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I Got All Caught Up
by Carol Marie

It was 12:30 Monday morning when I got an urge to fly to Texas. I wanted to finally meet the womyn who had held my lust for so long. The womyn I dreamt of on a daily basis.

Sunny was this Texan beauty, tall with flaming red hair that accented her sensuous nature. I had met her online. She wasn't like any other womyn I had met online. She was challenging, witty, intelligent, and exuded a sexual aura that enticed me... lured me to the brink of madness.

A few times she had called me on the phone, her voice like an angel. Oft times we whispered our was like fire that coursed through me, burning embers that seared through my veins, with just the slightest intonation of her voice.

Many times when I was working late at night on the computer signed onto AOL, she would sign on and I could feel myself spurting, my under garments permeated with the liquid that came from me...just from knowing I would soon talk with her.

We used to close our conversations with "I love you," and if ever I had ever felt that emotion, it was stronger then, than any time in my life. I lusted for her in more than a sexual nature. I lusted for her sense of womyn, her sense of being.

When I spent time with her, I became like a Goddess, she made me an entity so powerful....more than lust and desire....only way I can explain it is to say I had some kind of power that coursed through me.

And so on the Sunday before that Monday, in conversation with her, I very cleverly got her to name the firm for which she worked. Having known her for 6 months, I had a fair knowledge of her schedule and daily routines. So armed with that I made reservations to fly into San Antonio the very next day and surprise her.

I knew in some ways this could be disastrous, as she and I both had always accepted the "fantasy" agreement of our so called "relationship." After all, she had a wife and I lived with a partner. But my need to meet her, see her, far outweighed anything that had been agreed upon initially.

I packed light, always having heard that SA would be far warmer than the Bay Area, a couple pairs of slacks and shorts, dress shirts and a leather vest. I did carry on a black leather satchel containing various toys in anticipation of my visit being a success.

I arrived in San Antonio early enough to check into my hotel and grab a shower before I headed down to the financial district to Sunny's office. I called a limousine service and waited for the car, constantly checking myself in the mirror, wanting to be the perfect studly dyke for the womyn of my dreams.

Once outside her firms building, I called to see if she was in and made small talk with the receptionist. I knew the case she was working on at the time, and said that I was a client that she was going to interview. The receptionist fell for it and said Sunny was just leaving the building to head home, but she would leave a message for her, would I care to leave my name and number. I said I would call in the morning and hung up. I had the driver position the car directly across the street from the buildings main entrance, hoping she would exit that door.

It was a chance in a million and for a fleeting second I realized that she may not use that door, or she might even stop elsewhere in the building. Holding my breath wondering what to do next, when she appeared coming through the turnstile doors, carrying a large briefcase and many folders. I cant even begin to tell you how I felt at that moment. I was like Jell-O inside. I wasn't sure how she would react seeing me, but even in my ambivalence, I found myself approaching her.

When I stood 10 ft in front of her as many peoples walked by, I stopped and said, "Hi Sunny." I smiled waiting for her reaction. It was raining inside of me. I felt my whole body tremble. The seconds that passed before she spoke were endless.

She too, stopped. looking at me and for a second maybe, not knowing right at that moment who I was and then realizing when I said hello again. And then suddenly a smile formed on her perfect lips and she said, "O my God, I cant believe that you are here! What are you doing here Cary? Wow!"

"Ok, well I was in the neighborhood and just wanted to say hello" And then I hesitated before I spoke again, trying to read her. Trying to know if she was upset that I was there.

"Cary, I cant believe that I'm standing in front of you. I cant believe that you are this close to me. I have always said this would be dangerous and here you are, O. MY GOD."

And with that she dropped her briefcase and came closer and put her arms around my neck and kissed me. It was a school girl hug and a friendly kiss, after all we were in the financial district of a southern state and she was a professional womyn. I respected that and her privacy, but O. My, to feel her arms around me.

To feel Sunny so close to me. I was breathing her. I told her I had a car across the street and I would love to give her a lift. She suddenly paled and said that I could never give her a ride home, that it wouldn't be right. I agreed and asked her if she would just like to get a cup of tea or something, a drink even. She said yes and we walked across the street to the Lincoln. I carried her files and folders for her. She just kept looking at me like I was some kind of apparition.

I watched her as she moved. I loved the body moved with each step. I loved the way she smiled, the way I always knew she smiled.

The driver suddenly appeared and opened the doors for us and I waited as she stepped inside. He put her briefcase and other papers in the trunk for us and the came back and asked if there was anything else. I nodded to him and he closed the door and got in and the car moved along.

She sat smiling, though not moving. In her silence I found myself perspiring with anxiety. Finally I couldn't stand it any longer and I asked her if she was upset that I was there.

I sat with tears welling in my eyes, so afraid that she was upset, when she shook her head no and said she was glad I was there, she was just in a state of shock.

I was relieved and took the liberty of kissing her. I placed my hands around her face and brought her to my lips. Softly, lips on hers. Closing my eyes, feeling her, breathing her, a reality.

All the feelings, the emotions, the love I had for her for so long came to the surface. It was more than a power with her. It was like she gave me life. I felt her hands in my hair, ruffling it, tugging it. The tears that fell before were of a nervous kind, the ones that streamed down my face then were of a loving and wonderment.

Her lips opened and I felt her tongue touch me. Instinctively, my mouth opened to take her in and I swallowed her tongue into my mouth. Her tongue raked across my teeth and I flicked mine up into her palate. I heard her moan. All those months of making love online and this was the first time I ever heard her sweet moans. It was the first time I ever said aloud "I love you sunny," and it was the first time I ever heard her respond with, "I love you Cary."

That sealed it for me. It was fate that had brought me to her. It went way past the carnal wanting.

She told me she wanted me and I almost had an orgasm on the spot. I asked her if she cared to go to my hotel with me and she said yes, quicker than you can say "Jackie Robinson." I called the driver and told him to take us to the hotel and she and I sat talking about all of our mutual fantasies. It was incredible to be sitting there with her in the limo on the way to my hotel.

What fury reigns supreme? Climatic in nature, the beast was finally free.

When we ventured out of the elevator, she finally let me take her hand and I twirled her around in a circle, all of the excitement brimming over in me. I pulled her to me again and kissed her harder on her mouth. She came back, full into me, biting my lower lip and then pulling away teasingly. I used the card entry and immediately shut the door with my foot behind us. Our hands were busy unbuttoning shirts and pants, tugging on our clothing to free ourselves.

She was more lovely than all of my dreams. I pulled away from her. I didn't want to be rough, I wanted sheer ecstasy. I wanted to show her the passions of my soul, the depth of my love.

I came to her again and took her in my arms and tilted her back kissing her lips, then her throat and her neck, small kisses I trailed down to her shoulders, each one bringing me wilder and hotter inside. I burned with a fever so intense.

I kissed her collarbone, sucking in the thin skin and then raced with my tongue around each mound of her heaving chest. Took each nipple succulently into my mouth, rolling my tongue over each until they stood erect and firm under my touch. I heard her sounds of pleasure and felt as her hands once again played in my hair. felt as her fingers traced circles on my back. Felt as her fingernails dug in deep, ripping into me.

I licked under each breast, sensing the change in her scent, sensing the urgency in her breath.

I reached for her mouth and again kissed her softly, more tenderly...though inside of me lava flowed, raging against time. I slowly inched down her body, trailing kisses around her hips and down into her navel, I nuzzled my face in her fur and reeled with the aromatics of her sex. I felt as my chin rested in her moist lips, feeling as they parted under my pressing. I felt as she brought her knees up around my face and pushed her pelvis up into me.

I found the gem of my desire and flicked softly across the tip of her sex, feeling it grow hard in my mouth. Again the power surged in me and I found myself spurting, liquid fire. I stroked her clit wide across the top and then freely over and over up and down the shaft of it until she cried out to enter her. While my tongue worked feverishly bringing her higher than she had ever felt, I plunged 2 fingers into her and felt myself almost faint with ecstasy. I rocked hard as I drove into her and pulled up swiftly, only to return with lustful abandon. She rocked up into my face and screamed without caution. Over and over she poured sweetly out onto my hand and my tongue moved to taste her sweet elixir. I drank until she couldn't move, with my fingers still lodged deep within her beauty, she slept, exhausted.

I watched her breathe. I watched as she slept, telling me she would be ready soon to make love, she just needed a cat nap... How apropos!

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