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Internet Pals
by Kip Carson

Sarah and Mindy talked online everyday. Each morning when their husbands left for work, they each logged onto the chat room where they had met, and talked. They had never met, but were beginning to feel like best friends. After they downloaded ICQ, their talks became more and more frequent. They felt as if they knew one another well. They always asked how the other's children were, by name. They also knew each other's husband's names, job titles, and everything. Mindy wished her new best friend lived closer, the states that separated them made her seem so far away. Mindy wound up going to work part time as a secretary for a major corporation. Basically she only worked 4 hours a day, and was home to send her children to school, and was home when they arrived home.

As luck would have it, the corporation that Mindy worked for needed someone to drive and pick up some supplies and such. It was the town that Sarah lived in. Mindy volunteered to make the trip, not expecting to actually get to do it. Her boss called her to his office, and gave her a credit card, the keys to a company car, and told her that her hotel reservation was already made. Mindy had discussed this with her husband, and he took a couple of days off from work, so she could make the trip. Mindy quickly went online, and found Sarah. "Guess what?" Mindy said.

"What?" Sarah replied.

Mindy told Sarah about the trip, and both were so excited.

Mindy told Sarah what hotel she would be staying in, and all the information, and the 2 agreed they would meet the first morning that Mindy arrived. Mindy drove fast, thinking about finally getting to meet her friend. It made the trip seem so long. As she arrived, she quickly went to her hotel room, and called Sarah. "I will be there in about an hour" Sarah told her. Both women were so excited. They had seen pictures of one another, but were still dying to see each other. Mindy took a quick shower, and as she stood in her towel, blow-drying her hair, she heard a knock at the door. "Who is it?" she asked. "It's Sarah" she heard through the door.

Mindy looked at her watch, and saw that it had only been 25 minutes. She hid behind the door, as she opened it. Sarah walked in, and Mindy closed the door. "Wow, I can't believe we are finally getting to meet" Sarah said excitedly. She pulled Mindy towards her, and they hugged like two long lost friends. As they hugged, Mindy's towel fell from her body. Sarah looked at Mindy's naked body, and felt an uncontrollable desire. Neither woman had been with another woman before. They knew this from their daily chats, but both felt an immediate attraction to each other. Mindy was looking into Sarah's deep blue eyes, and forgot that she was standing there in the nude.

Sarah's eyes remained locked on Mindy's medium sized, firm breasts. She looked at the pink colored large nipples. Her eyes wandered downwards, between Mindy's legs. Mindy's pussy had obviously been shaved, but there was a growth of fine hair sprouting at her pubic area. Sarah's mouth quickly met Mindy's and they gave each other a small peck. Sarah opened her mouth, and Mindy did the same. As their hot wet tongues met, they both began panting. Mindy felt quite embarrassed, because her pussy was now soaking wet. Sarah pulled at her loose fitting shorts, trying to get her panties out of her wet pussy slit.

Sarah's hand slid against Mindy's right breast, and Mindy gasped as her friend lightly brushed her nipple with her finger. Her nipple hardened immediately. Sarah bent downward, and began kissing the pretty erect pink nipple. Mindy moaned softly, and she slid her hand between Sarah's legs. She felt the hot moisture from Sarah's pussy, as her hand slid against Sarah's crotch. Sarah thrust against Mindy's hand, grinding her pussy against her. Sarah's hand slid between Mindy's legs, and she felt her friend's hot wet pussy slit. This was the first time she had felt another woman's pussy. It felt so wet, and hot. Mindy moaned as Sarah's finger slid against her swollen wet clit.

Sarah pressed her mouth over her friend's mouth, and thrust her wet tongue inside. They passionately kissed as they felt each other's pussies. Sarah began wiggling out of her shorts and panties. Mindy looked down at her friend's naked pussy. The hair was light blonde, like the hair on her head. Her finger quickly found Sarah's wet pussy slit, and she began running it along the wet pink hole. "Oh God" Sarah moaned. Sarah's body shook as she climaxed, and her tongue darted wildly inside of her friend's mouth. Sarah furiously rubbed Mindy's swollen clit, until she too climaxed. Mindy thrust her pussy against her friend's hand as her pussy exploded with pleasure.

After their climaxes had subsided, Mindy quickly removed Sarah's halter top. Her small braless breasts were quite beautiful. Mindy quickly pushed her friend onto the large bed, and they lay side by side. At first they just talked, and lightly rubbed each other. Their hands explored each other's bodies, moving from their breasts to their pussies. Mindy began kissing Sarah's thighs, licking the soft creamy flesh passionately. She could smell Sarah's pussy as it dripped with excitement. She rubbed her finger along the pretty pink pussy lips, examining it closely. She brought her finger to her mouth, and tasted her friend for the first time.

Mindy was amazed at how good it tasted. She quickly pressed her mouth against the wet pink pussy slit, and began kissing it gently. Sarah's moans got louder as Mindy's tongue slid against her swollen clit. "Oh my God" Sarah yelled. Mindy looked up into her friend's eyes, as she passionately kissed and licked her pussy. Sarah held Mindy by her long light brown hair, stroking it, while Mindy's tongue lapped at her swollen clit. Mindy opened her mouth widely, and totally covered Sarah's hot juicy pussy with it. Sarah groaned as she felt Mindy's hot breath on her sensitive pussy. "Oh God please lick me some more" Sarah begged. Mindy's wet tongue slid against Sarah's hot pussy slit. Sarah's pretty pink pussy lips closed tightly around Mindy's probing tongue.

Mindy was loving the taste of her internet pal's pussy. She hungrily lapped at the sweet juices as they gushed from the hot pink hole. Sarah held Mindy's head tightly, rubbing her pussy against her face. Mindy's own pussy was dripping wet. She reached between her own legs, and began to play with herself, as she licked at Sarah's clit. Sarah's body tensed up, and she moaned loudly. Her body quivered as she climaxed. Her juices poured from her saturated pussy, and Mindy eagerly lapped them up with her tongue. Sarah pushed Mindy's face from her overly sensitive pussy. "Oh my God, that was incredible" she moaned.

Sarah noticed Mindy's hand was furiously rubbing at her clit, and she knew that her friend needed some help. Sarah quickly slid between Mindy's legs. She took Mindy's hand into hers, and brought her fingers to her lips. Sarah quickly licked Mindy's juices from her wet fingers. "Mmmm, you taste so good" Sarah whispered. Sarah pressed her mouth over Mindy's clit, and began lightly sucking on the throbbing pink lovebud. "Oh yes" Mindy moaned loudly. Sarah quickly thrust a finger inside of Mindy's wet juicy pussy hole. Mindy's pussy lips clamped tightly around her finger. Sarah found that magical spot, and her tongue moved in a swirling fashion around the aching clit.

Mindy began to quiver and shake as she climaxed. She thrust her hips wildly, grinding her pussy against Sarah's mouth. Sarah licked up and down the pretty pink pussy slit. She savored the sweet taste of the juices that flowed freely from the pretty hole. Sarah removed her finger from Mindy's pussy, and quickly replaced it with her tongue. Mindy grunted as she felt Sarah's wet tongue enter her pussy. "Oh yes baby" Mindy moaned loudly. As Sarah's tongue fucked at Mindy's tight pussy, she rapidly rubbed her friend's clit with her finger. "Mmmm yes, mmmmmm GOD!" Mindy moaned, thrashing wildly. Sarah hungrily sucked at the juices as they gushed into her mouth. Mindy's climax was quite intense, her body quivered and shook with pleasure.

Sarah continued to tongue fuck Mindy's hot hole until Mindy had to push her face from her sensitive pussy. Sarah quickly slid up Mindy's body, licking at her sweet pretty nipples. Her mouth once again slid over Mindy's mouth. Their tongues passionately darting inside of each other's mouths. They continued to french kiss, and rubbed each other's breasts. Sarah rolled over, and pulled Mindy next to her. They quietly lay in the bed, holding each other tightly, and just talked. Later, they had a very erotic 69, eating each other to multiple orgasms. Mindy regretfully said good bye to Sarah as she left.

Mindy thought about Sarah as she made the long drive back home. The next morning when they met online, they talked hot to one another. Both women furiously rubbed themselves to climaxes as they cybered. They still enjoy one another's company, and are planning a get together, somehow, somewhere, someway...


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