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In Love With Sis
by IndianAsian

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IV. About Me...

So far I've told you about my sister's secret escapades as well as her shared experienced with me. However, long before I ever spied on Cathy and much before she and I ever enjoyed ourselves, I began to take interest in Cathy as a sexual being. I think this is because she was the only girl who I could, without much trouble, be close to. After all, being my sister I had seen Cathy many times in her underwear and less, and this, I think, created a vent for newly discovered sexual awareness. Let me discuss some of my behaviors as well as relate to you the first time I had seen Cathy's naked body. My family was on vacation at Myrtle Beach, a local coastline. One afternoon upon returning to our hotel room was the first time I saw my sister in sexual eye. Before this day I had seen Cathy nude, but it was a clean nude. For example, not long before puberty my sister and I oft showered together. This was to take less time, and our parents sponsored it. I was quite young, though, and this meant nothing to me. Eventually Cathy called a stop to it when her body began to develop. Anyways, in our hotel room I sat on the floor to take off my shoes, which I always wore on the beach. My parents left the room to get some ice and drinks. Cathy insisted she was first to shower because she always took the longest. I agreed. Seeing my sister on the beach in a bikini perhaps put my hormones over the limit for the first time. I was still undoing my shoes when Cathy walked over behind a section of the room near the bathroom. Where I was sitting made it impossible for her to get by without walking over me. When Cathy reappeared from the section she was in a towel and carrying her bikini. I knew she was undressed and I knew she needed to get her make up from her dresser across the room. Cathy, thinking nothing of me, simply walked over and stepped over me. As she did, I peeked up intently and saw my first real sight of what nude truly was. Before this glance I had never seen my sister below the tummy and I wasn't prepared at all. I got quite excited and waited for her to pass by again. I slouched down to get a better angle. Unexpectedly, she did not walk over me. Rather, she walked to me and took one step over me then paused. She was searching for something in the dresser right before me. She didn't have a clue to what I was scrutinizing behind her. She knew I was there, of course, but didn't think I was looking, and perhaps didn't realize the view she gave me. As she bent over searching my eyes saw the prolific whiskers of her pussy for the first time. It was my first sight of rapture ever. I think maybe it was bad for me though, my first view was very explicit. Perhaps too much so. They way she stood before me, back to me, not only did I see her hair, but it was the hair of her ass. Soon she left and walked to the shower. I was in a trance, still frozen by her secret beauty. Having great smarts I realized my position. To my sis', I was still young, too young, she thought. I could play innocent and get the things I wanted. And I wanted to see more. Immediately the whole vacation turned into me thinking up ways to see Cathy. At the beach, of course, what better place? And to top it off, we shared a queen bed at night to reduce hotel costs. Of course, my parents, too, thought me still to young. The night finally came and I was first to get under the sheets. Unknowingly, Cathy followed in her T-shirt and undees. I was wide awake and played with myself quietly under the sheets. I was turned on, after all, Cathy was next to me. Occasionally, our legs would bump and I really enjoyed that. As the night grew longer, Cathy eventually fell to sleep. I was waiting for this and got under the sheets. My sister was curled up, fetus position, and her back to me. Her large derriere was the angle in her body. I couldn't resist and teased with my sister's asleep body. I played a games; the object to get my finger as close to her ass as possible. I got so good, that I actually could rest my thumb in the crease of her underwear. I eventually fell asleep myself. After that experience at the beach, my perversion grew steadily. A few month later I began a fun endeavor. I had already been masturbating for a year or so but still acted innocent to Cathy's knowing. Many nights, Cathy would drag me out of bed when I was reading and insist I come watch TV with her; she claimed to be scared to go up front alone. I had deduced that every night on weekends that she was up later than I she would come get me. I prepared carefully. I decided to slowly, but innocently, let Cathy see my developing manhood. It took a few more months before my plan went into effect. By the time, I had grown significantly. My penis was capable of large erections, and my balls were very hairy. I was careful to have hidden myself from Cathy in these months. Surely, the night came. Everyone was going to bed. I sat in my room with the reading light on and pretended to be reading a magazine. As usual, I was stripped except for my underwear; this was normal sleeping attire. My goal was for Cathy to be surprised at my body when she saw me. I, of course, was going to act innocent during the whole affair. I wanted my underwear to show me off. I looked at my underwear and noticed they fit far to snug to show anything. I pulled and stretched the leg openings and fly until they began to rip. The final product was a far more revealing garment. I fondled my penis until it was plump; but not erect. I artistically laid my penis off to the side of my underwear so as to define it nicely. Also, I lowered my underwear down a bit; just enough to show some hair, but not obviously. I waited. Like clockwork, Cathy came in to my room and sat on the bed and explained her sob story of how she wanted to me to keep her company up front...she was scared. Knowing Cathy, I could tell she was serious. I played uninterested and turned her down. She pulled on my arm and tried to drag me out of bed. She explained it was early and I should watch with her. I acted as if I was doing her a big favor and agreed. Caught off guard, Cathy swiped the sheets from me and said, "Let's go." She was just happy and thought nothing of her playful act. My underwear arrangement was still intact and I waited to see if Cathy would see it. She looked my way and I could see her eyes scan my waist. She pretended not to stare and sort of choked as she told me to come up front. As she left the room I got up from bed. Overall, it was a success; she did see me, no doubt, and made no remark. When I arrived up front, Cathy was sitting on the floor with her back against the sofa; she was facing the TV and watching an old "Odd Couple". The stool from the recliner was near her so I took a seat in it. I had my underwear on only and my stretched leg holes surely gave my sister a clean shot of my hairy balls. I was enjoying myself as I exhibited my goods to Cathy. Whether or not she wanted, she had to my balls. Cathy turned to me and was telling me something. I didn't recognize her words; all I could think of was my play. After a few minutes of talk, it dawned on me that Cathy was perhaps making an excuse to see me by talking to me. My plan was working perfect! After a few more minutes I was sure Cathy was enjoying my display so I couldn't help but to go further. I began to innocently scratch my thigh near my crotch. I was out of control and soon my hand was clear in my underwear. Cathy was nervous but still played talkative. A sudden wave came over me and I stopped the show quickly. Cathy continued to talk my way so I entertained her for a few minutes. I told my sister that I had to go to the bathroom and I would return. I rushed in the back and went into the bath. I sat on the seat and thought how good my plan had worked. I pondered over my next move; but I didn't want to go too far too soon. I waited and now my penis had returned to normal size. I walked back up front and sat where I had before. Cathy had moved since and was now on the sofa. We watched the tele for a while and then agreed to call it a night. Upon returning to bed I couldn't sleep. All I could do was think of all the fun ahead of me. I reflected on my excellent performance and I was sure Cathy still didn't realize my intentions, i.e., though she had seen me like never before, she still thought of me as her baby brother. This was good. My entire night lifestyle was now geared towards frolics with Cathy. Funny, though, now that I look back, I think she too was putting on a show for me. For example, every night that I was up front watching TV on the sofa, Cathy would come join me. But she would sit on the floor in front of me; her legs closest to me and she propped her head up on her arms. Commonly in her underwear, this angle gave me a delightful view of her ass. Instead of watching TV I ended up watching Cathy's butt. We have a one way mirror in back of the TV and from the inside it acted like a mirror. Thus, I could myself in the mirror, and Cathy could see me as well. The interesting use of this mirror was its "unknowing" reflection. What I mean is that if someone were to see something in the reflection of someone behind them that they would feel the other person didn't realize the view. Understanding this, I took full advantage of its use. With my sister on the floor before me and I behind her on the sofa made for a great expositional setting. Cathy dressed in her nightshirt and underwear, and I in my underwear. We'd be watching TV for a while, or Cathy's ass in my case, and I would slowly and innocently sit in a pose that would allow a sexy view of my underwear. Each night, like before, I would prepare my underwear to fit loosely. I looked at myself in the mirror to see what my sister could see. I never knew if she was watching or not but I continued happily. If after a few minutes I got no sign of her interest I would go further into my script. Stage 2 called for "innocent" (which is a key word) stroking and scratching. I continued this scene for a while. At one point, Cathy turned to me and asked if I wanted something to eat. As she turned around I saw her eyes fly past my crotch. I didn't shift my position but rather wanted her to see me. She did... I could tell. As she continued to speak she jumbled her words; a definite reaction to nervousness. As she left to prepare our snack I switched seat to the other sofa part. As she prepared our meal I looked into the kitchen at her and caught her looking my way. This was a major milestone for now I knew she enjoyed my body as a sexual object. Given this insight I no longer resisted in treating her to a good show. When she returned with our snack she took the seat next to me. This was quite normal since the only place to sit and eat was in this position. We were eating coffee cake muffins that were quite flimsy and broke often. Cathy took her muffin from the stand in front of us as to eat it (of course). As she did, a piece fell apart and dropped between her legs very near to her underwear. I looked down at the fallen bread and remarked how flaky these muffins were. Cathy agreed as she pinched up the mess between her legs. I rudely watched my sister pick up every crumb from near her underwear. The sofa was soft and crumbs had slid under her crotch from the slack between her body and the sofa. I still obviously watched her....she said nothing. To get these displaced crumbs my sister had to lift herself up slightly and brush them from under her. As she propped herself up, her underwear tugged tightly against her pussy and began to crawly up into the form of her vagina. Staring down her crotch I watched closely. Just as she finished I turned away. I looked down at my pants and noticed my penis had grown in the excitement. It was large but not to the point of embarrassment. I thought to myself that the possibility of a crumb to fall on Cathy was the same as the odds to fall on me. So I purposely, but skillfully, pretended to let a crumb fall between my legs. It was perfect, the crumbs fell right between my legs and even a few crumbs fell and rested on my underwear. Cathy laughed and noted how it happened to me as well. I sighed as if I was disgusted by the muffin's crumbles. Cathy looked down at the crumbs. Surely she had to my plump penis in my underwear. My pubic hair was easily visible and she couldn't help but to see that, too. I brushed off the fallen crumbs as my sister looked on. Obviously turned on, Cathy decided to help me get the crumbs. She brushed the sofa free of crumbs all the while very near to my underwear. I looked at her as she cleaned and I felt my penis shift to a larger level in my pants. Cathy saw it too, and she quickly withdrew her hands from between my legs. After we had finished eating the rest of our snack I went into the back. Cathy soon followed. For the most part, I continued putting on this same show for my sister each night I had a chance. On some nights I wouldn't feel in the mood and not perform at all, other nights I would go further and act even more provocative. All the while, however, I never let my sister see my penis in the flesh. And I left it at that for while.

V. A Good Hobby...

As you know by now I have been blessed with a sister who is not only attractive, but also free willed and adventuresome. One particularly interesting facet of Cathy's person is her avid interest in art. She had always loved drawing and painting. I, too, enjoy these hobbies. Over the summer Cathy had enlisted in an art class at a local community college. When I heard the title of her class I couldn't believe it. I thought she was joking but insisted she was not lying. I looked at her schedule and saw the course description.., "3012 History & Techniques of Erotic Art". I didn't even believe the paper and went to look in the college course directory. Sure enough, it was indeed a class! Almost magically, Cathy's lifestyle played perfectly into making my like more enjoyable. Everything she did turned out to be the one thing I could hope for; the class is a perfect example. I talked to Cathy about this course and asked her about its contents. She explained how she always liked art, especially the human figure and that she would enjoy this course. I listened and did remember her drawing nude figures before. She was quite good and always was open with her works. She explained the basically the course gave a history of erotic art, which is mostly oriental, and then in the second half of the class they had a techniques workshop. This part interested me and asked what was done at these workshops. Cathy clarified and told me that it was just like any other art course, except they painted and drew erotic figures and still-lifes. She explained that there is more to erotic art then sexual explicit nudes. I disagreed but listened as she spoke. She continued to tell me that to be classified as erotic art that it must first classify as art. The art aspect still remained in that the work must bring out a feeling or a reason, even simply a unique aspect, but it must still be art. To qualify as erotic, the artwork attempts to use the beauty and sexualness of the human body and still keep the artistic aspect. I asked her if they had models like in figure drawing courses and she told me they did not. Rather, the work was done on their own, or in a group and the media can be any form. Well, I couldn't wait for her first project to be assigned. After a month, the project was assigned. The assignment was to create an erotic piece of art that involved "bringing to life, a fantasy", they had to create a drawing of a sexual fantasy of their own or someone else's. I don't know why but she decided to talk to me about the assignment. Not to get my fantasy, but she needed help on decided what she was going to do. As she began to explain her dilemma I began to get excited. She told me that she had decided to draw herself in an erotic pose, but she wanted it to be different. She wanted to make it very subtle, yet sexy. I couldn't offer any help since I could barely speak! She continued to tell me her choices and that I should choose one for her to do. Her first choice was to draw herself fully clothed, wearing a dress, but then to overlay lightly atop her figure a nude form. This idea was alright and I told Cathy it was, "o.k." Next, she detailed her second idea. I remember her dialog well and will let you hear her words. Cathy spoke, "Well, I like the first idea but it will be hard [to draw]. I thought, maybe, I would draw me standing nude but put an erect penis in place of my vagina. I will leave the breasts." I could barely stand to even hear my sister say words like, "erect", and "vagina". Cathy continued, "Well, I guess the last thing I was thinking of doing is different. I had always had a fantasy of masturbating in a store in front of I was going to draw me hiding behind a clothes rack taking off my clothes.....or maybe I'll be in a dressing room naked. " She stopped talking and looked at me and waited for my answer. I was stunned and finally spoke up. I told my sister that I think her second idea was the most creative. After a pause she agreed and told me she would begin work immediately. I followed Cathy to our spare room in which she had set up her artwork. She didn't mind me following her and said that she would like me to watch if I wanted. I wanted. First, she began by drafting a quick sketch of size onto the paper. She was using a large poster size work area. After a few minutes she had finished the outline of where her body will go. In the background she had prepared a large vase to be drawn. She took a picture of her from a drawer and began work on sketching her likeness. I figured this part boring and left and told her I would be back. When I returned my sis was just putting on the finishing touches of her face. I commented on how much it looked like her and thanked me. She thought about the figure for a while and told me that most bodies are the same. After about a half hour she had drawn a rough sketch of the body. It was quite good, really, and again I complimented it. Amusingly, she had drawn her petite breasts just right. Cathy began to shade the sketch using a charcoal pencil. When it came to shading her pussy region she simply covered the area a dark grey. She explained it didn't matter since it would be covered up anyhow. I agreed. We both stepped back and looked at the first draft. It looked pretty good, but Cathy felt obligated to make some touch ups and fixes. When she was done it was really nice. Cathy spoke to me, "Now, the hard part.....literally." She laughed at her joke. Cathy continued, "No, really, I'm not sure how to do this. Should I draw an erected or limp penis? I can't decide." She looked at me for guidance. I said, "Umm..I dunno. Either one, I guess." She decided and agreed on the erect penis. Good choice I thought. As she took the pencil to paper she started by sketching a few reference marks. The size, shape, etc. If I followed her guideline correctly, she had to erection reaching up to about an inch below to navel. Cathy bluntly spoke up, "O.k., good. Eric, do you model any?" I couldn't believe it! She wanted to use me as her erection model! Without even waiting for my reply she said, "Good. Drop em'." She acted to if it were nothing. I stood still and did no such thing. However, if she wanted a model with an erection, she had the perfect subject. "Come on, Eric. Don't you want to help me? If not, then I'll help you." Cathy spoke. She walked over to me and removed my shorts then my underwear. My hard cock sprang out and looked her in the face. Cathy went back to her paper and sketched away occasional looking at my penis for reference. I was in a daze the whole time. After she had finished she showed me the results. It actually was very good and I told her so. She spoke up, " Thanks....Yea, I like it, too. You helped a lot. Perfect dick, Eric." This really embarrassed me. Cathy continued, "Really, though. Your cock is perfect. I like dicks like yours....circumcised and not too bumpy." My sister continued to relate to me her penis preference, "So, anyhow, usually models get paid about eleven an hour. But instead I'll give you a percent of the sales from the drawing.". She and I laughed lightly at that joke. Cathy put the drawing on the floor and said, "No....really, your dick is just right for me......", she approached close to me and quickly, like a snake, grabbed my burning penis into her hand. Before long she had dropped to floor on her knees and proceeded to jack me off. She didn't take me in her mouth, rather, she just gave me a hand job. In about twenty seconds I climaxed all over her charcoal covered hands. She wiped off my mess onto the carpet and spoke softly, "I think that's better than eleven dollars....don't you?". I vehemently agreed and thanked her for her generous pay rate. I left the room and washed up in the bathroom. Cathy received an "A" on her project.

This is a 5 part story. Jump to any of the chapters from here:

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