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In Her Father's Footsteps Pt. 4 of 14
Erotic Adventures of Sexy British Super-Spy Jane Bond
by Latina

Returning from lunch in the MI-6 cafeteria on her third day as a British spy, Jane Bond headed for her computer. She wasn't quite sure why she was on the computer again. She had spent a frustrating morning in a fruitless search of the database for more information on William Washington Walker, alias terrorist-arms merchant W, and his super- slutty wife, alias Wendy Warmcox.

Jane had found out more about that elusive couple (or at least, about their love life) in a few minutes of lunch conversation with other spies, than she had in an entire morning on the computer.

As a result of that lunch-time conversation, Agent 0069 had formed a plan to visit Suite 69 of Rick's Cafe Americain Hotel, in Vienna. If the stories were true, ten years earlier, Mr. and Mrs. W had spent an entire year making love in that suite, not leaving for food or anything else. And a recent color Polaroid snapshot showed W naked, tied to the bed in that suite, and Wendy naked, standing over him, smiling lustfully. Somehow, Jane felt that a visit to Suite 69 might help her find W, and stop him from selling any more weapons to terrorists.

After an hour of restlessly surfing through the MI-6 database for something, or perhaps for nothing at all, Jane got up and walked to Miss Moneypenny's desk. She knew that MI-6's aging chief spy, M, would never authorize international travel for a spy hired just 3 days earlier. But Miss Moneypenny had been a long-time friend of her father, the legendary James Bond, and perhaps Jane could use that connection to con Moneypenny into sending her to Vienna, without M's knowledge or consent.

Jane began her best schmoozing technique, and soon had Moneypenny fondly reminiscing about her unrequited love for 007. Moneypenny recalled the mission to Brazil, where James had met Jane's mother. James had been surprised and shocked when he learned, several years later, that his brief Brazilian fling had produced a daughter. Moneypenny couldn't fathom why fatherhood should surprise James Bond. After all, by Moneypenny's own calculations, James Bond had slept with an average of 63 women per year, through about 40 years of being a British spy.

Moneypenny sighed at the realization that, despite her best flirting techniques, she had never become part of those statistics in all those years. Bond had initially been thrilled to meet his daughter Jane as a little girl, and to see her attractive South American mother again. But Bond simply wasn't the fatherly type, and as Jane herself well knew, after bringing Jane to MI-6 for a single visit, James Bond had disappeared out of Jane's life as quickly as he had appeared. Jane empathized with Moneypenny, knowing in a different way what it was like to want to be closer to James Bond, and never achieving that goal.

Having bonded in a sisterly way with Moneypenny, Jane now sprang her request.

"Do you know about the case that M assigned to me?"

"Yes, you are to find and stop notorious arms merchant W."

"I have a lead, and I want to fly to Vienna to check it out. I want to go to the Cafe Americain Hotel there."

Moneypenny recalled the one time she had attended a party for graduating student-spies, at that very same hotel in Vienna. She had tried to lure Bond into a room there, but without success. "Yes," she replied, with yet another sigh, "I'm familiar with Cafe Americain."

"This is only your third day here," Moneypenny continued. "You know that M is under tight budget constraints. He'll never authorize an airline ticket for someone he hired just 3 days ago."

"I know. But couldn't you please just arrange a ticket FOR me. We don't have to tell M." Jane winked, "It will be our little secret. I'm sure James Bond would be pleased that you share secrets with his daughter!"

At the mention of Jane's father's name, Moneypenny sighed dreamily again. "I'll see what I can do," Moneypenny promised Jane.

About an hour later, Moneypenny walked past Jane's desk, unobtrusively dropping a plain, unmarked and non-descript envelope on top of Jane's in-basket. When Moneypenny was a safe distance away to avoid suspicion from anyone else nearby, Jane surreptitiously slid the envelope into her purse, headed for the lady's room, and locked the stall door. She fished the envelope out of her purse. Inside, was a round-trip airline ticket to Vienna, and confirmed accommodations for three days at the Cafe Americain Hotel. Her father had once told her that you could always count on Miss Moneypenny's help, and he had been right. Jane quietly returned the envelope to her purse, flushed the toilet to cover her real purpose in the ladies room, and returned to her desk. But she was so excited about her first trip as a spy, that she couldn't focus on her work, and she snuck home early.

Driving home, she wondered how she would explain to Brad that she would be away from him for three days, their first extended absence from each other in nearly two years of marriage. But Jane hit on a plan that would make her absence more bearable for both of them.

Luckily, because Jane had left early, Brad was not yet home when she drove into their driveway, and she would have plenty of time to put her seduction plan into action.

Jane began by fixing Brad her special Rosetta rice dish, cooked with an assortment of vegetables such as celery and carrots. She also cooked up some home-made honey-barbecue chicken wings. She knew that Brad liked these simple, tasty, nutritious meals. She set out their best china plates and their long-stemmed champagne glasses. She dimmed the lights, and set a lighted candle at the center of the table.

When Brad returned from his office, Jane greeted him in her most stunning, tight, thigh-length black leather skirt (Brad could actually see the triangular shape between her shapely legs, pressing against the leather at the front of her skirt), and sheer black stockings. Brad knew Jane well enough to know, without actually seeing, that the stockings were held on with her sexiest black-lace garter belt, very likely with no panties underneath to obstruct her neatly- trimmed, thick, dark bush and always-juiced-up slit. Jane's sheer white blouse, which buttoned up the front, was as transparent as her reason for wearing it. Brad and Jane threw their arms around each other, and Jane grabbed Brad's left hand, pulling it up under the hem of her very short leather skirt, and placed his fingers on the outside of her already-moist pussy, as if to confirm her lack of panties, which he already suspected.

After a leisurely, romantic dinner, Brad and Jane gazing at each other's candle-lit faces, Jane went to their master bathroom to fill their large bathtub with warm water and apricot-scented bubble bath. Earlier, she had placed some scented candles on the tiled shelf above the tub, and placed two champagne glasses and a chilled bottle of sparkling cider within easy reach of the tub. Sure, she could have used champagne, but neither of them drank, and besides, she wanted them both to be in full control of their minds and bodies throughout the night's erotic adventures.

Before she filled the tub, Jane removed her skirt and made sure to leave their bathroom door wide open. She wanted Brad to see her naked ass, and just a hint of pussy from the rear, all outlined by her black lace garter-belt, as she bent over to fill the tub and test the water temperature with her fingers.

Sure enough, Brad walked by, stopped dead in his tracks at the view of his wife through the bathroom door, tiptoed up behind her, unzipped his trousers, and pressed his growing cock up against the inviting crack between the sexy curves of her ass cheeks. She turned her head to kiss him on the mouth, gently patted his manhood, and quietly cooed "Save that for our bath, stud."

When the tub was full, Jane stood facing Brad, and began a slow, bumping-and-grinding strip tease. She slowly unbuttoned her blouse, and Brad slid it off her arms. Now she unclipped her black stockings from her garter belt, and slid the garter belt down her leg. Finally, she slowly rolled each stocking down her legs. As she lifted her left foot, Brad pulled the rolled-up stocking off, then did the same for her right stocking. Now she slid into the tub, sighing a relaxed "ooh" as she immersed her soft, dark Latin-American skin into the warm water and big, white bubbles.

Brad quickly stripped and sat beside Jane in their tub. Jane grabbed Brad's bath sponge, and Brad picked up Jane's sponge, and they proceeded to wash each other in slow, circular, massaging strokes. They slowly, lovingly washed each other's back, shoulders, neck, and arms. Jane squirmed and softly moaned as the sponge swirled around her 36-C breasts, while his fingers pinched and stretched her hardening nipples. Turning her head and leaning over, she alternated between the sponge and her lips on his nipples. She just couldn't wait any longer, and skipping his tummy entirely, she placed his cock in the open palm of her left hand, and began rubbing it with the bath sponge in her right hand. Her eyes remained fixed on his organ as it grew longer, thicker, and harder. Her palms began to sweat, her mouth to salivate, her tongue to involuntarily circle her moist lips, and her heart to pound in her ears, as she washed his magnificently thick, pulsating organ.

When it reached its full 8 inch length and 2-1/2 inch diameter, she watched it pulse up and down, pulsing against her open palm each time that it swelled. She gently washed every inch of his throbbing shaft, mushroom-shaped cock head, swollen balls, and even the wide-open eye at the very tip. She wanted him spotlessly clean for what her lips and tongue would do there later that evening.

Meanwhile, Brad's hands were not idle, either. He soaped up her tummy and belly button, then her thick, furry bush. Finally, he slid his long, thin, soapy finger into her slicked-up slit, adding the bath water and apricot soap to the natural moisture already lining her inner walls, while still softly massaging the bath sponge across her pussy hair and outer lips. As his finger slid and out of her depths, the underside of his knuckle brushed and pressed her love button on each in and out stroke of his finger. He made sure to clean everywhere with his finger and the bath sponge, knowing that later that evening, his finger and tongue would be visiting all the places where he was now washing her.

But although he was getting her very moist, he deliberately stopped short of bringing her to orgasm, wanting to save that for their bedroom.

Toweling each other dry, they changed for bed. Jane donned a shiny, purple-satin bra with white lace trim all around the edges, and peekaboo cut-outs from which her hard nipples jutted straight out. Matching this was her purple satin G-string panty, with white-lace trim all around, and a narrow-as-dental-floss, ruffled white lace string running inside the crease of her ass to hold it on. Over this, she wore a white baby-doll that buttoned up the front, ended just above her thighs, and was even thinner and more transparent than the white blouse she had worn to dinner. Brad wore Jane's favorite outfit. It featured a very short pair of tight, light-blue jeans shorts, with a black cowboy- style leather belt, and his very prominent ridge at the front. Neatly tucked into his shorts was a black undershirt that exposed his shoulders and hairy upper chest, and the entire length of his long, strong, hairy, manly arms.

As they both climbed into bed, she slowly unbuckled his western-style belt, unzipped his tight shorts, and folded back the flaps formed at both sides of the opened zipper, so that his big, hard cock could pulse and throb out of its confinement and freely into the cool night air. She then turned on their TV and hit the Play button, to begin the tape she had earlier placed in their VCR. It was their favorite X-rated video, Summer Lovers, starring that multi- talented 1980s Oklahoma Cherokee porn star, Janette Littledove. They probably both liked this tape so much because of Littledove's resemblance to Jane Bond herself: the shoulder-length, curly dark hair, the dark complexion, the big, round breasts with long nipples and wide areolas, and the unbridled zest for love-making with her husband (when this tape was made, Littledove worked only with real- life husband Buck Adams, her costar in this Summer Lovers movie, and of course, Jane Bond gave herself only to her husband, Brad).

Jane and Brad watched the tape, lazily and half-heartedly imitating Janette and Buck's every move in the slow early build-up of the tape. Brad liked when Janette Littledove first appeared on tape, in her tight pink tube-top and micro-mini shorts. He liked how the actress's dark, muscular legs resembled the ones his wife was always wrapping around him. Jane preferred to watch, and re-enact with Brad, the scene where Janette lies back on a counter- top while her hunk of a man licks whipped cream from between her legs. In their re-enactments, Jane was lucky enough to have her own hunky husband with a very talented tongue. All the while, Jane and Brad impatiently awaited their favorite scene, which they had imitated so often that they could recreate it move for move from memory, even without the tape.

Finally, the scene they had awaited began. On the tape, Buck Adams stared out the window at their luscious hostess, played by Sharon Mitchell, making Littledove jealous. They argue, and Buck reminds Janette that he might look, but he sleeps only with her. She reaches up and kisses him. As they kiss, she opens her mouth slightly, and the camera zooms in on him snaking and darting his tongue so slowly, gently, and lovingly into her mouth, as she licks and sucks on his tongue. You can really see the real-life love and passion between the actors on this tape, and as Brad and Jane had the same level of love and passion for each other, they easily imitated this sizzling scene.

As Buck kissed his way down Janette's body on screen, removing her clothing as he went, Brad kissed and stripped Jane exactly in the same places, copying the tape move for move. When the on-screen husband removed Janette's panties and planted his face in her thick, dark bush, Brad did the same to Jane. When Janette bucked her faced into Buck's mouth, and moaned "Ho-ohhh! Huuuuuhhh!" Jane imitated those moans, tone for tone. Janette Littledove almost inaudibly dragged out the word, "Mmmmmore!" and Jane actually beat the movie to beginning this plea. But Jane was more than merely imitating the video, she really did desperately want more of Brad's long, firm tongue licking at her moist inner walls and her hard little clit. Jane loved that Brad so enjoys sucking up her freely-flowing juices as often as she'll let him: how lucky can one girl get.

In the movie, Buck Adams pauses his licking, and reveals Littledove's thick come coating his tongue, and you can see globs of Janette Littledove's sweet pussy nectar all over her pubic hair. By now, Jane was so excited, that when Brad raised his head in unison with Buck's, his tongue and her matted-down pussy hair matched those of Littledove in the movie. Brad wondered if Janette Littledove's juices tasted as sweet as Jane's, and if her strong, natural sex perfume had been blended with the fragrance of apricot bubble-bath, as Jane's was.

At this point, Janette Littledove softly, almost-inaudibly, tells Buck Adams to "turn around." He does, placing his legs and feet at the pillow end of the bed. Littledove now scoots down on the bed slightly, to align her mouth directly under his already-hard cock. He dives his face right back into her pussy, his palms on her thighs, wrestling his tongue all around her now wide-open pussy lips. The camera now gazes up into Littledove's very pink depths, as you see Buck's tongue dart and swirl all around the hot center of Janette's passion for her real-life husband. The camera moves to the side of their bed, showing the entire length of both bodies in their hot 69 position, as her hands on his hips pull and push his shaft in and out of her mouth. The camera zooms in, and you can see Janette Littledove's hands pulling and pushing on Buck Adams, his ass rising and falling, and his shaft disappearing into her throat and then reappearing straight up again. Janette, although only 19 or 20 when she made this tape (she's 31 now) had obviously done this with Buck in their bedroom a whole bunch of times before, and was getting to be quite good at sucking him off. But even so, after several minutes of him on top, his cock sliding straight up and down, in and out of her widely-stretched mouth that was engulfing his entire length, Janette had to pause and come up for air.

Jane Bond could suck without a pause for considerably longer than Janette did on this tape, and although not really needing to catch her breath, Jane was still following the video move for move, so she reluctantly let Brad slide all the way up and out of her mouth. Jane then imitated Janette's sexy, breathy, gasp for air, a soft, sighing, moaning sound that was a cross between "huh!' and "hmm!" That long gasp for air was accompanied, on the tape and in Jane and Brad's bed, by her long, slow lick from his balls, up the underside of his long shaft, and across the opening at the tip of his cock head. Then, both tape and real life had her open her mouth in a big, wide, O, and without using her hands, sucking his entire shaft down her throat in one powerful gulp.

Then she resumed using both hands on his hips, alternating between pulling his hips up with both hands to expose the full length of his rigid shaft, and then pushing his hips down to take all of him down her throat again. With each stroke down into her throat, Janette and Jane both cried out an excited and contented, high-pitched but soft "mmm!" which became longer and louder each time she swallowed his shaft. The entire time, Buck's tongue on tape, and Brad's in real life, was wrestling around the inside and outside of her dripping-wet pussy.

Finally, Janette Littledove shows she's in control on this tape, and slowly, masterfully, guides him down her throat, much less passively than she did up to that point, and lets out the sexiest, most contented groan of pleasure. Here, Jane and Brad differed from Buck and Janette on the tape: although on the tape, neither partner comes until much later in the film, seeing Janette so in control of him in those last few seconds of their 69 scene, always made Brad and Jane come in each other's mouth, and this time was no exception.

The rest of this hot scene really deteriorates rapidly on the Summer Lovers tape. Janette puts Buck on his back, leans over him, and clumsily tries to suck his enormous shaft from that position, grasping one hand tightly around his thick shaft as her head bobs down over him. Here, Littledove exhibits none of the grace that she showed earlier, when She lay under husband Buck and pulled him in and out of her mouth, and None of the power and authority that she had just held over him in the Last few seconds of their 69. But the video gets even worse here: Littledove lies flat on her back, her legs spread wide, and Adams clumsily tries to shove his enormous rod into her tight womanhood. She screams, not in pleasure, but in obvious pain, shouting angrily at him, "Man!" as if to say, "Man, you are hurting me!" or "Man! Your technique is horrible!"

Littledove finally has to grab Adams's wonder worm herself, and show him how to use it on her. What a way to kill a romantic and lusty moment!

Buck's repetitive in and out strokes become interminable, showing no variety nor imagination, and he finally pulls out to spray all over her, and forces her to catch the last few dribbling drops on her fully-extended tongue. This second half of their love scene might explain why Janette and Buck are no longer married in real life: their 69 in Summer Lovers is still one of the hottest love scenes on X- rated video, but their love-making right after that was clumsy, painful For them to experience and for the audience to watch. In fact, Jane and Brad did not watch the second half of this love scene this time, rewinding the tape to the beginning of the 69 scene again, and watching that scene all over again as Brad rolled onto his back, and Jane sat atop Brad's hard, 8-inch pole, which pointed straight up.

Jane rocked forward and backward on top of Brad, her wide- open pussy slit rubbing along the full length of his hard shaft, her back straight, her head tilted back saucily, her succulent 36C breasts pushing forward toward Brad's eager mouth, then away again, forward and back, his lips, tongue, and teeth pleasuring her nipples each time that they drew closer to him. Brad could feel the juices inside of Jane, starting to coat the smooth, soft outer skin of his stiff 8 inches. He hooked both of his thumbs along the sides of her slit, holding her wide open, as his entire length rubbed back and forth along her innermost recesses. Next, Brad slid his long, slender middle finger in and out of Jane, as she continued to rock her hips forward and back, forward and back, sliding her wide-open slit over his throbbing, pulsing shaft. His fingers continued to reach up and play with her outer lips and swollen clit, as he continued to nibble on her nipples each time they drew close again.

Finally, Brad began to slowly slide his solid 8 inches in and out of Jane, his hands on her hips, pushing her up and down on his rigid shaft. In the heat of their passion, Jane told Brad that she had to leave for Vienna in the morning, and would be gone for several days. "I'll need you to inject me with a mega-dose of Vitamin Brad, to immunize me against any diseases that might be rampant on the Continent. I want to make sure that I have enough supply injected inside of me to last me the three days until I get back, until you can inject your love medicine into me again."

This time, when Janette Littledove came up for air on the tape, and took one long, slow lick all the way along Buck Adams's shaft, then swallowed him whole, Brad and Jane were no longer imitating the tape. Instead, Brad shoved himself hard up into Jane, Jane shoved her pelvis back down hard against Brad, and they both came in a torrent of love, lust, passion, and their selfless desire to bring their partner the greatest possible pleasure. Jane only hoped that by the time Janette Littledove is in her 40s, this lusty starlet whose face, body, and passion resembled Jane's, finally finds someone. Someone who, unlike Adams in this film, gives Janette as much sexual pleasure, in ALL positions, as Brad always gives to Jane now that they are in their 40s. As Jane and Brad both calmed down, Jane turned off the VCR, so they wouldn't have to watch the next clumsy, awkward, painful scene between Janette and Buck.

Meanwhile, Brad began to throb deep inside of Jane, as he always does right after they both enjoy their orgasms. She asked him if he felt up to injecting a second dose of Vitamin Brad into her, just to be sure that she had enough supply in her body for her upcoming journey.

Between his powerful pulses and throbs, Brad happily obliged Jane's request, and he began to slowly thrust in and out of Jane again. Jane clamped her pussy muscles down as tightly as she could around his warm love tool. As he sped-up his thrusting, soon the friction and pressure were more than either of them could bear. Moaning and screaming loudly, in pleasure, not in pain, both came violently and forcefully against each other again. Millions of microscopic tadpoles pushed and shoved their way up from Brad's balls, thickening his shaft and pulsing that rigid rod against her tight inner walls, as they swam up his shaft and up into the freedom of her warm, moist, welcoming pussy.

When Brad finally started to pull out, their juices and their sweat had literally stuck her thighs to his, and as her thighs pulled up and away from his, they both heard the soft squishing of their juices separating from their skin. The still-swollen head of his cock made a soft "pop" noise when it finally emerged from her very slick, very tight pussy lips again. His entire shaft was completely coated with her shiny, slippery, sticky juices, which he proceeded to scoop up with his fingers. Then he slowly licked her natural flavor off of each sticky finger in succession.

Jane's pussy was now completely filled with a double dose of Brad's come. She reached down, using her fingers to force her gaping, excited slit closed, so that none of his juice could escape from her depths. Jane was determined to carry every drop of her husband's last two love injections to Vienna with her. She wanted his plentiful supply to still be sloshing around deep inside of her, for the entire three days that she would be walking around Vienna and working there. Jane knew that she would still be completely full of Brad juice, while she searched Vienna for the elusive arms merchant named W, and his slutty, voluptuous wife, Wendy Warmcox.

To Be Continued...


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