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In Love With Sis
by IndianAsian

This is a 5 part story. Jump to any of the chapters from here:

VI. "Games"

As did most kids around our age my sister and I, along with our friends, played games such as, "Spin the Bottle", and "Truth or Dare". Both games proved very interesting for the year or so that we played them. I will tell you of the most interesting of each game version. Cathy and our neighbor, Brenda, along with myself and my friend Don assembled one night to partake in a game a Spin the Bottle. Being just four of us kind of defeated the purpose and chance factor in the game. However, it was still quite fun. Tonight the game was really, "Spin the Toothbrush" since didn't have an empty bottle to use. The basic premise for those who don't know is this: A player spins the object and whom ever it ends up pointing to must perform the given assignment. Usually, this meant having to kiss the other participant. Don spun first. It landed on himself so he spun again. In later versions if the object pointed to yourself then you had to do something embarrassing or dumb. This time the brush pointed to Cathy. Being the first round, Cathy leaned over and Don placed a light kiss on her forehead. Cathy spun the brush. It landed on Brenda. If the object pointed to the same sex as the spinner, the spinner, spun again. She did, and again it landed on Don. Don kissed my sister again. Don's second spin landed on Brenda. Now, however, being the second round, the task was a "short kiss on the lips". Brenda quickly smooched Don and spun the brush. Finally it landed on me. Brenda pleasured me with the same small kiss. I spun and ended up having to kiss Brenda again. She spun and again it landed on me. After my kiss I spun the brush. It ended pointing to Cathy. Since all that was required was a small kiss, my sister didn't mind and puckered me one. We all agreed to move on. Now the task was, "a real, but not long, tongue." Cathy spun the brush landing upon Don. Don moved over slightly as he engaged Cathy in a second or two kiss. The game was moving fine. After a few more spins, along with more kisses, we upped the task to, "a real kiss with tongue!" At this point, we were really getting into it. It was Brenda's turn at the spin. Her twist landed upon me. Brenda leaned over to me and I her. Our wet kiss lasted a few seconds. As we broke apart I could taste Brenda's familiar tang. I spun and it landed on Don. I spun again after we laughed. This time Cathy was chosen. She was my sis' but we had earlier agreed it would only be fair if we played along. Slowly we engaged each other. I didn't think Cathy would put too much into it, but I was wrong. Her tongue danced wildly in my mouth. I was turned on and we continued to kiss. I felt her hand rest upon my shoulder. Finally, Don and Brenda broke us up. Cathy spun and it landed on Brenda. Don and I looked at each other. Cathy spun again, and once more it landed on Brenda. This happened one more time and then Cathy stopped spinning so we could find a way to resolve this problem. After arbitration, we decided on the new rule: "If a player of the same sex is chosen, then they must do as the following clause states: 1) If two girls are selected, they must perform the last task from the preceding round. 2) If two guys as selected, they each must remove an article of clothing." This new rule satisfied all of us. Cathy had the first chance to try out the new legislation. She spun, and sure enough, Brenda was chosen. Don and I giggled and watched. We quickly thought back and spoke in tandem, "You'll must kiss each other.......for a decent time." Brenda titled her head and gave Don and I the look of defeat. Cathy moved to Brenda and soon they were face to face. The bumped lips and pulled away. Don and I complained and insisted. Cathy's arms fell to Brenda's shoulder and again they were face to face. Very slowly they moved to each other. Soon there was no more slack and their sexy lips met. I felt their embrace in my groin. They pulled apart slowly. Brenda paused then spun. It landed on Don. Brenda was much more willing with Don. They tongued feverishly. It was time to move on. But what next? Usually, we stopped here. We couldn't agree upon the new task. Some of the ideas presented were: "The players had to lick each others lips..." and, "The players must lay on each other as they tongued.." Finally we agreed on the latter. Don spun and it landed on me. Remembering the new clause, we both removed our socks (as if we beat the system). One his next spin, Don landed on Cathy. They were the first to try to new task. How they were to lay wasn't detailed. Don went to my sister and got on top of her. I looked at Brenda in the corner of my eye. She was excited. As Don and Cathy kissed, my sister's arms felt Don's back. They proceeded in this manner for about twenty seconds. Cathy spun and landed on Brenda. Don and I knew what this meant, they had to French kiss...tongue and all! We couldn't wait. Cathy approached Brenda slowly. Brenda brushed her hair behind her ears. Brenda and my sister slowly began to perform. I could see their tongues colliding as bumps on Brenda's cheek. I thought it would be short...but rather lasted for a good minute. I think my sister was horny now.....when the hot girls were done they sluggishly separated their wet lips. You could hear the saliva whip from their lips. Cathy kissed Brenda on the forehead as they separated. Don and I had serious erections now. Nothing could to that. We played for a few more minutes and called it a night.

The same group assembled for another game. This time, "Truth or Dare". The basic idea of this game is: 1) You can either "swear" to answer any question posed by one of the other players, or 2) Perform some dare handed to you by the remained group. We let Cathy go first. She looked to Don and asked, "Truth or Dare"? Don responded with "Truth". Cathy posed the question, "Don, do you think Brenda is sexy?" An easy question I thought to myself. Don quickly replied, "yes". Don quested Brenda, "Truth or Dare?" Brenda choose "Truth" as well. Usually no one chooses "Dare" until much later. Don asked Brenda, "Jen...have you ever masturbated?" Brenda argued the question saying it was, "Too much too soon." We sat silent, and she said quietly, "...yes......, of course". I think Don and I both tried to imagine her doing it! Brenda asked me and I replied to accept a "Dare" to get thing going. Brenda spoke, "Good. O.k., Eric...moon us." I went too far of the room and flashed my buttocks to the group quickly and then pulled up my pants. I heard teasing "oohs...." from the crowd. "Cathy, truth or dare...", I asked my sister. "Dare", she decided. I thought about and commanded, "O.k, moon us.". She did as I...but her ass was much lovelier than mine. Cathy turned to her friend, Brenda and gave her standard choice. Brenda choose, "Dare" since everyone else was. Cathy thought for a while and then told her friend, "Take off your blouse...but." Quickly Brenda refused, "No way!". Cathy realized perhaps this was going too fast and asked, "O.k...just unbutton it all the way, but leave it on". Don and I hoped silently. She agreed. We watched her fingers undo the many buttons on her shirt. Her shirt drifted apart and revealed Brenda's beautiful, tan front side. Her bra was red and laced. "O.k..Cathy, what is it?" Brenda asked my sister harshly in vengeance. "Dare", my willing sis' asked. "YOU take YOUR shirt off....OFF."; Brenda loudly and revengefully spoke. "O.k..I don't mind....", my sister began to lift her shirt over her head but stopped. "Wait!", Cathy spoke to Brenda, " I don't have a bra on". Brenda simply replied, "So....". "Well, forget it...", Cathy began, " I'll go put a bra on and then take my shirt off!", she spoke as she ran from the room. We all sat silent until my sister returned. She didn't even bother to bring her shirt. She came and sat down next to me. "There...", she looked at Brenda as she spoke. Cathy looked to me and I didn't even let her say anything, I just said, "Dare."

"I thought so.", my sister replied. She continued, "O.k. Eric, I dare you to FRONT moon Brenda and me!". I thought about her request for a moment and then agreed on these terms, "O.k...but just for a second at most!" Cathy and Brenda looked at each other and shook their heads in compliance. I left the room and dropped me pants. My penis was full but not erect as I pushed my underpants down under my balls. "O.k...Don, don't look. Ready?!" I alerted my sis' and her friend. I got the go and stepped in the room and quickly shot back into hiding. I heard laughs as I refitted my clothes and walked back to the game. Brenda spoke as I sat down, "That's good Eric.....Remember who made you do it." Brenda still wanted revenge on Cathy. I looked at Brenda and then to my sister. "O.k. big shot. It's your turn. What is it?" I asked Cathy. She took the dare in good sporting fashion. I tried hard to think of a good dare. Soon the group grew restless and wanted my instructions for my sister. "Alright. Got it." I read my sister her instructions. "Cathy, I dare you to suck Brenda's tits." Cathy apparently thought this request absurd and spoke slowly, " No, I don't think so." Brenda intervened, "Yeh....I don't either.". I rethought my request and read it again, "yeh, O.k...then I dare you to .....let Brenda undo your bra." I thought this fair and waited for her reply. She looked at Brenda as if it was her decision. Cathy spoke, "Well, I guess I don't mind, if Brenda doesn't." We all looked to Brenda for her answer. She replied, "O.k...I guess...but all I'm gonna do is undo the hook around back and that's it!" Don looked at me as if to say, "great dare!" Cathy stood up and I interrupted her. "Uh, thing..." I began to add a little clause to the dare, "you must face her as she undoes it." "Whatever." she agreed as if it were her plan all along. Cathy took her position and kneeled in front of Brenda. Brenda kneed herself closer so she could reach around Cathy's back. Brenda fumbled around until she managed to unhook my sister's bra. The loosened straps fell down at Cathy's sides. My sister had cupped her bra to her breasts as Brenda undid her hook so that her bra did not fall as expected. I was about to argue but Cathy suddenly peeled off her bra right in Brenda's face. As Cathy stood up she turned to go back to her seat. As she rose her tits almost hit Brenda in the face. Brenda turned away consciously avoiding my sister's breasts. My sister sat topless and looked at Don. "Uh, oh!" Don knew something was coming. "Don, I dare you to..." Cathy was interrupted by Don, "I didn't even choose yet!" Cathy asked him the proper question and he choose "Truth" to everyone's surprise. Cathy looked at him and spoke, "Oh...sure. O.k., a truth, let's see..." she thought for moment. Soon my sister was satisfied and spoke her request to Don, "Don, you must answer it. it is, 'What is the weirdest way you ever masturbated?'" I was glad I wasn't asked this. Brenda smiled and looked to Don for his answer. Cathy prompted him, "Well..spit it out." Don cleared his throat and began to tell is answer, "Well...a few days ago, I did it in my sister's bed while she was taking a shower. That's about the weirdest I can think of." Don finished spilling his guts. "I hope she didn't catch you." Brenda added. "She almost did...but I made it out safe." Don told us. Cathy was satisfied with his honest answer and made a sound a approval. Don looked to me. I choose "Dare". Don quickly read my instructions, "Eric, I dare you to suck Cathy's tits!" I was shocked by his request. I wanted too for sure but I had to act like I didn't. As Brenda heard this request she shook her head with a smile. Cathy stared blankly at Don. I spoke up, "Uh...No, that's too much now." Don agreed and gave it another try, "Yeh..perhaps, O.k..then I dare you to JUST feel her tits." I wasn't sure about this either. I looked at Cathy for guidance. She gave her opinion, "I dunno. I don't really care. Its up to Eric." They all looked at me. I didn't say anything and thought it over. Don interrupted my thinking and posed an alternative, " can do that, or you can front moon Brenda." Cathy added, " Yeh, that's not too bad." I though to myself 'not too bad!!' what was she talking about. If I had the guts I do both but rather decided to front moon Brenda. I told the group along with my requests, "O.k..I'll do it....but, " Don interrupted me again, "Which?". I quickly responded, "Oh, yeh, I'll front moon Brenda but on these conditions. You'll must leave when I do it, and I'm only gonna do it for a most!". Don and Cathy agreed to my requests. Brenda spoke up, "Well, what about my opinion?". Cathy realized they had left her out, "Oh, sorry...go ahead." Brenda gave her two bits, "Well you should have asked me....but I guess it's alright." Cathy and Don walked out giggling. I was excited and nervous. My penis was slightly erect from all the action....who could blame me? I went over to Brenda and stood before her. She looked away from me. I noticed I was about a foot from her face so I stepped back a yard or so. Brenda spoke out, "Eric, go ahead, get it over with." She made me feel comfortable. I reached for my snap and undid it. Brenda looked away again as I unzipped my pants. I held my pants and underwear in my hands and alerted her, " goes..." I quickly pushed my pants and underwear down to my thighs. My excited penis stuck straight out at Brenda. I looked at her to see if she was watching. I saw her glaring at my penis as I quickly pulled up my pants. "O.k! It's over.." Brenda yelled. As my sister sat back down she looked to Brenda and asked, " wasn't too bad was it?" Brenda shrugged off her question. I realized it was my turn to ask. I looked to Brenda since she had been left out of all dares (except for those she had to partake in). "O.k..Brenda what is it?" I posed my sister's friend. "Dare...I guess, " she reluctantly answered. I thought this was great and ideas raced in my mind. I sorted the ideas and finally told her my request, "Brenda. I dare you to take off your bra." I figured this was fair since Cathy was already topless.....not to mention me showing her penis. She didn't answer for a while. Don spoke up, "Brenda, c'mon....that's not too bad. Cathy is already." Cathy broke in, "Yeh...c'mon.". I could tell Brenda really didn't want to. Under the extreme peer pressure, however, she complied. Unlike my sister, Brenda has large breasts....for her age at least. Brenda quickly reached around her back and easily removed her bra. She large tits drooped and fell to about her ribs. Don and I looked at each other in the corner of our eyes. Cathy eased her, "Brenda...see, it's no big deal. Especially for you!". Brenda smiled very slightly and made a motion of agreement. Well, so far, my sister sat topless, as did Brenda, I had bared my penis to Brenda and mooned all of them. Cathy had mooned everyone, too. Brenda looked to Don, "O.k..Don, truth or dare?". Don chose "Dare". Brenda quickly responded with his commands, "I dare you to take off your pants.". Don immediately responded, " No way!". Brenda realized her ambiguity and responded, "I'm sorry, I mean you can keep your underwear on!". Don sighed in relief, "Oh...well, I guess o.k..". Don didn't even stand up. He brushed off his Levi's and laid them neatly next to him. His underwear was standard fare, "fruit of the loom"....just like mine. Don spoke, "O.k...lets' see...". He looked at each of us one at a time. We all tried to look his way off. He finally choose my sister Cathy. "Dare", was all Cathy said. Don asked, "Cathy, I dare you to take your brother's pants off.....just his shorts." I hoped she would agree, but again I had to act as if I didn't want her to. Cathy thought about it.....this would normally be no big deal except for the 'brother sister' factor. My sister looked to me, "Eric, do you mind?". I pretended to act discouraged, "Well.....I guess not.". Don was happy and spoke, "Good...stand up Eric.". I stood in front of the group as my sister approached me. As her hands neared my shorts and started to shiver with anticipation. Cathy talked to me as she did the task, " O.k...her we go...". My sister's fingers unsnapped my fly and proceeded to unzip my shorts. I looked across at my sisters' bare chest. Her nipples were hard. Once unfastened, Cathy continued and pushed my shorts down to my feet. I stepped out of them and kicked them aside. Cathy looked down at my underpants and noticed the bulge hidden in them. She sat back down as did I. Quickly this game was getting serious. It was my turn to ask again. I choose Brenda again. After choosing "Dare" I read Brenda my request. "Brenda....I dare you to take your pants off." Brenda quickly responded, "No...try again." Everyone sighed as thought she was a spoil sport. I guess it was too much for the timid Brenda and tried again, "O.k...then I dare you to take my sister's pants off." I knew Cathy would go for it; it was up to Brenda. She agreed. My sister stood up as her friend approached her. Cathy was wearing designer Brendas that were skin tight. Brenda popped the button and unzipped Cathy's pants. Cathy held on to her underwear as Brenda slid down her blue pants. My sister's underwear was white and allowed one to see the dark coloring that lied under. Cathy lifted her leg as Brenda struggled to remove her pants. Cathy spoke up, ", I'll get the rest." Brenda stopped and waited. Cathy easily removed her pants. I saw Brenda looked at Cathy's panties. Brenda then returned to her seat. Cathy sat down cross-legged. Immediately Don and I looked between my sister's legs. Cathy realized her position and readjusted herself more mannerly. It was Cathy's turn and I had a feeling this would be good. My sister is a horny sort and she was ready to move on. She looked to Brenda and popped the question. Brenda responded, "How come everyone is picking on me!". Cathy appeased her, "Oh..Brenda, please...we've been chosen more than you." This was true and Brenda had no defense. "Alright, what is it...", Brenda asked Cathy. "O.k..Brenda, let's see. Alright, don't say anything till' I'm finished." Brenda agreed. "O.k..", my sister read her request, "Brenda. I dare you to let Don suck your tits....just for second. ". I was waiting for Brenda to explode with denial. However, instead she calmly spoke, "Hmmm....I dunno. No. Pick another one." Don surely was disappointed. Cathy knew Brenda's shyness so she gave her another option, ", I dare you to take Don's underwear down to his knees....just for a second, then pull them back up." Don hoped all he could but it didn't pay, Brenda denied it, "No way....try again." Brenda was being stubborn, but I agree the last request was a little fast. Cathy sighed with discouragement and posed to her friend, " gotta do this. I dare you to hug Eric." At first this sounded innocent, but then everyone realized Brenda was topless and her large breasts would be pressed against my chest. Brenda thought about it and agreed. I couldn't wait! She walked to me and I stood up. My eyes were glaring at her chest. Soon her hot body was pressed against mine and her arms covered my back. It was sheer ecstasy. It didn't last long and Brenda returned to her seat. Cathy complimented her, "Brenda...that was good...see, it's no biggee, just let yourself have fun." Brenda looked as if she took my sister's words for good. Brenda looked to me. In turn I choose "Dare" and waited. Brenda then read me her command, "Eric...I dare you to let Don take down your underwear for five seconds...then he can pull em' up." Don spoke before I could, "What! No way....". I agreed with Don. Brenda continued, "See you don't do everything either. O.k...then...Eric, I dare you to let Cathy kiss your belly and chest." Wow! I thought to this coming from Brenda. I waited for my sister to refuse. Cathy soon spoke up, "Brenda! You little faker. ". Cathy was alluding to how timid she has been to this point. Cathy continued, "...well, O.k. no problem. Eric, alright with you?" I again slowly agreed. It happened fast, before I knew it my sister was kissing my chest. She dropped to he knees and began to kiss lower, heading towards my belly. My body quaked and shivered with each kiss. Cathy reached my navel and stuck her tongue in it. My body flinched and Cathy stopped. Brenda simply blurted, "Wow!...whatever..." This was gonna be good, it was my turn now. I choose Brenda and didn't even wait for "Dare"....the game was "Dare" now, no one choose "truth". I asked Brenda, "Brenda...I dare you to let my sister take down your pants.....for ten seconds." Brenda turned it down. I tried again, "O.k..then at least let Cathy pull her own panties down in your face!" Cathy found this unfair, "Hey....wait a minute! Whose dare is this?". She was right, I rethought my commands and announced them, "Cathy, you're right. Here, Brenda, I dare you to stand up, right there, and moon us." I waited anxiously for here answer. Brenda declared, "Not front moon! Regular is o.k.". I appeased her, "Brenda...that is what I meant anyhow." As Brenda rose, she began to unfasten her pants. By the time she was standing Brenda was ready to drop em'. She turned around tried to position her back to Don and me. When she was content she slid her Brendas down quite far and bent slightly to moon us. Brenda had a really nice ass....much tanner than my sister's. After a few seconds she pulled up her draws and sat back down. The game was getting old now. If something exciting didn't happen fast it would end. Brenda was at the helm. She looked at Don and me and asked, "Alright...this dare is for Cathy and Don". Brenda was innovative for her "two person dare". Brenda continued to explain, "Don, you and Cathy stand face to face. Then each of you must pull your underwear down for five seconds." Don quickly agreed and stood up. Cathy paused and then joined in. Don walked to my sister and stood about a foot from her topless body. Cathy looked down at her underwear and pushed them down. Don didn't move and just stared at my sister's bushy center. Brenda intervened, "Hey..Don, your turn." Don snapped out of his trance and pushed his pants down. His penis was pretty large and half erect. Cathy smiled as she glanced at it quickly. Then both of them pulled up their underwear. Brenda was happy with her dare and congratulated the two participants. But whose turn was it now? Cathy's or Don's? After arbitration they decided it was both. After some whispering Cathy looked to Brenda and declared the next dare, "O.k...since me and Don both were in the last dare....then so should you and Eric." Brenda and I looked at each other and waited our instructions. Cathy pressed on, "Brenda, first of all, you are still in your're topless and in Brendas...unfair. So my dare is a two parter. First part, you must take off your pants, not your underwear or anything. Then, you must lay flat on the ground and let Eric start at your feet and feel his way up till I say stop." I loved my sister's dare and hoped Brenda would allow it. Unfortunately she didn't, "No...I'll take off my pants but that's it!" We all joined in and scolded Brenda for her shyness and lack of gamesmanship. Feeling the pressure from her friends she decided to accept the dare under these rules, "O.k..Eric, I'll do it...but, I get to say when to stop." I agreed and my sister graciously allowed it. Brenda arose and quickly stepped from her pants. Her underwear was yellow and loose fitting. Cathy narrated, "O.k! Now were getting somewhere." Brenda was now lying on the floor. I kneeled before her and looked at her breasts that drooped to her sides. She then covered her chest with her arms. I started to rub her feet gently. I moved up slowly to her calves. I knew it wouldn't be long before Brenda commanded me to stop. As I caressed her I looked to her crotch. I was so close I could see the beginnings of pubic hair trapped under her underwear. Before long , I was molding her thighs in my palms. My penis was fully erect and obviously outlined in my underwear. I was on Brenda's thighs for a while and was ready to move on. I was sure she was going to tell me to stop as soon as I moved up. I danced my fingers up to Brenda's upper thigh...just next to her underwear...near her hipbone. Her body wiggled and she tried to hold back her laughter as I tickled her. I was surprised by how much Brenda let me explore. I was getting into now and put a hand on her belly, near the tip of her underwear. As I began to slowly seek lower down Brenda told me to stop. I looked at her; her head was titled up looking at me. I barely could control myself, but remembered it was a game. I returned to my seat and nodded to Don to express my happiness. Brenda spoke up, "Eric, you can go...since it was both ours.". I thanked her and began to think about my next dare. I turned to my topless sister and looked at her. She smiled lightly and she knew I was going to choose her. I did. I addressed my sister, "Cathy. Let's see how Daring you are.". Cathy leaned towards me as if to say, "go ahead...try me.". Anyhow, I continued my speech to Cathy, "..o.k..sis' I dare you to put honey on your [I pointed to her tits] and then let Brenda lick it off." Brenda started to say something but Cathy interrupted her, "Eric, you sure like to see Brenda and me involved don't you...but, that's alright, I don't really mind it..she's a good friend and all." She didn't let me reply and said, "About the dare....I don't know if I really want to put honey on me. I know its a dare, but it's too messy and hard to get off. I'll make a deal with you...instead of honey, how about butter?" I was amazed by her cooperation and suggestion. However, Brenda then gave her feelings, "Wait...what about my say. Cathy might not mind, but I do. I like Cathy and all, but I don't want to lick her tits." What a bummer. Don expressed his disappointment as did I. I tried to coerce Brenda into it with reason, "Brenda....why not? When we all played spin the bottle you didn't mind to French kiss her and all." Brenda said, "Yeh, I now, but it's different. I don't mind that, but it's different." No one said anything and Brenda felt compelled to offer an alternative, "Well...just to play along and all, instead how bout' I put the butter on Cathy?" I thought about it. It was fair but had a flaw, "Hmm..Brenda, that's cool, but uh, then how will she get it off? No, forget it, I'll think of a totally new dare, o.k.?" Brenda and Cathy both thought that was a good idea. Remembering Brenda's ease with kissing my sister I tried to think of a dare that involved it...she couldn't turn it down. I said, "O.k..Brenda you shouldn't mind...I dare Cathy , and you, to follow these two steps. First, you're already topless, so you two must get close and feel each other's tits....then you'll must make out for twenty seconds." Cathy promptly agreed and stood up. Brenda spoke, "Well..I guess so...I told you I don't mind kissing Cathy." I couldn't wait. Cathy and Brenda were standing. They converged close together. My sister was much bolder and instantly began to cup Brenda's large breasts. Brenda slowly joined in and let my sister's nipple fall between her fingers. Cathy really enjoyed this and was really getting into it. She had both of Brenda's breasts in hand and pushed them together. All the while, Cathy stared at her friend. Brenda, too, surprisingly seemed to get into the act. My sister didn't have much breasts but Brenda managed to give them a good tug. I didn't have to say anything. My sister stepped closer and started to kiss Brenda's neck. Soon they were making out. While they kissed, Cathy felt Brendas buttocks, and Brenda had her arms tightly around my sis's back. Don and I loved every second of it. Brenda withdrew from the kiss and sat on the floor. Cathy looked down at her and spoke, "Brenda...see, me and you are friends, and so it's just all in fun." Brenda nodded in agreement. Cathy looked to Don and began to rattle off a dare. Don interrupted her and spoke, "Uh..Cathy, I choose truth." Everyone was shocked by his request. But, it was a fresh twist in the game. Cathy wasn't shooken, "O.k...then Don, you know Cal, your sister...well, I was talking to her and she told me some interesting know what I'm talking bout'?". She looked to Don for his reply. Don said, "Maybe...I think so...but,.." Cathy stopped him and took up her line of questioning, "...O.k...then you can answer, is it true, Cal told me that one night last week, that you were acting really weird, you asked her to come in your room. She said when she got there you were naked...and excited. She said you asked her to just watch, while you .....well, everyone knows what I mean." I was surprised if it turned out true. I was happy though, to know someone else had a "tight" brother sister connection. Don replied affirmatively, "So..". Cathy said, "Alright....good enough. You don't have to be ashamed. ". I joined in, "Yeh, Don...I don't blame you...Cal is really good looking, too." Don nodded all of us off. Just then, all of a sudden, everyone agreed it was time to call it a night. The game lasted about two hours and we were all tired of sitting there. After dressing, Don and Brenda left for their respective houses across the street. After they were gone, Cathy and I remained on the floor. We began to talk about the game. Cathy remarked, "Brenda is kinda shy....but you can't blame her really." I replied, "Yeh, she's cool. She played along pretty good tonight. You, you played really good. You're the best player....Don and I always try to choose you, but choose Brenda to make her feel involved." Cathy thanked me and said, "Well...I just like to play a game like it should be played. We're all friends and we should be able to have a good time. Brenda and I have been friends for really long...let's see, about fifteen years or so. Sometimes, I don't understand her. Like, I don't see why she wouldn't do that dare you gave her....with the butter. I mean, she'll kiss me, and when she does she's not shy. To me, that's worse than just licking me. I mean, she's willing to stick her tongue in my mouth, but she won't lick my skin...but that's o.k..., she did play along tonight mostly." I agreed with her evaluation of that dare. My sister still was topless. I couldn't help but to look at her lovely body. I remarked to my sis', "Cathy, I guess it hard to get Brenda's pants off? I mean, you front mooned us and all, well Don at least. Brenda wouldn't do it....she did moon us, she took em' down, all she had to do was turn around. What's the deal?" Cathy gave an explanation, "Yeh, you're right. She's really shy about her..I'm not sure why. If she sleeps over or something and its just us two, she's the same way. When she slept over last weekend, she could barely manage to dress in front of me....and I nude the whole time. She did finally take her clothes off, but she turned and tried to hide herself from me. I managed to see her, though, and she looked as normal as ever, to me. She has a really light know, and it looked normal to me. I guess she's just shy about it. She's getting over though it, I think. It was a miracle she even took her pants off. " I sat and listened to my sister ramble on, "Yeh...Don, he's pretty cool, but he didn't play along totally either. He choose "truth" a lot. I could tell you and him were excited's pretty obvious." I blushed and said, "Well, what did you expect....I hate to say it, but you were the real turn on. Don couldn't keep his eyes off you." My sister was proud and said, "Gee..Yeh, I saw Don staring....and you. Tell me, when you front mooned Brenda, did she even look?" I told her she didn't really, except for a second at tops. Cathy had figured this, "I knew it. Brenda is shy about guys things, too." Cathy stopped talking and we both tried to think of something to say. Cathy finally spoke up, "Well, that was fun. We'll have to play some more later. Eric, how bout' we each give one more dare to each other?" I vehemently agreed and let her go first. Cathy popped up in excitement and read her dare, "O.k..Eric, I dare you to let me play chicken with you?" Chicken, I thought. Great! I quickly agreed. Cathy walked over to me and sat next to me. I had planned on letting her start on my feet and then I'd make her stop when she took off my underwear(which I knew she would). Cathy pushed my shoulders hard onto the floor. By surprise, my sister had begun to remove my underwear. I couldn't break her heart, so I let the game continue. Before I realized what was going on, I felt a hot and wet sensation being applied to my penis. My sister was in the process of sucking me off! I thought this was chicken, and my sis' was giving me a great blowjob! She had been on my cock for about ten seconds before I came. Like a bomb, my cum shot high in the hair and then oozed down my shaft. I pumped my butt cheeks hard and tightened my stomach as I saw about eight individual spurts spill from my penis. Cathy laughed as she worked her tongue along my dick. She neatly cleaned my body from cum and stood up and said, "Your turn......" We both laughed and called it a night!

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