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If Only Tattoos Could Talk . . .
And They Do!

Pt. II: She Was Sporting a Snake
by PeterR

It was a hot sultry summer night. My wife Penny asked me to hurry home from work.

She did not tell me why. When I arrived, she was in the middle of hosting a Tupperware party. Sue, the Tupperware lady, was dressed very casually, but was wearing a sleeveless tee shirt, with a long ankle length, wrap-around skirt. She had a tattoo of a red rose on her left shoulder. She presented many items, and was able to make several sales. After the party, my wife served coffee, and asked Sue about her lovely tattoo. The conversation got real interesting, when at one point Sue told my wife that she had another tattoo of a snake. All the ladies, even my wife, then tried to guess where the other tattoo was. Sue said the if enough alcohol was served, she may even show it off. I was waiting in my office, but could not contain my own curiosity. I burst into the room with a bottle of Chardonnay, and said: "drink my dear, and do tell; oh yes, we're all ears!"

Many of the other ladies were leaving, and Sue took a drink. After several glasses she announced the she will reveal where the tattoo of the snake was, if someone guesses it's location. By this time it was just the three of us. Penny and I were sipping our wine, but Sue was still gulping hers. She was telling us that Frank, her husband, would be picking her up any minute. "I better stop this drinking", commented Sue. "Frank may want to go out after". "Any guesses you guys?" I started the guessing by saying that the tattoo of the snake must be around her ankles. She smiled, took another gulp of her wine, and said you're freezing cold. Penny than said that the tattoo maybe around her right calf. Sue giggled, and said getting warmer. I then guessed that the snake was on her thigh, and Sue said yes, but which one, and where is its mouth? Penny looked at me and I at her, and we both said that its mouth is over your snatch. Yes, Sue said and it looks great, when I remember to shave my love zone. I started to feel braver, and asked: "I thought that you'll show it to us, if we guessed where it was?" Sue took another gulp of her wine and sensually unwrapped her dress. She wore no panties, and I soon was staring at a very attractive, bold pussy, only a few feet away. Her nearly flat stomach made the snake's mouth look even more inviting. With the head of the snake superimposed over her glistening lips, it looked really 'ferocious'. The erect clit looked like its fang, and the rest of its body, was wrapped around her left thigh, with the vision of it slithering down to her knee. My own pecker was stirring, for seeing, and smelling this strange pussy, and so close.

Sue certainly was not shy, for she stayed with the dress unwrapped from then on. We asked her about her tattoos; why a rose, and why a snake. She told us that her former beau, was a tattoo artist, and on one Valentine Day he forget to get her roses, so he created one on her left shoulder. He told her to think of him always, for it was truly a labor of love. We told her that we sort of understood the rose, but why a snake, and why guarding her love-canal. Watching that snatch being sopping wet with desire, causing me by now to be almost rock-hard. I can imagine Penny, as she started to squirm, closely eyeing my obvious bulge. She must be soaking wet also. We couldn't wait fast enough for Frank to come by, and to take his exhibitionist wife out of here, so that we could finish what we both were obviously thinking.

Sue then told us that most women when they have their orgasms imitate certain sounds, and that she happens to imitate the hissing sound of a snake, during that very special time. Her former lover, the tattoo artist, created the snake to symbolize, and to capture those orgasmic moments. This was intriguing to us, since in an earlier story we have heard a woman make the sound of a dolphin, when she was on the throws of an orgasm. Sue then told us that when she comes, the sheer sounds of her hissing gets Frank so turned on that he is ready to squirt his own juices almost at once. We asked her to make the sound of a hissing snake. She then put two fingers into her canal, and moved them in and out, and started breathing faster. Penny looked at me, and I at her, by now my erection was full-grown, and she was fidgeting allot, obviously trying to deal with her soppingly wet state. Sue was getting close when Frank rang the doorbell. Penny let him in, and he looked puzzled, and asked Sue what was going on. Since Penny, and I were fully dressed, it must have looked weird. Frank sat next to Sue and kissed her on the lips. He lifted her tee shirt, just enough to expose and massage her very firm breasts. He tweaked and taunted her eraser like nipples. Her breasts looked to be 36-Cs, as he replaced her fingers with his own, but he now had three fingers in her as she gyrated around them. He sped up the tempo, as his thumb tweaked her clit, a slight hissing sound came out of Sue's lips, which progressively got louder, until all we heard for some twenty-five seconds were: "hisssssss...hissss...hissssssssss". This got Frank hard. Sue unzipped him, and took out his shaft. She dropped onto her knees, between his legs, and kissed, licked, nibbled, and sucked on Frank's very erect dick. With one hand she was again fingering herself, and Frank started to fuck her face, almost at once he emptied into her mouth, and she again started to undulate her hips, and began to make the sound of a snake: "hisses...hissss...hisssss".

They looked around, acted embarrassed, saw the puzzled, but erotic looks we shared. We lusted for each other, but longed to be in private. They seemed to have read our minds, for they quickly cleaned up, excused themselves, and soon left. My honey left the room to prepare herself, while I shut the lights and closed up the house. She came out with a red velvet nightgown, and told me to enjoy my fantasy, for she now is the 'dame in red velvet'. She lifted her nightgown, and I saw a small tattoo of a chicken above her left boob. I couldn't believe that she would get a tattoo without first discussing it with me. I then heard what sounded like a chicken saying: "puck...puuck...hurry, Penny wants to get laid!". I didn't need much encouragement as I got out of my clothes in a hurry. I laughed, and planted a kiss on Penny's lips. We kissed for sometime, as she stroked my shaft, and I grabbed her tits. I squeezed them hard, and she dropped to her knees. She told me that this will be my fantasy, and it starts now. She kissed the head of my dick, and told it that it is a great feeling to make it rise, it gave her a powerful feeling of creating. She explored, and admired the crown. Penny then took it in her mouth a quarter of the way, exploring each, and every inch with her teeth, and tongue. I was so hot and hard that I could have come right there, but she was not going to let it end so quickly. She gently seized my balls, and smiled to me, and said: "remember hon, it's your fantasy, and it needs to last". She took each ball into her mouth, and got back on my shaft, but this time took it in about half way. Still teasing me with her tongue, and gently with her teeth. Feeling me getting close again she backed off. This time just to shift herself to get into a more comfortable position. She deep-throated me and hungrily grabbed and squeezed my balls. She was taking me in, and out of her mouth faster, and faster. I grabbed her head, to make sure she would not stop this time, as I felt my balls contract, and my knees slightly buckle. I came for a long time and she swallowed most, as some trickled from the left corner of her lips. I regained my composure, and told my Penny that my fantasy, always included ecstasy for both, and I winked at her, and positioned her on the bed on her back. She smiled, and said: " who is stopping you?".

I started on her left foot, kissing each toe. I worked my way up to her knee, baby- kissing the knee, and lifting her leg, and licking behind the kneecap. She just let out a small moan. I put her leg back down, continued my journey up, I briefly paused, enough to plant a kiss on her pussy. Penny twitched, but I just kept moving north. I kissed, and licked her belly button, to which she again moaned. I now arrived at the left tit, where I stayed for sometime. Her soft breast, became hard, and her nipple jutted out like an eraser on a number 2 pencil. I moved up to her neck, and kissed every inch of her neck, planting a hickey just below her ear, and she again moaned. I now kissed her, with passion, and plenty of urgency. I was massaging both her boobs, and began my journey south. This took near five minutes and Penny started to get impatient. When I against kissed her cunt, she put me into a scissors-like, and I began, sucking, biting, and probing her pubic area. She was getting wetter by the second, and I asked for her juices. I was gnawing her clit, as she felt very wet. "I want to drink your nectar my pet" I urged, "let me have a drink, please". Just then I hear: "puck....puuck....puuuuuck.....Penny is coming....puuuuck.....Penny is coming". She did, like a small river, I was able to get some of it, maybe half.

We then discussed the tattoo of the chicken, and found out that it was a fake, temporary paste-on type, we both laughed, and Penny said the she wanted to add to my fantasy. The tattoo parlor had a very limited selection of the temporary tattoos, so chicken is what she got. We just talked, and laughed, and she fell into a deep sleep. I was wondering whether we will meet any other tattooed ladies soon, and I too fell asleep.

As we uncover them, ladies that is, other tattoo stories will follow...


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