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by Patrick

I was just into my 22nd year of life, and my final year of College when I met Henry. It was at a dinner party with some friends, and you could say he swept me off my feet or swept into my life like a tornado or knocked me for a loop, or any of those corny things, because it was absolutely true. I was totally and completely overwhelmed. I'd grown up in a small town and my parents were very strict and conservative, and although there had been one or two males in my life since I came to College and I wasn't totally inexperienced, Henry literally blew me away with his charm, his wit, his good looks and his incredible sensuality.

Much to my amazement we ended up in bed that very first night, and it was sex like I'd never known it before, wild and uninhibited, yet caring and loving. We seemed to compliment each other, in fact we seemed to be made for each other, and we made love all night long and well into the next day. I discovered aspects of myself and my own sexuality that I didn't know existed, it was like I suddenly came alive. Within two weeks we were living together, and within six months we were married.

It was that kind of whirlwind situation, so much so that I only managed to meet his parents once before the wedding and we only visited mine twice. Fortunately Henry's charm won my parent's over straight away, so although they were a little shocked by the suddenness of it, they embraced the situation much more willingly than I thought they would, although, of course, we did omit to tell them we were living together!

Henry was a computer programmer and graphic designer, and quite a high flyer in the company he worked for, so when they expanded their operation and needed someone to set up the new offices down in Mexico, Henry was asked to take on the task. We talked long and hard about how to manage the situation, Henry would only be away for two months, so there wasn't much point in me accompanying him, particularly as he would be working incredible hours and I wouldn't get to see him much. He didn't like the idea of me staying alone in our apartment, so suggested that I spend the two months with my parents or with his.

Well, there was no way I wanted to go back to my small town and have to put up with mom and dad's small town ideas and restrictions, so I agreed to go and spend the time with Henry's parents. They were absolutely delighted when Henry rang them and insisted on coming to pick me up the day he flew out, and driving me all the way to their home - some 5 hours away.

Naturally I was upset at being separated from Henry after only a few months of marriage, so on the day Henry left I was quite emotional when they arrived at the apartment to pick me up. His mother, Mary, immediately wrapped her arms around me and gave me a big hug, holding me for an absolute age as I wept a little on her shoulder, and when she let go and went to make a cup of coffee I was surprised to find his father, Jack, take her place and wrap his arms around me and hold me tight. But it felt so good having strong arms around me and for a moment I actually forgot it wasn't Henry and started to respond, pressing my body against him and squirming, I was even in the process of lifting my face to receive his kiss when I realized who I was with and pulled back very red faced and flustered. Jack didn't seem to notice, or didn't seem to mind, as he smiled at me and took my hands and led me to the kitchen. His smile was amazingly similar to Henry's and my heart actually leapt as he beamed at me.

Well, after a coffee to settle us all down I collected my luggage and Jack put them in the boot of the car and off we drove. It was a delightful drive, the scenery was fantastic and Jack and Mary were incredibly witty companions, and before I knew it I was laughing and joking along with them, my depression lifting, my thoughts of Henry settling into a warm glow, after all I did have part of him right here in the car with me. I glanced occasionally at Jack, seeing the similarities in the way he cocked his head, or the way he phased certain words, or the way he laughed, and I had to admit he was a very handsome man for his age. I mean he wasn't old, having just turned 45, and he was very sophisticated, and I smiled as I thought "That's just how Henry will look at that age, Mmmmm, nice"

Mary was a couple of years younger, but only looked in her early to mid thirty's, she was slim and tall and quite, quite beautiful, and obviously took good care of herself. In fact she told me that she worked out at least three times a week, and was quite proud that she still fitted the clothes she had when her and Jack got married. Jack looked over at her when she said that and grinned "Yup" he said, "And she still looks just as good out of them too!"

"Jack!!" exclaimed Mary, "Now you stop that, what will Anamika think of us"

He looked at me through the driving mirror and grinned, "Well I think she'll think I'm a very lucky man, just as I think Henry's a lucky man too!" he said, and I felt myself flushing with embarrassment - mixed with pleasure. I heard Mary chuckle and saw her glance over her shoulder at me.

"Don't take any notice of him Anamika, he's just a great big flirt" she said, laughingly, then gripped his arm and hugged it, "And I love him for it".

The rest of the journey passed so quickly, as things always seem to do when you're really enjoying yourself, and then we were at their house and unloading my luggage and carrying it inside. It was a beautiful house, quite large with a beautiful garden surrounding an in ground pool, and they allocated me Henry's old room, "Just to make you feel more at home" Mary said with a wink. On our very first visit I'd been surprised when they allowed Henry and I to share the same room, this room, so I knew what she meant with that wink, the room had special horny memories for me, but I still felt the color rush to my face.

That first night we had dinner and sat around chatting and watching a bit of TV, before wandering off to bed quite early, after all it had been a long emotional day. I was surprised to find that I went off to sleep almost as soon as my head hit the pillow, and slept very late the next day, so late that Jack and Mary had already had their breakfast and were both lounging around by the pool in the sunshine. I stood for a moment in the kitchen looking out at them before announcing my presence, Mary had just climbed from the pool and was squeezing the water from her hair, her arms up high, lifting and showing off to perfection her beautiful ripe breasts, and I felt a slight envy, knowing mine were not as large. Then Jack climbed from the pool, the water streaming from his lean, bronzed body, and I couldn't help but let my eyes run up and down over him, amazed at how similar he was to Henry, even down to the almost indecently brief bathers that showed off his large bulge.

I shook my head, trying to get the image of Henry out of my mind, telling myself that it wasn't him I was looking at, but my tongue still rolled across my lips as I looked at that bulge, and I felt the wetness start to creep between my legs. Then he slipped up behind Mary and slid his hands around to cup and fondle her breasts, and even through the window I heard her soft moan as her body reacted, moving back and rubbing against him. For a long moment I was frozen there, watching them stroke and fondle each other, feeling myself becoming more and more turned on, and I realized I had to get away, had to stop feeling like this, "Oh Henry, where are you" I moaned quietly to myself as my hand slid down and brushed over my sopping wet pussy. Then I shuddered, and that seemed to wake me from my dream and I dashed from the kitchen into the shower and put the cold water on full blast.

When I finally emerged from the bathroom, reasonably composed, they were both in the kitchen, and fussed over me like a long lost child, making me sit while they made breakfast - although it was fast approaching lunch time. Fortunately both had put on robes, so I was spared the arousing sight of their almost naked bodies, and got through breakfast without any disasters, but occasionally I'd catch one or the other of them glancing sideways at me, and I wondered if they knew I'd been watching, if I'd made any noise when I rushed out, but their glances were always tinged with a smile, and their conversation was every bit as happy and witty as it had been in the car.

That afternoon Mary decided to take me shopping, show me around and, when we met up with some of her exercise friends, to show me off too. Jack stayed at home and did some odd jobs, then watched a little sport. Most of our shopping was of the window variety, but Mary did insist on buying me a dress that I literally drooled over in one of the fashion shops. As soon as I saw it I knew that Henry would love it, or should I say love me in it. It was deep blue in color, which matched my eyes, it had a low cut front and a hem that barely covered my pussy and seemed to fit my skin like a glove. When I emerged from the change rooms to show Mary, her eyes widened and she let out a piercing whistle that sent me scuttling back in with embarrassment, only to re-emerge laughing a few moments later to parade it in front of her. It felt wicked, that's why I knew Henry would like it, but I was still surprised when Mary came up behind me as I looked at it in the mirror, and whispered, "That is the horniest dress I've ever seen, it suits you perfectly, I'm so glad you didn't wear a bra with it"

I looked down and saw that my nipples were standing out fiercely through the material, and I felt myself flush again, then I giggled "I couldn't get my bra on under it" I whispered back.

"Mmmm, so glad" Mary said, "That will knock all the menfolk dead"

"Oh., but I only want to knock Henry dead" I said, flushing again.

"I know, dear, I know" she said, "But perhaps we'd better try it out on Jack first, he and Henry always had amazingly similar tastes"

A shiver ran through me as I had the sudden vision of parading in front of Jack dressed like this, and I rushed off to the change room before Mary could notice how my nipples had hardened even more with that thought.

We arrived home late, to find that Jack had already prepared dinner, a light salad meal with a few glasses of wine. "Oh, Harry and Jean rang" he said, "But I told then we had a special visitor and wouldn't make it tonight"

"Oh no!" I cried, 'I don't want to interfere with your plans, I'll be fine on my own, honestly"

Mary looked across at Jack and grinned, " We usually see Harry and Jean every Saturday night, so it might be a good thing to have a slight break, after all, absence makes the heart grow fonder doesn't it?"

Jack grinned back, "Oh yes, that's what I thought, a little anticipation might be just the boost they need" he said, and they both laughed.

I looked from one to the other, sensing some undercurrent, but not knowing what it could be.

"Anyway" said Mary, "Anamika has a special surprise for you tonight that I don't think you'd want to miss"

I felt myself go bright scarlet.

Jack grinned even more widely, "I'm intrigued, something to do with your shopping expedition?" he asked.

"Wait and see" said Mary laughing, then looked at me and winked, "I think we should keep him in suspense as long as possible, don't you?"

I could only nod, I knew my face was deeply flushed and I couldn't help it, I gulped my wine and almost ended with a coughing fit, Mary wasn't going to let me get away with it, she really wanted me to parade the dress for Jack, even though she'd virtually acknowledged that it would turn him on, and I knew I couldn't let her down, especially now I knew that they'd given up their usual Saturday get together for me, Worse still, part of me wanted to do it, wanted to parade in that really short, sexy dress with my hard nipples showing through, wanted to see Jack's eyes widen, wanted to see the approval there, the heat there, and as I met Mary's eyes I knew that she knew the thoughts that were flooding through me, and her smile and her nod told me it was ok, she didn't mind. I felt the shiver run through me and tried desperately to concentrate on the food, only half listening as Jack and Mary carried on with their light, flirty banter.

Then the meal was over and we all helped with the dishes before moving to the lounge to relax for a while. TV was quickly dismissed when there was nothing that any of us really liked, then Jack got out a couple of videos of Henry growing up and we laughed at his gawky, awkwardness in his pre teen years, and marveled as he filled out to the man I knew and loved. I was amazed to see how little Jack and Mary themselves had changed, there were a couple of shots of them in bathers over the years and my mind immediately went back to what I'd seen earlier in the day, and I felt myself start to become a little aroused again.

Then the videos were over and Jack put on some rock music and I watched the two of them dance for a while before I was pulled up to join them, finding myself enjoying their musical tastes and their energetic dancing. It was in a rest period between CD's when Jack was trying to find some special music that Mary whispered to me that this was the perfect time for me to pop off to the bedroom and put on the new dress. I started to argue, but there was such a pleading look on her face, and I remembered they'd given up their evening for me, so I quickly left the room and raced down the corridor and into the bedroom. It didn't take me long to change, I mean there was only clothes to be slipped off and one dress to put on, a dress that looked infinitely smaller to me now as I looked at myself in the mirror than it had done in the shop! Fortunately Henry had bought me some really hot, sexy underwear just after we were married, so I slipped a pair of the briefest pants imaginable on underneath, and, of course left off my bra, and I was ready. I took one last look in the mirror and saw that my nipples were already jutting out, and I shivered and nearly cancelled out, but I took a deep breath and walked slowly down the corridor.

When I walked into the lounge room, Jack and Mary were locked in a fierce embrace, their lips locked together in a very passionate kiss, and I started to back out, but Mary must have sensed my presence because she broke away and glanced over at me and smiled brightly. Then she beckoned, and I started forward, "Well, Jack, what do you think?" she said, and Jack turned to look at me.

His eyes didn't just widen, they positively bulged and a loud gasp came from his lips, "My god, I knew your were beautiful, but...but... in that you are absolutely sensational" he said, the admiration rich in his voice. I came to a stop just a few feet away from them feeling incredibly self conscious, yet incredibly proud and incredibly stimulated all at the same time, and Jack walked slowly around me, letting out short low whistles as he went, and I stared at Mary grinning away just a few feet in front of me.

Then Mary lifted her arms and took hold of my hands, "Let's dance" she said, and started to move and gyrate in front of me. Almost in a daze I followed suit. Letting my body writhe and shimmy inside the skin tight dress, following her actions, leaning back when she leaned back and bending forward as she bent forward, all the time conscious that Jack was behind me , watching me. Then she half twirled me around and I was facing Jack, and I could see that he was moving his body to the music too. Music that wasn't too fast or too loud, but wasn't slow either, music that was sensuous, perfect for showing off a beautiful body. When I'd turned our eyes had met instantly and held, but after a few moments I watched his eyes drop slowly down to my breasts, and I found myself arching slightly, thrusting my breasts forward, feeling my nipples swell even more and thrust through the material, and I saw his tongue come out and brush across his lips. Then his eyes went lower, over my stomach and down to where the hem of my dress met my long legs, and I bent my knees slightly allowing them to drift apart, giving him a teasing, titillating view of my brief lace panties, and I heard the sharp intake of breath.

Then with a wicked smile I turned away from him once again, back to face Mary. All the earlier nerves and hesitations were gone now, I was really into the swing of this sensuous dance, so I arched and thrust and dipped for Mary too, seeing her eyes do exactly the same as Jack's, seeing her lips and tongue do exactly the same as Jack's, and a new, unexpected fire ignited within me. Then I felt a touch, a light feather touch, and I knew Jack had brushed his hands across my tight ass cheeks, and a shiver ran through me. I straightened and quickly turned, catching him by surprise, his hands just moving forward to brush against my ass once again, and his face flushed with momentary embarrassment, and his hands hovered in the middle of nowhere. I leaned forward, bending from the waist, giving him a new and more extensive look at my firm breasts, and as I did so I felt hands brushing me once more, brushing over the dress now tight against my ass cheeks, Mary's hands. I gasped with shock, but before I could move, before I could react, Jack's hovering hands lifted upwards and lightly cupped my breasts, brushing his palms over my swollen nipples and causing me to gasp even louder.

Bending forward had lifted the hem of my dress at the back, and Mary's brief caress must have lifted it even more, because when her hands next brushed over me it was the naked skin of my ass cheeks that she touched, slowly trailing along the line of my panties before slipping down to brush my upper thighs, and I moaned. Jack lifted one hand and stroked the back of it over the exposed slopes of my breasts, and fire raced through me. Oh god, this was crazy, my in-laws were touching me, stroking me, turning me on, and I was loving it!

Then Mary's hands were around my waist, lifting me and straightening me up, and Jack was leaning forward and pressing his lips lightly on mine, his tongue sliding sensually into my mouth, and I was responding. Feeling the fire racing through me, feeling the shivers and shudders starting to ripple through my body. Then Mary's hands were on my dress, at the zipper, easing it slowly down all the way to the swell of my ass cheeks, and the material fell away from my body, my high, firm breasts almost bursting out and causing Jack to gasp and gulp. Then Mary pushed the dress to the floor and with a small whimper I lifted my foot and kicked it aside, and stood there in just my brief lace panties. Jack wasn't touching me now, he was standing back running his eyes over my almost naked body, and I wasn't trying to hide anything! With a start, I realized I wanted this, I wanted Jack's eyes on me, I wanted Mary's hands on me, I was more turned on than I'd ever been in my life.

Then Mary turned me around to face her, and sucked in her breath at her first sight of my naked breasts, and I loved the look of adoration and lust that came into her eyes. Then with a soft groan she dropped to her knees in front of me and began slowly to peel down my lace panties. I felt Jack's presence close behind me and his hands slid around to hold me up as Mary lifted my legs to ease the panties off, and I was naked, completely totally naked. His hands lightly cupped and caressed my breasts once more, and sent another shudder racing through me, but I was watching Mary, as she leaned closer and closer until her face was almost brushing my trimmed pussy hair, and I almost leapt out of my skin as she blew softly on my pussy.

God, it was the most erotic sensation I had ever experienced! She wasn't touching me, she was breathing on me, blowing on me, stimulating my pussy and my clit like nothing I'd ever known. I found myself lifting my pussy towards her mouth, almost begging for the feel of her tongue, and each time she moved back, keeping just out of reach, blowing lightly then more powerfully on my twitching, writhing pussy. Jack was staring down over my shoulder watching her, his hands lightly caressing my breasts, rolling the hard nipples between his thumb and finger, and suddenly I realized that I was feeling his skin against my back, somewhere in the last few moments of ecstasy he'd slipped off some of his clothes, in fact, all of his clothes, as I realized when he suddenly pressed forward and I felt his hard cock against my ass cheeks, grinding slowly into me, rubbing up and down the crevice of my shuddering ass.

Then I felt him dip slightly and his cock slid between my legs, bumping lightly against Mary's chin, and she looked up and smiled, "Mmmmm Jack she is so beautiful isn't she, so incredibly sexy, did you like the dress? It turned me on so much when I saw her in it the first time I just knew she had to have it, and I just knew we had to have her", and she cupped her hands around his cock and rubbed it lightly up and down my pussy lips.

"Oh yes, Mary" Jack said, hoarsely, "I loved the dress, it excited me so much, and she is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen next to you, and so, so sexy, do you mind that I want her so much?"

"Oh, Jack, no, I love it, the both of us together, loving this beautiful creature" she said.

For a moment it was as if I wasn't there, as if I didn't exist, this was something between the two of them, and perhaps I should have resented that, but all I could feel were his hands on my breasts, his cock between my legs and her breath on my steaming pussy, and I wanted whatever they were prepared to give. At that moment Mary looked up at me and our eyes locked and held for a moment, then with a half sob I reached down and cupped my hands around her face and guided it to my pussy, "Oh yes, Please" I whispered, "I want you both so much", and I pushed my pussy into her face, screaming wildly as her tongue immediately shafted deep into me, lashing my swollen clit and surging deep between the walls of my pussy. And I bucked and shook as the first orgasm exploded within me.

Jack let go and moved around to sit on the couch directly behind Mary, his hand lightly stroking his rock hard cock, and with almost a mewing sound I leaned over Mary and started to run my tongue up and down his throbbing stem. God it was so beautiful, so hard and firm and hot, and I loved the feel of it and the taste of it as I took it slowly into my mouth, running my tongue around it's head, then sucking it so deep that my lips almost took in his heavy balls, and I heard his half gasp, half scream. Mary's tongue was going wild in my pussy and my juices were pouring down onto her face, and I was shaking and shuddering through another orgasm. Then Mary was away from underneath me and, still on her knees was guiding me towards Jack's throbbing cock, and I was straddling it, and she was taking it in her hand and guiding it to my pussy, rubbing the head teasingly up and down my pussy lips as I begged and whimpered for it to be inside me.

And then he was! Ramming his cock ball deep into my body, and I screamed with pure delight, loving the feel of his thick cock slamming into me, and Mary was there, kissing me, then sucking on my breasts, and my hands were fondling her breasts too, and as she lifted up I clamped my lips over her nipples too, hearing her scream out with joy. And it was like sexual heaven, my father-in-law's cock raging inside me and my mother-in-law's lips ravishing my breast, my lips and every other part of my body she could reach, and I was cumming, god was I cumming! Over and over and over again, my screams ringing around the room, I was being fucked like never before. I thought my whole body was going to explode or implode, or just dissolve into a stream of hot lava all over Jack's thrusting cock.

And then with a gigantic roar, Jack was cumming too, shooting his boiling hot juices into me like a fire hose, filling my pussy to overflowing. And Mary was shifting us around, her lips and tongue eagerly scooping up any of Jack's cum juice that oozed from my pussy, and there was plenty of it, as Jack couldn't seem to stop cumming. Over and over and over again he spurted into me, thrusting his big cock deeper and faster, and roaring the whole time, until finally he slumped back totally exhausted.

I slid from his softening cock and slumped to the floor, and Mary followed me, licking and sucking at Jack's cum oozing from my pussy, and I loved the feel of her tongue, found my body responding anew, But I wanted to taste her too, so I switched around and started to do to her what she'd been doing to me. Never having done it before, I guess I wasn't all that good, but I made up for it with enthusiasm, licking and sucking on her pussy and clit and loving every moment of it, but it was still a surprise when she suddenly screamed and started to buck and heave through an orgasm and her juices came pouring down onto my face. God it tasted soo good! And I lapped it up and lapped it up and slid my tongue in as far as I could go to ream out all her juices, and she shuddered and shook all over again.

When we both collapsed exhausted on the floor, we found a drink thrust into our hands, and looked up to see Jack standing there grinning, his cock already half erect again, and he lifted his glass and grinned "To a night to remember! To a totally family get together" he toasted, then laughed, and we joined him, both in the toast and in the laughter, and by the time the drink was finished, Jack was rock hard once again, so I took hold of his lovely cock and started to guide it towards Mary's pussy, and she grinned at me, and blew me a kiss, and I returned her kiss - in full measure! as the night progressed.

What a wonderful way to get to know your in-laws!!


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