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It's Not Lipstick, Is It? Pt. II
by C. Lingus

Don't call me Sappho. I don't consider myself a lesbian, not the way I understand that term, anyway. Alice and I have a lot of fun, a LOT of fun together. And yes, you could say that I love her. She loves me, too, but it's not a romantic kind of love. We are not mates. We don't plan to live together or get joint checking accounts or anything like that. I am sure that some day I'll meet the man that I am supposed to marry and live with forever.

Yeah, sure. Anyway, in the meantime, the guys I know are not worth spit. Don't even get me started on that subject. Alice and I had hit it off from the very beginning, remember, and our sexual activities were just another level that two friends went to so that we could discover new sensations, new thrills.

But this time it was me knocking on her door with tears in my eyes.

"Connie, what is it?" Alice greeted me at her door. Her long blonde hair was wet. It was so curly when it was wet. I think that is sexy. My black hair is straight no matter what. Her robe opened and I could see that she was naked underneath. Her large breasts were topped by those big erect nipples that I love to suck on. Makes her squirm. She was distracting me. When she closed the door behind me I remembered why I had hurried over to speak to her without calling first.

I pulled out a video tape, unmarked. "I got this in the mail today. No return address."

"What is it?"

"I'll put it in your player and you can judge for yourself." While she looked for the remote I popped the tape into her player. She turned on the TV and I hit play. The first images were dark, just the night sky. The camera panned down to a dimly lit pool area. Then, as the camera lens adjusted to the low light level, we could see the pool quietly rippling. Tucked close to some trees and shrubs a reclining lounge chair came into focus.

"That's me," Alice gasped.

"And here I come," I said, realizing that I had just made a pun.

The camera had fully adjusted to the low light level. I couldn't tell when the video was taken but Alice and I liked to swim and mess around when everyone else in the apartment complex was sound asleep. Or so we thought.

"Oh, my God," Alice gasped. I was leaning over her, brushing her hair away from her beautiful face, touching her breasts through her bikini top, moving her knees apart and touching her cunt. "Connie, this isn't what I think it is, is it?"

I looked at her. She collapsed on the couch there in her living room, unable to take her eyes off the screen. "That's not the half of it," I said. "There was a note with the tape. He is going to blackmail us."

"What?" she almost yelled.

"He wants to give a tape to my parents and a tape to the school where you work."

Her brows drew together. She was angry, an emotion that I had never seen affect her lovely features. "Or what?"

"Or we meet with him to hear his alternative, as he put it in his note."

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

"God only knows."

We both turned back to the TV, imagining horrible scenarios. She paused the tape. "Connie, check out the angle."

I sat down next to her, inhaling her fragrance, the shower and the soap still lingering on her blonde skin. "What angle?"

"Look, it's pretty obvious that the guy was taking the video from a second story window. It's looking down on us. That was last Friday, when the moon was full. I remember wearing that suit."

"Yeah, you're right."

"And think about where we usually sit. Who lives in that apartment on the second floor at an angle?" Her anger was tinged with chagrin and an embarrassed smirk.

"The old prof, the guy who ogles me every time he sees me?"

"He ogles me, too," Alice said, as if we were competing. I couldn't help myself. I pulled her to me and hugged her. Her long wet hair made my cheek wet. I wanted to squeeze her nipples but she pushed me back. "He's not going to fucking get away with this." Her anger was back, turning her face into a fury.

"How does he get video when it's so dark. I could hardly see you myself that night. I thought we were safe."

"The new video cameras are digital and they adjust for distance and light levels." She clicked the remote and our images from that fateful night started moving again. We knew where they were going but we were fascinated anyway. We were entranced with our own movements but also we could see ourselves through another's eyes. And we didn't know whether or not the perv had shown the tape to anyone else. I noticed that my pussy was getting wet and my nipples hot. I couldn't figure out if I was turned on by watching VideoAlice getting hot or by imagining how the old fart had stroked himself as he watched us.

I pulled aside the crotch of her bikini and she smiled at me. I threw my towel down on the pavement and knelt next to her. She let me settle my mouth between her lovely long legs. I hadn't noticed that night but she reached under her bikini top and pinched her nipples. Her feet rose up as I gave her a vigorous tongue lashing. Even from behind you could tell I was excited. I just love the way she tastes. That night I couldn't walk by her without wanting to taste her juices, to run my naked tongue up and down her slick folds. Damn. I wanted her right then on the couch. Watching us make love had turned me on.

She arched her back and her breasts jutted out. Her mouth was still closed. I didn't hear her moan or scream as she sometimes does. When we are outside by the pool we have a rule: no noise. Sometimes it's hard to follow the rule but we don't want to get caught. And it adds to the excitement. My hands moved from her knees down to her cunt and then slowly up her belly. She moved her hands over her erect nipples so that her top moved up and her breasts were exposed. When my small hands found their rigid targets, my head still bobbing, I heard her moan loudly.

The moan came from right next to me. I turned to see Alice fondling her naked breasts roughly. Her robe had fallen away and her knees had parted. "You bitch. You started without me," I said smiling, falling to my knees on the floor in front of the couch.

"I knew you'd catch up quickly," Alice said, sounding almost like the schoolteacher she was. She raised her knees and spread her legs. I eyed her honey blonde bush, glistening with the first drops of her come. Her long fingers with the long white nails moved from her nipples down to the top of her labia. With her two index fingers, she pulled the top of her labia up and out, exposing her innermost secret, her clit. I leaned forward and licked it with my hot tongue. "Oh, Ali," she almost yelled. "I just love it when you are so direct." She looked down at me between her legs.

I smiled back. I leaned in and nibbled gently on her exposed clit with my teeth. She cried out, "Connie!" I sucked her clit into my mouth and let it back out. I sucked it in and out, letting my saliva and her come mix until she was really juicy. Then I licked her off, from the top of her asshole all the way to the top of her bush.

Later that evening, we held a war council over a joint and a few glasses of wine. "Here's my plan," Alice said, leaning over the table like an anarchist conspirator.


Alice and I knocked on Professor Bligh's apartment door. We were both dressed very conservatively. She wore a long dress with a high neck. I wore a plaid skirt with a white cotton blouse and saddle shoes. Neither of us carried a purse but Alice had her briefcase with her, the one she used to carry tests to be graded back and forth to school. He opened the door and smiled. Without saying a word, he stepped aside and motioned for us to enter.

He was shorter than I remembered. His hair was graying at the temples and he wore glasses, a modern style. He wore jeans and a pressed khaki shirt with a polo emblem and some old sneakers. I was waiting for him to pull out a pipe but he didn't. He was tenured at our local university in, of all things, biology, and that's why he could afford to dress well. When he finally spoke, I was surprised at how soft his voice was. I guess I expected a brusque, foul-mouthed, boisterous bubba. No, he wasn't that. He wore no cologne, but I liked the way he smelled.

"Please have a seat," he said, motioning to a breakfast table next to a bay window. When we sat down, we could see the pool below, an effect that was not lost on either of us. Alice caught my eyes, checking my resolve. "Would you like something to drink," he said.

"Have you any chardonnay?" Alice asked pleasantly, using her very best coquettish demeanor.

"Coke, for me, prof," I said, copping an adolescent attitude.

When he returned he carried two glasses of white wine and some coke in a wine glass. I guess he thought that was pretty cute. I was ready to cut to the chase, especially since my refreshment was substandard.

When he took his seat, we let him take the initiative. "Did you receive the tape?" he asked professorially. We both nodded. "What do you think?"

"Bad cinematography, prof, but we get the message," I said, sipping my coke demurely, tapping the corner of my mouth with the napkin I took from the center of the table.

Alice folded her hands on her lap and used her teacher voice. "What is it you want from us, Professor?"

"I want you to let me videotape you." He paused and sipped some of his wine. "But I will do the scripting."

"And if we don't allow that?" Alice asked. He shrugged his shoulders and smiled. He took another sip of wine. She waited until his eyes strayed back to hers. She looked him directly in the eyes and smiled. "That's blackmail."

"Your actions were irresponsible and you are paying the price," he said in his soft but now menacing voice. He took another sip of wine.

Alice nodded at me. I pretended to drop my napkin on the floor. I moved my chair back and stood up. I straightened my skirt and leaned over to pick up the fallen napkin. When I bent over, I kept my legs straight and spread and my plaid skirt rose to the top of my legs. Alice watched the prof ogle my white panties, smiling slightly. I leaned forward a little more as she moved the eyedropper over his glass and let one amber drop fall into his wine. She put the eyedropper back in the bottle in her lap under the table as I stood up and returned to my chair.

Alice's ex was a vet. He had a knockout potion that could be measured exactly by weight to take a critter down and keep them down for precisely thirty minutes. We only wanted him out long enough to find his videotape and have a little fun. I picked up my coke and drained my wine glass. As if unable to refrain from imitating my gesture the prof raised his glass and finished his wine. "I think you know that we will need time to think about your proposal, Professor," Alice said, watching him return the empty glass to the table top.

"Shertenly," he lisped. His eyelids began to sink like the setting sun. Alice moved his wine glass and guided his falling head slowly to the table top.

"Okay, girlfriend," she said, "Let's look for his stuff."

It was easy to find. He had his camera set up by his bedroom window. There were tapes in the drawer of his desk. We brought the camera and tapes out to the breakfast table. I set up the camera while Alice used duct tape to bind his wrists behind the chair. She took off his sneakers and socks, undid his jeans and shorts and pulled them off. She taped his ankles to the front legs of the chair so that his legs were spread. His cock was enlarging as we watched.

"Prof is hung pretty large," I said, admiring his growing member. It hardened as we watched into a sizeable penis, both in length and girth.

Alice whistled softly. "Never mind his dick. Time's a wastin." She leaned over and took some items from her briefcase. "Put on your mask," she said. I put my black hair under the blonde pigtail wig and put the black eye mask on so that my eyes were covered. Alice put on her black wig and black eye mask. We laughed at each other when we saw the results. "We look pretty sinister," she said.

The prof gurgled a little and raised his head. "What the hell," he managed to murmur.

"Yeah, what the hell," I laughed, imitating his voice. He frowned at me. Then he noticed his video camera. "Yeah, that's right. The shoe's on the other foot, except you have neither on," I said, pointing to his bare feet. He realized he was bound to the chair and that he was naked below the waist. His member angled out like a flagstaff without a flag.

"Release me instantly," he demanded.

"Before you what?" Alice asked. "By the way, say anything you like. Later we'll dub your voice in, demanding us to punish you." She smiled demurely, cocking her head in that way she has.

He bounced around a little in his chair, testing his bonds. He looked down and noticed his dick was hard but growing softer.

"Shall I turn the camera on, Mistress?" I asked Alice.

"Please do," she said, assuming her role as the dominating school mistress. She stepped over and held the professor's cock in one hand and slapped it several times with the other. It grew harder almost instantly. She smiled and took a seat in front of his chair but facing ninety degrees away. She pointed at me. "You've been a very bad girl. Are you ready for your spanking?"

I nodded, assuming an air of shame and humiliation. We had rehearsed all the moves during our war council but had never actually acted them out. It was surprising to me how easy it was. I enjoyed the little drama, the fantasy, and later I learned that Alice did too. After I started the camera, I laid down on her lap facing the bound prof. His rigid cock was not too far from my face. He looked down at me with a mixture of horror and lust. I put one finger in my mouth, pouting like a little girl.

There was a large decorative mirror on the wall behind me. The camera was to my right pointed at the prof and Alice in her outfit. My butt was out of the frame. We wanted to blackmail the prof, not make a porno film. Later I would regret that, remembering the stimulus the prof's original film had provided.

"Please don't do this," he whimpered. "I'll be ruined if anyone sees this tape." Alice just chuckled as she lifted the hem of my plaid skirt so that he could see the reflection of my white pantie-clad butt in the mirror. His dick throbbed, reaching full volume and turning bright red.

"You acted irresponsibly and now you will pay the price," she said. I reached around and covered my butt with my hands. "No, no," Alice said, moving my hands away. "You've been a bad girl and you must be punished."

"But I couldn't sit down for a whole day the last time you spanked me, Mistress," I said, assuming a little girl pout.

SMACK, she answered. I jumped, a little surprised at the ferocity of Alice's slap on my naked open butt. She spanked me several times until the heat from the pink skin where her palm landed spread all the way to my face. The prof's dick jumped each time her hand landed on my butt. I had never been spanked before and I had to admit to myself that I rather liked it. My cunt was leaking so much that the prof and Alice could see the wetness on my pantie crotch.

"You are really a bad girl," Alice said. "Now look what you've done to your panties." She grabbed the waistband and pulled them all the way down to my ankles. My naked glistening cunt was exposed for both of them to see in the mirror. My butt was so hot that I spread my legs as far apart as my fallen panties would let me. The cool air kissed my slick folds. A large drop of cum appeared on the end of the prof's rigid tool. He groaned and closed his eyes but opened them back up quickly. Alice ran her cool fingers over my pink butt cheeks, paused at my asshole and then ran one finger down my crack to my clit. It was my turn to groan.

"Spank me some more, Mistress?" I pleaded quietly. She answered with some more open-handed smacks right on my wet cunt. I responded by raising my butt and spreading my legs so that I could receive the full force of her ministrations. I looked at the prof. If I didn't know better, I would have thought that he came without anyone touching his penis, his flow was so profuse. There was a puddle of his come on the chair. "You want me to touch your cock, don't you, prof?" I asked him.

He just nodded, the sweat making his balding forehead wet. "No," Alice said with that stern tone in it that she used to assert her authority. "No come for him until he is thoroughly punished, and maybe not then. Get up, sweetie."

I rose from her lap and reached for my panties. "No, leave those off," Alice commanded. She rose from her chair and laid down on the floor in front of the whimpering prof. Her feet were toward him. "Bring me a pillow from the couch." I did as she bid and she placed it under her head. "Now face the old fart and kneel down over my face."

Of course I knew the plan. But to watch her take the role of the commanding bitch and the effect on the now almost all wet, especially the end of his red throbbing cock, professor, was almost hysterically funny. I surpressed my mirth and did as she told me to. The resulting plateau was mostly out of view of the camera but the future video audience would know what was happening without really seeing the details. The prof's face and body would manifest all too evidently the view in front of him.

As I kneeled over my friend and mistress, a drop of my copious come dripped on to her forehead. She put her hands on my thighs and positioned my cunt directly over her mouth. Subsequently, my anus was above her nose. "Raise your skirt so that he will be able to see your punishment," she commanded me. As I raised my skirt, I lowered my dripping cunt on to Alice's willing mouth. When my redhot clit reached her tongue, I felt a bolt of lightning shoot up my belly and out the top of my head. I screamed. After I realized what I had done, I thought, the hell with the neighbors. The prof was groaning so loudly that I'm sure the neighbors with good ears who were listening could hear him too.

Alice was so worked up that she devoured my wet pussy like ice cream on a hot day. My breasts were on fire. I unbuttoned my blouse and pushed my bra over the top of my breasts. My breasts might be A cup but my nipples get really hard and large when I'm aroused. Holding up my skirt with one hand, I pinched and pulled on my nipples as I watched the prof suffer. He thrust forward with his hips as if he were fucking our phantoms.

Alice raised her knees and pulled her dress up over her legs and belly. She was wearing no panties. Her blonde cunt, dripping come and gaping open, aroused even deeper groans from the poor prof. While she gobbled my cunt, she played with the fold of her own cunt. She pulled her labia out to the side and put her two index fingers inside her wet pussy. I wanted to eat her so badly but that was not part of our prearranged scenario. She had brought me to orgasm so many times already and I was not complaining. When I heard her pussy gulping air, I knew she had come too.

We had all come except the prof. Too bad. I rolled off of Alice and kissed her. She was wet from my come and our tongues played in my juices. I felt her getting hotter and then she put a stop to our play. "Turn off the camera now. It's time to say adeiu," she said.

The sweating prof moaned and shook his head back and forth. "You want to get off, prof?" Alice asked him. He nodded vigorously. "Too bad. You were very naughty during the negotiations. Just be glad we are only taking your tapes and leaving the camera."

We rose and straightened our clothes, gathered our things. Alice stood by the prof. "I'm going to release one of your wrists, professor. If you're smart, you'll keep all this to yourself. By the time you get loose, we'll be gone, and so will the tapes." She leaned close to his ear. "And don't piss me off or it will be worse next time."


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