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Ice Cream
by Jason X

You have just come out of the shower and are lying on the bed in your towel feeling really relaxed. I have been in the kitchen - you have been wondering what I have been up to as I had a huge grin on my face as you were going into the shower -you were hoping I was going to join you but I just went into the kitchen. I come into the bedroom wearing only a pair of sweatpants and carrying your favorite ice cream - chocolate!

"It's not what you think sweety - I have a better use for this" I say smiling as you look into my eyes.

"What are you up to....." You are cut short as I take a lick of ice cream and kiss you deeply on the mouth. Your tongue finds mine as you suck the ice cream off my lips.


"No talking" I say "just enjoy - you are going to cum long and hard tonight!!!" You shiver at the thought and love to be pleasured!.

I take another lick of ice cream and kiss you again - you feel the freezing sensation as it shoots down your spine! I slowly remove your towel, revealing just your full beautiful breasts! I caress them as I kiss your mouth. I take another lick of ice cream and move to your breast. You look down at me as I lick the ice cream onto your nipple. It becomes erect as soon as I touch it - the sensation of cold ice cream on such a sensitive part of your body is electrifying. You arch your back as I suck your nipple into my mouth swirling the ice cream around with my tongue. I pause to take another lick and move to your other very jealous breast. The anticipation build up - you want my to suck your nipple again feeling the cold ice cream. I play with your nipples moving form one to the next pausing always to fill my mouth with more coldness. You feel a sensation building up between your legs - you feel yourself cum as I tug on you nipples pulling them into my mouth. Your body arches and you cry out as you start to come.

I rip off the towel caressing your body watching it spasm as you release - you let out a sigh and relax on the bed. I take another lick and kiss you again - you suck my tongue tasting the cold chocolate ice cream - you're favorite. I move down your body - "I haven't finished with you yet!!" I say as I take yet another lick. You bend your head and watch me as I lick the ice cream onto your clit. You let out a scream "oooooh" as the freezing sensation rushes through your body. You are so hot the ice cream melts quickly - so I take more and tease your clit with my tongue. I move up and down making sure you are completely covered with this incredible sensation. The cold feeling all aver your pussy sends your body into SPASMS. You arch your back as I force my tongue inside you spreading the ice cream inside with my tongue. My tongue explores your body always pausing to take extra licks to ensure this freezing sensation. My tongue moves in and out of your pussy around your ass back to your pussy back to your ass - inside spreading ice cream everywhere. You can't take it any more - you thrust your head back, arching - pushing out your breast as you cum hard. Just as you think your orgasm is coming to an end I move back to your breast ad lick cold ice cream an your very HOT nipples. You explode again this time harder than ever. Finally your body rests as you slump back on the bed!

"Rest up" I say, "My body needs cooling off"

Chocolate ice cream will never be the same!!!

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