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In Her Father's Footsteps Pt. 8 of 14
Erotic Adventures of Sexy British Super-Spy Jane Bond
by Latina

British spy Jane Bond, agent 0069, had spent the entire afternoon in a Vienna hotel room, making love with blonde sexpot Wendy Welcomes Warmcox, wife of the terrorist gun merchant William Washington Walker, alias "W". Besides the hot sexual encounter, Wendy and Jane had also been very busy forming plans to get even with W for cheating on Wendy, and forming plans to create a permanent threesome consisting of Jane, her husband Brad, and her new friend Wendy. Jane had also been plotting how to shut down W's terrorist gun operation. On top of all that, she had also been sorting out how she felt about cheating on her husband Brad, making love with a woman for the first time, and how she would avoid becoming as promiscuous as her famous father, James Bond, agent 007.

With all of this on her mind, Jane had nearly forgotten that her mission was to squash the 7:00 arms deal between W and the mysterious redhead with whom W had cheated on his wife. In return for sexual favors, W had promised to sell the stunning redhead some Russian AK-47 rifles at half price. It was Jane's duty to stop that transaction. And she was going to use her new friend and lover, Wendy Warmcox, to stop the deal.

Jane's first step was to call Miss Moneypenny back at MI-6, British Intelligence headquarters in London. Moneypenny faxed Jane some official-looking papers that said Wendy W. Warmcox was filing for divorce from William W. Walker. Her next step was to call Wendy, and mysteriously ask her to be in W's room, Suite 69, at 7:15 that evening. If Jane knew W as well as she thought she did, he would just be wrapping up the arms sale about that time, and Wendy would be just in time to burst in on the redhead showing her gratitude to W.

Jane then dressed in her mousy disguise again, the nerdy red Sally Jessy Raphael glasses, the hair up in a school- marm bun, the conservative dark skirt and jacket.

Jane's plan began to click. At 7:10, Jane stealthily picked the lock to Suite 69, and left the door open just a crack. W and the redhead buyer were too busy swapping guns for cash, to notice Jane or the open door. Jane hid in a recess in the hallway wall, and waited for the fireworks to begin.

Sure enough, precisely at 7:15, Wendy Warmcox walked up to Suite 69. Noticing the door that Jane had left ajar, Wendy quietly pushed the door open without knocking, and silently slinked into the room. Cash and rifles were strewn about, and the redhead was on her knees, eagerly sucking and licking W's amazingly-hard 10-inch shaft. Just as Wendy was about to let out an angry shriek, Jane snuck up behind Wendy and clamped a hand over her mouth. Jane then whispered in Wendy's ear, "Do you trust me, darling?"

Wendy nodded her head Yes.

"Then say what I tell you to."

Wendy nodded again.

"Good. Say to your husband, `Hi, dear, what are you doing?'"

Wendy stepped up to W and repeated, "Hi, dear, what are you doing?"

W looked up, startled and shocked, his face turning crimson with embarrassment. "Hi, uh, honey, uh, I was just, umm-- say, what are YOU doing here?"

Jane cut in, handing the naked W another of the phony business cards that Moneypenny had supplied. This one said Allison McKnight, Attorney At Law. "I'm your wife's attorney. I'm here to serve you with these divorce papers." Jane pressed the faxed divorce documents into W's hand, letting her hand "accidentally" brush W's ramrod-straight 10 inches in the process. Jane was repulsed by W's line of work and by his having cheated on his wife, and she could not picture herself ever getting physical with such a slimy worm of a man. Nevertheless, Jane's curiosity simply couldn't resist just once feeling the phenomenal shaft that she had seen in photos and heard so many stories about. Jane was disappointed: W's skin was so rough, sweaty, and slimy, and covered with the redhead's saliva, not soft and smooth like the skin on her Brad's hard 8 inches. Having felt W's disgusting cock, Jane could now turn away, and no longer feel the least attraction for looking at (much less ever again touching) W's organ, even if it WAS the biggest that Jane had ever seen or touched.

Jane removed her nerdy glasses, turned to Wendy, and commented, "You're well rid of this one, honey."

Wendy threw her arms around Jane, kissed her passionately, and said, "Thanks, darling, for freeing me from this monster."

W turned to Jane and asked, "Does this mean you have more than just a lawyer-client relationship with my wife?" As if in reply, Wendy unpinned Jane's severe hair bun, and Jane shook out her glorious mane of black hair, letting her soft waves tumble sexily down to her shoulders.

W's question piqued the interest of the redhead, who all the while had continued to kneel and absent-mindedly slide her lips up and down W's shaft as if on auto-pilot. To the redhead, having a mouth full of cock, and lazily sucking and licking, seemed so normal and natural, that she couldn't imagine NOT having a man's shaft in her mouth, and she felt not the slightest embarrassment at having an audience for her ongoing performance. But on hearing the word "wife," even she finally stopped now and looked up, W's pre-come dribbling out the corners of her mouth. She stood up, slapped W hard in the face, and shrieked at him, "You bastard! You didn't tell me you're married! I don't suck off married guys!"

"You just did!" W grinned.

The redhead, still completely naked, began to sob. Wendy and Jane both tried to comfort her. The redhead liked their comforting so much, that she wanted to repay their kindness. So she then tried to strip both ladies, with the idea of giving them both a slow, grateful, sensual, and sensuous tongue-bath. She got as far as unbuttoning Wendy and Jane's blouses to reveal their lacy, skimpy bras.

"Hey, three women together! Can I stand here and watch?"

"No, you pig!" Wendy screamed.

"This is all getting too weird, and way too tense, for me," the redhead commented. "I had hoped to get my pussy thoroughly fucked tonight, and sucking you off was getting me really wet and horny. But there is no way I'm going to continue this with a married man, especially not in front of his wife and her lawyer. I think I'd better leave now."

"Good idea," Wendy and Jane replied in unison, wanting to get rid of the trashy, slutty bimbo so they could privately exact their revenge on W.

The redhead gathered up the half-dozen rifles that she had just bought at half price, and forgetting her clothes, stormed out into the hallway, still visibly upset about having fooled around with a married man. As she ran down the hall, not really watching where she was going, she bumped right into the Assistant Manager of Rick's Cafe Americain Hotel. Six large Russian rifles clattered to the floor.

"Can I help you, miss?"

The naked redhead picked up one of her rifles and pointed it at the Assistant Manager.

"Just back off," she screamed.

Then the redhead took a second look at this Assistant Manager. He was tall, with neatly-groomed, shoulder-length blond hair. His manager's suit and tie couldn't hide his broad shoulders and bulging arm muscles. As her eyes wandered up and down his long frame, she began to lick her lips, and to fantasize about sucking on the shaft that she was certain was long and thick, just the way she liked a cock to be, and riding him from above with her hungry pussy.

"Can I help you, miss?" the Assistant Manager repeated. "Damn right, you can help me! I was just sucking off this guy, and I was getting hornier by the second, when his wife and her lawyer burst in. The bastard is married! Can you imagine? He gets me all worked up, all hot, horny, and dripping, and the bastard is MARRIED! Damn right you can help me! I need to get fucked by a big, hard, cock, and I mean, RIGHT NOW!"

"OK, lady. But you really don't have to point a rifle at me to get me to fuck an incredible naked body like yours. All I need to know is whether you want it sweet, slow, and gentle, or hard and fast."

The redhead had forgotten she was still holding the rifle, and she dropped it into the pile with the other rifles, creating another loud clatter. As she dropped the rifle, she noticed that the Assistant Manager was right, she was still completely naked. "I normally like it sweet, slow, and gentle, but I'm SSSOOO hot and horny right now, that there's no TIME for that. I want--no, I NEED--it hard and fast, and RIGHT NOW! GIVE it to me, PLEASE!"

Right there in the hallway, with elevator music blaring all around them, she hurriedly unzipped his trousers, and she tried to suck him to the slow, tedious melody of the piped- in music. But it was just too slow, and she yelled, "Fuck it!" and her lips and tongue began rapidly devouring his cock, with a ravenous hunger that even a hunk like this Assistant Manager had never seen before.

"We can't do this in the hallway!" he croaked, barely able to talk with the growing excitement of this sexy naked stranger eagerly licking and swallowing his manhood.

"My room's too far away," she said as she backed off his cock. She then swallowed him whole again, and when she backed off again, she continued, "I just can't wait that long."

"I'm the Assistant Manager. I have keys to every room in this hotel. And I happen to know that the room three doors down is vacant."

With her mouth once again stuffed full of his cock, it was hard for the redhead to talk. Her muffled voice said something that sounded like, "All right, then, let's go." All that the Assistant Manager knew was that the vibration of her voice against his one-eyed wonder worm felt terrific, and made his cock grow longer and thicker, and pulse and throb more rapidly than before. He began walking toward the vacant hotel room.

The redhead, not wanting to let his delicious cock go, wrapped her hands around the back of his knees, and she slid down the carpeted hallway as he walked, not letting go of even one inch of him, and not minding the burning feeling of the friction as her bare knees slid across the carpet. All that she could focus on, all that she cared about now, was that this beefy, muscular stud was about to powerfully fuck her desperately-horny and oh-so-juicy slit, and she could hardly wait.

The Assistant Manager, his mind focused elsewhere, briefly fumbled with his key before successfully getting the door unlocked. As soon as they entered the room, the redhead released his cock from her hungry mouth, and leaped, face- up, onto the comfortable king-size bed, her legs spread wide, and her juices already beginning to seep out of her wide-open pussy. "FUCK--ME---NOW!" she screamed. She was tottering right on the very brink of explosion already, and she feared that if he didn't move quickly, he would enter her too late to feel her orgasmic release against his big, hard, deeply-buried shaft.

The Assistant Manager stripped in record time, practically tearing his suit to shreds in his haste to remove it. Then he gracefully made a flying leap through the air, landing directly on top of her, his rippling chest muscles landing right atop her soft breasts and her hard, jutting nipples. She only got to see his naked body in mid-air for a split second, but she liked what she saw. Without his suit, he looked not at all like a hotel manager, but like a muscular California surfer. His physique belonged on the cover of a romance novel at a supermarket check-out line, just the way Fabio got started, not hidden behind a suit and an office desk.

She reached down and grabbed his cock in both hands, shoving it deep inside herself. She smiled, for he seemed to fill her pussy even better than W had filled her mouth. As he powered his thighs up and down to thrust rapidly and mightily in and out of her, she felt some discomfort at his size. Something didn't seem right to him, either: although she was HIGHLY aroused, she simply wasn't as wet as other pussies he had fucked. But he knew how to remedy that: he slowly pulled himself all the way out of her.

"You bastard!" she shrieked, "Don't leave me NOW!"

"Trust me," he said, "You're going to be glad I did this." With that, he slid his long frame down the mattress, his cock throbbing mightily from the friction against the sheet, causing the entire mattress to quake and vibrate. As he hungrily kissed and licked his way down her torso, his eager tongue finally licked its way inside her wide-open pussy lips. He eagerly lapped at her inner walls, and he felt her getting dewy, just as he had planned. He needed to coax out plenty of her natural lubrication, to ease the way for his long, thick piston's rapid up-and-down strokes inside her cylinder. But he knew that she would not truly be ready for him, until he could get her clit to ooze its special juice all over his tongue. So, reluctantly, he withdrew his tongue from her inner recesses, and he began licking in long, tantalizingly-slow upward strokes along her outer pussy lips and her swollen clit. As his tongue continued its long, slow lapping at her slick, hard little clit, she steadily raised her tightly-puckered, curvy ass higher and higher off the mattress, higher still with each lick, pressing herself closer and ever closer to his face, to his licking tongue. As he felt her pussy pressing harder and harder into his face, he now began to alternate his licks with soft, gentle nibbles on her clit.

"Bite me!" she screamed. He obliged, biting down hard on the gorgeous redhead's now fully-enlarged clit. She responded by bucking wildly up and down against his face. As she thrust her thighs up and down, she also swayed her hips from side to side, and he bit down hard, biting harder with each upward thrust she made into his face.

"I'm--going---to--gonna--I'm--gonna," suddenly, she bucked hard up into his face one last time, and stayed there, locking her legs around his neck, resting her feet on his broad shoulders, her whole body writhing, gasping, and panting. Suddenly, she released a flood of hot, creamy pussy juice against his probing, circling, swirling tongue, shouting the last word of the sentence that she hadn't quite been able to bring herself to finish until now, "I'm gonna--COOOMMME!" With that, she oozed against his tongue, her rich, delicious come seeping into his open mouth as he swallowed hard, gulping as much of her flow down his throat as he could, the excess seeping out of the corners of his mouth. She let out a second wave, which splashed against his ruggedly-handsome, baby-smooth, hairless chin. He moved his tongue down lower, to lick at her wide-open pussy lips, and she deposited a third burst onto his cheeks and his nose. He rubbed his come-splattered nose against her, then he pressed his nose deep and hard into her still-open gash, as she moaned loudly and thrashed wildly on the bed, releasing still more of her sweet, natural juice, this time squirting him directly in his left eye.

She rolled onto her right side, still with his head between her legs, and she locked her legs in a tight scissor-grip around his head and neck.

With nowhere to move, he had no choice but to continue to lick at her, his tongue cleaning up the gooey but tasty mess from her four orgasms, licking her sweet sex juices from her soft, creamy thighs, from the fiery red bush around her still-throbbing pussy, and from her bare and well-toned tummy. But he was careful to leave intact, all of her slick, lubricating juices that coated her inner walls, and now she rewarded him for leaving those juices on her insides.

She reached up, grabbed him, slid him up the bed until his come-filled mouth pressed against her lips, and she kissed him deeply and passionately. "Fuck me, stud!" she cooed. Like he really minded hearing THAT! She rolled him onto his back, and she sat up on top of his hips, grabbing his cock with both hands and guiding it up into her wide-open, slick and slippery slit.

As he thrust his long shaft back up into her, he felt it ease in better than the first time, now that her snatch was all slicked-up with lust for him. She, too, felt none of the discomfort of their first attempt, and she knew that he had been right, she was grateful that he had pulled out of her earlier to lick her so tenderly. She was determined to show him how grateful she really was. As he slowly built up the pace of his deep in-and-out thrusts up into the sexy redhead who was straddling his hips and riding his shaft, the redhead pulled him into a seated position facing her, locked her arms around his back, and her legs around his waist, resting her feet on the tight cheeks of his well- toned butt. As she slid her shapely body toward and away from him, toward and away, toward and away, she just kept chanting, like some sort of sacred mantra, "Fuck me, stud, fuck me. Fuck me, stud, fuck me. Fuck me, stud, fuck me." Her chanting stayed in perfect rhythm with her trim, curvaceous body's motions forward and back, forward and back, forward and back, as his long, thick shaft slid in and out, in and out, in and out, thrusting deeply, withdrawing up to the swollen purple head, then thrusting deeply again, all the while pulsing and throbbing, throbbing and pulsing against her tight, moist inner walls.

As his thrusts grew deeper and harder, and his pace more rapid, her chanting grew louder, and her emphasis on key words more frequent. "Fuck me, stud, FUCK me! FUCK me, stud, FUCK me! FUCK me--STUD--FUCK me! FUCK me, STUD, fuck ME!" This last time emphasizing the word ME, as if he could even THINK about making love with anyone else right now.

He thrust himself in all the way up into her now, then stayed there, counting off two full seconds of pressing with all of his might, deep into her, before pulling out again. On each inwardly-sliding stroke now, he would end by pausing and pressing as deep into her as he could, as if trying to force his balls into her along with his stiff, hard shaft.

"FUCK me--FUCK me--STUD--fuck MMMEEE!" With her last long, drawn-out, nearly-shrieked "MMMEEE!", he felt her juices gush out from around her clit and coat the entire length of his deeply-embedded shaft. He took her orgasm, her fifth and most powerful of the evening, as a sign to let himself go. His wiggly microscopic worms began their unstoppable swim from his balls, laterally along his shaft that pointed straight out into her slit, as the pair sat facing each other in loving embrace. The mixture of his blood and come pulsed his shaft hard against her tight walls, up inside his swollen purple cock head, then seemed to pause there like a diver surveying his landing spot before diving off a cliff.

Then all of his sperm simultaneously took the plunge out of his cock's single, wide-open eye hole, instinctively trusting, unhesitatingly knowing, that they would now be safe inside her warm, wet, welcoming femininity. But she was stuffed so full of big, hard, throbbing cock now, that as he continued to come in one long, unstoppable stream, some of his come had nowhere to go. It began to dribble, seep, and ooze, down along his shaft, out of her filled-up pussy (so tightly, fully, and completely stuffed full of hard, pulsing, throbbing cock). His cream seeped out onto her creamy, silky-smooth thighs, and down onto the bed sheet. The entire time that his come was oozing both into and out of her, she let out a single soft, non-stop, contented "Mmmm!" Her hungry quest for a man who knew how to satisfy her was finally over, and she longed to stay in his arms forever. With her arms still locked around his back, she pulled him close and began softly, gratefully kissing him on his lips, cheeks, eyes, and forehead, running her fingers through his long, blond hair. Her eyes began to fill with tears of joy, she sniffed to stop from crying, and then suddenly the happiest smile he had ever seen now lit up her radiant face. By now, the redhead had completely forgotten about the six Russian AK-47 rifles she had left piled in a heap in the hotel hallway.

"What do you want, my angel?" the Assistant Manager asked his smiling but nearly-crying companion, in whose tightly- squeezing, soaking-wet pussy his still-hard, still- throbbing cock still lay deeply buried. Between sniffs, she responded, "I want to stay here like this, with you, your arms around me, your cock buried deep inside of me. Yes, I want to stay like this FOREVER."

"Would you settle for the rest of the night?"

The redhead wouldn't really settle for just tonight, but at this point, she would take what she could get, and she lazily agreed, "Mmm hmm!' as she clutched him tighter in her arms. She was confident that by morning, after a few more hours of them sharing themselves with each other in all sorts of fascinating and exciting activities and positions, he would never want to leave her side ever again, either. And she vowed to spend the rest of her life in this masterful lover's arms, never again to buy or sell a single weapon, the only weapon interesting her from now on being the long, thick love rifle pointing straight out from between her loving stud's legs, and now resting contentedly deep inside of her.

Meanwhile, down the hall, back in Suite 69, terrorist gun dealer W was begging his estranged wife Wendy and her new friend and lover, British spy Jane Bond, to finish the job the now-departed redhead had begun when she had sucked his throbbing 10-incher all the way down her lovely throat. But Wendy was too angry and upset with W, and Jane too disgusted with how rough and slimy he felt when she had deliberately "accidentally" brushed his rod, to take care of him. However, since the redhead had unbuttoned the blouses of both Jane and Wendy before she left, the two ladies now hungrily kissed each other, grabbing and fondling each other all over. W sat up on the bed and watched, which would have been fine for him had he resisted the impulse to comment "Go TO it, ladies! That looks HOT!"

Neither woman wanted this lying, cheating pig to watch, so they pinned him to the bed and tied a black bandana around his eyes, so he couldn't watch. They then took the restraints, which W and Wendy had enjoyed using in happier days, down off the wall, and with both ladies pinning the big man to the bed, with their arms and knees, they shackled W to the four corners of the large bed. Now he couldn't move, to touch either or both of them, or to satisfy himself. The two ladies then rolled around on the floor, using fingers, lips, and tongues to pleasure each other's mouths, breasts, nipples, pussy slits, and hard little clits.

They deliberately moaned as loudly as they could, alternating their moans with giggling like school girls, so W would have to imagine what they were doing. Jane loudly kissed her way all around Wendy's beautiful naked ass curves, and all over the tight, inviting crease where Jane's dark legs joined the upward slope of her luscious butt. The antics of these two ladies was having the desired effect, as W's 10 inch shaft now pointed straight up, pulsing and throbbing like the wagging off a puppy dog's tale, as he squirmed, desperate to slip out of his restraints and use the rubbing of his flat, open palm to relieve the growing desire in his massive organ. The trouble was, Jane and Wendy's antics were also affecting themselves, their innermost reaches growing ever slicker with each kiss, lick, moan, and giggle. Finally, Jane took the initiative to turn around and begin a hot 69 right there on the plushly-carpeted floor of the hotel room, licking furiously and frantically at Wendy's rapidly- growing love button, which was rising out of her pussy lips as if it was a miniature cock.

Jane stood up, and stretched herself flat on her back along the entire length of the room's big glass coffee table, her head tilted back saucily over one end of the table, her wide-spread legs straddling either side of the table, and her hungry, wide-open pussy lips teetering right on the table's edge. In this position, Wendy easily knelt on her knees and kissed, licked, and nibbled her way around Jane's lusty, hot, wet, tight, horny, pussy. Then nibbling ever harder, Wendy turned her nibbles into passionate bites on Jane's exposed, hard little clit. Wendy particularly enjoyed the view, not only looking straight up Jane's open pussy as she licked, but also seeing Jane's perfect, tight, curvy little ass beautifully reflected in the glass top of the coffee table. The spectacular view, and the feel of Jane's gathering moisture against her tongue, was more than Wendy could stand now, and she jammed as many fingers as she could fit, as deeply as she could into her own tight, wet pussy, wiggling her fingers in all directions, to touch every surface of her deepest recesses, producing increasingly-loud moans from Wendy.

Hearing Wendy's moans, and watching W's cock throb with a combination of ever-increasing excitement and frustration, Jane jammed her pussy hard up against Wendy's circling, probing, exploring tongue, breathing heavily with a loud "Huhhh! Huhhh!" almost as if practicing for child-birth. At exactly the same moment, both ladies let out an ear- piercing, shrieking scream, and pumped gallons of sweet pussy nectar up into each other's face. The dark- complexioned Latina with the thick crop of black pussy hair, and the fair-skinned English lady with the sparse blonde wisps barely hiding her mound, loudly licked and slurped the fresh goo off each other's pussy lips and silky thighs, and they both sucked up every drop of the juices that continued to pour out of both wide-open slits. Hearing their orgasmic screams and post-orgasmic slurping, W tried hard to buck his hips upward and let his come flow out onto his own skin, but with his arms and legs securely tied to the bedposts, he simply couldn't come without the assistance of rubbing his flat palm up and down his long shaft. His face turned purple in frustration, he let a loud, upset "Arrggh!" and without gaining his desperately- sought orgasmic relief, his thick, pulsing, throbbing, straight-up 10-inch-long cock suddenly shrank to a tiny nub as it collapsed against his washboard stomach, reacting to his frustration as if it had just been rapidly plunged into freezing water.

Wendy and Jane smiled and laughed merrily, the corners of their mouths crinkling up in highly-pleased grins, the fresh pussy nectar slowly oozing from the corners of their lips, down their cheeks and chins. They were happy not only at making each other come so forcefully onto each other's face, but also happy with the knowledge that they had made W excited, and then unable to get himself off. After cheating on Wendy, he deserved this revenge. Had they been men, they would have likely given each other's palms a "high-five" slap right now, for their accomplishments. But if W thought they were fucking up his mind now, that was nothing compared to what Wendy and Jane were preparing to do to him in court! Since W seemed to want to be fucked by anyone and everyone EXCEPT his gorgeous, sex-crazed wife, Wendy and Jane would let him see how it really feels to be fucked in the most painful way: by the legal system!

Throwing on a bare minimum of clothing and leaving suite 69 after her long, passionate evening of love-making with Wendy Warmcox, and her simultaneously punishing W, Jane Bond found the pile of Russian AK-47 assault rifles. These were the rifles that the ditzy redhead bombshell had left in the hotel hallway when she went off to have wild, no- holds-barred sex with the hotel's tall, hunky blond assistant manager.

The second-generation British spy with the gorgeous body and lusty appetite, hadn't been able to stop W from selling the weapons, but at least she could now confiscate those guns, keeping them out of the hands of terrorists, who would likely have used the weapons to kill innocent English and American citizens. The half-naked Jane, assisted by the equally scantily-clad Wendy, scooped the large rifles up into their arms and dragged them heavily across the hallway carpet, to Jane's room, 67.

Next, Jane obtained a large, wooden shipping crate from the same undercover spy/photographer from whom she had earlier borrowed cameras to photograph Wendy Warmcox nude for an imaginary sleazy men's magazine. With his help, and Wendy's, Jane loaded the rifles into a van, and sent them on their way to MI-6 spy headquarters in London, where they would be destroyed and never get a chance to harm another person. Jane and Wendy giggled to each other as the photographer sized the ladies up and down, and practically drooled over their shapely bodies. They both knew that from now on, the only man who would have either of them was Jane's husband, Brad.

In one day, Jane had shared her husband's love juice, not to mention her own, with a tall, stunning, I mean drop-dead gorgeous blonde, had shared orgasms beyond counting with this new female lover, photographed her new lover in the nude, sent a lusty redhead terrorist into the satisfying arms of a Fabio look-alike whom she never wanted to leave (making her give up the weapons business and her terrorist causes), stopped the world's most dangerous arms merchant from selling weapons (as well as from coming), and managed to send six deadly rifles on their way to permanent destruction. Not bad for a single day's work.

As Jane settled, naked, into her bed, a naked Wendy Warmcox wrapped tightly in her arms and radiating warmth against Jane's sore but happy body, Jane called her husband Brad back in England, just to hear his soothing, deeply- masculine baritone voice for a few minutes. Jane wanted to wait until she saw him face-to-face in their London home the next day, before revealing that she now had a female lover. But Wendy made it hard for Jane to keep the secret, lapping her tongue against Jane's naked pussy and pinching Jane's hard nipples between her fingers for the entire time that Jane was on the phone. Jane had to bite her upper lip hard to keep from moaning and screaming, from prematurely revealing her secret to her husband, as Wendy played with her. After she rang off, with a deeply-contented sigh, Jane fell asleep in Wendy's arms, dreaming of the next day, when she would again be in her loving husband's arms, and replenishing her now-depleted supply of Brad's come deep in the innermost depths of her pussy. Feeling the peace and contentment she can only feel when his love, lust, and passion slosh around deep inside her again wherever she walks. Only this time, it would be different than ever before, for Jane hoped that Brad would accept Wendy, and share himself with both of them. Jane smiled in her sleep at her thoughts of what the next day would be like, Brad's cream filling-up not only her own, but also Wendy's, luscious mouth and sweet pussy.

To Be Continued...


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