hold her full breasts. Tim could almost hear the men at the network drool as she passed along the hall. He was even happier when he noticed that she too smiles at him. With a little research he was able to discover that she's single with no current boyfriend. "Must be horny as hell" he thought to himself.

A couple of weeks after the editor settled in she called Jake to her office. Jake cast a last glance at the mirror and smiled at his reflection, he liked what he saw and he knew she would to. When he arrived to the editor's office he noticed that the blinds were drawn down, the editor's assistant, Tim was sitting outside. "Have you seen her today?" Tim asked.

"No, why?" Jake asked suspiciously.

"She's looking the hottest that I've seen yet, and she just closed those blinds," he added those last words in a whisper and signaled Jake to go in.

Jake stepped into the office and even he was shocked, the editor was sitting on the edge of the table wearing a far too short skirt, exposing her great legs and hear breast were bulging from a tight top. "Sit down, Jake," she said with a smile. Jake could feel that his cock was already semi hard. "Jake, all my reporters are out, I need someone to go into the county jail and get a pre-sentencing interview with those three women who murdered that man who tried to rape one of them. It's not a broadcast, just a cover, so you can go yourself."

Jake was in shock. "ME?! I'm the financial reporter! I'm not going."

"I don't remember leaving you an option Jake."

"Dyke," muttered Jake as he got to his feet and walked out, the editor just smiled.

On the county jail Jake was able to use his charm to gain access to the inmate's cell. There were three of them; Tanya, fat with large breasts who seemed to be the leader of the three; Annie, who looked like an innocent child and Jake's immediate thought was that she couldn't harm a fly; and Holly, with a pitch black skin and a perfect figure. Jake started the routine questions, he was hoping to end this early - after all, the case was a pretty easy one. The victim was some poor guy who tried to force himself on Annie. He was chased away from the scene by Tanya. Later the three found his identity and stalked him for days. Then they entered his apartment and murdered him in a particularly gruesome manner. Admitting everything, all three were facing the Electric Chair.

The noise was first distant, in the inner cells it was barely audible. At first Jake thought that's how all prisons sound like. Then the screaming got louder, the guard by the door looked nervous and left to see what was going on. 10 minutes later an alarm shrieked throughout the compound. "What's that?!" Jake jumped off the bed he was sitting on. "Guard! Guard!" No one answered.

"There ain't no guard to hear you honey" Tanya beamed at him. "What do you mean?" Jake screamed.

"We hear there's a riot over the death of one of the girls yesterday. The guards are either occupied, or dead. Lucky for us you came along just today."

Jake fell back at the bed "Riot? Guards? But I'm here, they wouldn't leave me here! Hold on. Lucky?" Jake was getting suspicious. "How so?"

"Well, you see, handsome," Annie looked at him with her innocent eyes. "We're all going to be sent to the chair soon. And well, there's only one way to avoid the chair, really. They can't execute pregnant women."

Jake started to get up. "Pregnant? What the fuck do you mean?"

At that moment Tanya jumped at him and held his arms fast, "You said it baby, 'fuck' is the right word." Holly pulled out a rope from underneath the mattress and bound Jake fast. Jake struggled to escape but he couldn't. A slap from Tanya's massive arm pinned him to the bed. Annie pulled out a knife and started cutting off Jake's trousers.

Jake started to beg "c'mon release me the joke is over. I don't want any trouble, just let me go and I promise I won't tell anyone."

"Oh yeah" Holly seemed amused. "And what will they do to us if you do tell? Kill us? You see love, we have nothing to lose and everything to gain."

"You just behave yourself." Annie was done cutting Jake's shorts. "He does have an impressive tool, this one." Annie was now running the blade in long motions along Jake's inner thighs, drawing thin red lines.

"Yummy" Said Holly, she leaned and started undoing Jake's top.

"you start girls", said Tanya "I'll finish."

Annie was looked at Jake. "A little soft are we? Don't worry, we'll get you hard." Annie started massaging Jake's balls, her lips brushing his limp dick. Just at that moment Holly finished undoing Jake's top her hands were caressing his body, she stated moving her hands in slow silky motions, lingering on Jake's nipples and shoulders.

Despite his best efforts Jake started to feel that he's getting aroused. He tried to fight back and managed to somehow push Annie backwards. Tanya slapped him in the face, "Watch out girls, we have a live one here." Jake could taste his own blood in his mouth.

"I know what to do," said Holly. She quickly removed her top. Holly's breasts were small and firm. Her dark nipples were large and hard, her black skin glittered. slowly Holly lowered her breasts over Jake's exposed skin. In long motions she moved her body so that her nipples rubbed against Jake's chest and belly. She moved up and let her nipples brush against Jake's lips. Against his better judgement, Jake let his lips part a little and Holly took advantage of that. Holly pushed her nipple into Jake's mouth, letting him feel the firmness of her breast and the sweet taste of her nipple.

Annie was not wasting her time as well. She started licking Jake's balls, in small tantalizing slips of her tongue, her hands worked on his lower abdomen, massaging, touching, tickling. She ran her finger along his dick in quick motions, her feather like touch slipping around the top of Jake's dick. She wet his dick with her tongue, and started breathing softly at it. She knew that she was doing the right thing, she could feel Jake's dick starting to thump to her touch. Behind her she could hear Tanya, in a heavier voice saying "I don't know about you girls but I'm starting to get hot here".

Holly heard Tanya too but she was too busy with Jake. Her attempts to turn Jake on seemed to start working but it had its effect on her, she was as wet as she'd ever been. Suddenly she felt something press through the fabric of her prison clothes against her fanny. Without thinking she started rubbing against whatever it was. Her body more rigid, her nipples harder, she pushed her breasts against Jake's lips. She looked back and saw Tanya, undressed, pressing her hand against her fanny "baby, I know you love it" said Tanya. Holly was breathing too heavy to reply.

Jake couldn't take it anymore, the nipple pressed against his lips was more than he could take. Leaving his reason behind he welcomed the black nipple into his mouth and started biting gently on it. He could feel he was getting rock hard. Annie's gentle touch on his dick was driving him crazy, he wanted more. He had to have more. "Go ahead bitch" he groaned to no one in particular "you have me where you want me, the least you could do is fuck me good". Tanya slapped him again but the pain and the taste of the blood served to arouse him even more. He could feel Annie's touch still gentle and teasing. Holly and Tanya were with eachother.

Holly, now totally undressed was massaging Tanya's body as Tanya started biting her thighs. Tanya slipped her fingers inside Holly and smiled "you sure are wet baby". Holly was in ecstasy "go on Tanya, fuck me like only you can". Tanya's fingers were now moving in circles around Holly's clit.

Annie looked happily at Jake's hard cock, her eyes were shifting towards Holly and Tanya "hey girls. Can I play too?". With a gasp Holly detached herself from Tanya and climbed over Jake. "you girls go ahead, I'll start the work here", Holly started moving, Jake's dick pressed hard against her clit, her fingers dug into Jake's sides. Annie was now being treated by Tanya, they were standing close, Annie almost half the size of Tanya, one hand squeezing and pressing Tanya's massive breasts the other sliding in and out of Tanya's fanny.

Jake was mad with passion, the sight of the girls, the feeling of Holly rubbing against his dick drove him mad. He wished one of them would go down and blow him or at least start fucking him. He was ready to blow and he knew that he would probably release his load the moment he'd penetrate Holly. He struggled in his bonds, if he could only get himself free he'd show the girls what a good fuck is.

Holly lowered herself and let Jake penetrate her. She only started moving when Jake shot his load in her. She looked surprised "ah, so you were more turned on than you'd have us know". She was a bit disappointed too. "well the men did his work" she said as she got up, Jake's spunk running down her leg "but I'm not satisfied yet. Annie was only too happy at that, she bent low and started licking the drops of spunk along Holly's leg and started rubbing her clit. Then Annie had an idea.

Annie jumped over Jake's face and yelled "start eating, and you'd better eat good if you want to keep your balls" she pulled Holly towards her and told her to bend forward, as Jake started licking her pussy she was sticking her tongue in Holly.

Jake was not left alone. He suddenly felt a strong hand close over his semi erect cock. Tanya was there and started rubbing him. Tanya pressed her mighty breasts around his cock and started tit fucking him. "I know what men like baby" she said as she skillfully started sucking him. Tanya was practiced in all the tricks. She rubbed Jake's cock while sucking his balls. Jake, struggling in his bonds, his head shot up towards Annie's pussy. He soon became hard again. He could hear Annie breath heavily, her juices pouring over his face, he could hear Holly screaming in ecstasy.

Tanya was moving surprisingly fast. Although massive in form her muscles were tight and Jake felt as if his dick has been put in a juicer. Annie rolled off him, as Tanya was humping him both Annie and Holly were sliding their hands over his body, Holly biting him, Annie sucking his nipples. Sooner than he had expected he came, Tanya screaming with pleasure.

As they all were through, Jake was close to fainting on the bed. Slipping between consciousness and unconsciousness he heard Annie saying "this was good. Marie did well."

"Marie...?" Jake whispered.

"Yeah baby, Marie" answered Tanya "Marie be my kid sister. Y'know her, she's yer editor baby."


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