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If Only Tattoos Could Talk . . .
And They Do!

by PeterR

My honey and I have recently returned from a cruise, on which we had a ball or two. We ate, shopped, and had sex every chance we could. It was during this cruise that we started noticing that more and more women were sporting tattoos. Some had a tattoo above their left boob, few on their butt cheeks, others had it on their arms, legs or ankles. We were taking in some sun, relaxing on an island when I noticed this good looking, very well endowed, woman, who looked to be around 26. She was occupying the lounge chair next to mine. This sexy woman suddenly stood up, bent over, mooning me in the process, and began applying suntan lotion onto her husband. When I looked up her thonged buns were inches from my face. I then noticed that she was sporting a tattoo of a dolphin on her left bun. After being careful not to be obvious, I pointed the dolphin out to my mate, and we both wondered of the significance, but let the moment pass.

That night we were in various stages of making love, when during my marathon oral assault on her bold pussy, concentrating on her very-erect clit, my mate violently came. Her whole body shook, she squeezed my head with her thighs, and screamed out: "oh boy...oh boyohboy...oh boy!" I soon recovered, from near suffocation. She still had this glow about her, and commenced to lick me from head to toe. My pecker was still hard from the excitement, and the release I helped my partner achieve. She sucked on my balls, alternating on them one at a time, massaged behind them, my secret spot, then hungrily took the head of my pecker in her mouth. With her tongue she found my 'C' spot, then my 'V' spot, and spent some quality time between them. My pecker was rigid, as hard as I can ever remember. She felt my balls starting to contract, and she backed off, gently squeezing the base of my shaft. The moment temporarily passed, when she took nearly all of me into her hungry mouth, and started to speed up, her bobbing up-and-down movement, massaging behind my balls all the while. She was like a possessed woman, as I started to come, she started making those sounds again: "oh boy...oh boyohboy....oh boy". She came again; it seemed as she swallowed most of my pleasure-juice. I suppose this was just from the shear joy of taking me over the brink.

We then talked some, and surmised that just maybe all these other women maybe making sounds of the very animal whose tattoo they were sporting. We had a very full dinner, and decided to walk it off on deck, enjoying the moonlit sky. My honey then whispered to me: "dolphin lady dead ahead!" We followed the couple at a safe distant to see if they may try to engage each other that night away from their stateroom. It didn't take very long, for they must have had a few too many drinks, as they both weaved side to side. Thinking the coast was clear, the guy quickly climbed into a lifeboat, and dolphin-lady followed. We ducked inside, and to our delight found the window was tinted so you couldn't see in. We were in the library, looking down at them, and there was no one else around.

They kissed, with tenderness at first, but soon with fierce emotion. Almost at once he cupped her breasts, and she just moaned. They were still dressed when she placed her hand on his shaft. She unzipped him, as he was sitting, she half laid down and began sucking on his semi-erect cock. She had him hard, but would not let him out of her mouth. They soon switched positions. It was apparent that she wore no panties. Their kiss became almost violent as their tongues intertwined, he began to suck, nibble and even bite her lips. He moved down, opened her dress, revealing a very perky set of tanned breasts, nipples erect just begging to be sucked. He ravished them, biting, sucking and baby kissing each nipple, and she began to moan. He reached down and inserted two fingers into her love-canal, which made her moan even more. She reached for him, and alternated in stroking his very-erect shaft, and cupping his balls, with what seemed like a continuous motion. He withdrew his fingers briefly, and licked the moisture; she was obviously sopping wet.

This viewing another couple, in so much passion, started to really turn us on too. We playfully grabbed at each other, but both agreed to wait and to enjoy each other, later in our cabin. We continued to wait, and listen for any possible noise from our heroine.

On cue he turned her over, and she helped him enter her love-canal, doggy-style. He entered her slow, and gyrated on the way out. Thinking he was pulling out of her, she arched her back, and squeezed her buns tight, this forced him back into her. They continued humping for what seemed like five minutes. She started to move real fast, he had trouble keeping up with her. He again cupped her breasts, and this time really started to squeezed them hard when she violently came, making the sounds similar to a dolphin: blippp.....bliiiiiiiiiip.....blippp. Soon after he shot his jism into her, she reached back to squeeze his balls to get him to empty every ounce of his juice into her.

We then quickly disappeared, chuckling all the way back to our cabin, for we felt were surely onto some major research. Another Masters and Johnson, on the make, we thought.

Stay tuned for other escapades, related to other tattoos.


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