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Industrial Annie, Smokey & Stoney
by Dave Evans

Smokey and Stoney were the best of friends, they worked together and they drank together and they had good times together.

One day after work they went to their favorite bar, they ordered up a couple beers. There was lots of noise in the back by the pool tables. So they walked on back and there was this gal taking on any man for five dollars in an arm wrestling contest!

Smokey had to try this lady out... He was a big black man very well mannered soft spoke but also very strong! He peeled his tee shirt and sat down across from the lady laying out a fiver. She said. "Howdy mister, so you think you're strong huh?"

"Yes Ma'am." He replied. They locked hands she told him that she worked in an industrial plant for her dad and that she was a welder. Smokey smiled and felt she had a grip and a good arm. She had a nice smile looked like she could get along with anyone. She looked like she had a lot of Irish in her real pretty, red curly hair and a nice body.

They laid into each other starting out slow. After five minutes Smokey's arm started to shake... His body was beading with sweat. She asked him if he wanted to give? He shook his head no! He looked very determined...

Soon Smokey's hand was being lowered to the tabletop and it hit hard finally... He said. "Damn strong woman!" She smiled at him. Smokey got up, went to the bar and bought her a beer, just to show his good sportsmanship. He invited her to come and sit with him and his friend. She said she'd like that giving Smokey a big smile.

They all sat down, she asked if they were betting men, Stoney said it depended? So she quietly said she would bet each of them fifty dollars that she could make them both cum in less than one minute at the same time! They took the bet...

After finishing their beers she walked them to this big industrial plant down the street it was about seven in the evening she had keys to a side door, the place was very quiet, nobody else there. They walked down some halls to a door that had a sign that read "Annie." She unlocked the door and turned on the lights to a big room like a shop. They walked across to another smaller room she opened that door and the light came on. There was this machine in the middle of the floor.

She started taking off her clothes and asked the men to do the same, her naked hot body made them both get a hardon. She began to climb inside the machine so her head was out one side and her ass out the other. It was all padded inside and she had a control panel in her right hand, some kind of remote, it looked like.

She asked the men which wanted her mouth and the other to get her pussy from behind. The men choose their spots, Smokey wanted her sweet pussy and they got in place, she instructed the men not to hold on to the machine, because when she turned it on it would start spinning like a clothes dryer... She told them she had a buzzer that would go off in one minute after the machine started. Making her bet fair.

The men said they were ready burying their hard cocks in her at each end of her hot looking body... She turned on the machine and it started spinning. She tightened her ass for Smokey and sucked down on Stoney's hard white cock.

They were standing facing each other as the machine began spinning faster and faster! Their eyes wide their mouths open yelling out! "OOOOHHHHHH FUCK!" They were both cumming in her so hard. A little over thirty seconds later the machine slowed down not as fast as either of the men had wanted... Annie kept sucking on Stoney and Smokey fucked her cum filled pussy while the machine stopped. It stopped and the buzzer sounded. They both had her do them a little while longer, then they helped her out. She was so dizzy she looked drunk but the men were both looking through their wallets for the right bills to pay the lady!

She said. "Did you boys like my invention?"

They were both getting dressed, "Jeezzzz did we ever!"

She smiled. "Do you know any other betting men?"


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