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Ice Cream Man Pt. I
by MorningStar

Good morning world!! And it is a good morning. The sun's shining out there and it's Wednesday again. Every other Wednesday is very important to me. You see that's the day the ice cream man comes late in the afternoon. He's the guy that drives the big truck and brings frozen foods to the house for us to buy. You see, we live out in the country and this company has been in business for years selling products like ice cream, frozen meals, pizzas and the such. Their products are wonderful and the last few years they've added a lot to the selection, but the ice cream is still my weakness. That was until we got a new driver about a year ago.

Mike's in his late twenties and built like a football player, has a great sense of humor and the most gorgeous smile that lights up his entire face. With any new driver, it takes awhile to get to know them and find out just how well they will 'understand' my way of dealing with people. You have to be careful, some people get offended by off-the-wall, off-color remarks. So several buckets of ice cream and lots of pizzas later, he finally got the message that I was just teasing the living hell out of him most of the time. I loved it in the summer when he started wearing shorts. I got a good look at the muscles in his calves and thighs. Nice amount of hair and a tan that was constantly improving. When he stood with his back to me, reaching into the cold freezer compartments of the truck, I got a wonderful view of his butt as he stretched to the top shelf, nicely shaped one that dimpled on the sides when he contracted it.

Not to be outdone, I'd meet him at the door in various types of clothing. Always covered up, never in a bathrobe or anything, but often without shoes on, looking very comfy and at home. Over time he became more friendly and we'd talk a bit before he left for the next house on the route. One day he told me his birthday would be the next delivery date and jokingly asked me what I was going to give him for his birthday. I didn't dare tell him what I wanted to give him, so I just smiled and said he'd have to wait and see. (Now stop smiling you guys) I baked him a batch of cupcakes, frosting on each one and one with a candle in the middle. I must have really taken him by surprise. He said his mom was the last one to make him a cake for his birthday and that was years ago. Damn I sure as hell didn't want to be compared to his mother, even if I was over 10 years his senior. Best part was, I did get a big hug for my efforts. One of those that lifts you up off your feet. (Being short has so many advantages.)

Winter came along eventually, and the shorts were exchanged for warmer pants and winter jackets. Dang!! Just when the viewing was so good too. I no longer met him on the porch, he just had to come inside the house and warm up a little bit. Occasionally, when it was really nasty outside, I could convince him to have a warm cup of coffee before he moved along the route. Our conversations kept getting a little more away from the selection of foods he had available to the fact that he was available. He'd been recently divorced and was dealing with lawyers and the ex-wife. It was not a pretty separation so far, and he was feeling a lot of strain on his emotions. We talked a lot about his future and how he was going to get out of the town he lived in and move closer to our area. (mmmmmmmm I liked the sound of that one, now if I could only figure out where and when he was going to move).

It's very hard to carry on any seduction at the rate of ten minutes of talking once every two weeks. I'd just about decided to leave it at the thrill of throwing out sexual innuendoes when last June the tables were turned on me instead. It was raining when Mike arrived that Wednesday afternoon. I was home alone at the time, dressed in a pair of tight, black stretch jeans that hugged my curves very nicely. I wore a white sleeveless shirt, open at the neck in a V. Unthinkingly, I'd left the top two buttons undone. Up until the rain started it had been fairly warm for the first time that summer. I stood on the porch giving him my order for the week while he stood out there complaining that the sprinkles of rain coming down were as cold as ice. Under the shelter of the porch roof, I stood barefoot and dry and I laughed myself silly at him standing there in shorts getting cold. He gave me one of those 'stern' looks and told me if I was so tough, I should come out in it and see just how cold it was.

"No way!" I told him. "I'm not so stupid to be standing out in a cold rain." I turned to go back into the house to write him out a check when I remembered that the checkbook was in the truck outside. While he was on the far side of his truck, I dashed to our pickup, opened the door and leaned across the seat to reach my checkbook on the passenger's side floor. With my legs stretched out, feet on the ground, butt on the driver's seat, head lowered and arm stretched out across the pickup seat, there was an appreciative whistle behind me. Mike was watching me get the checkbook and said loud enough for me to hear, "Honey, you can bend over in front of me any time you want." I don't know who blushed more at the comment, him or me. He quickly apologized and turned around to finish getting the order put together. I just sat on the seat of the truck sorta of dumbfounded. Here after all the effort I'd been putting into getting him to notice me, and thinking I was wasting my time, I was getting what I wanted. He made a audio comment on me! Geeze it made me think I was going about things all wrong with this seduction experiment.

I wrote out the check and walked over to his truck where he was reaching way back into the compartment. As I tried to hand him the check, he stuck that ice cold hand down the front of my partially open shirt and held it on my warm breast underneath. Looking down at me, he smiled and said, "I love warming my hands up on soft skin". I didn't move. I didn't say a thing. I just smiled up at him, reached my arm around his waist and tucked the check into the back pocket of his shorts. I was sure to take my time removing my hand and squeezing a little of that hard ass before I helped him carry stuff to the house. As he stacked the pizza boxes in my arms, he made sure that his hands brushed against my breasts before he released the boxes to my care. My, I do believe there's potential here.

From that afternoon on, the bi-weekly encounters became more interesting. The next time he showed up at the house, he walked up the steps to stand on the porch next to me. He pulled me over to the side a little ways and asked if we should compare tans. I had on shorts because of the heat spell we'd been having, so he stood with his leg next to mine, just barely touching me, but I could feel the heat from his skin none the less. He won the tan contest, he was darker than I was, but I told him I didn't have any tan lines and I could see he did. "Care to show me?" he asked. I lifted the hem of my shorts up high on my thigh so he could see there wasn't any line there. Then I pulled my shirt open enough to let him see the top of my pure white lace bra and the contrasting tan underneath. He leaned over a bit to get a closer view and asked about the area covered up, was it the same color?

I dropped my hand letting the shirt fall closed and just smiled. "Guess that's something you'll have to find out another time huh?" When he brought the packages to the door, he held them higher than normal above my outstretched arms. I asked him what the idea was about making me reach out that way. "Just pay back hon. That way you have to let me touch you again when I move my hands like this". With that, he placed the stuff in my arms and used both hands to cup my breasts while my hands were full of heavy cold pizzas. Mike was definitely getting braver and sneaky as well. I put the packages on the counter and sash-shayed back to him holding the check out of reach. "No way mister. I get to put the check in your pocket." Only this time I stood behind him and reached around to put it in the front pocket. Hand deep within there, I couldn't resist taking a minute to caress the inside of his thigh through the cotton material. Sigh.....too bad he always had to finish the route and I wasn't the last stop.

The summer progressed nicely. My tan was getting darker and I loved showing it off now that I could wear skirts without hose. That's how I met him the following time. Short denim skirt, sandals, fitted blouse that left little to be imagined. I walked out to his truck and sat on the side step with him. As I looked through that week's specials in the brochure he handed me I made sure my best attributes were exposed, my long shapely brown legs. I don't think Mike was listening too closely to my order. I had to repeat it several times before he was satisfied he got it all down on the hand held computer he uses to keep track of his truck's inventory. He didn't refuse my help in getting the order put together. Now there's nothing better than the warm summer, late afternoon sun on bare legs. I made sure he got as much of a view as he wanted when I led the way around the truck. I was beginning to know where my favorite ice cream packages where stored. He pulled out the tray of Rocky Road flavors and got me out two boxes. When I reached out to take them from him he stuck them back into the truck and pulled me into his arms. That kinda startled me at first. He'd never got that brave before, but man did his body feel good next to mine. So I just reached my arms up around his neck and let his mouth find mine.

A tentative kiss at first. One that has the question behind it of "Is this ok with you?" I slowly took my tongue and licked his lips in answer to the question. Yeah this was just fine with me. Stretched up the way I was, I know my skirt was riding high up on the cheeks of my backside and when his hands moved down my back he discovered my secret. I don't wear anything under my skirts. Moaning into my mouth, he started kneading my cheeks while he pushed a rather obvious bulge into my pelvis. I couldn't resist, I spread my legs a bit and cuddled that hardness between my thighs against a pussy that was tingling with the anticipation of things to come. We stood there for several minutes before he finally collected his thoughts and released me. "Damn, I'm sorry" he said. "Why?" I asked. "I'm not." "Yeah but I shouldn't have done that" he sheepishly replied. "It's ok Mike. Honest. I don't mind. You know I've been hoping for a long time that you'd like to get to know me better" He smiled and finished putting together my order. After I paid him he walked back to the truck, hesitated a minute, turned around and looked me straight in the eye. "I would like to get to know a lot more about you hon. Oh by the way, I'm changing the route set up. You're going to be my last stop next time. So I'll be here a little later in the evening. Probably after dark. Don't worry about your order. I'll make sure I've got plenty of ice cream left." I smiled, said thanks for letting me know, and started planning just how much of that porch was going to get used two weeks two weeks from then.

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