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If You're a Bitch, Then Be a Bitch!
by Softly

Hello All you Sexy People,

I just heard this story last night, and could not wait to pass it on. My husband and I attended a conference in Albany, NY. After, we had dinner and drinks with his college room mate, Doctor Ed Rush. Ed is an average looking guy with a wry sense of humor.

We asked Ed where his wife was. Ed said that they were just divorced last week, and that "he had fixed her wagon." With that, Ed begin to laugh so hard that tears came to his eyes. We pressed him for details. When he finished telling us, we were doubled over in laughter also. Here is Ed's tale.

Ed is a general practitioner in the city of Vergennes, Vermont. He works set office hours, except Wednesday night when he pulls a shift from midnight until seven AM. He was an average student in medical that did not have much time to date until he entered residency. His wife latched on to him, gave him sex every time they were alone, and talked him into marrying her in eight months time. You have heard the old joke about the worst thing for a woman's sex drive is wedding cake? After he got his bride set up in a home, he was lucky to find her in the mood twice a month. Ed was 35, and his wife, Sandy is 28. Sandy was first in line when body parts were handed out. Curly red hair, 38 - 21 - 29 and C-cup give you the raw numbers, but there is more. Her daddy was a doctor, and she had anything she wanted and went everywhere. Classy lady, on the surface.

A friend in Vergennes brought Ed the first indication that there was real trouble. He told Ed that his wife was at the country club and stayed after a woman's dinner. All the gals got drunk and there was some talk as to which man would be fun to have sex with. Ed's mane came up. Sandy said, "Nooo, he has a six inch dick and never gets excited. I only married him because my mother told me that I was to marry a doctor, and that was an order."

The next bomb was worse. Ed had not charged the local policeman for all the home visits to treat his son for a rare sickness that he had. The cop, a good man, always remembered who were his friends. He got Ed alone and told him that on Wednesday nights at about one AM, the car belonging to the local golf pro was parked in the lane behind Ed's home.

Ed saw an attorney. The news was bad. Unless she does something "outrageous," she will cost him a hell of a lot of money to get rid of. Now you can call a doctor anything, but dumb. Ed kept all this to himself, and plotted as to what to do.

Betty M, a long term patient came into his office, and wanted to see him, without his nurse. "Doc, can you treat me and not put anything down to record why I was here?" Sure. What's up? Betty, wealthy, age fifty was in her pool area naked. Gate was open, and in walked the neighbors dog, a setter. Betty was asleep with her legs open. The dog begin running that long rough tongue up her pussy. She reached to push him away, but she let him continue for some time because it felt so damn good.

Betty was afraid she would be seen by someone, so she rolled over on the lounge to get up. The dog mounted her and his weight pushed her across the lounge, with her knees on the pavement. Into her vagina went the dogs cock. Most people don't know but a setters cock is seven inches long. Dog hump a bitch long and deep, as did this dog on Betty. Betty arched her back so the dog could go in deeper. She never thought of a dog's penis knot. It swelled up inside her pussy. It hurt and they were locked together. If she tried to move it hurt more. The dog did his thing, pumping away. It was twenty-five minutes before the knot went away. Betty wanted Doc to give her a tetanus shot and examine her vagina to make sure that there was no damage. Ed said he had a hard time keeping a straight face as she explained her problem.

Sandy liked to drink "Long Island Ice Tea" a mixture of several rums and vodka. Ed made a new mix using 150 proof stuff. Wednesday, Ed traded duty times with a doctor from Fairfax, a town nearby. One AM the Pro's car showed up. Ed had installed a spy cam in the bedroom. He watched his wife greet and hug the visitor. They downed twelve once glasses of drink and with refills, went to the bed room. No wasted time here as they were fucking like college kids in a couple minutes. While talking between secessions, the second big glass of booze went down. This fuck took fifteen minutes.

Sandy fell asleep on her back. Pro was face down. Ed had taken the middle seat out of his van. He picked up Sandy and carried her to the van. Ed knew that Johnson's had a saint Bernard that they let run all night. He found the dog and induced him into the van with hamburger. Some time ago he had stopped at the local kennel and had gotten a small jar of urine for a bitch in heat. Ed took Sandy, Naked, out of the van and lay her chest on a park bench in the City's small downtown park. He poured the dog urine down her exposed pussy and put the big dogs nose in it. Before the dog could lick, he lifted his paws alongside Sandy's back and ran his now exposed cock up and down her pussy which was still had cum running out of it.

This Saint Bernard weight 150 pounds and had a thick nine inch cock, which he buried in her used pussy with one hump. You have seen dogs breed. It is fast and hard. Ed watched as her walked to the van as the dog humped his wife. She begin to stir, but the weight of the dog and the booze held her in place just long enough for the knot to grow in her pussy. Ed heard her yell out to no one in particular, "stop, it hurts, your too big!" Ed took a long drive in the country.

When he neared his home later in the day, a police cruiser flashed a light at him. Sitting in the cruiser, Ed was filled in on an unusual disturbance the police were called to this AM. Ed received some twenty pictures of a woman and a dog locked together. It was, of course, only in the line of duty that the police recorded the event, with photos, from every angle. Somehow, they found there way on the Internet, and were E-mailed to every member of the Country Club with a computer.

Sandy had cleaned out her things and left a note saying she way going home to her parents. Ed's divorce was uncontested: he paid her nothing.

Yes, Yes, there is a God, and he watches over the good guys.

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