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I Know What I Did With Sister
by BG

Here's the deal. I'm not going to give you some bullshit story; I'll just tell it like it happened. I know I'm really pathetic. I'm not a bad looking guy but for some reason I can't get any chicks, so I spend my free time looking at pornography and thinking about one special person.

That person is my younger sister. I'm not going to give out her real name or even make one up. I'm 21 years old and have fantasized about her ever since I used to take baths with her when we were kids. I know that sounds sick, but I already told you I was pathetic. Throughout the years I've taken every opportunity to see her naked including perching outside the bathroom window while she's showering. I usually get shut out, but I'm used to that by now.

Anyway, my luck changed recently and although I'm still a loser, I feel good enough about my experience that I need to write about it so that others losers can read about it on this website while most people are out getting laid for real. She's two years younger than I am and she has a killer body. Her breasts are medium sized (I think her bra says 34C). They're pale and droop in the front and curve at the bottom and her nipples are small and pink. I imagine that's probably true of a lot of female's breasts. Her pussy is what I like the best. She keeps it shaven smoothly and the cleft of her vagina is very tight and would turn any man on. Her luscious little pussy lips look just perfect set between her muscular thighs and hourglass waist.

Why do I know all this? Hang on, I'm getting to that part. Recently, she's been coming over to my new house to spend time with me. I try sending sexual overtones her way but I'm pretty bad at that, too. One night after we finished watching a movie, she told me she was going to bed and she hugged me. The feeling of those firm little boobies pressed up against my pecs gave me some instant jack-off material for the night. I told her she could sleep in my bed and that I would lay on the couch.

We argued back and forth for a few minutes about who was going to sleep where and finally I half-jokingly said, "We'll just sleep together then." She looked kind of surprised. Not surprised like when you win the lottery but surprised like she just heard what she's always wanted me to say. Things were kind of awkward and not a thing was said. I just kind of grabbed her waist and we laid down on the couch. Like a dumb ass, I told her that I wanted to lay naked with her. She didn't complain and started undressing. (Wait: there's one more thing: I have a lingerie fetish. Not other people's lingerie, just my sister's.)

Back to the story... When she peeled off her shirt and pants, I started in by caressing the outside of her bra. Then I rubbed her silky pussy lips through the front of her lycra panties. I was already living out one fantasy so I began to lick the lycra which delicately accentuated her tight vagina. This got her off so I kept going. I began alternately sucking her nipples through her bra and tonguing her labia. Her lingerie was soaked with my saliva, so I gently peeled it off and stuffed it under my mattress when she wasn't looking.

Now the goddess of every one of my masturbatory scenarios was naked next to me. I had never had sex before and I wasn't sure about her. I wanted to fuck her in the ass but I didn't want to push my luck so I slipped my undersized cock between her delicate pussy lips. I thrust a few times and already had to come. [hey, you would too if you saw my sister and had fantasized about her for years] I pulled out my cock and shot my sap all over her tits and stomach. I don't know why I chose those two places; I guess it just always happened that way in my fantasy so I acted upon that in real life. Yeah, I know that's sad. She kind of laughed. Probably because her big burly brother couldn't satisfy his frail little princess of a sister.

I'm sure she expected more than I gave her. She told me that she thought it was cute how shy and self-conscious I was. I pulled her naked figure closer to me and I kissed her. I don't really know why, but it just seemed appropriate since I just shot sperm all over her little breasts. I think she actually enjoyed that the most and she rolled me onto my back and laid on top of me with her pussy right up against my lower abdomen and her breasts in my face. We turned over a little and spent the night like that. I would peck at her nipples at regular intervals and every once in a while, I would massage her little asshole with my pointer and middle finger. It was heaven alright. I couldn't sleep a wink.

The next morning, she woke up to the feeling of my fingers softly rubbing her smooth vagina. She looked into my eyes and we kissed again. She sat up some and straddled my torso with her legs and leaned in close so that her titties hung right in front of my mouth. I grabbed them both and pressed them together and started kissing them all over. It felt great and I knew that life did not get any better than this.

Now my secret has been told but in the end I'll have to face the ultimate judgment for breaking a societal taboo called incest. Was it worth it? I guess I'll find out someday. The point is: don't put things off for another day. Live each day as it might be your last. Different people have different goals. Mine just happened to be fucking the hell out of my little sister. Chase your dreams and I'll be thoroughly enjoying my little sister's wonderful assets.


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