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Ice Cream Man Pt. III
by MorningStar

I asked Mike if he could explain what he meant by 'almost not coming' with my usual order. I'd never had a check bounce that I knew of. He sat on the porch swing and motioned me to join him there. With a worried expression showing in my eyes, I sat next to a guy I'd been wanting to notice me for so long. I was now afraid I'd gone overboard with all my flirting or something. I was totally confused. He had seemed so very interested lately. Was he having second thoughts, because if he was, I wanted to put him at ease and just move the entire subject of making any connection totally out of the picture. I liked this guy, I sure as hell wasn't going to hurt him by coming on to him. I just couldn't do that to anyone. So when I turned to face him on the swing I was surprised that he took my hand, raised it to his lips and kissed the palm softly. The confusion quotient shot up 10 marks. What was going on here?

"So soft" he purred as his mouth moved to my wrist taking little nips across the skin. "Tastes sooooo sweet". He took my hand and placed it along his cheek so the fingers curled behind his head. Continuing up my arm with soft kisses he stopped short of my exposed neck and asked if he could kiss me again. I leaned forward to touch his lips with mine and start an assault with my own mouth. I felt like a kid in high school again, learning the lay of his mouth, the shape of his lips, the feel of his tongue on mine. My hands moved to his shirt front where I gently caressed his chest. Without breaking the kiss I started to unbutton his shirt so I could slip my hands inside and feel his heat and his heartbeat beneath my fingertips. He pulled back from my mouth and placed his hands on mine, stopping their journey. I moaned softly in disappointment. I guess I'd gone too far again. Sighing, I sat back and began to apologize for my actions, when he placed a finger to my lips to quiet my protesting. "No baby, I want to enjoy all of you first. Please?"

I smiled softly and nodded my head. Placing one hand under my left breast, he looked directly in my eyes, watching my reactions, seeing if I was pleased with the touch. A glow started crossing my face as his thumb and finger rolled the nipple through the thin material of the dress I was wearing. I barely noticed his other hand reaching behind my neck to loosen the ties that held the bodice up. Until the cool night air caressed my bared skin, I had been lost in the slow contact he was making with my body. "Mmmmmmmm....lovely" he sighed as he lowered his head to grasp one of the nipples between his lips. Pulling gently, then sucking softly, he teased me till I could barely stand the sweet agony of it. "Mike, you're making me feel so good with your mouth. Can I please touch you now?"

"No honey, wait" was all I remember hearing as he helped me up off the porch swing and took me into his arms, holding me close. With the buttons I had gotten open on his shirt, my sensitive breasts could barely feel the sprinkling of hair on his chest. I pressed closer, rubbing my skin to his and I know I purred like a kitten as my body molded itself to his hard form. He couldn't hide the fact that he was aroused either.

His knee moved to separate my legs while his hands started rubbing my back. I took a half step to the side and slide my crotch up along his thigh nestled between mine. His hand moved to my lower back as I started moving up and down his leg, trying to relieve some of the ache that was building in my nether regions. With my hips rocking against his leg like I was, I knew he had to feel the heat even with the layers of material barring our contact. Controlling the rate at which he was allowing me to move forward toward any release, Mike removed his knee and reaching lower began lifting the skirt of my dress up my legs. Slowly he rubbed it against my tush, scrunching it in his hands, letting more and more skin become exposed to the night air's kiss. I couldn't hold still, my hips rolled into his hands, my butt pushed back against his hands then moved toward his pelvis in an open invitation for more, but he wouldn't give in to my quest. He turned me toward the porch railing and in doing so, remained standing behind me. He placed my hands on the railing a little more than shoulder width apart. The skirt had fallen back down over me, but when I felt him kneel behind me, it quickly was pushed up over my hips and removed any obstruction to his getting a full view of the tanned globes of my ass.

"Oh my God, I knew they'd be great looking" he murmured against my soft skin. I soon felt a tongue licking me from waist to hip, hip to thigh top, around and under the cheek of my tush, and then, finally.....finally to the inside of my thigh and up to the very center where the moisture had been collecting since he'd kissed my hand. With both hands on the insides of my thighs, he spread my legs and I leaned forward to rest my head on my arms on the railing. Taking all the time in the world, Mike explored the delights I had to offer him that night. Discovering the hood of my clit with his tongue and finding out how responsive it is, he played with me insistently, first with his tongue, then with his fingers, delving in and out slowly before picking up the pace and changing the tempo of his strumming. This quiet purrs I'd been making were turning into low throated moans with each thrust of his hand within my depths. "That's it baby," he purred along with me. "Come on, sweetheart, show me how your work those velvet muscles of yours. Thaaaaaattttt's it. Grab my fingers and hold me there". When he touched the hardened nubbin of my 'rosebud' with his thumb and let his two inserted fingers rub the ridges within the interior of my wet box, I couldn't stop the tightening of my stomach muscles as the contractions built their intensity. My legs stiffened, my back arched and my pussy convulsed around his invading digits, drenching his hand and my legs.

"AAAAAAHhhhhhh...yesssssssss" we groaned together.

"That's what I wanted to see" Mike whispered in my ear, now that he was standing behind me. "Do it for me again."

I could hear the zipper on his pants as he lowered it and the soft swish as his pants fell to his feet. Kicking off his shoes and pants he stood behind me and finished removing his shirt. "Turn around now" he said. "Lift your arms up in the air". I did.

He deftly removed the dress and I stood before him as he did before me, complete, open for scrutiny and in total abandon. I gazed at the hard male body before me with a desire that was evident in my eyes and my smile. I knelt before him and taking great care, started to feast on the man's endowments. Cupping him softly in my hand, I took my time licking his shaft from the base to the tip. Pointing my tongue, I explored the curves under the exposed head before tracing the slit to the top. Squeezing a bit more firmly on his sac with one hand, I used my other hand to hold his cock straight out to my mouth so I could engulf it's entire length with a warm wet mouth. His moans fed my soul and encouraged me to continue my ministrations.

Not wanting to hurry him along too fast, I paced my caresses in such a way to build his tension up then slow it down, never moving at the same rate for more than two strokes with my mouth. Each up stroke I pulled my mouth tighter around his rod, not releasing him until I was nearly off the tip. I'd then loosen my mouth a bit and go back down on him till he was buried deep within my throat where I could tighten my mouth once again. His arms were outstretched on the railing, supporting his weight while rocking on the balls of his feet. When the first drops of that salty precum met my tongue I knew I'd come close to bringing Mike to a peak. I was prepared to take him that way, licking and sucking till he had shot everything he could, but the hand on the back of my head told me to hold off, he wasn't ready for that yet. I sat back on my heels and looked up at his shining face, eyes half closed in passion. "Yes hon, what would you like me to do now?" I innocently asked of the magnificent man before me. "Stand up again please" he answered me.

I stood slowly, letting my hand trace up the inside of his leg until it rested against the tool I'd been taking care of. Mike once again took my shoulders and turned me to face the railing. "Now darling, bend over so I can come in from behind. I love this view across your back." I bent over and in doing so with one swift thrust he was buried deep within my folds. My pussy hugged the tool he presented and instantly began to work it's length the way my mouth had done a few moments ago. A hand reached around in front of my waist and found it's way to my clit where with teasing motions, he had me juicing again. With his pelvis molded against my ass, we swayed together in an ancient rhythm of making sweet love like I'd never felt before. The blood drumming in my ears matched the thrusts we shared as we both allowed our bodies to take control and run their own race. I felt his hands move to my hips and pull me tightly to his body as he groaned an "oh my god....yeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssss" and filled me with his warm cream.The way his cock rubbed up and across my G spot, I joined his explosion and flooded his shaft with my own honey.

Mike slowly raised up from the position of leaning on my back, where he'd finished his passionate mission. Carefully pulling himself free of my grasp, he stood slowly and retrieved my dress from where he'd placed it on the railing when he removed it earlier. Helping me put it back on, he took his time lacing it behind my neck again. Kissing my shoulder and nuzzling my neck he purred a quiet, sweet "Thank you" . He stood in all his glory, dressed himself and stood there looking at me as I passed through the beginnings of an afterglow. Taking a step closer, he pulled me into his arms once again and kissed me gently. Letting his hands roam up and down my back, gentling my body and relaxing my senses to a more earthly plain. Once my breathing had normalized, he took my hand in his and walked to the steps leading off the porch. Once more turning me into his warm embrace, he leaned down and gave me a long, slow kiss that touched me from head to toe and quietly said, "I'm not working for the company anymore. I've changed jobs, starting Monday. I'll be moving this weekend.....out of state. I had to come and say goodbye."

With that, he lifted my hand to kiss my wrist once again and walked to his car. Opening the door, he paused, looked up at me standing there on the porch and said, "Thank you my darling, for one of the most memorable evenings of my life. I'll never forget you" I couldn't move a muscle as I watched his headlights pull out of the yard and travel down the road, out of my life.

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