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I Felt That, Did You?
by Dr. Fellowes

I was driving home from work thinking about how bad my wife's and I sex life had become in the last two months. I had done everything I could to please her but nothing worked. When I made love to her she would just go through the motions. I knew that she was faking everything. I love her very much and was afraid that she was seeing some one else.

When I got home, I tried seducing her at the door. It was just the same as always. I tried to be nice and ask her again what was wrong and she said that everything is fine. I got mad and started to scream at her.

"Everything is not fine. You're acting like a cold fish around me. I have tried for two months to be understanding. I just don't know what to do any more. The only thing I can think of is that your in love with some one else." I said as I started to leave.

"Please don't go. I will tell you everything. Please come back and sit down" She said with tears in her eyes.

I sat down beside her and waited for her to tell me what was wrong. Inside of me was being torn apart. I wanted to know but I was also afraid of what she was going to tell me.

"Paul you know I love you more then life it self." She said. Oh no here it comes I thought.

"There is some one else But it is not what you are think. I have always been faithful to you. No one other than you has touched me. But I have to tell you the truth. I have had orgasms with you but you never gave me those orgasms." She said with more tears running down her cheeks.

"I don't understand. Were you thinking of some one else when you were have an orgasm. There's nothing wrong with that, I some times think about Meg Ryan when we make love."

"No that's no it at all. When we made love the man that made me come is my sister's husband. By the look on your face you still do not understand and you are getting madder. Please just sit back and let me tell you everything and then you can say what you want."

"Ok" I said.

"As you know my sister Kathy and I are twins and you may find that this is hard to believe but I feel everything that she feels and vice versa. We found this out at a very young age. When either of us fell the other one would feel the pain and start to cry. It was hard to get use to, Because if I fell hard I would feel a tingle but she would scream in pain. As we got older if one of us hurt ourselves the other would do something to get even. Like if I bumped into a chair and she would feel the pain. She would stub her toe on something and I would feel the pain. I could not have a fight with her because it would be like punching myself. Well when we got into our late teens and started dating. We found that we had no idea the problems that this would have on us. We had no desire for sex.

"If I took my Hand and touched myself I felt nothing. My sister may get a tinkle But since I felt nothing I would never continue. So boy were never much on our minds But we were pressured into dating by our parents and other kids. To fit in we had to have boys friends. So Kathy and I had boy friends and went out on double dates. Well One Friday night I was grounded for talking back to my mom and Kathy had to go out with her boyfriend alone. I was sitting watching tv with mom and dad and all of a sudden I felt strange, it was like someone was running their hand up under my blouse. I could feel a hand rubbing across my stomach. It was moving up and the hand squeezed my breast. I had to look down to see who was doing this to me but there was nothing touching me. I felt lips kissing my neck and then it felt like my blouse Was being open and then my bra was opened and I felt naked. I put my hands up around my breast and felt that my bra was still fastened. I thought I was going nuts. I jumped a little when I felt the hands back on my breast. I thought that this was impossible. I could feel hands on my skin through my bra. I could feel the lips kissing there way down to my tits. Then it stopped and I thought it was over but then I felt my nipple being sucked on. I felt lips, tongue and teeth. My breathing was getting faster and I jumped again in my seat. Mom looked over at me and asked if anything was wrong. I had to get out of there. I jumped up and said that I didn't feel well and ran to my room. All the way down that hallway I could feel my nipples being sucked. Just as I got to my door I felt a hand moving up my leg. I ran and jumped on my bed. I was so scared. I had tears in my eyes. The hand on my leg was getting close to my panties. I put my hand over my crotch to try and stop it but it didn't help. The hand rubbed my pussy through my pants. Then the hand was going under my panties and I felt fingers probing me. I started to cry and slapping my crotch to try and stop the hand that was touching me. It did stop. I was laying on my bed trying to figure out if I was going crazy and I started to feel something different. It was Like there was some thing hot in my hand and it was throbbing. It would not go a way. After about 5 minutes my hand started to cramp up on me. It hurt like hell. It finally stopped after a couple of minutes. My sister got home about an hour later and told me that her boyfriend had taken her parking. He had kissed her and started to undress her. Played with her tits and sucked on them. I told her that I had felt all of it and it scared the hell out of me. I told her that I was almost punching my crotch to get it to stop. She looked at me and said that it had hurt alot and that she had to make her date stop and he got mad and said that if she did not want to have to walk home then she better do something about the hard on she had given him. So she jerked him off. She was looking at me and I could see she was mad. She then lifted the front of her skirt and put her hand into her panties and rubbed her pussy and she said " What? You don't like the feeling when I am being touched here. It does nothing for me." I could feel her fingers on her clit My clit was starting to throb. I said " Two can play this game." I stuck my hand into my panties and played with mine. " How do you like it" I said. She just moaned and rubbed her clit harder. I did the same and the next thing we knew we were having our first orgasm. We both laughed and tried to talk about what had happened. We didn't know then, that if we were going to have a sex life at all, we were going to have to do it together. We would play jokes on each other. We would all be having dinner and I would go to the bath room and leave Kathy with my parents. In the bathroom I would play with my clit for a couple of minutes and then come out to see Kathy squirming in her seat and giving me the evil eye. She got even at school. I was giving a speech to our class and she played with her self under the desk. I almost never finished the speech. That is why I said that you really have never given me an orgasm. It was always Kathy's husband And you were giving Kathy her orgasms. Now as you know Kathy's husband left her two months ago. He got fed up with their sex life. It is hard to have sex at the same time. Sometimes I feel her husband playing with her in the afternoon and you're at work. I have to play with my self so Kathy can get in to it. I can not do it if I am shopping or at a movie with you or out to dinner. So timing is everything. Even with us. Kathy moved to our moms place which is 50 miles away. See She feels you touching me and could not take it any more. The farther away she is the less she feels. I Told her she had to stay or I may lose my marriage too. I love you so must Paul but I will understand if you want to leave me"

"Wow That was some story. It is hard to believe. But it does make sense. All those time that you were squirming around. My mothers Birthday party, when we had guests over, The times that you jumped me out of the blue. It hurts to think that it was Kathy's husband that was pleasuring you." I said

"It was him that was giving me the pleasure but it was you I was enjoying it with. Please understand I love you and I could not live with out you. I know I am asking alot of you and I do not know how to fix it. We went to a lot of doctors when we were younger and all of them said we would have to live with it." She said.

"I Don't know what to do. If you can only enjoy sex with me when your sister is having sex. Then will have to find her a boyfriend." Then a great idea came to mind. " Or"

"Or What " My wife said as I thought.

"Well as you said before, you and your sister have to work together to get each other turned on and I had a great thought and don't get jealous because all this year we have been together It was some one else making you come. Now I think that we should bring your sister into your bed with us."

"Your crazy. I can't do that. there is no way I am sharing you with my sister." She said.

"You are already sharing me with her. I am the one that gives her an orgasm. When I make love to you she is the one that feels my cock sliding in and out of her. Don't you think it would be great having the feeling of me entering you and the only way I can truly make love you and for me to give you an orgasm. Is for me to make love to your sister."

"I guess you are right. I would love to feel you give me an orgasm. But Kathy would never spend a night with us." She said

"I love you so much but the only way I can see that we can make this work is if we can get her to move in our bed for the rest of our lives."

"Oh my god you can not be thinking that we can make something like that work. It is one thing to get my sister into bed every now and then but have her move in. I was hoping that the spare room would be our babies room when we get around to having children." She said.

"You still don't understand she will have to move in with us, in our bed and into our lives. If she does not sleep, make love, and make babies with us one day she will get lonely and find some one self."

"This is to much for me to handle. I love you but sharing you full time with my sister is something I never even thought of." She said

"Well you two are really one person. You are alike in every way and you share each others feeling. I love you so that means I love Kathy. When I make love to her it will be me making love to you."

"Let me think about it for a day. I know what you are saying is right. The only way my sister and I can be happy is if we are with the same man.That does make sense but I have to give up my alone time with you. I have to share you and I just do not know if I can do that." She Said " Ok honey. We will talk about it tomorrow night. Let's just cuddle and watch some tv."

To Be Continued...

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