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Imagine Being Sugar
by SEAL 6

Some of you are wondering who's sperm got Jodie Foster pregnant, and how it got in her. It is quite a story, so get a beer, some chips, and sit the fuck back and listen. This cockbreaths is a no-shitter.

When Hinkley shot the President, Casey of CIA was briefed within eight minutes. Jodie Foster's name was mentioned by the suspect. Casey remembered that she was attending Yale in New Haven, so he did a computer search to see who he had in the area. Agent "Sugar" was on campus visiting his younger brother, so Casey beeped him. Sixteen minutes after the attack, "Sugar" was directed by Casey to remove Foster to site 10QA by Lear Jet.

"Sugar" was one of five agents that answered directly to Casey. He stood 5' 10", weighted 178, had an IQ of 160+, spoke eight languages, was an expert in hand to hand combat, and was the best pistol shot within forty feet that the SEAL training ever produced. An orphan, he was raised by an Alaska Bear Guide until he was sixteen. When the Guide died while hunting, the man he was guiding brought him to South Philly to live, where he learned to speak Polish, German, French, Spanish. He was middleweight Golden Glove champion for Pennsylvania. His SAT scores got him into Yale. He was a SEAL officer until Casey met him and hired him to be the Directors enforcer.

A CIA operator put Sugar through to Ms. Foster. He knew that she had two Campus Cops with her, so he spoke to her in French. In general terms Sugar explained that he had been directed to insure her safety, and if she agreed, that he would do so. "Yes, of course," Jodie answered. She was instructed to dress down, remove her makeup, wear jeans and to look for an old BMW out her side window. After she was in the car, the Campus Cops drove away with sirens and lights on to put on a show to distract from the BMW going in the other direction.

Using military clearances, Lear 825LJ was soon at 51,000 feet west bound. Four hours later, it landed at a strip and facility known only to a handful of people. In a small cabin on a lake nearby Sugar and Ms. Foster could relax for the first time in hours. Foster, a master of observation and reading of people, at first could not put a handle on Sugar. His voice was whisper quite. He walked without sound, like an Indian, yet his eyes held hers like a predator when he addressed her.

After a thick steak, good wine and salad, they both relaxed. In passing, Jodie used a Shakespearean quote. Sugar completed the entire passage, in old English. She had a script she was considering. She read her part, while he read all the others, giving each a different accent. The man was a joy to be around, yet under it all, she knew there was another part of him that would put great fear into a man up to no good.

When it was determined that Hinkley was acting alone, Foster was returned to New Haven.

Sugar spent two years, working alone in the middle East doing little jobs for Casey. Very dangerous dirty little jobs! He plinked several double agents, as well as a "King" or two. Upon his return, he retired from the CIA and operated a Jet charter service for VIP and US Marshall clients. Several years passed.

The Limo stopped short of the Lear and his passenger walked to the steps. Sugar saw at once that he would be flying Ms. Foster again. She never noticed who was flying her single pilot until they were level at 41,000 and he asked her in French if she wished to join him in the cockpit. With a hand waving and a spiel of poetry, she climbed into the copilots seat. On the spur of the moment, she asked him if there was anyplace he could take her where they could be alone, instead of Palm Springs where she had wanted to go. He knew of ten places.

Eighty miles north east of Flagstaff they landed at another of the no name strips. Jodie was now a star commanding eight million a picture. One hell of a classy lady, with only one little catch. She was a lesbian. After another good meal, she got serious and told Sugar that she wanted to have a child, using his sperm. She would have a doctor place it in her. She would pay $500,000.00 for it and a contract giving up all parental right, and nondisclosure. "Shit, Jodie, your money don't mean diddly squat to me, but your friendship does," Sugar replied. "You let me deliver it the old fashion way and I'll sign the contracts for nothing. I will tell you that I'll track that young one and make sure that no one interferes into her or his life, but always in the shadows." Jodie frowned, and said that was not what she had planned. That night, they drove to a nearby town. In worn cowboy garb, no one noticed them in the bar they were at. Jodie and Sugar danced. Jodie, being a professional, could really shake it. Other men asked her to dance. She put on a sexy show, and downed several boilermakers.

Drunk, drunk, shitfaced drunk. Sugar helped Jodie into the cabin. He sat her on the bed. Pulled her boots off, and then undid her large belt. What the hell, off came her pants and then her shirt and bra. Jodie was awake, and just looked up at him. He sat on the end of the bed. Had a hard time staying upright. He undressed and went into the John to pee and wash up. When he came out he picked her up and put her on the John, telling her to pee. Jodie begin to laugh, saying;" the completely organized man." Sugar put her back on the bed and lay down beside her.

"Fuck this", he said to himself, as he rolled between her legs and put his mouth near her pussy. She did not move as his lips kissed up both legs and finally found her clit. Jodie moaned when his tongue ran the length of her pussy. He slid upward and his stiff member found her virgin slit. Three pushes were needed to get the head past the opening. Then as he eased it into her, he could feel the wet softness of her pussy grip his manhood. She resisted as he lifted her legs upward to offer his throbbing cock full and unguarded passage to her insides. All seven, thick inches were now in her. He went into a humping frenzy. The drinks had made it impossible for him to cum for at least half an hour, so he just pounded his meat in and out and in and out. She only weights 102 pounds and at 5'3" is a tiny woman. As his ass traveled its path, her little legs were flailing out on each side. Eyes closed, her head went from side to side and then the sound all men know, the moan and spoken words of a woman in orgasm. Yess, Oohhh, Yes. Ohhhhhhh Yesss. Lesbian or not, they all orgasm the same, Sugar thought. Sugar rolled her over and dog humped her with her on her hands and knees. She cum again. Sugar presented his cock to her to suck on as he gather himself for more pumping. Jodie was into it all now as she took most of his shaft into her mouth and sucked it. Sugar could feel his balls tighten, so he rolled her over and with her legs by her head, gave her the hardest pounding he could deliver. Jodie and Sugar both cum at the same time. He rolled off, while she keep her legs by her head. She explained to Sugar that that position kept the sperm near her uterus.

After a sandwich and a drink of orange juice, Sugar climbed onto her again. Jodie just smiled, laughed and said; "you boys feel better then my toys at home". Hmmm, I'll pretend you are Ann H. this time." With that she opened her legs wide to accept the advancing throbbing penis. Sugar ran it in with one push and then, as all men will, begin long slow pushes to enjoy to the fullest the second fuck of the evening. By the end of the fourth go, she was sore, so they went to sleep. Several times the next day they joined together to breed her. The next day Sugar dropped her off in LA.

Six months later, when it was know that she was pregnant, two bad guys thought she would be a good target for a kidnap. Its sort of a mystery, but both were found with .22 shorts in their brain, dead. You might say that Jodie had a "Sugar Daddy" watching over her.

That, friends, is a no shitter.


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