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Interlude of Lust
by DJ Throbbin

As you open the door and I enter, you meet me with the most passionate of embraces. Not a word is spoken, for our tongues speak volumes as each the explores the other's mouth. As we step through the apartment, tongues still intertwined; your hands caress my buttocks, while mine slowly release the clasp on your bra. Our lips part for a moment as you slide your blouse off over your head, revealing your soft, black velvet bra, which is struggling to hold back your voluptuous chest. I take one quick feel of the bra on your breasts before it drops to the floor, revealing your already exited nipples. My hands find them quickly, lightly teasing them as our lips meet once again. A light rub here and a gentle pinch there are enough to turn your nipples rock hard between my fingertips.

Now our lips part once again, as mine slowly find their way down your neck, not missing a spot, until finally reaching the erect nipple of your left breast. With a light flicking of my tongue, you begin to squirm. I lick slow circles around the hard little mound, before sucking it into my mouth and caressing it in the warmth with my tongue. A gentle nibble now and then to offset the softness of my tongue is more than enough to get a few sounds of pleasure from you. As I slowly make my way to your right breast, my hand finds its way to your jeans, A quick snap of the button and a tug on the zipper aren't wearing any panties tonight.

As my mouth pleasures your right breast just as it did the left, my hand finds your hot, moist mound of pleasure. I gently slide my finger across, enjoying the soft warmth of your body. Then I slowly part your lips, sliding my finger in a little further. My finger glides in easily, as your juices are warm and slick. I make a few slow thrusts into your hole as far as my finger will reach before circling your now throbbing clit.

I slowly withdrawal my hand from your jeans and my mouth from your breast, as I rise back up for another kiss on your pouty lips. As you lie back onto the couch, I relieve you of the confinement of your jeans, then slowly remove mine. Once you are comfortable, I lower myself to feel your tongue in my mouth once again. Then I kiss and lick my way down your body, starting at your ears and sliding down your neck, then finding each of your nipples and your belly button on my way down. As I near your steaming hole, I pause, then slide quickly down to your feet. You let out a sigh of both enjoyment and frustration, but all will cum in time. I am sure to give ample attention to each toe with my mouth, as I massage each foot at the same time. You emit a slight giggle as my tongue tickles your toes. I slowly work my way up your legs, licking and kissing, paying particular attention to the back of your knees and your inner thighs. As I reach the top of your inner thighs, I tease a little, brushing back and forth across your pussy, without ever actually touching it.

Finally, I lay my lips gently onto your pulsating clit, which sends a shiver of delight through your entire body. I lick your pussy up and down, savoring every bit of your sweet taste. I slowly push my tongue in and out of your warm cunt. Then I let glide my tongue back up to your clit and begin licking slow circles around it, making them ever faster. By now your hips are swaying back and fourth. I lightly flick my tongue at your clit, up and down and side to side, as you begin to moan, louder and louder. As I suck your clit into my mouth and caress it with my tongue, your hips begin moving more rapidly as your entire body begins to shake.

My hands find their way back up to your nipples, being sure to spread the pleasure around as much as possible. As your moans turn into screams, you try to muffle the sound, but unable to control yourself, you grab my hair and shove my head deeper into your crotch. I speed up the rhythm faster and faster, and it becomes harder to stay between your legs, as your hips shudder more and more violently. Then you finally let out a shriek of pleasure as you thrust hour hips up at my face one more time. But I continue working at your clit, and now every little flick of my tongue makes you moan and quiver in ecstasy.

After a few moments, you begin to whisper between your moans, "fuck me, fuck me now, I want to feel you inside me!" I listen to you beg for a moment before I remove my head from between your legs. I slowly pull myself up, kissing my way back up your body until my lips find your inviting mouth. I kiss you passionately for a moment, then slowly glide my throbbing member into your slippery, wet pussy. I start with long, slow thrusts as our tongues intertwine. As I begin thrusting faster and harder, you start to moan under your breath. Faster and faster I thrust and we can no longer continue to kiss as we are both gasping for air and your moans are becoming screams. After a few more moments you scream my name in delight as I explode inside your cunt.

A few final, slow, gentle thrusts as whimper in ecstasy as I kiss your lips. I withdrawal from your hole, and lay next to you on the couch, but you do not stay in my embrace for long. You move over top of me and begin licking my nipples. You don't stay there long...what you hunger for is a little further down. You continue down my body until you hands and mouth find my cock, still limp from all the activity a moment ago. As you wrap your lips around it, it grows quickly soon filling your mouth.

The warmth of your mouth is like heaven as you tease and tantalize my now pulsating member. Your hands fondle my balls as you lick the length of my shaft and nibble on the head of my cock. Again you take all of me into your mouth, and begin to suck and lick and work with your mouth in ways I have never felt, driving me crazy with pleasure. Your hands begin to roam, and one of your fingers starts playing at the rim of my ass...a sensation I have never experienced before. I begin moaning as your tongue caresses all of my cock and you suck with such intensity, I am sent into an extreme state of extacy.

You keep me in a constant zone of pleasure for what seems like an eternity. Your skilled mouth, tongue, teeth and jaws, all work in tandem, never letting the pleasure stop. Then you start sucking harder, your head now bobbing up and down on my shaft. I begin moaning deeper as you suck harder, your head bobbing ever faster...until the pleasure is just too much! I let loose, filling your mouth with hot, slippery cum. You swallow it all, making sure not to miss a drop of the "treat" you have been hungering for. You crawl back up my body so that we can share another passionate kiss.

You stand up slowly, take my hand and lead me to the bedroom. We lay on the satin sheets, fondling and kissing one another. It doesn't take long for the fondling to become more intense. I start fingering your pussy as you slowly stroke my cock. Once you have gotten me hard once again, you straddle me as you tell me you want to ride my cock. You lower yourself onto my rod until I am totally immersed in your warm pussy again. You rock back and forth on my cock, slowly increasing your speed as you begin to moan. You rock faster and faster until you scream as you reach climax. You settle for a moment, then begin softly bouncing on my throbbing cock. I reach up to caress your breasts as they bounce above me. I rub and gently pinch your nipples as your tempo increases. Just as before, you begin to moan and shiver as your entire body is overcome with delight. You moan louder and louder, until you shriek as you climax, but I still have not.

You lean forward and whisper in my ear, "I want you to fuck me from behind." I quickly agree, this also being one of my favorite positions. You slowly slide off of me, leaving my erect member shimmering with your juices. As I sit up, you bend over on all fours in front of me. I kneel behind you and carefully guide my glistening cock into your dripping pussy. I grab your hips as I begin thrusting my dick in and out of your slippery hole. Soon you start pounding your ass back into my hips on every thrust as I ram your pussy harder and faster, harder and faster. Quickly wonderful sounds of pleasure begin to escape your mouth, as you grow closer and closer to climax. As you once again scream with pleasure, your arms collapse under you, and you whisper between breaths, "please fuck my ass, I want you to cum in my ass..."

I slowly withdrawal from your wet pussy, my cock covered in your wonderful slippery juices. I gently guide the head of my dick into your puckered little ass. I slide in a little more of my cock with each gentle thrust, listening to your moans. I thrust a little deeper, a little faster, until your ass is filled with the whole of my cock. I begin thrusting faster and faster; your ass now ramming back into my hips with every powerful thrust as we both begin to moan. At last, you cry out my name as I burst, filling your ass full of glistening white cum. I shiver in relief, and with a few last, slow thrusts, I withdrawal my tired cock from your tight little ass. We collapse together on the bed, both shimmering with sweat. We kiss each other passionately before falling asleep in one another's arm, holding each other until the morning light.


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