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In Love With Sis
by IndianAsian

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VII. "Early Experiments..."

My friend, JB, was sleeping over and we sat watching TV. My sister joined us and soon started up a conversation. Cathy told us how she had recently seen a show on hypnotism. Anyhow, after a while of explaining, Cathy said that it was easy to hypnotize someone. She claimed she had already hypnotized two people. Of course, JB and I quickly argued her truth. But Cathy stood firm, "Really!"...she explained, "I did...If willing, anyone can easily be hypnotized. I already hypnotized Dawn and her brother Billy." I had never heard of the named and neither had JB. We went along with it anyhow. She offered to hypnotize one of us. JB refused the embarrassment. I agreed just for fun. Cathy had me lay down on the floor and close my eyes. She told me to try to act sleepy and willing. I did. Soon she began to rub my temples slowly and chanted some hypnotic words. I tried not to laugh but soon I burst into tears. Cathy was disappointed and remarked, "Its just cuz' you didn't try.....". Quickly my sis' offered an alternative, "'ll can hypnotize me....just do what I did." She laid on the ground. JB took to her temples and I sat by her side. After about five minutes Cathy appeared to be hypnotized...or asleep. JB stopped massaging her temples and looked at me for instruction. Neither of us knew if someone was hypnotized and the only hypnotism we've seen was in cartoons. So we decided to test out our knowledge. I said to JB, "Well, I guess ask her to do something..". JB thought for a moment and instructed my sleepy sis', "Cathy. I command you to stand up." We watched as my sis' slowly arose. She had opened her eyes now and was wearing a blank face. JB continued, "O.k..hold out your arms..". Cathy did as instructed. Soon we realized anything could be suggested and if she was really hypnotized she would comply....or we thought. I took over the commands, "Cathy, if you are hypnotized then...kiss JB." "What!", was JB's reply. Cathy walked to my friend and kissed his hand. Well, it was start. At this point JB and I knew we could have some fun trying to prove my sister's faking it or if she's really at our control. I looked to Cathy and commanded, "O.k..if you're hypnotized, then eat this...". I handed my sister a prepared mix of Coca Cola and pepper with horseradish. She looked at it and began to drink. She gagged on the concoction and refused to drink more. However, this proved nothing since under hypnotism people still act with their senses. JB had an idea. He took to my sister with this command, "O.k..let's find out. Cathy, take off your shirt.". I looked at JB and nodded in agreement. Sis had a blouse on and began to unbutton it slowly. Finally Cathy threw the shirt to the floor. JB and I were satisfied of her truth. We began to wonder how far she would go...whether she was hypnotized or not. JB and I were getting horny looking at my sexy sister standing, waiting, for her next instruction. Quickly JB had her remove her bra. She complied and allowed unevened, up close examination of her lovely form. As you know by now, she has small breasts, but they are big enough to form shape. JB looked to me for guidance. I told him he could do whatever he wanted.....maybe. Knowing JB he wanted to fuck her. I didn't want that though, and told him so. JB agreed that was fair. JB asked me what to do next. I told him that it was up to him. I didn't think JB knew that my sister was really turning me on. However, he looked at me and asked politely, "Eric....I know Cathy is your sister and all...but she's pretty hot, don't you ever look at her and all....?" I honestly answered, "Well...yeh, sometimes, I guess. Being my sis' though, it's not really hard to see her if I wanted." This excited JB and her asked me, "Yeh, really. I know what you mean. ". He was referring to Brenda, his sister. JB asked, "Eric...really, have you ever seen your sister nude?" I quickly replied, "Of course, she is my sister. Every morning, before school, Cathy, me, and my mom all had to shower in a hour time frame. My mom usually went first and I next. So I'd be drying off and Cathy would come in and just take off her clothes and go in the shower. " JB was amazed, "Wow! I wish I was your brother...". I asked him, "JB, surely you've seen Brenda before?" JB replied, "Yeh, actually I have. But not everyday. " JB and I looked to Cathy who was leaning against the sofa still awaiting our instructions. Both JB and I were excited after the talk. JB quickly gave my sister instructions, "Cathy. Take off your clothes...all of them." I would have felt bad, but was horny and wanted to see my sis'. Surprisingly she did. As she removed her clothes piece by piece, JB's and mine penis' began to awaken. Soon all of her clothes were off. JB looked surprised as he stared between my sister's legs. I spoke up, "Yeh...quite a rug, huh?" JB said, "Really...". It was true, Cathy did indeed posses a large amount of pubic hair. Not too much, but it was solid black and covered a wide area. "What now", I asked JB. JB walked over to Cathy and began to feel her breasts. Cathy's tranced body shook as his hands explored her. I warned him not to go too far too soon. He backed off. However, I was horny as hell. I approached my sister and spoke my commands, "Cathy....lie on the floor." She did. JB picked up my commands, "Cathy...spread your legs wide apart." Before I could complain about JB's request my sis' had split her thighs far apart. After seeing this I couldn't complain. Both JB and I were mesmerized. Cathy's vagina had peeled away to expose her cunt. Boners were all around the room. We approached Cathy and leaned over to look at her ugly, black and gray vagina. JB leaned down with his hand and brushed her mess with his finger. She flinched. Quickly I commanded my sister, " with yourself..." JB couldn't wait. Cathy's hands snapped to her pussy. She rubbed her palms on her mound and wrenched her body around. Meanwhile, JB asked me nicely, "Eric...I know she's your sister and all, but, can I tell her to suck me?" I wasn't sure I should let him ask my sister that. I really wanted Cathy to suck me off, actually. Perhaps JB noticed and added, "Eric...if she's really hypnotized, she won't remember....why don't you make suck you too? It'll be worth it.." I looked to Cathy and asked, "Cathy...suck me off..o.k? And JB. " Cathy went to JB. His penis was already out of his pants. She knelt before him and slowly moved her open mouth to his cock. Just as her lips were about to wrap his penis, she backed off and startlingly and clearly said, "You guys! I'm was just faking...I'm not hypnotized!" JB and I turned white and froze. She continued, "I just wanted to see what you'd make me do. Apparently, a lot." She was still very near to JB's cock and looked up at him and spoke, "JB, I'm gonna have to tell Brenda about this..", she now had his cock in her hands, "JB...smaller than I thought....but good enough." Before I realized it, Cathy was giving him a blowjob. When she was done, she kneeled over to me and spoke with cum on her face, "Eric...You can't get enough I guess. But, I'm not gonna suck you off." I was disappointed and looked grim. Cathy laughed and smiled at me, "...but I will give you a hand job." She did, and it was very nice. I came all over her shoulders.

The End

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This is a 5 part story. Jump to any of the chapters from here:

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