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I'm Jack
by Andrea Stevens

My name is Jack. I started school very late. All my classmates are at the age of 15 but I'm 18. I never liked school but I was forced. My friends tease me because of my age. I live with mom. My dad goes sailing around the world. I don't get to see dad very often, well maybe six months once. Ever since at the age of 17, I started to have funny feeling of girls. Since I was not superb Romeo with girls surround me, the only person I had was mom. This is where all my interest began.

The extremely large breasts of mom heaved beneath the dress she wore. For a mid thirty's, she has a nice slim body and a killer legs. Her long brown hair was right down to her buttock. I have seen her naked once or twice when she comes out of the bathroom that made her, very sexy. She has this typical village look that makes me wanting her. I'd always like a village girl. Mom usually gets depressed seeing my report card from school with red marks.

It all happened one day when mom was told to see my teacher. When she was home, she started to scold me for my terrible result. Mom decided to be my home teacher and make sure that I do well. For all I knew, mom did well in school even she was villager's daughter. She planned to have lessons with me every night before I go to sleep. I hated this because that's my jerking off time.

Later in the night that day, she came in my room carrying a pile of books.

She was in shorts and T-shirt where the books were crushed against her breasts. She sat across me on the bed and kept the books aside. By looking at her exposing white sexy legs made my dick harden. I never thought I would have a feeling like that. To my surprise she took the biology book (first chapter was sex education). I saw her face red when she browsed through the first chapter. She had no choice but to proceed. She started to read out whatever in that book...

"Mom all teachers do that... I don't understand anything."

"Well honey, what do you want me to do..." she asked.

"I don't know mom, maybe with examples relating to someone we know."

"Ok Jack, let's start with 'Growing up' for boys..." she suggested. I saw the change in her face but didn't know what it meant as I wonder.

"Jack are you with me or not!"

"Mom I know about that... what complicates me is girls," I said boldly.

"What so complicated about girls!?" she chuckled.

"What is menstrual?" I asked.

"Jack you are too young to know that!" she blushed a little, looking away.

"The book say that I should know besides I know they get period and... once a month I think..."

"Fine I'll tell you " she nodded. "Girls start to menstruate between age 7-15 or sometimes later..."

"When did you start menstruate, mom?" I asked.

"Jack this is my personnel matter... now just concentrate," her voice hardened.

"How often do you menstruate now? " I asked again.

"How on earth you know that? " she looked at me.

"I saw you buying the pads... besides you must be still young according to your body cycle,".

She felt embarrassed, thus flattered.

"Not as often as you think..." she smiled.

"Are you menstruating now? " I asked curiously.

"No! and stop asking this... I started menstruated at the age of 12, ok!" she screamed.

Knowing her start age menstruated made my dick to stand. The little bulge through my shorts showing me the sign of excitement. There was a total silence in the room until she...

"Sorry Jack to scream at you. Just promise me that you won't tell any of my personnel matter.".

"Yes mom, not a word," I promised.

"Mom, does that mean that you still can get pregnant by having sex?"

"Maybe... why?" she got curious.

"Then do you still have sex dad? " I asked ignoring her question.

"Now that is way too personnel, " she responded. At time to time she would move herself a little to adjust her shorts.

"Mom you are very pretty, that's why I asked."

"Maybe..." she smiled and flattered. "Now lets go back to lesson," she reminded.

"Mom, what is masturbation..." I interrupted.

"Jack! Are you out of your mind!.. " she increased the tone of her voice.

"Alright Jack... tell me what you want, come to the point. There is something you are hiding from me. Have you been with a girl lately?"

"No mom... it's just that I want to know all this. No one wants to tell me this. The only person I could ask is you, " I lied. Of course I know masturbation, it's just that I want to hear it from mom.

"This is not in the book but I'll explain... not a word about this to be spoken out," she warned.

I nodded and waited for her to continue.

"Masturbation is fondling and stroking your... penis while you fantasized of someone," she said.

"Have you masturbated before?" I asked.

"Well... sometimes," she blushed.

"How ?" curiously I looked her shorts. She caught me looking at her short however she continued.

"By touching and fingering myself, pinching my nipples and also playing with my clitoris... using a vibrator," she said without knowing that she should stick with her limits. Immediately after that she closed our FAQ session and told me to go to bed. As she left the room, I jumped to my bathroom and pour out my desired cum which was waiting to blowup.

Next day after school I was home, searching into mom's room looking for her used panty. Mom will only come back from work at five. At the mean time I started a full scan. Surprisingly I found her vibrator underneath her bed. A layer of liquid was dried on the vibrator. It didn't take me long to figure out that it was her cum. My dick automatically got hard upon this conclusion. I took the whole vibrator to my mouth to have her cum taste. The natural taste of her cunt juices gave me sexual need for mom.

In no time her vibrator was clean with my saliva. My next hunt was for her panty, which I've found below the cupboard. Her panty revealed the wonderful sensation of her musk smell. That was not enough, I got naughty and started chewing her panty for extra hidden taste while jerking off....


I pretended everything was normal when mom was home. I reminded myself to get her used panty, which she wore to work for some heavy flavor of mom. We had dinner together, she was normal as before and I knew that mom had no idea of what happened in the afternoon. Later in the night, mom came into my room with a white shirt and blue shorts. At first glanced, she had this school student look. Her black wavy pattern bra was visible through her shirt. Sitting across the bed, her loose shorts gave me the glimpse view of her white panty. She wanted to proceed with other subjects but somehow I made her concentrate in biology.

She started showing me "The physical and sexual development of males and females between age of 10 -18" where I went beside her to view. I felt my dick started to response. She started to explain about this stages of development and I went beside her. I felt my shoulder brushed against hers. She didn't protest of me close to her. I could smell martini from her as she starts to speak. Her top button of her T-shirt was open, which gives me the view of her black bra covering her breasts. However, the next thing I realized, she caught me staring there.

"Are you trying to peek my breasts?" she stared.

"I'm sorry mom, but yours are so huge... compare to the girls in my school," I stammered. The innocent look of my face convinced her as she was flattered like the night before.

"Guess you're right Jack, mine is huge. You know... I had problems finding bras for my size," she smiled.

I could feel my pre-cum oozing.

"Mom, can I see how big is your breast is ?" I got daring.

To my surprise, she started to unbutton her shirt and tossed it away her revealing her sexy bra. I could barely see her nipples poking through her bra. Her cleavage was narrow and small. Her breast was definitely bigger than Anna Nicole Smith's.

"Do you like it ?" she asked.

"It's so nice... but I want to see it bare," I begged.

"No honey, when you have a girlfriend, you can see hers." She replied.

"But mom, I want to see yours... yours are huge besides I want to see the place where I drank your milk,"

My statement surprised her. Somehow my words had really meant something. The next thing I knew, she was unbuckling her bra. Exposing her big white breast, which made my dick, strained. Her nipples were big, dark brown and pointing out long. She brought her hands to her breasts and caressing them and then circling the hard nipples.

"Mom, your are so beautiful... god... I love you mom," I praised.

"Do you like them ?"

"Mom... which nipple did I suck a lot when I'm a baby?" I asked with excitement.

She pointed out her right. I went closer but she stopped me. "Jack No!, you're 18 now. This is different when you're small." She advised.

"Come on mom, let me suck it for a while... I promise I'll never ask you again." I begged.

"Honey... this is not healthy, only for a while and then we'll forget this," she said.

I greedily took her right breast in my mouth. My tongue was kneading her nipple until it got hard. My pre-cum was dripping down my dick. I positioned myself opposite where my legs were between hers and my head was crushed against her breast. My dick grew bigger as its head was out from my shorts. Mom did not stop me from my intense sucking but moan. She grabbed my head close to her breast and I felt her heat transferring to me. Both her smooth legs were rubbing mine by the side. My hands were roaming around her shoulder to waist. She started to pant. I sucked her like hell until her right nipple was soaked. I positioned to her left one and started the same process. In no time I started to cum while I locked my mouth to her nipple. My whole lot cum poured at her shorts, sliding down to the sides of her legs.

It took her awhile when she realized something was oozing down the sides of her legs, she pushed me away. "Oh my god..." she screamed. My cum were at the side of her legs and most of it sank down to her panty. Knowing that her own son's cum sank to her panty, she immediately took off her shorts and soaked panty revealing her cunt. She got off from the bed and ran naked leaving her clothes behind.

My dick got hard again by looking at her fresh panty. Her panty was wet covered with both our juices. All I did was, sucking the juices from her panty, jerking off again and went to sleep.

The next day was a Saturday, both of us were at home. I thought she would be mad. She called me as usual for breakfast. No incidents were mentioned about last night. I started taking my breakfast and she disappeared from my view. She took all her clothes from my room heading the bathroom. Today she dressed rather simple, with a low cut thin dress (exposing her cleavage) and a skirt slightly above her knee. Her lower tummy regions were pushing out, she looked slightly fatter there. I could see the shape of her panty through her skirt.

All pieces of puzzle were matched together when I came to know that she was having a period. She caught me staring at her.

"Well Jack, I suppose you know that I'm having a period," she said sarcastically. I was shocked by her words, it was like reading my mind.

"You were very impolite last night. You... you spill your sperm all over my shorts knowing that I'm your mom." She added. A while later she started crying. She started mumbling about dad. She started saying that she missed my dad...

She came towards me. "Honey, you have the same look as your father." She sobbed.

"What happened last night had brought past memories to me. Your father and I had the same encounter once as what happened last night, he spilled his seeds over my shorts before we even made love. That night, he made love to me six times before I started having period the next day," she whispered looking into my eyes.

She was different, she started to tell her private sex life to me. "Jack, I need you to do something for me," she asked.

"Anything mom..." I said eagerly waiting for her request.

"Your father was very good in giving massage, he gave me a massage on that day; when I had my period. It was so wonderful, like he knows my body. He said that, that was natural for his generation. Now you may have the talent too. All you have to do is follow my instruction." She explained.

I agreed to her needs.

Mom took me to her bedroom which was so cold as she to get ready. She started to get changed in front of me. Exposing her breasts, then dropping her skirts leaving on her bulky panty and then she covered waist-below with a towel. I felt my dick pushing through my underwear-less shorts. To make matter worst, she saw it.

"Take off your shirt," she said.

"Jack, don't you dare do what happened last night. You are my son...ok. I trust you in this. No men but you." She poured her trust on me. She handed me an oil based lubricant, which has a sign 'made in India'.

I saw her reaching to her drawer, taking a black cloth and blindfolded herself.

"Why are you blindfolding yourself," I asked.

"Honey, this is just to make us comfortable and not get embarrassed," she smiled. "Besides I thrust you with all my heart." She added. I didn't know if I was trust worthy. I stood there studying her topless body. At this age, her body has a unique tender shape. Her tummy was flat, oversized breast and a nice colored white skin tone.

"Ready? " she called.

"Yeah, mom..."

"Pour the lubricant over my chest and go along my shoulder..." she instructed. The first drop of the liquid on her skin made her trembled under the cold air. Slowly I started to caress her shoulder. Her legs started to rub one another and her hands were at the side of her waist rubbing. Light traces of my finger to her neck made her to breathe deep air, inhaling the fragrance of the lubricant . The movement of her legs had somehow loosened the knot of her towel. She made no attempt to tighten. Without further instructions, I journeyed up to her mountains. Reaching to the peeks the mountains, I poured more onto her taut nipples. Circling her nipples with both my thumbs and feeling her hard pointing nipples as her response. "Oh... my... harder!" she demand. Her breasts were filled with a thick coating of lubricant. I started to run my rough palm over her slippery nipples which made her jerk and tremble, pinching them playfully. The knot of her towel had fallen apart exposing her bulky panty. Her legs were freed from the restriction of the towel, spreading them wide and proud. My dick was getting longer as it reached out from my shorts.

I went over her bed and centered, taking the empty room that her legs left for. On my knees, I started dragging down my heavy palm down to her stomach and cleaning her belly button to give her a sensation. All I could hear was her breathing, she was silenced. I felt her hairless legs brushing against my hairy ones stroking beside. Going lower down to her band of her panty, into her restriction area, feeling her cozy soft tampon which was properly laid beneath her panty. Gently giving it a squeeze that made her bit her lower lip and started to cry. Her hands met mine, lowering her panty down to show her womanhood. Taking control from her, sliding down her panty, I saw a light brown stain on the tampon. Her period was not heavy or it might not started at all. Her hands were now rubbing her soft watery lips as I almost took of her panty.

She laid there totally naked while masturbating. To be equal, I was also naked now.

"Honey, let have our limits..." she cautioned.

"If you were to... cum, don't do it on me." She cautioned again.

"Come here..." she whispered. Bringing my face to hers, I felt the heat from hers. She cupped my cheeks with her soaked hands and crushed her mouth against mine. Her kiss was so intense until I started shooting over her stomach. My body landed on hers as my dick was on her stomach and my balls were on her silky wet pubic hair.

"My goodness ... you're naked!" she started to aware. She didn't know I came on her while we had out intense kiss.

"Just try to be careful by not poking it into me," she warned. I brought my hand to her womanhood, touching her silky pubic hair and went lower. She stopped me from going further down to her canal.

"Why don't you do my back..." she avoided me from exploring her womanhood.

She was on her back, showing off her chubby buttock. I did not concentrate her back much but I went down to her buttock. Spreading her cheeks, I found her glory anus. Pouring the lubricant over her buttock, massaging and squeezing. It was time for me to check out her anus. Placing a finger on it....

"No!..." she said before I started to push.

"But mom... we I'm not going to have intercourse, just inserting my finger..."

"I would rather prefer you to play with my vagina."

She turned around, presenting her swollen her vagina.

"Jack, go ahead, touch it... " she encouraged.

Touching her narrow slit, pushing them apart, revealing her pink shinny regions. Just above her slit, I saw a small knob. At this time, my fingers were already wet caressing her slit. Pushing up my finger to her small knob unexpectedly made her to tremble. My dick was building up its second erection.

"Come here... " she called. I met her face again as we kissed passionately as our bodies pressed. I was on her body like before. This time my dick was at her opening entrances. Slowly I eased up and felt her soft lips parted and laid on my rosy pink head. She didn't protest but kissed me deeply. My rosy head was getting wet underneath her hole. I moved another inch as her labia surrounded my pink head.

"No!...." she pushed me.

"No... we can't..." she panted and then kissed me violently. My dick was on her lips again, caressing her slit which made her moaned while we kept kissing. She moved her waist left and right to feel her slit being parted by my dick. I took this advantage by playfully pressing my dick to her slit harder. Yet she was very careful not letting me to insert her. It didn't take long for my second ejaculation, which I sprayed directly to her slit and accidentally made a mild penetration while jerking my body as I started to cry.

"Shhh...." She whispered as she stopped kissing.

"It's ok honey..." she stopped her body movement and felt my cum on her slit running down to the bed. The hardness of my dick was not over yet. My whole body was on hers. Her body smell was giving me encouragement to continue.

"Do you want to stop," she asked. I know that she had not reached orgasm. I wanted her to have it. Turning my face to hers, I started to kiss her slippery lips. Our kiss grew wild, passionately and violent. We were both panting heavily. My dick got its energy, ready for some action. I felt it pressed against her wet slit. Mom's hand was over my buttock, caressing it and tracing her finger across my anus. Her breasts were crushed against my hard chest, nipples taut poking against mine. I started to position my dick to her entrance. She made no protest. Gradually I started to insert, warmness and moistness covered my rod as her vagina widen.

"No... Argg... Don't," she cried but didn't push me away. She was tight and I could only go slowly in. Her hands grabbed my buttock cheek as she wrapped her legs around my buttock. In no time, I was deep inside her.

"Please don't come in me," she panted. I started to rock inside her and felt her vagina moisten more. Mom started to pant more as she cried with pleasure. Soon she started to behave weirdly as she rocked with me aggressively. She was the woman of full stamina. Her tempo was beyond mine causing me to generate my next orgasm. She started to catch her breath as she came and let out a loud moan. Her body relaxed but mine was still in tempo until I started to blow inside her.

We both were exhausted, her legs fallen apart from her grips. My head was against her perspiring neck trying to catch my breath. It was wonderful for both of us as we slept

Ever since that day, we slept together and made love.


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